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Finally putting to rest the myriad of harrowing events that plagued Liberty High , this season took viewers through a roller-coaster of emotions before it wrapped. While dealing with anxiety, depression, and moments of blackouts, Clay Jensen Dylan Minnette has many sessions with his therapist Gary Sinise so he can process his guilt and trauma. Although he didn't believe he'd get into college, Clay is accepted into Brown University - after his then-girlfriend Amorowat Anysia "Ani" Achola Grace Saif secretly revises and submits his essay. The two break up but end the season as friends. Liberty High hosts an active-shooter drill without announcing it beforehand, which leads many students to fear for their lives. After angrily telling the principal that this drill was dangerous and traumatic, Clay steals a gun from a police officer and begins waving it around. He gets tackled by an officer and is admitted to the psych ward of a hospital for evaluation, but he ends up escaping.

Justin's health only deteriorates from here, and he eventually dies surrounded by Clay and Clay's parents. After his death, Clay finds Justin's college essay, which was about their brotherhood. Throughout the final season, Jessica continues to deal with her sexual assault, especially after she hallucinates Bryce. After Justin breaks up with her, Jessica starts dating Diego, which doesn't last long after she continually goes back to Justin.

Jessica uses her role at Liberty High to try to make it a better place for all students. While continuing to lead Hands Off, a group for sexual assault survivors, she also takes an interest in the new security measures Liberty has put in place. Alongside Clay, Jess helps organize a walkout after confronting Principal Bolan about the police presence at school. Of course, in the final episode, Jess is devastated about Justin's death and even tells him that he "taught her how to love.

Tony's final-season storyline deals with him being recruited by the sheriff's office to join a boxing league. He thrives while boxing and goes on to win several fights, which eventually leads to a scholarship offer from a recruiter. On top of his new passion for boxing - Archie Andrews would be so proud - Tony spends the final season suspicious of Tyler and wondering if he's buying guns again.

Meanwhile, Liberty High School decides to do an unannounced lockdown drill, which only adds to Tony's paranoia. Tyler ends up being fine more on this laterand Tony has nothing to worry about. During the series finale, after much hesitation, Tony decides to take the boxing scholarship. He sells the garage, and he and Caleb plan for a happy future. After murdering Bryce last season, Alex spends the final season trying to keep his involvement a secret and discovering his sexuality.

Alex's storyline starts with him kissing Zach after Zach saves him from falling off a roof. Eventually, Alex begins dating Winston, Monty's ex, which gets super complicated and eventually ends. During the horrific school lockdown, Alex has a panic attack and tries to escape the classroom he's locked in, but Charlie helps him through it and the two of them end up kissing. The rest of the season is honestly pretty great for Alex.

He and Charlie start dating, Alex introduces him to his parents, and Alex even reveals that he's falling in love. During the series finale, Alex comes clean to Winston and tells him that he killed Bryce.

Winston agrees to keep Alex's secret because he loves him. Out of everyone, Zach is dealing the worst with all the secrets. He spends a majority of this season drunk, hooking up with random women, and insisting that he doesn't care about college.

After a night of partying, Clay ends up driving Zach's car off a cliff and injuring Zach. During the school lockdown, Zach is stuck in a classroom with Winston, where Zach admits that he badly beat up Bryce before he died. This leads the entire football team to beat up Zach because they want to know the true story. During the series finale, Alex finally confronts Zach about his drinking, especially when he refuses to visit Justin in the hospital. In the end, Coach Kerba offers Zach an assistant coaching job at Liberty, but only if he graduates and stays sober.

This season begins with the police finding Tyler's bag of guns from a few seasons ago and bringing him in for questioning. This is what causes Clay and Tony to keep a close eye on Tyler because they're worried he'll tell the police all of their secrets. Also, Tony thinks Tyler is buying guns again after he catches him giving money to a "gun dealer. Also during this final season, Tyler begins dating Monty's sister Estela after they spend time together during the school lockdown and Tyler talks about his sexual assault.

Ani isn't in a lot of this final season, but she's still involved in a lot of the drama. The season begins with Ani's mom announcing that she's moving, so Ani moves in with Jessica so she can finish her senior year at Liberty. At the school's Future Fair, Ani is the first person to spot Winston and quickly alerts Clay that this could unravel all of their secrets.

Clay's mental health begins to affect his relationship with Ani, and the two eventually break up and Ani leaves to visit her mom. Ultimately, Ani returns and apologizes to Jessica for sleeping with Bryce. In the series finale, Ani reveals that Mrs. Walker is using Bryce's college tuition to help fund Hands Off.

After helping everyone cover up Bryce's murder last season, Charlie becomes an important member of the friend group. This season, Charlie continues to keep everyone's secrets while getting closer to Alex. Clay told her that who she is now is okay. Hannah questioned being okay, and sarcastically thanked him for the high praise.

Clay rephrased her status to "awesome" and added that she made the hot or not list. Hannah became hurt again, Clay expressed that he thought it was a good thing and Hannah gave him the concept of girls having made the list and how he would feel if he was labelled on the list as worst biceps.

Clay told Hannah that girl wouldn't make a list like that, Hannah then told him that that was precisely her point. Clay then compared his biceps to Alex's, Hannah then told Clay that he had once again missed her point. On the way home from work, Hannah and Clay talked about zombies, it ended with them about to kiss but Clay ended up hugging her instead out of nervousness. Hannah joined him and greeted him with "Helmet"Clay asked her if she was going, she told Clay that she wasn't as she was not in a romantic winter formal type of place.

Courtney encouraged her to go and then asked Clay if he thought that she should. Clay was hesitant to answer but told her that she should go, Clay told her that she should go and then excused himself for "class and stuff". Hannah saw Clay and told him he looked adorable, Clay commented on her use of the word "adorable", and asked her to dance with him. They danced and had fun, but the fun ended when Montgomery de la Cruz showed up and told her all the sexual things about her that Courtney had told him to get him off her back.

Clay overheard this and Hannah became worried about his opinion, she left Clay and went to angrily confront Courtney about her lie. Clay and Hannah talk while working in " Tape 3, Side B ". At work Hannah greeted him calling him Picasso as she saw him drawing. She asked him if he had a date that, he denied and she asked about Dollar Valentine. He that he wasn't doing it, he asked if she was and she told him that was doing it, he asked if she got any good matches and she denied it, and added that she got Bryce Walker.

