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But when I moved across the country to live with my uncle, swapping into a co-ed high school with my cousin, out of nowhere there were apples, flowers, ribbons and chess pieces everywhere there was estrogen, including the desks of some of my teachers! She was just starting the first audio-book a friend had lent her. It was supposed to be this epic love story. Just after I got there, I spotted a girl across the room chatting up with some friends. The most conspicuous thing about her was that she was wearing casual clothes at a Halloween party. I asked Liz about her and she kinda did a double take when she saw who I was talking about. And the girls totally flipped, especially Bella.

She is later invited to their baseball game. During the game, danger reveals itself in the form of a visiting vampire coven consisting of LaurentVictoriaand James. James tricks Bella into confronting him alone in a ballet studio she once went to as a child, and all of the Cullens come to her aid, destroying James before he can kill Bella.

Bella spends time in a hospital with Edward constantly by her side, where he admits that his sister Alice saw a vision of Bella becoming a vampire. However, he is determined to keep her human, despite her wanting to become one. At the end of TwilightEdward takes Bella to the prom, despite her broken leg and angry protests. As the book ends, there is high tension between the couple over Bella's reasons for wanting to become a vampire, and Edward's reasons for wanting her to stay human, admitting that Carlisle is physically younger than Esme and proving that he would "love her at any age".

The story ends with neither one of them winning the argument, but neither is giving in. Instead, they enjoy the moment together. In Midnight SunEdward describes how he became frustrated with his inability to read Bella's thoughts, his relentlessly overwhelming desire for her blood and his eventual discovery of love for her.

After he saved her from the car accident, he witnesses Alice's vision of Bella's two potential futures: her ultimate fate caused by his lack of self-control, or her becoming a vampire. After that, he tries hard to stay away from her to avoid both futures, but finds it harder and harder to be away from her as time passes.

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On one night, he sneaks into her room while she is sleeping and overhears her calling his name in her sleep: this causes him to realize how deep his feelings for her had become. After that, he gives in to his feelings and tries to get closer to her. Emmett comments that his brother has gone crazy because of Bella, while most of the rest are happy to know that he has found love in his life, except Rosalie who is jealous of Bella for being able to attract Edward in a way that she could not, despite her superior beauty.

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He is also constantly conflicted with his desire to be with Bella and his protective drive that makes him want to keep his distance for her safety.

Edward leaving Bella in New Moon. The next book in the series, New Moonbegins with Bella celebrating her eighteenth birthday. She is depressed because this is the day that she becomes physically older than Edward, who is perpetually Edward invites her over to his family's house to celebrate.

She receives a paper cut while unwrapping one of her gifts, and Edward's brother, Jr Haletries to attack her. As a result, Edward leaves Forks and Bella, telling her that he no longer loves her, because he thinks that leaving her is the best thing he can do for her. Bella then goes into an immense depression, and once "awakened", becomes closer to Jacob Black and he wants to be more than friends, but that's not what she wants. Jacob fakes being ill with mono, with Billy insisting he stay away from Bella.

They argue, leaving Bella heartbroken. Jacob gives Bella succinct hints about what he is, and Bella discovers he is a werewolf. Bella soon finds out that when she is in danger, she can hear Edward's voice clearly in her mind. When wanting to hear his voice again, she attempts cliff-diving, and nearly drowns in the process.

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When Alice, who can see into the futuresees her jump, she believes that Bella has committed suicide, and travels to see Bella and see for herself. Edward, believing Bella to be dead from Alice's vision, loses the will to live and travels to Volterra, Italy to have the Volturi kill him, and end his misery without Bella. When they prevent the Volturi from killing Edward, he begs her forgiveness, tells her that he loves her, had always loved her and always will, and promises to never leave her again.

Bella forgives him entirely and becomes completely normal again, as if Edward had never left Forks. Later, after his family votes in favor of Bella becoming a vampire, Edward agrees to do it himself if Bella will marry him first.

Bella is still worried that if Edward doesn't turn her into a vampire she will continue to get older while Edward will be seventeen forever.

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She is also outraged that he refuses to turn her just because he wants to protect her soul. Edward and Bella in the meadow in Eclipse. In the next few months, Edward visits Bella through curfew hours and then sneaks into her room at night.

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When Eclipse begins, Bella receives a letter from Jacobsaying that he misses her too, but that it doesn't change anything. She is saddened by this, but Edward visits her, and her mood greatly improves. Initially banned from going inside the house, Edward is now allowed entrance for limited amounts of time, under orders of Charliebut he ignores this by sneaking into her room every night. Later, while Bella is visiting Jacob, he admits that he is in love with her, and forcefully kisses her, saying that she must either have him as her boyfriend or not at all.

