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This takes place after Mockingjay. Plot: Katniss and Peeta are getting very close making Gale jelous. It has been a year. A full year since I lost my sister Prim. I reach her gravestone which is covered in dried grass. On the tomb stone it says 'in loving memoray of Primrose Everdeen, lovely daugther and sister.

He leans in for a quick kiss, hesitating when he pulls away to run his thumb over her cheek bone, and at that moment she knows he doesn't want to leave any more than she wants him to go. So why was he? As though on cue, not long after Katniss has gone into her bedroom to change for the night, a text from Peeta lights up her phone. He didn't answer the question, and if she wanted to, she could give an avoidant answer just like him, but at the moment, Katniss doesn't care about retaliation.

Did he really just ask her that? Why couldn't he just ask her to touch him while he was still here? Maybe he just needs to know that she was thinking about it to feel comfortable with it?

Then why did you leave?! She thinks to herself. She doesn't answer for a few minutes, unsure of how to respond to someone that was just in her apartment with a need so great it would be apparent to anyone who glanced at him, but in the end decided to leave anyway. When her phone chimes again, she's afraid to look at it. He wasn't going to let this go. While it confused her, she was glad he wasn't stopping.

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She wanted him to ask her to come help him with it. She'd get in her car in her pajamas and look for his place in the dark if it meant helping him relieve the arousal he's been sporting since he left, but she wasn't going to beg.

If he isn't going to ask, she isn't going to offer. She's just beginning to think she scared him off when she hears her phone go off again.

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She grabs it hastily from where it lay on the comforter and opens the message. I'm thinking about your fingers grazing the head when you move to the tip, stopping my hips from jerking forward with one hand while you continue to stroke me with the other, teasing me, making me wait for it - making me beg for you to make me come. Was this really Peeta? His messages from Monday night were something else, but these are the hottest texts she's ever gotten from anyone, let alone from Peeta.

She's not used to getting this detailed, but she wasn't going to ruin it now. She does as he says, slipping her underwear down and off her feet and settling in bed on her back. Before she can tell him she's done it, her phone chimes again. She turns her head to look out the window, not exactly thrilled about having to spend the evening with another couple, not when the last two weeks have been so confusing. Not when she isn't sure where her own relationship is going.

After their intense text conversation last Friday, the texts came every night after seeing each other, but not once since Peeta started sending the texts has he mentioned it in person. Katniss refuses to bring them up first - she doesn't think she should have to. So now here she is, sitting in the passenger seat of his car, wondering why his behavior has been so strange. She knows by now that it is more than him just trying to be a gentleman. They have been seeing each other for almost a month now and are still dancing around each other like the first night they met when they are together, and talking to each other like they can't get enough of each other when they're apart.

Things just don't add up. Do you want to be a little girl? Sometimes she even offered to do it herself. The last thing he wanted to do was to say 'Guess what, mom? I'm actually the gay one,' so he didn't for a long time. He had just started college and met someone there who he was really serious about. He told me first because he knew I wouldn't judge him. Nobody but Neil was there at the ceremony and our mother didn't talk to anyone for weeks, even longer for me and Neil.

Always me and Neil. Besides, I want to be defined as more than just the baker's son and eventually the baker. Spencer is the brown nose of the family, anything to make mom happy.

Let's just go and enjoy dinner," Katniss encourages. She didn't want this to ruin their night, and suddenly what she was upset about earlier didn't even seem to matter anymore. If he's willing to share stuff right now she may as well ask the question she has wanted to ask since the day they met. Thankfully, he laughs at her question.

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Neil grew out of it eventually, but it stuck with me. I started carrying them with me, and when things got too intense and I found myself getting anxious, I'd go for one and I have been doing that ever since," He shrugs. The more Katniss heard about Peeta's mother and the things she said and did to him and Neil, the less she liked her.