Clay became surprised and told her that she either made an error in the "Who I'm looking for" section or the algorithm is messed up.

Hannah commented that it was probably both and added that she was always looking for the wrong person. She then told him that she did get a call from Marcus Cole, Clay asked if she was going to go out with him, she told Clay that Marcus wasn't her first choice and stared at him, he stared back and as Hannah was about to carry on, Jeff walked in with his girlfriend to get a ticket for a movie to watch.

Jeff asked him how the Dollar Valentine thing worked out for him and it became awkward for him as he had just told Hannah he wasn't doing it. Hannah became confused and Jeff told him that he had said he was doing it. Clay turned around and gestured to Jeff to leave. Hannah asked him if he was or wasn't doing it and Clay told her that he meant he didn't get any good choices and that Jeff was always making him do stuff, like going to dances, Hannah became distant but stated that she should just call Marcus considering she isn't doing anything.

Clay expressed that she should call him, ignoring that she was searching for him to offer himself as a date. Hannah left her work station and called Marcus in front of Clay and told him she accepted his date offer. Clay told it looked easy and Hannah told him that it can be referencing him not asking her. She then left to go and finish working. Clay then took out his Dollar Valentine list and ripped it in half. Clay reading Hannah's poem in front of her in " Tape 4, Side B ". In Communications class students had compliment bags.

Hannah received cute bunny messages, and Sheri Holland asked Hannah if she knew who was sending them. She looked over at Clay who was already looking at them and Clay quickly turned back.

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She told Sheri that she didn't know who but it seemed that she suspected Clay was giving them to her. When students decided to make fun of it, she realized what he had done, she confronted Ryan and became mad at him. Later she went to work and saw Clay reading her poem in the magazine, she asked if everyone was reading the magazine and he told her he was addicted to the magazine.

He read a line out loud and she told him it sounded like shit. He told her that it sounded real. He read another part of the poem and Hannah told him that she wondered who wrote it, Clay agreed and told her that it seemed like a really dark person had written the poem. He stated that he liked their poem but he wouldn't want to hang out with them. Hannah became distant and excused herself to get back to work.

Clay helping build the snacks tower with Hannah while they talk in " The Third Polaroid ". Revealed by Clay in a flashback during his testimony in the third season :.

Hannah finishing the tower before knocking it down in " The Third Polaroid ". Clay during his testimony in " The Third Polaroid ". Hannah arrives back to work after summer is over and talks to Clay in " Tape 5, Side A ".

Hannah came back to work after the summer holiday and Clay immediately noticed Hannah cut her hair, Hannah asked what he was staring at but he didn't comment on it, they started cleaning gum off of chairs and Clay told her he had saved her a "particularly gnarly piece with some hair on it"Hannah jokingly responded that she thought she was the flowers and chocolates kind of girl. He asked her if she was going to Jessica's party and she asked him when he started going to parties again, Clay told her that Jeff had told him to come and assured him it would be a highlight of his high school career.

Hannah then wondered why people didn't just swallow their gum instead of leaving it on chairs for them to clean. Clay commented that he never swallowed his gum, he then told her that Jessica's party could also be the highlight of her high school career, encouraging her to go. Hannah told him that she wouldn't be partying or slacking off as part of her fresh start, and Clay commented that he had decided to do the exact opposite as part of his fresh start.

Hannah jokingly asked if he was going to start riding his bike "sans helmet" and Clay told her he was, Hannah then asked if he was going to turn in a project late and Clay told her that he might. Hannah gave him a surprised look and he backtracked and said that he actually would not but he might "half-ass" a project. Hannah jokingly told him to be careful.

Clay then reiterated that she should come to the party, Hannah told him not to be an enabler, and told him that she made a deal with herself. Clay told her that he would watch out for her, "One beer, max. Home by midnight, even if I have to pedal you home on my bike". However, Hannah once again declined.

Episodes 9 - 11 are not in order of events, the start of episode 11 happened before 9 and 10 Clay and Hannah have no interaction in episode The end of episode 11 laps over into the end of episode 9 beginning another story about Jessica's rape from Hannah's perspective after Clay left her.

Some interactions are mixed because of the way Hannah Baker told the story on the tapes. Episode names are bolded along with numbers and descriptions are in order of episodes.

Clay and Hannah talk and drink beer at the party in " Tape 5, Side A ". Clay and Hannah talk about superpowers while refilling drinks in " Tape 6, Side A ". Clay and Hannah talk outside in " Tape 6, Side A ". Hannah and Clay almost kiss in " Tape 6, Side A ". In the present, while Clay listened to his tape, Hannah stated on them that his name did not deserve to be on the list but he needed to hear her story and that it was not his fault that things turned bad, it was her fault and it was caused by all of the things that had happened to her before the party.

After an incident after both Hannah and Clay left the party killed Jeff, Hannah saw Clay again at The Crestmont, Clay became more distant towards Hannah, Hannah noticed it and told him she could smell burned popcorn, Clay told her it was the new girl and Hannah was surprised that they had already found her replacement. Clay said that no one could replace her in a slightly bitter tone. Hannah also noticed his tone and she stated that she heard about the funeral for Jeff and Clay told her that he thought he would see her there.

Hannah told him that her parents needed her to work, Clay excused himself and told her that he had toilets to plunge. Hannah jokingly asked him why he couldn't get the new girl to do it and Clay told her that he lied to her about there being a new girl.

They walked away and Clay called her back and told her that he was supposed to ask her to hand back in her uniform. Hannah was surprised that they wanted it back and Clay agreed that it was weird.

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They both walked away. Hannah and Clay talk, for the last time, at school in " Tape 7, Side A ". The day after Hannah was raped at Bryce Walker's party by Bryce-unknown to Clay at the time-they saw each other in school and Clay walked up to her and told her that society's priorities are out of whack.

Hannah agreed and was about to tell him something but she stuttered and brushed it off and told him she would see him in their next class. Just before school ended Hannah went to get help from Mr. Porter and tried to tell him about her rape. Hannah had already started recording the tapes. While speaking to him she was recording her final tapeMr. Porter's help or lack of, would decide whether or not she would commit suicide or carry on living.

