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Every boy she's ever talked to has always ended up wanting to hook up with her. Yikes, right? Especially when she could really use a friend sometimes, outside of her girl circle. But Spencer? All the boys just wanna date her. Aaaand that's why we're here today!

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Wrencer 2x21 - Wren and Spencer - night kiss - Pretty Little Liars

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Post was not sent - check your email addresses! He even calls to let her know when Mona is making progress and encourages her to come back. Blood Is The New Black. Wren comforts Hanna after her ordeal with Mona Vanderwaal.

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Hanna speaks to Wren. He mentions his father was also in a mental institution, and he's thrown around more than the chair Hanna tossed in Mona's room. Wren explains to Hanna what she's suffering is ambiguous loss; when a person dies but they're still here.

Later he bumps into Caleb, who tells him about Hanna's "ambiguous loss" talk Hanna had mentioned to Caleb earlier. Caleb is left wondering why Hanna is so easy to tell the truth to Wren but not himself. Birds of a Feather. Darren Wilden comes to visit Mona but he is stopped by Wren. Darren tells Wren he has a court order to speak with Mona and goes in to see her.

Later, Wren sits down to talk with Hanna. She questions him about Darren's purpose of talking to Mona and Wren tells her it has something to do with Alison's missing remains. Hanna is sure Mona didn't do it because she's been in Radley the whole time but realizes that court orders are only issued for a good reason. She asks Wren to sneak her in but Wren tells her that he's already been reprimanded for extending her visiting hours so Hanna has to wait it out.

Wren sends a text to Hanna saying that they need to talk. He informs Hanna that the board is considering moving Mona to a high-security facility in Saratoga, New York. Hanna insists he speak to the board, but he persuades her to do it herself since no one could speak for Mona the way Hanna could. After accompanying her to the argument she made to keep Mona in Rosewood, Wren informs her that the board has halted any paperwork or movement to transfer Mona to the other facility.

In a moment of excitement, Hanna accidentally kisses Wren from happiness that Mona is staying at Radley. Wren responds with, "I figured you'd be pleased. What Lies Beneath.

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Wren asks Hanna out while at the coffee shop, but Hanna rejects him saying she's not going to date Spencer's ex and it's too soon for her to be seeing anybody else.

Wren tries to make things positive, while not accepting the fact that Hanna won't go out with him. When Hanna rejects him, as he walks away he then tells her "But if you change your mind, it's fine by me. Hanna blankly ignores this. Later when Emily tries to get help for Hanna after she accidentally cuts her knee with a knife after trying to break a window, she immediately calls Wren for help.

Wren comes over by her house and stitches up her wound and makes a meal for Hanna. Once Wren helps Hanna elevate her leg, He tries to kiss her but gets rejected by her. He seems saddened by the rejection and Hanna asks him to leave, adding that he saved her life.

What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted. Wren appears at Spencer's house and as an awkward talk with Melissa. Melissa leaves Wren to talk to Spencer. Wren tells Spencer that someone called him and was concerned about her state of mind. Spencer thinks Emily told him but he reveals that Mona called him. She suddenly becomes happy and asks him to take her out.

They drive for a long time and they finally stop at a place where the decathlon team was meeting. Spencer pretends to be emailing her parents and goes to talk to Mona. She gets angry at her and suddenly attacks her; literally trying to strangle her. Wren and Andrew pull Spencer off of Mona and Wren drags her out. On the way home, Melissa calls Spencer but Spencer ignores it so Wren answers. He tells Melissa that Spencer has had food poisoning, instead of the truth.

Wren runs into Spencer at the Brew. They talk and Wren reveals that he hoped they would get back together. He also asks Spencer out to dinner and she accepts. After dinner, Wren tries for a kiss, but Spencer turns away. However soon after Spencer herself leans in and Wren reciprocates.

Wren comes to see Spencer when he finds out she's been checked into Radley. There is obvious tension between him and orderly Eddie Lamb. Wren asks Spencer if he's done anything for her to be there and she says it doesn't have to do with him.

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Later when Eddie talks to Spencer he indicates Wren was involved with the issues with the badges and that he always thought he was there for the wrong reasons. In a different scene Wren stops Eddie from taking a book to Spencer's room and there is further tension. Later, Wren shows up in an abandoned wing when Spencer is going through some items Mona hid in a rocking horse.

He admits to issuing a visitor pass to CeCe Drake to see Mona, even though she wasn't allowed visitors.

Apologise, but, spencer and wren hookup amusing

He tells her that CeCe had gotten kicked out of university because of a stunt Ali had pulled at a frat party and she desperately wanted to talk to Mona. He let her in because he thought she could be a role model for Mona.

The Mirror Has Three Faces. Wren asks Mona when she will be honest with him as she had been when she was a patient at Radley previously, and she tells him it was before she knew he was keeping secrets from her. Later, Hanna finds him in the brew and asks him to slip her into Radley to see Mona. Wren brushes off the request, and as Hanna leaves the Brew, Wren makes a shady call to someone saying, "You take care of your and I'll take care of mine".