Katniss can't imagine what it must have been like for Peeta and Neil to grow up in an environment with a mother like that. Her mother always taught her and Prim to be strong and stand up for themselves, but belittling your children and devaluing your husband was not the way to do that. Katniss takes a look at him with the addition of the jacket. He has on his normal dark wash jeans, and a simple light blue t-shirt. The jacket is black - Katniss has never seen him in black before, and it seems to do something to make his eyes even brighter.

She wore a denim jacket over a thin black and white crew neck t-shirt, with cuffed jeans and a pair of white slip on shoes, and she takes a look at their reflections in the windows of the restaurant as they walk hand in hand toward the entrance - they looked good together. It's not something she would normally do, but something about the way they looked together felt good; right.

They find Gale and Neil easily, sitting in a half booth in the corner of the restaurant.

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They are seated close together in the middle of the booth; Gale is holding one of Neil's hands in both of his as he whispers something into his ear. Katniss continues to watch as Neil starts laughing at whatever Gale whispered to him before turning his head and finding Gale's lips. Katniss can feel the jealousy bubbling in her stomaching instantly. It's clear even from the short time she has observed Gale and Neil that their relationship is at a completely different level than her and Peeta's.

She never thought she would find herself wishing for the day when Peeta wouldn't be too afraid to whisper something into her ear and let her kiss him in a room full of people without pulling away nervously or reaching for a mint instead of in a doing it in a dark, empty parking lot. The noise causes Gale and Neil to pull apart and look in Peeta's direction. Katniss doesn't answer. It was only a small exchange, but she has never seen Peeta relaxed enough to make a joke like that before.

She knows it probably has to do with being around his brother, but she can't help but feel bad that after spending so much time with her, he still can't act like this when it's just them. She told him weeks ago this place has the best peach margarita in town, but when it came time to order, she knew Peeta wasn't going to let her pay for her meal. Now that school let out and he isn't working full time, she has been feeling even worse about allowing him to pay for everything.

She can tell Peeta doesn't believe her. She's hoping that by telling him this he will help Peeta understand that it's alright to let her pay sometimes too. His face looks a little happier than it should for the conversation, but Katniss ignores it. What would you say to an undercut and red dye? I've been trying to get him to change that ratty mess of his for years now. The mention of Peeta's hair causes Katniss to reach her hand up, and run her fingers through it, tilting her head to meet Peeta's gaze.

Peeta gives a weak smile at the statement, but doesn't move. Katniss takes her hand out of his hair and folds her hands in her lap, remembering they are in public and that probably was making him uneasy. She didn't understand him. He approached her that day in the hotel bar, he asked her on the first date. Almost everything has been his idea for the last month, but he still won't relax. What is he so afraid of?

Katniss and peeta speed dating fanfiction

Katniss had no plans to go anywhere, if he is afraid of her leaving if he gets comfortable, there is nothing to be afraid of. Look at what you have now because of it," Neil says, sounding like he's proud of himself. Katniss notices that Peeta's original joking attitude has quickly disappeared after she told Neil he wouldn't let her pay for things. She hopes he isn't mad at her; maybe telling Neil wasn't the right decision, but she was tired of him acting like he had to pay for everything.

She looks over to Peeta and his head is down, pushing the chicken for his fajitas around in his plate, not even bothering to put them together to eat. She doesn't like putting him on the spot like this, but now that Neil brought it up, why hasn't he offered to show her yet? Peeta sets his napkin down in his lap and turns to Katniss. She screws up her eyes and looks at him, trying to make out what the expression is on his face; it's not until she looks down and sees his hand on his pocket full of mints that she realizes Neil has just embarrassed him in front of everyone.

She reaches out and places her hand over his, willing him to stop. Her eyes move to Gale who lifts his taco up and salutes her with it before taking a bite. They did this on purpose. She was going to kill Gale for telling Neil that she and Peeta hadn't had sex yet, and then she was going to kill him again for hatching a plan to embarrass Peeta into inviting her to his apartment.

As the evening has worn on, Peeta has begun to relax a bit.