After school, Hannah left, she went home and made copies of the tapes, she packed the copies into a shoebox. She walked into The Crestmont, Clay had his back turned and she gave in her uniform, this time she didn't say anything to him and walked back out, he saw her walk out and then looked at the uniform she left.

She went over to Tony's house and left the original tapes with him. She then went to the post office and sent the copies to Justin Foley's house, her first subject. She then went to her parents store and took a pack of razors without her parents knowledge, and went back home and killed herself.

Hallucination Hannah was Clay's hallucination of his version of Hannah. During the second season, it helped him and guided him throughout his grieving process after Hannah's suicide. The hallucination was a coping mechanism for Clay's survivor's guilt. In the first season, Clay also hallucinated Hannah however it didn't happen as much, and it was not a focal point.

Clay hallucinates Hannah outside of his window in " The First Polaroid ". Clay arrived home and his Mom told him that the trial was going ahead because the Bakers had pulled out of the settlement at the last minute and chose to fight for Hannah. Clay became angry that nothing was going to happen to Bryce unless there was a victim to come forward.

Clay told his mother that he had not thought about Hannah in months and was going to carry on like that. However he went up to his bedroom and hallucinated her outside of his window. Later, after school, Clay went to meet Skye and they attempted to have sex, but he hallucinated Hannah in place of Skye and it ruined their moment. Clay told Skye that he couldn't have sex with her and left. Clay went home and hallucinated Hannah again, for the first time the hallucination talked, it asked him what he was going to do about the first Polaroid he received.

Clay asked "So, you talk now? Clay and his hallucination talk before he goes to school in " Two Girls Kissing ". The same night, Clay layed down on his bed clutching a pillow and questioned his hallucination.

He tried to figure out with the hallucination why he was hallucinating Hannah but he had no answer and neither did his hallucination.

Clay went to sleep and woke up the next day because he heard his mother wake him up for school and immediately saw his hallucination sat on the end of his bed. Clay talked to his mother about court and his mother told him that while she was aware that he said he stopped thinking and caring about Hannah she was worried that it wasn't true.

Clay told her he had to get ready for school and shut her out. The hallucination asked about him not caring about Hannah anymore and Clay told the hallucination that he did everything he could and nothing he did mattered.

Jun 05,   Spoilers ahead for 13 Reasons Why Season 4, Episodes Ani sees this and later tells Clay that Alex and Winston have grown close. On the school camping trip in Episode 4, Clay Author: Martha Sorren. Jun 05,   Spoilers for 13 Reasons Why Season 4, Episodes Netflix's 13 Reasons Why is not what you would call an uplifting show. Tragedy and heartbreak are a Author: Gretchen Smail. Jun 17,   Well, after four controversial seasons, Netflix's 13 Reasons Why just came to an end. David Moir / Netflix And let's be honest: This show should've ended after Season 1, but here we are.

The hallucination asked him if he did everything he could why he was hallucinating Hannah, he had no answer. Clay received a text from Skye who was waiting for him outside, Clay started to get ready to leave and picked up the Polaroid and wondered what to do, the hallucination walked over and read out the caption and asked what it meant.

Clay had no answer and the hallucination asked him who gave it to him and why on the day Hannah's trial started. Clay asked the hallucination if it thought they were connected and the hallucination questioned him why he thought they weren't.

Skye beeped and Clay excused himself and got ready for school. Just before he got on her motorbike he looked up at his hallucination and then they left. Clay walked into a classroom that had been trashed, Tyler was sat alone at a desk with his camera. With encouragement and guidance from his hallucination, Clay asked Tyler about Polaroids and asked if he knew the people in the Polaroid he had received.

They were seniors when he and Tyler were freshman. Later on Clay had lunch with Skye and Skye brought up Hannah, he then started to hallucinate Hannah, Skye revealed to Clay that Tyler told her that he was at court.

Clay told her that he was not going back to court, the hallucination told him that he kept saying he wouldn't go back like it was true, Clay told the hallucination that he was not going back in an irritated tone of voice. Skye told him that she was just messing with him, unknown to her, he was talking to his hallucination. Skye became playful with Clay and his hallucination told him that it liked Skye, she made him try new things which seemed good for him.

He seemed less afraid when he was with her. Clay appeared distant to Skye because he was listening to his hallucination talk about him and Skye. Clay assured Skye that he was present and here for her. Clay screams at his hallucination in " Two Girls Kissing ". Clay hallucinates Hannah in place of a homeless girl in " The Drunk Slut ". Clay's hallucination debates with him on giving the audio of the tapes to Alex after Alex's suicide attempt in " The Second Polaroid ".

Clay talks to his hallucination before he finds the chalk machine in the image in " The Chalk Machine ". After Zach Dempsey testified about his secret romantic and sexual relationship with Hannah, Clay read the news about it online as he wasn't in court for it. He became mad and after school, he confronted Zach about it. He told Zach that it made everything worse for Hannah, Zach told him that he didn't mean to make things worse but he didn't lie about him and Hannah having losing their virginities to each other.

Clay became mad and told Zach that he didn't deserve Hannah. Zach agreed and drove away, after Zach was gone, he hallucinated Hannah, who asked him if he had something he wanted to say, as he was mad at Zach for their relationship. Late at night, Clay hallucinated Hannah and asked why Hannah didn't talk to Zach at Jessica's party if they had been in a relationship.

The hallucination told him that Zach was drunk by the time Hannah showed up. Clay asked why the relationship wasn't talked about on Zach's tapethe hallucination told him that maybe they were keeping it private for just him and Hannah. Clay became annoyed and said "Or maybe you were protecting yourself". The hallucination told him that maybe Hannah was protecting herself, and maybe it hurt that it meant something to Hannah and it didn't to Zach.

Clay then asked, if he had been in town that summer instead of Zach, if they would have been in a relationship. The hallucination of Hannah was hesitant to answer but was interrupted by Justin coming into the room.

The following is not an interaction between Clay and his hallucination, but new information Clay revealed during his testimony about an interaction between him and Hannah in the first season:.

Clay defending himself during his testimony in " The Third Polaroid ". Clay and Hannah on drugs in " The Third Polaroid ". Hannah expresses suicidal thoughts to Clay while they are coming down from their high in Monet's in " The Third Polaroid ".

