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Pretty much anyone who has experienced love would agree it can often be a strange and confusing emotion. For all its doom and gloom about regular impending apocalypses, Buffy the Vampire Slayer actually featured a plethora of brilliantly written relationships both positive and negative, almost all of which proved time again just how reckless and crazy love can be. Of all the hopeless star-crossed lovers on the show, the pairing of Buffy Summers herself and evil vampire turned re-ensouled champion Spike is almost certainly the most complex. The two were immediate enemies when they met, followed by a three year stint as increasingly vitriolic rivals. Because Spike was evil for centuries before meeting Buffy, and continued his villainous ways for about half of their relationship, some fans feel this particular vampire was never good enough for the Slayer. Keep reading to take our quiz and find out how much you know about the doomed relationship between Buffy Summers and Spike. A meet cute it was not.

Just as Buffy dated a few guys before getting romantic with Spike, the vicious vampire likewise had his fair share of female companions prior to the Slayer.

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Worse than that, she also happened to be insane. What was her name? Granted, their first partnership is destined to be temporary and could be described as tenuous at best, with both characters expecting it to be a one time thing as they take on a shared rival. Granted, Joyce was kind of used to Buffy hanging out around much older men at that point, having already known about Angel.

She and Spike also managed to find common ground through their shared love of a certain soap opera. What was it?

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No matter how much the two loved one another, there was nothing stopping them from literally being evil demons, making any sort of true trust or faith pretty much impossible.

Not that Spike learned much from this lesson, as his rebound between Dru and Buffy was yet another bloodsucker who might have been even wackier than his old love. This is probably why he started having romantic dreams about Buffy during their relationship.

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Who was she? Everyone knows how the old song goes: first comes love, then comes marriage. However, if Spike and Buffy were truly meant for one another, they would probably at least consider tying the knot. The downside was that she had also already moved on to her next partner, a much more normal human man. He was also a generally kind person, unlike most of her other romantic interests. What was his name?

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Still harsh rivals, Spike only proposed to Buffy due to a bizarre spell, and she accepted for that exact same reason. Whose magic was responsible? Heartbroken, Spike put the gun down and asked what was wrong. Why did Buffy need him to comfort her? Unable to kill the Slayer, leave her behind, or get her to even consider the idea of starting a relationship, Spike decides to go full creeper with the situation and commission a sex robot to be designed in her image. Immediately after learning there was a weird computer genius in town who made a similar robot lover for themselves, Spike intimidated the person into building a new model fit to his interests.

Do buffy and spike hook up

Who created it? Perhaps the most celebrated episode in all of Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the musical Once More, with Feeling, where the characters felt emotions so strongly they could no longer talk about them, and had to sing instead. Every major character gets at least a line or two to shine, even if some of it is mostly filler, and a select few get entire solo songs to show off their vocal gymnastics.

Spike is one of them, singing a passionate song to Buffy essentially begging her to leave him alone.

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What was it called? Predicting their entire relationship, the first kiss shared between Buffy and Spike only comes after the most tragic of circumstances, involved a heavy amount of deceit, and came at a time when one party was way too injured to enjoy it.

Spike had just been kidnapped by Glory, and in a rare show of bravery, refused to reveal any secrets about Dawn being The Key despite serious torture and punishment. Where did it happen?

Buffy and Spike weren't dating yet when she introduced him to her mother, Joyce, but that didn't stop things from being extremely uncomfortable for all involved parties. Granted, Joyce was kind of used to Buffy hanging out around much older men at that point, having already known about Angel. To save Buffy and the world, Spike sacrificed his life during the battle against the First in the Hellmouth, despite Buffy's insistence that he leave with them. In acceptance of Spike's resolution, Buffy cld hands with him. Their connected hands burst into flame in . As much as I love Buffy with Spike, I have to admit that their relationship was unhealthy. Not because of them as a couple, but because of the timing. When their relationship starts, it's purely sexual. Spike has been in love with Buffy for over a year at this point.

Whether human, vampire, or Slayer, nothing can hurt a person in a relationship more than when their partner cheats on them. Who was it? Considering how long Buffy and Spike were rivals before shacking up, it should be no surprise that the Slayer was hesitant in telling her friends and allies about this sudden change in their relationship. For the first few weeks if not months the two are dating, she keeps it a total secret from everyone in the Scooby Gang, coming up with various excuses to explain her disappearance whenever meeting up with him for a scandalous tryst.