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He's starting to joke more, and his face looks a lot less stressed. We'll make the reservations a little later," Neil replies. Peeta looks like he's considering it. They say their goodbyes and walk back to Peeta's car - the ride to Peeta's place is tense. Halfway through, Peeta grabs a mint from the cup holder. Peeta leads her up a narrow sidewalk, past a row of small, brown, one story units.

They all look the same, though a few have flags hanging in front of the door. Peeta jiggles his keys and Katniss looks up just in time to see him turn right and stop at the front door of a unit that's three away from the end of the row. It's void of any flags or decorations to set it apart from the others, and when he opens the door and flips on the light, Katniss walks into a small, studio apartment with paintings covering the walls. She surveys the place quickly - right in front of her is a small couch bed with the mattress still pulled out.

That's where he sleeps. That's where he jerks off thinking about me. She looks from Peeta, to the bed and he gives her an uncomfortable smile. To her right is a small, walk in area with an easel, canvases, and paints. She wants to ignore her phone when it begins to ring, the sadness she has felt all day is quickly replaced by anger when she sees Peeta's name on the display screen.

? The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 (Epilogue)

It's taken him all night, and most of today to contact her, but here he is, ringing her phone at 2 o'clock in the afternoon. Katniss turns her head to where her phone is set on the couch cushion and gives it a dirty look before grabbing it.

It doesn't even sound a little upset. All she can hear is dejection. However, rather than feeling sympathy for him, she can only feel her anger rising. I know for a fact that don't have any, but what about you? Do you know? Gale told Neil about the guys she's been with? What was he thinking? Did you actually think I had STDs?

I've been burned too many times to assume, and when he told me that I just thought - here we go, something's going wrong again. Thinking once more that a relationship is going to work and then having things fall apart," Peeta explains. I wanted to take you out, learn about you, let you learn about me, but that's easier said than done. The anger is gone from her voice now, but there is still a hint of sarcasm in her words. I thought maybe if I sent texts that it would ease the tension a little bit.

I'm not going to break things off because you want to take it slow. Maybe Gale was right, all those pigs that she dated didn't want anything more than sex, and maybe that's what she has presumed to be normal all this time. Maybe it's all she feels she deserves. So much so that she doesn't even know how to react when someone is trying to take things slow. She is no stranger to mistakes - her whole life has been a mistake.

Katniss opens the door at the sound of Peeta's now familiar knock, smiling when she sees him standing there in a red zip up hoodie and a white t-shirt that is visible underneath. He is wearing a pair of black sweatpants with a red strip down the side of each leg, and for once, he is without his Chucks.

Today, he is wearing a pair of black, slip on Vans.

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Katniss looks him up and down, appraisingly. Peeta flashes a crooked, shy smile before looking down at his outfit. Just not having a very good day.

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Peeta puts his arms out, and Katniss doesn't hesitate to walk towards him, nestling her forehead in his neck and feeling his warmth spread across it as she wraps her arms around him and clasps her hands together behind his back. He does the same, squeezing her tightly to him as he brings his cheek down to rest on the top of her head. After a moment, Katniss pulls away, grabbing both of Peeta's hands in hers, leading him to the couch. They sit, and Katniss curls up next to him, wedging herself under his arm.

This is what she needed all day. The quiet comfort that he brings her and nothing more. When they are settled, Peeta continues. She isn't sure what else to tell him. Does she tell him she's never been in love before? Never believed she was capable of falling in love? Does she tell him she's never gone on more than two dates with a guy before sleeping with him, and has never had a relationship last more than a few weeks? If he needs time, then she did, too.

Katniss tilts her head up to look at him and smiles. He brings his lips down to hers, kissing her with slow, skillful movements.