Clay argues with his hallucination over publishing the tapes online before he publishes them in " The Third Polaroid ". During Alex's birthday party, Clay hallucinated Hannah, who asked him what he was thinking about, which gave him a flashback to the night they all did drugs when Hannah asked him what he was thinking about while on drugs. Later that night, Clay hallucinated Hannah and debated with his hallucination on anonymously publishing the tapes online.

Although his hallucination tried to talk him out of it, he defied the hallucination's demand to not publish them and published them. Clay hallucinates Hannah confronting him about releasing the audio of the tapes online while walking the school hallways in " The Little Girl ". Hallucination Hannah starts to cry after being shouted at and lectured by an enraged Clay in " The Little Girl ". Justin left the Jensen's household after Clay, Matt and Lainie argued and went to stay with his Mom, he later fled his Mom's house and tried to leave town but Clay texted him that he needed him, Justin gave Clay his location and Clay brought Justin back home.

Clay tries to kiss his hallucination of Hannah in " Smile, Bitches ". The next day, Clay sat in Monet's and confronted his hallucination of Hannah about the Polaroid. The hallucination asked Clay what he wanted to know, and whether or not he would even believe whatever he was told. Clay asked how Hannah ended up in The Clubhouse and asked whose varsity jacket Hannah was wearing.

The hallucination brought up Justin, but Clay told his hallucination that Justin said he didn't know about The Clubhouse's existence. The hallucination asked Clay if he believed Justin. Clay wasn't sure and the hallucination asked him what he wanted to hear, bringing up scenarios that could have been rumors in school due to Hannah's slut reputation. Clay stated that he just wanted to know the truth.

The hallucination told him that it told him truth but he didn't believe it, "You say you love me, but you're always willing to believe the worst of me". The hallucination got up and walked away. Hallucination Hannah whispers in Clay's ear that Hannah loved Bryce and wanted to be with him forever during his testimony in " Bryce and Chloe ".

Clay hallucinates Hannah across the room from him in " Bryce and Chloe ". Hallucination Hannah talks to Clay in " Bryce and Chloe ". Clay talks to Hallucination Hannah in " Bryce and Chloe ". Clay points the gun to his head in " Bryce and Chloe ". Clay watches a movie while he and his hallucination of Hannah talk in " The Box of Polaroids ". Clay and hallucination Hannah talk before Hannah's funeral in " Bye ".

A day before Hannah's funeralClay walked across Crestmont and ended up looking through the doors of The Crestmont, he had a flashback of his first day at work with Hannah at The Crestmont; the first time he met her.

Hannah called him a nerd for a Star Wars reference. He left and carried on walking. He began to hallucinate Hannah who told him that Hannah was right, he was the most courageous nerd she knew. The hallucination walked with him and Clay stated that he was asked to speak at Hannah's funeral, the hallucination asked him if he was going to make a speech. Clay stated that he didn't know what to say or if he could trust himself to not be angry.

The hallucination told him to be angry if he needed to. Clay stopped and looked at a store and added that he wasn't sure if he could say what he really needed to say.

The hallucination told him that he could. The store is revealed to be Baker's Drug Store. Clay gets his tattoo finished with his hallucination at Hot Ink in " Bye ". Clay and Hallucination Hannah talk while sat on a bench in " Bye ". Hallucination Hannah sits in the church for Clay's speech in " Bye ". Hallucination Hannah leaves the church after Clay's speech in " Bye ". Tony is Clay's best friend, they have a close friendship that builds slowly through the first season and is solidified during the second.

Clay and Tony talking in " Tape 4, Side B ". Clay and Tony are close friends, who sometimes push each other to the edge, but remain tight friends throughout.

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Tony guided Clay whilst he listened to his tape and stopped him from an attempt at suicide after he found out what he did on the tapes. Tony is the only person who really tries to help Clay make smart decisions without breaking Hannah's rules, he's also the only one who offers emotional, mental and physical support. Tony and Clay in court in " Bye ".

During the second season, Tony becomes one of the very few people that Clay trusts. He enlists his help in finding Justin, partially because he knows no one else cares enough to look for him. Tony goes to drastic measures to help Clay find Justin. He assaults a skateboarder in a skate park for refusing to answer their questions and shows a lot of protectiveness over Clay. In the last episode of the second season, " Bye ", Clay calls Tony when he finds out that Tyler is planning a school shooting at the Spring Fling, Tony comes without question and Clay guides Tyler to Tony's car.

Tony drives him off to safety. The only time Tony has refused to help Clay is when it will cause him legal trouble that is serious. After finding Justin, Clay asks for Tony's help, who agrees, but pulls out once he learns that Justin is addicted to drugs, especially with the case not settling as they all thought it would.

Looking after someone in Justin's situation could damage him while the case is going on because of his probation, so he enlists Sheri Holland to replace him, which he does not get Clay's consent for. In the third season, Tony and Clay help Tyler Down recover from his trauma after his attempted school shooting.

Tony defends Clay to the police when questioned. Olivia Baker tells Clay that the cops are looking at Clay as their main suspect in Bryce Walker's murdershe tells him that this would be a murder charge and it's not the time to protect or save his friends, as he usually does.

If there are suspicions of anyone else he needs to follow them up. She asks him if he knows about Bryce and Tony's relationship, telling him that she told Tony that Bryce's father, Barry Walkerwas the one who called ICE on Tony's family and got them deported, which made Tony furious, possibly with enough intent to have killed Bryce.

Clay confronts Tony about this and questions him why Tony didn't tell him, Tony replies that Clay doesn't know or understand what it's like, however he didn't kill Bryce.

Later after they all find out who actually killed Bryce, Ani hatches a plan with Clay to help cover for the actual killerTony helps Ani and Clay in this. Skye and Clay were close friends in Junior High.

Clay was taken aback by her radical change in appearance at the start of high school, however, and couldn't bring himself to approach her, which Skye took to mean an end to their friendship. Clay is generally tentative around Skye, while Skye acted defensive around him. He lashed out at her, when she insulted Hannah after her suicide, but later reached out to her. Skye and Clay kiss in " The First Polaroid ".