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Then, Wren then visits Veronica at her house and warns her about Mona. He states that Mona is going to turn the tables on her and she hasn't forgiven the Liars and wants to hurt them.

Wren feels he owes Veronica in some way. He also counters that if he hadn't made such a mess of things, Veronica was once going to be his family. Later, Wren is seen talking on the phone to someone in Radley, coloring in the sketch he showed to Mona, coloring the coat on the women red, showing that Wren may know of Red Coat.

Toby discovers that Wren is moving in with Melissa and that he has some sort of connection with Shana Fring. Shana is also seen at Wren's apartment. When the Liars see the 'A' lair, they see that 'A' has been watching Wren.

Therefore they come to the conclusion that he cannot be 'A', but they do realize 'A' is a man. He is not seen, but Veronica calls him to help Spencer set up with interviews at Oxford and other schools. He is flat mates with Melissa and Colin. We've All Got Baggage.

In the Eye Abides the Heart. He is revealed to apart of A. First Relationship:. Hanna Marin : Kissed see " Wrenna ". Started: " Stolen Kisses " Ended: " What Lies Beneath " Reason: Hanna maked it clear to Wren that the kiss they had was a mistake and that she doesn't have feelings for him.

She says that if she was to date him, she would be betraying Spencer. Wren tried to convince her to give up the game so they could live a happy life together. Despite her wanting this with him, she also wanted to be seen as Spencer, and Wren couldn't do that so she killed him.

She later turned his ashes into a diamond necklace which she wears at all times.

Spencer and wren hookup

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? This article is about Wren Kingston, a TV character. You may be looking for Wren Kim Book Character. Contents [ show ]. The Jenna Thing When the Hastings sisters and Wren go out for drinks with their fatherSpencer orders a vodka soda, but Melissa interferes. To Kill a Mocking Girl Spencer visits Wren at the apartment he's crashing to try to get him to tell Melissa and their parents that she didn't initiate the kiss and didn't intend to break them up.

Blind Dates We find out that Spencer's hunch is correct, and Wren has been providing pain killers for Ian Thomas and remotely treating him after his accident at the church. Save the Date Wren shows up to the Hastings' house with flowers that he's bought for Melissa, but Spencer suspects he is really there to see her.

The Blond Leading the Blind Wren becomes Toby's attending physician after Toby breaks his arm when the anchors in a scaffolding "gave way. Breaking the Code Wren walks into the pub in which Spencer is waiting for Melissa and they begin chatting.

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Eye of the Beholder Wren walks over to Toby and Jenna Marshall in the hospital to see how he has been recovering since the accident. Stolen Kisses Wren sends a text to Hanna saying that they need to talk. Hot Water Wren runs into Spencer at the Brew.

The Mirror Has Three Faces Wren asks Mona when she will be honest with him as she had been when she was a patient at Radley previously, and she tells him it was before she knew he was keeping secrets from her.

It's revealed that Melissa did not stay with him in London when Toby arrived. Bloody Hell He is not seen, but Veronica calls him to help Spencer set up with interviews at Oxford and other schools.

Wren: One does not come unfortified to the house of Hastings. Spencer [to a drunk Wren]: How about some coffee?

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Wren: I've been drinking scotch, I'd rather not mix my beverages. Wren: Let me take you to school. We could drop by for some coffee. Spencer: Wren, I have a boyfriend now. Wren: Fine. How about tea? Wren: Maybe you talked yourself out of the carpenter too soon. None of us are perfect, Spencer.

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Spencer: Yeah, well, the carpenter has a name, and he would need a forklift to maneuver through my tonnage of emotional debris. Wren: You know, I'm actually Spencer: No, I can't imagine you operating any sort of heavy machinery.

Wren: Yeah, me neither.

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I made that up. But I did get you to smile.

Wren: None of us are perfect, we all come with baggage. Spencer [to Wren]: I used you to get at Mona. I'm sorry. Wren: You shouldn't be, I deserve to be used.

Mar 16,   We see a lot of Spencer and Caleb as they get ready for the dangerous day ahead of them. Pretty Little Liars - Spencer and Caleb - 6x20 "Hush, Hush, Sweet Liars" // . Jan 19,   Though there is bound to be plenty of fallout from Jason and Ashley's tango between the sheets, their hookup isn't the first to cause a stir in Rosewood. Take a look: Spencer and Wren. One morning, Spencer got a voicemail from Wren. She swallowed hard, wondering if she was going to regret listening to it. But she listened anyway. He asked her if she was willing to come meet him, and gave her the address of this place he was apparently staying at.

Wren[to Mona]: I don't think you got rid of anybody, that's my response. Wren: Well, just goes to show you can't trust anyone. Add an image. My pretend PLL ending!

Like this ending better than the one we got. Send this to I. Marlene King. It's so much better.

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Let's not forget that he also wanted to date Hanna whom in my opinion, he accidentally fell for too. They had great chemistry too and if Bodaciously Billy.

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You were right!!!!!!!!!!!!

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