It's lonley without Prim. "Katniss there's someone at the door" I wipe my eyes and walk out my room. I see Peeta standing there and I'm glad it's not Gale. "I'll leave you two alone" mom went outside. Peeta sat down on the couch "Gale's a jerk" laugh at his comment "like I never noticed" we both smile. I then realise. I'm in love with teknoderas.comg: speed dating. The last place Katniss Everdeen expects to find love is at a gay speed dating event, but when Peeta Mellark approaches her, they have a speed date of their very own and embark on a relationship that Katniss never could have predicted for herself. Modern day AU. The last place Katniss Everdeen expects to find love is at a gay speed dating event, but when Peeta Mellark approaches her, they have a speed date of their very own and embark on a relationship that Katniss never could have predicted for herself.

There is a comfort behind the kisses that hasn't been there before, and the urgency of the kisses they had been sharing the last two weeks has disappeared. They were on the same page now, and Katniss was content to sit here and kiss him like this all night. There was no pressure to escalate things, no nagging in the back of her head telling her that if he doesn't respond, he doesn't care about you - the sound of Peeta's stomach growling stops them. Mushroom and onions, right? Katniss smiles, remembering the joking attitude he had with Neil at dinner last night.

Maybe this was what he needed to feel comfortable enough to act that way with her now, too. Peeta nods and gets up from the couch, moving to the corner of the room nearest to the couch and crouching over to look at the DVD titles lined on the shelf.

Peeta laughs and turns back to the shelf, pulling his finger along the cases as he reads them. He makes a noise that sounds excited as he pulls a DVD from the shelf and brings it over to Katniss, handing it to her.

When Katniss wakes up, the room is dark and the DVD menu is playing on a loop - she doesn't remember lying down and falling asleep, but she must have been asleep for a while because the arm she had curled up under her cheek is stiff and sore. The empty bowl of popcorn and beer bottles are sitting on the coffee table and with the glow from the TV she can just make out Peeta's shoes set against the table's leg.

That's when she realizes that he's still here, and that she's stretched out across the length of the couch, with her legs propped up over his lap. His feet are planted flat on the floor, clad in just his socks, and his head has fallen back against the couch - he's sleeping too. She moves her legs from his lap slowly and gets up from the couch, creeping across the apartment toward the kitchen with the bowl and bottles, setting them all in the sink. She sits back down on the couch, pulling her legs up off the floor and propping herself up on her knees.

She moves her hand to Peeta's hair, brushing it off his forehead a few times before leaning down and placing a kiss on his exposed neck. Katniss doesn't even let herself stop to think about her next answer.

It's a silly question, as Katniss is already pulling him across the living room toward the hallway that leads to her bedroom.

She was too mad to see the truth of his statement before, but now that he's here, the idea of them going to bed separately isn't an option anymore. They make it to her bedroom, and Peeta sits down on the edge of Katniss' bed.

Without thinking, Katniss moves to him and begins to unzip his hoodie, pulling it off his shoulders and folding it up, setting it on the floor. She opens both bedroom windows while Peeta pulls his phone from one pocket, and the rest of his mints from the other, setting them on the bedside table. She can tell his nerves are back, but she doesn't call attention to them.

Instead, she moves back to the bed and pulls the comforter back, silently telling Peeta to settle in. She isn't sure what she's doing, but for some reason, it feels right. Peeta wanted time, and she was going to give him time while trying to get him to realize that she wants more from him than she has ever wanted from anyone in her life.

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More and more she is starting to realize how calming his presence is to her, and she wants him to feel the same with her. She thinks about what he said in the car, that there is more to a relationship than sex, and she knows now that he's right, but is isn't the time to think about why she never stopped to consider that before.

By the time she walks around to the other side of the bed, Peeta has finally laid down, curled up on his side with his right arm pulled up to his chest. She gets into bed and pulls the covers up over them before lying on her back; they are silent for a moment before Peeta speaks up. The thin, uncomfortable couch bed mattress and she remembers the bar that jabbed her back in the short time she was laying on it yesterday. She wonders then how long he has had to sleep on it, but it's just another thing to worry about later - now is not the time.