In the beginning of the second season, Clay and Skye are dating. Things didn't last because Clay still had Hannah on his mind, his hallucinations of Hannah and the fact that he still had feelings for-in Skye's words- "a fucking dead girl"ended up bringing turbulence to their relationship. When Clay admitted that he wasn't over Hannah, Skye freaked out at him and ran out of the house. Skye ended up in the hospital, where she broke up with Clay. Clay kept trying to contact Skye after this, leaving her voicemails.

She finally responded, and Clay went to visit her in a mental health facility. Skye told Clay here that she won't come back to Crestmont, and said goodbye. Bryce was Clay's enemy, they started off as acquaintances, but Clay found out that Bryce raped Jessica, his friend, and then Hannah, his friend and crush, and he began to despise him.

Bryce convincing Clay to buy alcohol, although he's underage in " Tape 2, Side A ". Bryce and Clay started off as merely acquaintances. Bryce persuaded Clay to make bad decisions. One example was when he pressured Clay to buy beer while Clay was underage.

When Clay stuttered at the counter, Bryce vouched for him, Bryce bought his and Clay's drink with his own I. Outside the liquor store, Justin invited Clay to a drink contest with Alex, although Clay protested Justin made him get involved.

Clay ended up winning the contest but walked away drunk and arrived home past curfew. Bryce and Clay were never friends at the start and if Clay had the choice of not knowing Bryce, it's a certainty that he wouldn't.

The tapes caused a serious degradation in their relationship, as Clay found out that Bryce raped both Hannah and Jessica, his former crush and his friend. Clay managed to manipulate Bryce into confessing to raping Hannah on the last side of the last cassette tape Hannah recorded on and gave it to Mr.

Porter as evidence, which could be used in putting Bryce in jail. Bryce threatening Clay in the school hallways in " The Missing Page ". Bryce escaped persecution of raping Hannah and Jessica, because of the Judge's decision, Bryce had been sentenced to 3 months probation instead of jail time.

After he was exonerated of raping Jessica, he and Clay had a brief moment at the dance where Bryce acknowledged that Clay is a better man than he is, but told Clay that he needed to "get laid" have sex. After Bryce's murder Clay became a prime suspect due to his well-known contempt and hatred for Bryce.

Footage of him pointing a gun at Bryce outside Bryce's house during a PTSD episode which had caused a hallucination of Hannah to manifesta death threat if he ever hurt Ani, and a text threatening to end Bryce's life that he sent to Bryce just before he died, were all things that the police were looking at putting together as a reason to arrest him on suspicion of murder, which they later did.

Ultimately, Ani told Clay that she had hatched a plan to cover for Bryce's killer and exonerate Clay. Halfway into the season, Clay had a hallucination of Bryce. The hallucination taunted him about how despite Bryce being dead, it would follow Clay around wherever he goes, whatever he does.

Despite the hallucination not reappearing in the season. The hallucination of Bryce does reappear with Clay in Season 4. In " College Tour " when Clay follows a drunk girl and her boyfriend, Brady upstairs in a frat house, he sees the hallucination Byrce standing over the passed out girl undoing his pants.

Clay stops the hallucination, but Bryce then tempts him into raping the girl by trying to bring out a hidden darker side to Clay. Justin is Clay's friend, they started out as enemies, got closer as friends and now they have a brotherly relationship. Justin confronting Clay in the school hallways for the first time in " Tape 1, Side A ". Justin and Clay started out as enemies. The first time we see them interact, Justin told Clay that he wasn't an innocent person having listened to the tapes before Clay, Hannah had made Clay out to be the only one on the tapes that didn't hurt her and didn't think he deserved to be on them, however Justin believed differently.

Clay later found out that Justin is more responsible for Hannah's downward spiral and along with Bryce helped the start of the Hannah the Slut rumors. Justin continuously threatened Clay-and at some point even suggested to his classmates to kill him and make it look like suicide-so Clay would keep quiet about his knowledge of the tapes.

However, Clay never seemed scared of Justin and his threats, he was more angry about the things that happened to Hannah and how no one seemed to care.

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As Justin started to hate Clay less and care more about Jessica, Clay tried to convince Justin to inform Jessica about what really happened to her the night of her party. When Clay asks why he is trying to protect Bryce, Justin hits back at him telling Clay that he is protecting Jessica. However Jessica had started having flashbacks and drinking alcohol to deal with them, showing that his protection was actually causing her more pain.

Clay and Justin arriving home in " The Box of Polaroids ". In the second season, Clay enlisted Tony Padilla and they both went to look for Justin, so he could testify against Bryce. They found out that he had become homeless, so Clay brought Justin back to his home-a secret that Clay hid from his parents-and, with help from Tony and Sheri, detoxed him from heroin.

At first they still weren't fond of each other, but started to care about each other as they spent more time together. After finding out that their son had been hiding Justin in his bedroom for some time, Lainie and Matt were angry at Clay, but took Justin after his situation was explained by Clay and Justin. After they spent some time with him, he became like their second son, which Clay became jealous of at one point, seeing Justin and his parents watching TV together when he came home late.

At the end of Season 2, in " Bye ", it is revealed that Clay's parents plan to adopt Justin. They had asked for Clay's approval first, and although he didn't agree with at first, he later was okay with it. When or if this comes into effect, Clay and Justin will legally be adoptive brothers. At the moment the process hasn't started, but they all treat him like family, and Clay and Justin treat each other like brothers. Clay isn't always as keen on Justin as his parents are but his relationship with Justin has definitely grown a lot from having an intense dislike for him.

Clay and Justin talking at home in " Angry, Young and Man ". In the third season, they are brother-like figures with a very trusting relationship. They occasionally have problems, as Clay suspects Justin of having done something to Bryce a couple of times, though Justin doesn't mind, he understands the suspicion and clears things up.

Justin defends Clay to the police, and tells Ani he doesn't believe Clay killed Bryce despite strong evidence suggesting Clay might have and most of the town believing that Clay did. When Justin breaks up with Jessica telling her he cheated on her, Jessica tells Clay that they broke up after Clay asks why they're not speaking to each other.

Clay realizes that Justin lied to her to keep her away from his due to his addiction and tells Jessica about Justin's addiction, which saves their relationship, Justin becomes mad at Clay when Jessica tells Justin that Clay told her the truth, Jessica then tells Justin not to be mad at Clay for not giving up on him and actually caring about him enough to tell her the truth, saving their relationship. When Clay does accidentally discover Justin is still addicted to drugs, he realizes that Justin closed the door for the first time-while Clay is also in the house-since moving in and wonders what he is doing he becomes mad at first and then eases into being fine with it considering Justin's rough road to becoming a better person.

