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The comic book Batman Beyond 2. The future Batman, Terry McGinnis, has partnered with the grown up Dick Grayson, joining the series as his mentor, rather than the elderly Bruce Wayne from the animation. The current arc explains why Dick Grayson was never seen in the TV show. And also what the rift between Dick and Bruce was. And how it involved Barbara Gordon, Batgirl. The cartoon suggested in one episode that Bruce Wayne had a relationship with Barbara Gordon at one point. Not only did we learn about Barbara and Dick's blossoming relationship back in the day but that the timing was rather awkward.

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Basically, Batman got Batgirl pregnant while she was still involved with Dick Grayson. And rather that let Barbara tell Dick, Bruce got in there first.

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Telling Dick about he and Barbara. At which point Barbara Gordon took to the streets, engaged in a battle and, it is certainly suggested at the end of the last issue, had a miscarriage.

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Anyway, from that point on, Batman always added these to his utility belt. Head writer and founder of Bleeding Cool.

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The longest-serving digital news reporter in the world. Living in London, father of two.

Batman and batgirl hook up

Talia is also notable as the mother of Bruce's son, Damian Wayne. This list includes all those women who have sporadically appeared as romantic partners of Batman:.

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Sex, love How perverse it feels in her presence. Every relationship was a charadeor some reluctant excursion I knew I would never complete.

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VickiSilverTalia She would last the longest because she was safe. She was the enemy.


She would always be the enemy. My criterion for a relationship.

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So many women. All those pretty party girls, their sweet smiles and simple hopes. But once the photo ops were over, so were they. Back in the limo, back to wherever they came from.

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I'm sure they wondered what went wrong. Did I come on too strong? Too clinging?

The day I put this on was the end of me. Gotham would be safe, but there would be no rescue for Bruce Wayne.

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No love. No family.

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No real intimacy. No real losing oneself in someone else.

Aug 12,   The future Batman, Terry McGinnis, has partnered with the grown up Dick Grayson, joining the series as his mentor, rather than the elderly Bruce Wayne from . Jul 18,   While out on patrol, Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) fails to stop a robbery but manages to stop one criminal with help from Batman. Paris Franz, the robbers' leader and .

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You've always loved women dark and dangerous - yet if they do something dark and dangerous- you can't love them- and therefore, you've never really loved any woman at all. Bruce and Julie.

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Not as long as I'm around. Batman and Vicki. Sometimes I wonder if you're really the socialite playboy you pretend to be! The two orphans lost.

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