She turns her head to look at him, and he suddenly looks so content. His hair is falling over his forehead, but away from his eyes as they begin to droop lower and lower. Suddenly, she feels his leg snake between hers, settling there, as his left hand comes to rest on top of her hand that is draped over her stomach. They were close without being too close; the comfortable intimacy relaxes Katniss in a way she's never been before and she sighs contentedly as she stares at Peeta's closed eyes.

There are so many things they need to say to each other - so much to learn. But right now, none of it seems to matter. The last month has flown by, and the two of them have fallen into an easy routine.

Peeta landed a job teaching art classes for 5 and 6 year olds on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at the rec center for the summer, but on nights he didn't have to teach the next day, he stayed at Katniss' apartment without question. They barely even discussed the arrangement. She hasn't told Peeta yet, but she has never slept more soundly in her life than on the nights he stays with her.

She's giving him the time that he needs, and in return he's providing her with a sense of security and comfort that she never knew existed.

She stands in the living room after her shower with her robe tied around her tightly, and her hair wrapped in a towel, watching Peeta as he sits on the edge of the couch, tying his shoes. He is about to leave for his apartment to get ready for his fundraiser, while Katniss finishes getting ready to meet Gale and Neil for his birthday dinner at Pacifica that night.

Peeta leans in for a kiss, brushing his thumb across a drop of water on the side of Katniss' face, when he pulls away he smears in across the tip of her nose and smiles.

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I told Peeta to come here in a cab too. He doesn't want to be the teacher with a DUI. Katniss cringed. Gale had been drinking for several hours already, and she knew how embarrassing he tended to get when he drank too much. He giggles at Neil's statement and leans over until his mouth is close to Neil's ear. She looks to the large front windows of the restaurant and sees cabs dropping people off, none of which are Peeta. Gale and Neil have disappeared into their own little world again, whispering things to each other that she is probably better off not hearing.

Gale's voice addressing her causes her to jump. Katniss doesn't know what to say. Why is he asking her this right now, in the middle of a fancy, crowded restaurant, with Peeta's brother sitting right next to him?

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He's drunk, that's why. Katniss looks at him and he gives her a sympathetic look. He knows. He leans over the table even further and lowers his voice.

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Two months? The table falls silent - now it's Katniss' turn to stare down at the table. Katniss looks up at him, but says nothing. Neil and Katniss both glare at him, but say nothing. Katniss wants to tell him to stop. It's not his place to say a word, but if Peeta is still too scared to tell her, this may be the only way she finds out before she gives up. She nods at Neil, a cue to tell him to continue.

He takes a deep breath, and closes his eyes, as though he's choosing his words carefully. I went with him once, and he's confident, commanding, and charming. He can get the old rich women's checkbooks out within minutes. So you'd know that he's more than just the nervous, mint popping kid he is when he's with you. He's good at what he does - very good. However, in love? He has a track record for picking the ones that are completely wrong for him. It's not Neil's place to explain this stuff to her, but she can't stop herself and the word falls from her lips anyway.

Katniss feels her mouth go dry and remembers accusing him of having children. It was after that moment that he stopped talking to her, and she can't help but wonder if that's part of why. Gale's eyes grow wide at the news, but he remains quiet. Katniss can tell he regrets even starting this conversation now.

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He never seemed scared or upset by the idea of getting a girl pregnant. With him, it was more like he was saying 'Look at what I did, mom'.

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Obviously, that backfired," Neil continues. She told him only men could get a girl pregnant, and he wasn't a man. She doesn't know what else to say. What kind of mother would say something like that to their 14 year old son who got himself into a situation like that because of her in the first place?

I don't think he had a serious girlfriend for the rest of high school. He doesn't talk about that time too much, but when he was in college he met a girl that he really liked. She wasn't in college though, she was a few years older and she had a daughter. Her little girl was polite and really loved Peeta, so I accepted it. He seemed to have things figured out.

Katniss considers telling him to stop again, but she still can't do it.

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