After having dinner, and just before they go to bed, Justin and Clay say that they would do anything for each other. In the end, after finding out Bryce's actual killerJustin helps Clay and Ani in covering up for them. Clay is Jessica's friend. They started out as acquaintances, Jessica grew to like Clay as he was the only one who tried to tell her that Bryce raped her.

Through the second season they become good friends. Jessica warns Clay to back off in " Tape 1, Side B ". Clay overheard Jessica and Justin talking about their costumes, Justin saw Clay and asked what he was looking at, Jessica told Justin that Clay was looking at their costumes and then asked if Clay understood who they were dressed as, Clay stated that they were dressed as Sid Vicious bassist for the sex pistols and his girlfriend Nancy Spungen, however he messed things up when he asked if they knew how their relationship ended, Jessica sarcastically thanked Clay, as Clay walked away Jessica let Justin know that Sid possibly killed Nancy.

Later on he did a tour of the school for some new students and finished the tour angry and told the students that everyone at the school will be nice to them until they drive people to kill themselves referring to the subjects on the tapes involvement in leading Hannah to suicide. Clay confronts Jessica about what happened the night of her party in " Tape 5, Side A ".

Alex shows Clay his threat while sat at a table in the lunch hall with Jessica in " The Drunk Slut ". Clay and Jessica talk about what happened in court after court in " The Drunk Slut ". Later on, Clay, Alex and Tony watched Jessica give her testimony about the list. Sonya asked if the list was the only thing to break up their friendship and Jessica contemplated speaking out about Bryce, she had flashbacks to her rape and trying to tell the police what happened, she then started to panic and cried; she couldn't tell them what happened and affirmed to Sonya that the list was the only thing.

Clay, Alex and Tony became disappointed but understood. Clay came over to Jessica's house and asked what happened. Jessica told him that she had a flashback to the police station when her father made her go and report her rape, she told them that she couldn't remember who did it. Jessica told him that she couldn't tell them because she knew they wouldn't believe her, Clay told her that if she went back to them, the group could back her up.

Jessica told him that they couldn't because they weren't there, Hannah was the only witness and she's dead. Jessica noted, that even while dead, Hannah was being ripped apart in court and "she's sweet and sensitive and white"which proved to Jessica that she wasn't the right kind of victim to go against Bryce, especially when it was just his word against hers.

Clay asked about Justin, Jessica then told him that Justin might as well be dead too. Clay asked if she had heard from Justin and Jessica looked at a postcard and Clay noticed it for a second.

She then got up and stated she no longer wanted to talk about it, she turned her back and told him she was tired of overthinking things for her appearance, Clay picked up the postcard and read the note on the back while she talked and then put it back.

Jessica and Justin run out of the building to check on Clay, who is trying to stop Tyler from committing a school shooting in " Bye ". This season goes through events where Bryce Walker is either dead or alive but not in order, this details their relationship and interactions: starting from when Bryce was alive, to when Bryce is dead; in that order.

Ani used a pencil to shade, to reveal etched marks in Bryce's notebook. She found out that Bryce had written a note to Jess apologizing for raping her the night of her party. The note was unfinished, and Ani began to suspect that Bryce might have tried to give it to her and she may have killed him. Later, they noticed Jess in the library and Ani told him that she was never in the library that late, Clay asked Ani if she was waiting for someone and looked at her, Jess noticed him looking and asked him why.

Clay pretended that nothing was going on and Jess walked over to them and confronted them.

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She told them that she didn't know anything about anything, that she hadn't seen Bryce since court and she didn't know how she felt about the situation.

Clay apologized to her but Ani pressed further and asked her if they hadn't been in touch at all. Jess became annoyed and asked her why she cared, Ani told her she didn't and Jess told her to drop the suspicion. After Jess walked away, Ani told Clay that Jess had lied to them.

Ani told him that she had talked to Bryce after court because she herself saw it happen. Later on Ani remembered the time she and Jess met in Monet's after Jess had tried out masturbation for the first time and Jess told her that she during masturbation she had thought of someone who was really bad.

Jess told her that she wanted to reclaim her power and re-write her own story. Ani believed that this meant that Jess might have thought of Bryce. Ani told Clay that she believed that Jess might have had sex with Bryce to get back her power, and things got out of hand and she killed him.

Clay told Ani that the scenario sounded insane and didn't believe her. Clay later remembered that Tyler interrupted Ani and Clay in Monet's and told Clay that Justin didn't show up to meet Tyler at the scheduled time. Ani told Clay that Bryce might have texted Justin which might have led to a series of events where Justin killed Bryce to protect Jess.

Ani remembered that Bryce had mentioned that Justin said he went to a Motel, Clay and Ani waited for Justin to be done with his shift at Monet's and watched Justin, Jess unexpectedly arrived, met up with Justin and left. Clay and Ani decided to follow them and all four of them ended up at a Motel; Clay and Ani told Jess and Justin what they believed happened but Jess and Justin cleared their names with what really happened.

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Later on Clay, Ani, Jessica, Justin, Tony and Zach discussed what to do with Tyler as they all suspected him of killing Bryce after they found out that Bryce was killed with a gun. Porter was brought back in to Liberty High to help the police build a case against Clay, however he purposefully picked out the students that he believed would help defend Clay instead.

He questioned Jessica and she defended him over leaking the tapes online for everyone to listen to. Alex comes into the reception desk at school with a doctors note, Clay asks how he is doing and Alex sarcastically asks Clay how he is doing.

Clay becomes speechless and doesn't answer, Alex comments "Yeah" and walks away. Clay asks him if Hannah was telling the truth, Alex asks him "What do you think?

the word means?

Later on, clay sees Alex ripping down posters and confronts him about it, asking what he is doing, Alex tells him that he is cleaning up: "What they think that these are gonna save someone's life? Why don't they put up a poster that says don't be a fucking dick to people?! Clay then asks again about the tapes and Alex gives the same answer. Tyler Down interrupts them asking what they're talking about but Alex sends him away.

