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This is a tough question! And as you see, it is a one of them topics that causes people to become angry and just spurt out their particular opinions without first thinking about what they want to say. Thus a 16 year old and a 21 year old being intimate is perfectly legal in the eyes of the law. How did you meet this guy? How long have you known him? These are questions you need to really think about to decide what to do in this situation. Let me give you an example.

It depends on your backgrounds and maturity but I don't see anything wrong with the age gap. Also, you are only talking by text and email for now, and it won't do any harm if you continue doing only that, so just carry on doing that until next year when she's 18, then meet up then, and you'll be fine.

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You'll also know each other really well before you meet too, which will be quite cool. Unless the age of consent is 16, which you can find out on Wikipedia probably, then doing anything sexual with her is a bad idea.

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Some places are lenient if the ages are close to each other, but I don't know anywhere where the acceptable difference is more than 4 years. If you really like her, just wait for the age thing to be okay.

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Dont risk anything. Your too young to get in trouble just drop the jail bait and find another girl your age to chill with.

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Besides, do you really want a girl like that? She seems a bit Do the right thing and stay out of trouble.

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It might be hard but itll be harder when she decides to turn on you and trap you for underage sex or harrasing a minor. If you do this youd be compeletly under her control.

21 and 16 year old dating uk

Dont continue with the already developing relationship. Well when she's 23 and your 28, the age difference seems perfect but for now, the relationship will be looked down on because she is still a teenager.

Not a good idea. If you guys want to wait then wait otherwise stick to being friends only.

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I can see a year apart, I can see two years apart, I can even see three, but after three years apart then no. It's not okay.

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In fact in some cases it's illegal. You're a legal adult and she's MY age!

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I'm sorry if it seems I'm implying rudeness but that's not the case at all. But 21 and a silly kid of 16 who pretends to be older sounds like trouble you would be better off without.

Feb 05,   A 16 year old techinally cannot have sex with a year old it'll get both of those people into trouble so if I were them, I would avoid having sex. I guess secretly dating . No. Despite there being only a 4 year age difference, the difference in maturity and mental development is more like decades. A 16 year old is not independent, they are still unsure about their identity, their place in the world, their values and. I'm 22 and I wouldn't go out with a 16 year old as to me 16 seems very young. Using the half your age plus 7 rule, the youngest a 22 year old should go out with is As other people have said big age gaps can work but they usually work better as you get older, there is a huge difference in maturity between a 16 year and a 22 year old.

Its a difference between 3 and 5 years but if you both like eachother I don't really see the problem. ate: ok you all have some good points ate 2: ok you all have some good points I guess if it works for them I think it's icky.

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I think you change SO much from the age 23 and younger that dating anyone more than 2 MAYBE 3 years older or younger than you can't work. I'm sorry but to the guy who said he'd be registered as a sex offender is wrong. As mention in the question, the age of consent is 16 where he lives, as it is in the UK where I live.

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Under california legislation that man or woman might pass to jail For the needs of this segment, a "minor" is a man or woman beneath the age of 18 years and an "grownup" is a man or woman who's a minimum of 18 years of age.

She's in high school and he's an adult. They aren't at the same place in their lives or at the same maturity level.

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Think about how much you have changed since you were They aren't going to last and he's just going to end up hurting her. It's also pathetic that he can't find girls his own age to date. Not good, because if someone turns him in, he's going to be a registered sex offender.

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ate: So this is completely a hypothetical question! Answer Save. Favorite Answer.

Generally, it is not illegal for these two to date. Of course, any sexual activity is considered statutory rape, but if there is no sexual ct to their relationship, then they are probably fine. However, this is a fine line to walk for the 21 year old. He cannot contribute to the delinquency of a minor, and he cannot endanger her well being. Feb 03,   a 21 year old dating a 16 year old? my mate has started dating this 16 year old and now my other mates and his family say its wrong, but its just a number like im on his side. btw it the age of constant is 16 were i live so its not illegal. Feb 11,   First I assume you are in the UK where the AOC is Thus a 16 year old and a 21 year old being intimate is perfectly legal in the eyes of the law.

I think in the end it depends on the mental maturity of both parties it's certainly possible for a 21 yr old to date a 16 yr old Whether or not its a good choice is a different idea. Mary Lv 4. What does a 21 year old want with a 16 year old? How do you think about the answers?

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You can sign in to vote the answer. Oh You Didn't Know?! No, that is just so wrong.

May 25,   21 year old dating a 16 year old.? so i started talking to this girl on plenty of fish, she pursued me, she gave me her number and we have been texting each other back and forth for about a week now. on her profile it said she is then she said she was 17, but apparently she meant she turns 17 in september. i am 21 and will be 22 in november. I'm a 21 year old guy from the UK, and I know a girl who I really click with, but the problem is that she is (Although still Legal in the UK) Generally I wouldn't have any issue with the thought of dating an 18 year old (Although I've never done this) but that one extra year feels like a giant amount of time. May 04,   Yes it is wrong for a 21 year old to date a 14 year old. A 21 year old is likely to be wanting sex at some point in this relationship and if he does engage in sex or sexual acts with your friend he is breaking the law by having sex with an under 16 year old. I obviously don't know your friend but as a general rule of thumb a 14 year old really.

You are aloud to date 2. Nope not til your Of course not. Morally, socially and legally wrong.

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