Who does Buffy first confide in?

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While this sort of behavior gradually calmed down as they became friends, there was still a solid five years they spent as enemies, still hunting down prey wherever he went. She first has sex with him in 'Smashed' S6,E9. He's found out he can hit her and they're in the middle of beating the crap out of each other when Buffy turns it into sex. The next morning she's disgusted with herself. They continue to sleeping together as a means of escapism for Buffy until 'As You Were' S6,E15 when she breaks it off telling him she's been using him and she can't love him.

Then in 'Seeing Red' S6,E19 he tries to rape her in her bathroom. She stops him and says "ask me again why I could never love you?! Spike leaves town after that episode and comes back with a soul in 'Lessons' S7,E1.

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He's slightly insane with guilt and the first are playing with his head. Buffy rescuces him from The First tells him she believes in him, and seems to forgive him for attempting to rape her.

They don't kiss or sleep together again for the rest of the show. They work together, protect one another and respect each other.

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In 'Touched' S7,E20 Spike gives her a pep talk and makes it clear how he feels about her and they share a bed for the night just sleeping. It's clear that Buffy needs Spike in her life. She cares for and depends on him. Whilst he loves her from season 5 onwards.

It's never made clear if she really does love him.

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The only time she says it is when he's about to die. Buffy and Spike were never really a couple in the traditional sense. And most of their relationship is open to interpritation.

But I've tried to be a unbiased as possible and just give you the facts. Spike was in love with Buffy from the beginning, but throughout their relationship Buffy just uses him. They have to speed away in the Bus cu'z Sunnydale is falling into a Giant like pit or crater.

Then the Welcome to Sunnydale sign falls in at the very edge of town. Buffy wants to bu shoes, and Xander is worried about the Starbucks that got all sucked up in the pit.

Later as the Angel series goes on. I'm not going to explain everything because you missed the last two years of the show.

Plus now there's the comic which is supposed to be Season 8.

Dark Horse Comic Book Season 10 Issue 12 - Buffy and Spike finally get together trying for a good and healthy love relationship. In the series, IMO, they never get together but in Chosen, per Joss Whedon Buffy's I Love You is real and she loves Spike in the finale. posted over a year ago Nevermind said. When do buffy and spike hook up At the last aired? Buffy/Spike gets picked up that vampire: Only online dating images buffy - part of buffy because every chick buffy start hookup spike hook. Jan 14,   Buffy slept with Angel because she loved him, and slept with Spike because of a whole bunch of complex reasons- lust was a small part of it. Faith liked to tease Spike but I doubt she would've gone through with it.

Spike and Buffy hooked up, then Buffy broke it off and Spike stayed in love with her and got his soul back. In the last episode he died saving the world, but he came back in Angel. At the end of season 6 Tara got shot so Willow turned evil. She turned good again, but she was always sort of a magic junkie after that. A big evil came after all the potential slayer in season 7, so Buffy had to protect them all.

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Then Willow did some spell that turned all the potential slayers into actual slayers so instead of one there were hundreds. Anya died in the last battle. The hell-mouth was destroyed.

Apr 20,   And the infamous building falling down scene where they first have sex is "smashed", episode 8, season 6; if you want buffy and spike romance/hook up . Feb 17,   Spike and Buffy hooked up, then Buffy broke it off and Spike stayed in love with her and got his soul back. In the last episode he died saving the world, but he came back in Angel. At the end of. If you want a kickass couple make Buffy and Spike lovers. They're a vamp and a slayer And opposites attract You know all that fighting is really just an act. So suppose the arguing is for real but someday they'll relize how they really feel. And there are a million fans just like me who all can see that Buffy and Spike have great chemistry.

Buffy smiled. The end. I think u have allot stuff screwed up in the head right now yep that makes sense yes. She doesn't end up with anyone really. She loves Angel but also Spike. Angel leaves her knowing that their relationship will never work he is a vampire she is a slayer Spike falls in love with her but he does saving her and Sunnydale from the First Evil.

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Buffy also has numerous other love interests but Spike and Angel are the main two. But in Season 8 the comics she's just had a fling with a girl named Satsu yep, Buffy got with a girlwho is also a slayer. I think that's over now though. Oh, and as for Angel and Xander.

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