Clay tells Alex that he doesn't believe that he would do something like that. Clay questions Alex's love for Jessica and Alex says that he loved Jessica and maybe still loves her. Alex stops him from talking more, telling him that they can't be talking about the tapes. Kevin Porter interrupts them asking to see Alex in his office.

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Clay confronts Alex about his tape on the school playground in " Tape 2, Side A ". In a flashback, Clay and Hannah are working at The Crestmont, Hannah tells Clay that Alex is still inside although the credits ended already, Alex finally comes out and says goodnight to them.

Hannah asks about Jessica but Alex doesn't respond, Clay asks if he is okay and Alex affirms. In the present, Alex and Clay are in the changing rooms and Alex asks Clay about his conversation with Tony. He tells him Mr. Porter is asking people questions and to not say anything about the tapes to him. Also telling him to not talk to Tony and to meet him at Monet's after school.

Clay and alex dating 13 reasons why

Clay then remembers a time when Hannah came into the boys changing room and got mad at Alex. Alex and Clay meet in Monet's and discuss Alex's tape, what he did and the hot or not list.

Later on, Clay is peer pressured into a drinking game by Justin and Bryce, competing with Alex, and wins. Clay catches up with Alex in the hallway and tells Alex that he did some research on what Tyler did. But Alex cuts him off before going further telling him that he wants no part of it, and tells him to be careful about who he talks to.

Alex pushes the speed limit further than he was asked to and start to scare Justin and Zach. Alex slows down after a cop car turns its siren and lights on and starts following them. Alex finally stops and asks Clay if he's ever been to jail before. Deputy Standall turns up and realizes that the person driving the car is his son. Porter breaks it up and sends the decision of what should happen to the Student Honor Board, which Clay is a part of.

They argue over who's fault it was and Clay makes everyone silent when he tells them all that maybe it's all their faults, talking more about bullying culture. They make a decision that Monty will be suspended and Alex will be let off with a warning. In a flashback, Jeff Atkins got into a car crash and died, the next day, Clay and Alex talk about his death. Alex comments on how the school has already started putting up drunk driving posters.

Clay tells him that Jeff was driving drunk and was being stupid. Alex asks him if he is sad and Clay says he is more pissed off. Alex tells him that he can be both, right now it's easier to be mad at him than sad.

But someday he might feel worse if all he was today was just mad. Clay becomes confused and Alex explains that sometimes you judge people and sometimes you live to regret it. Clay tells him that he doesn't know what he's talking about and Alex shrugs it off and says that he probably doesn't.

Clay apologizes and Alex starts to walk off but Clay tells him that he doesn't have to leave, Alex walks back and sits down with him. Clay sees Hannah arrive and excuses himself to go outside. Clay and Tony talk about whether or not to call Alex handicapped while arriving for court in " The Drunk Slut ". Their relationship becomes more stable in the second season and they become friends.

Their first interaction is Alex asking why Clay didn't tell him the school "outlawed" him banning him from talking about his suicide attemptClay tells him that he wasn't made aware of talk of suicide being banned in the school. Alex then asks him about his suicide note and what a specific line in it meant. Clay tells him what he thinks it means but Alex believes that there was something deeper to the line that led him to try and kill himself.

Alex tells Clay that he wants to be ready if he gets called to testify in the trial and asks for the tapes, Clay refuses to give him the audio of the tapes and Alex becomes mad that everyone, especially Clay, is trying to protect him instead of giving him what he wants.

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Alex sees Bryce and Monty and asks Monty "What the fuck are you two looking at?! Clay tells Alex to calm down but Alex retaliates and tells him that he needs to wake up to what is going on, telling him that he heard what happened to Courtney she was forced to come out as a lesbian during her testimony and he wants to be ready and not fail at helping Hannah and Jessica again. Alex receives a poster with a threatening note on it regarding his attempted suicide, and shows it to Jessica at break, Clay sits down next to them and Jessica asks about his bruises, Clay tells her that someone-in what looked like a black range rover-ran him off of the road while he was on his bike the night before, Alex thinks it's Bryce and Jessica becomes confused as they all know Clay isn't testifying, however Clay doesn't think that Bryce knows that information.

Alex tells him that it might not matter if he's testifying as Alex isn't testifying either, Alex then shows Clay the threatening note he received. Clay states that they need to find a way to stop Bryce, Alex asks "How? I'm a cripple and you'll get grounded for life if you even speak to him".

Alex looks over at Zach, Bryce and Monty across the lunch hall and wonders if it might be Zach, Jessica tells him that Zach has been the only one at that table to help Alex out with his recovery of his attempted suicide.

Alex asks why Zach is still handing around Bryce and Clay suggests that he could be being protected by Bryce, as Bryce doesn't want the truth about what he did to Hannah and Jessica to come out. They both look at Jessica implying that she could call Bryce out by slipping in the fact that Bryce raped her during her testimony while talking about Hannah. Jessica tells them that the Bakers' lawyer told her that she's just supposed to talk about The List ending their friendship.

Clay tells her that if she talks about it, it will become a part of the case. Jessica leaves for her first lesson after she tells them it's not that easy for her to say it and the truth doesn't always make things right. Alex begs Clay one more time for the tapes and tells him to stop protecting him, Clay tells Alex that Skye is in the hospital, Alex asks what happened and Clay tells Alex "I stopped protecting her".

Alex then asks for a ride to court, Clay tries to say no but Alex stops him.

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Alex and Clay talk about the tapes in " The Chalk Machine ". Clay takes Alex to court for Jessica's testimony. Jessica doesn't bring up Bryce in court as she cries after she has flashbacks and becomes too afraid. Clay confronts Alex about what Jessica said in court, asking him if he really kissed Hannah, Alex confirms and Clay walks out of the building.

Alex tells Clay that he still feels like he is missing something that led him there, something that isn't on the tapes. Clay notices a member of staff on the field using a machine that seems familiar, he asks Alex what the staff member is doing and what he is using and Alex tells him that they are chalking the field using a chalk machine.

Before Clay leaves he tells Alex not to listen too hard. Clay attends Alex's birthday party at the arcade. Tyler arrives at the party, invited by Alex himself, however Zach and Jess force him to leave.

Alex becomes mad at them for making Tyler leave, Zach starts to explain with "After what he did to Hannah" but Clay cuts him off telling Zach that Tyler's testimony actually managed to help Hannah and the Bakers' in court and Zach's testimony helped people know her as "Hannah the Slut". Zach then tells Clay that he hurt Hannah and the Bakers' more than any of the rest of them did.

Alex then asks him how he's any different to them, to which Clay doesn't answer. Later Alex becomes angry and has an outburst aimed at his family, Clay and Jessica, he makes his mother cry and makes Jessica mad, Jess scolds him for it and Alex realizes and apologizes to them. Alex comes over to Clay's house and finds Justin unconscious on his bed, with a needle in his arm, he realizes that Justin has overdosed and is choking and rolls him over so that he doesn't die.

Clay later comes home and asks what happened, Alex explains and Clay becomes mad at Justin because he started getting clean but Alex tells Clay to leave Justin alone, Clay asks why he's defending Justin and Alex asks what he was thinking by publishing the tapes, Clay says that it's time for Hannah's truth to come out, Alex and Justin tell Clay that it had consequences to Jessica's recovery and Clay says it's time for her truth to come out too.

Justin asks him what right he has in deciding what should come out and when. Clay apologizes and tells them that he needs help in trying to bring Bryce down and help Hannah's court case. Clay and Ani confront Alex about using steroids in the lunch hall in " Nobody's Clean ". Clay has a flashback of himself gathering their group plus Cyrus's crew in Monet's and explaining to the group what happened after he, Tyler, and Tony left the Spring Fling dance.

Later on, we see a flashback of Clay, Tony and Justin escorting Tyler into school, Alex came out to meet them and Clay explained to Tyler that Alex will walk Tyler to his second lesson after they have their first lesson. Clay and Ani confront Alex about it, which makes Alex mad because it was through a breach of privacy. Clay asks Alex if he is okay and Alex hits back sarcastically asking if either of them are okay before saying "Fuck you guys!

Alex calms down and asks them not to tell his Dad- Deputy Standall -about it and reveals that he didn't buy from Bryce like they had assumed, Luke Holliday hooked him up with a guy to buy from. Ani asks why and he tells them that it was because of his body image. Ani tells him that she thinks he looks handsome, Alex humorously comments that she went for a skinny boy like Clay. Clay tells him that he will let the comment go because he's under stress. Clay and Alex at the gym in " Nobody's Clean ".

Later on, Clay and Ani go to the gym so Clay can workout with Alex to distract him while Ani gets Alex's phone to see who else he paid, they found out that he lied and he continuously paid Bryce and then the payment went further up, he also paid another person who they find out to be an escort named Melody Scott.

They visit her and she tells them what happened between them. Ani and Clay confront Alex about it and Alex reveals that he broke into a house with Bryce and accidentally traumatized a child, Bryce thought it was his father's house and too late into the process realized it wasn't, Bryce tried to cut ties with him after seeing Bryce have no remorse for it and Bryce started charging Alex full price for drugs instead of the discount he was receiving. Clay arrives in school and sees Justin and Alex fighting over Jessica.

They start making it physical and he breaks them up.

Alex and Charlie First Kiss Scene / 13 Reasons Why Season 4 Episode 6

He then sees Mr. Porter and is in shock, Justin asks what he's doing at Liberty High since he was fired. Porter looks over at them and leaves, Clay is visibly concerned about why the police brought him in as Mr. Porter knew a lot about him and the group having listened to the tapes.

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Alex is the first person to be brought in to talk to Mr. Porter, he realizes that the police and Mr. Porter are asking questions about Clay to his friends to build a case against him. Alex defends Clay and calls out Mr. Clay asks why he asked him and Alex said that he had a sprained hamstring from lifting, Bryce said it was too addictive to get hooked on for just numbing the pain.

Clay catches up with Alex after school, he asks Alex where he is going and Alex says that he texted his Dad to pick him up, however Ani needs to stay at the police station with Alex's Dad to finish their plan, so he asks about him asking for a gun from Tyler.

Alex says that he just needed to blow off some steam with target practice and his Dad wouldn't let him. He runs out of things to say and tells him that he believes Ani killed Bryce and he won't cover for her anymore.

Regret, clay and alex dating 13 reasons why where

With the look Alex gives Clay, it is implied that Alex feels guilty and tells him what happened because he doesn't want anything to happen to Ani. Someone seemingly Justin then texts Ani, she asks Deputy Standall for water and he leaves for a few second to get it for her, while she is out of the room, she checks her phone and the text reads: "Homework done. Let me know when we can study.

After Ani tells Deputy Standall their cover story the police close the case. They all go back to Clay's house in his basement and listen to the tape Bryce gave to Jessica just before he died. Tyler is Clay's friend, they didn't always like each other but they now have a stable relationship and are very good friends. Clay confronting Tyler in the dark room in " Tape 2, Side B ". In a flashback to Kat's going away party held at Hannah's first house, Tyler took a photo of Kat, Hannah and Clay for the yearbook photos.

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Clay lied and said that they were talking about a homework project but Tyler knew he was lying, and told them that the only class they have together is gymnastics class, he then asked again. They both refused to tell him, Alex told him that it was creepy that he knew what class they have together and made him leave. Clay and Tyler talking at a basketball game in school in " Tape 2, Side B ". Clay arrived at school the next day and saw Tyler being teased by Bryce about the photo, as everyone in the school received it.

In the school hallways Tyler confronted Clay about the photo. Tyler asked him what he was doing and Clay told him "Anything. I'm trying to do something, anything, which is more than any of you did". Tyler asked him why he was the only one Clay messed with, Clay corrected him: he was the only one he messed with so far.

Clay then saw Courtney Crimsen -the next person on the tapes-and Tyler left. Clay approached Tyler in Monet's and confronted him about what he said in court about seeing Hannah sext someone at her house while stalking her.

Tyler and Clay in the courtroom in " Bryce and Chloe ". Clay walked into Alternative Strategies and Solutions class and saw Cyrus and Tyler, who were also taking the class. Tyler asked him if he was in the right class and Clay affirmed, Tyler asked him why he was there and Clay answered "Truancy, grudges, the hypocrisy of the high school administrators".

Cyrus introduces himself and told Clay that Clay helped him fix his bike in freshman year.

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