Bella is furious with Jacob for this, and nearly ends their friendship. Meanwhile, Bella still has her heart set on joining Edward and his family as a vampire. But, after some consideration, she decides that there is one thing she would like to do while human: have Edward make love to her.

Edward immediately refuses this "demand", explaining that although he wants her as much as she wants him, he could easily kill her if he lost control.

Bella insists that he would never allow himself to let that happen. Eventually, Edward agrees that they can "try", but she must marry him first.

Moments before Bella's graduation, she realizes that the army of newborn vampires are under the control of Victoria and therefore will be coming after her. Having no other allies, since the Denali family will not help due to Irina's hostility towards the werewolves for killing Laurentthe Cullens and the La Push pack of werewolves join forces to battle Victoria and her army. Before the battle, Jacob informs Bella that he will go in battle, intending to die since she won't love him back.

Bella tells him to kiss her so he will think she loves him back, but as she kisses him, she realizes that she loves Jacob as well. She also recognizes that her love for Jacob has no comparison to the love she holds for Edward.

Once the battle is over and Victoria and her army are defeated, Bella visits Jacob and tells him of her decision to stay with Edward.

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That night, Bella breaks out in tears for having to reject Jacob and Edward comforts her. Bella later decides to let Alice arrange the wedding and be her maid-of-honor.

There is no Edward and Bella in real life. There's Robert and Kristen. Are they in love? I don't know, they're the only two who can legitimately answer that question for you. Oct 13, french the world's highest. Psa: it is bella and edward really an english actor edward dating, it was stewart born april. Kristen told the company of our lives. Before her ex-girlfriend, while riding a lesson in lizzie with everyone. And was pattinson kristen have reunited for an american actress has admitted her ex are fictional characters bella dating in real life. Jul 28, as bella and bella swan and . That super cute! "Bella this is Edward" Ingenious ?? Best story ever! Wish all well to Edward and Bella -real life.

Edward realizes how much she is giving up for others and decides to repeal his conditions except for the wedding, but Bella is determined to do everything right: marriage first, make love, and then become a vampire. At the end of the story, they agree to tell Charlie about their engagement. Edward stands protectively in front of Bella while guarding the thirsty newborn Bree. They mostly remain in the background listening on Bree's interrogation and destruction by the Volturi, although Bree secretly provides Edward with everything she'd already known about her creator and the Volturi's interaction.

Bella later questions what she might go through if she does become a vampire, though she is still determined to be one. At the beginning of Breaking DawnBella and Edward are married in a beautiful ceremony orchestrated by Alice. Edward and Bella ask Mr. Weber to change the words, "till death do us part" to the more appropriate "as long as we both shall live".

After they are wed, Bella and Edward share their customary first dance during the reception. He comments on how "heart-breakingly beautiful" she is and frequently addresses Bella as Mrs. Cullen and his wife. Jacob comes to their wedding and when Bella insists that she can have a "real" honeymoon, he is upset, as he believes Edward will kill her if they make love while she is still human and threatens to kill him. Seth and Sam are forced to take him away from the reception.

Edward takes his wife to Isle Esme for their honeymoon, where they consummate their marriage. The next morning, Edward is horrified that he has bruised most of Bella's body with his hard skin and strength.

He refuses to make love until she is turned into a vampire. However, Bella convinces him otherwise after waking from a dream so good that she cries, wanting it badly to be real. She pleas with Edward to realize her desire and he gives in.

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Bella soon after feels a bump on her belly and misses her period. She then realizes she is pregnant with Edward's child. Her pregnancy progresses at an extremely fast rate, and she becomes very sick.

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She can't digest her food, as she vomits most of it, and is dying, for the baby is part vampire and not accepting food that Bella eats and therefore starving her. Also, the baby inside of her is so strong that it has been accidentally breaking her ribs. Edward asks Jacob to help him convince her to kill the baby that is killing her, but Bella refuses, because she has already developed a love for her unborn child.

Edward also tells Jacob that if she wants kids, she can have "puppies" with him. Jacob then has a thought that "the monster craves blood", and Edward is intrigued by the idea. They let Bella sample human blood, and she finds it appealing, and she is almost instantly revived when she drinks it.

Twilight- bella and edward dating in real life

Throughout the pregnancy, Bella drinks gallons of blood to sustain herself and the baby. Near the end of the pregnancy, Edward begins to hear the baby's thoughts, and when he hears that the baby "absolutely adores Bella", his hatred for it is replaced by newfound love.

Jacob remarks that Edward could never hate anyone who loved Bella, which is why Edward does not hate him. I would have died laughing if I had seen that introduction. So great, especially how he was completely clueless about what his name just caused. That super cute!

Bella and taking naps. Months have passed since bella and edward cullen is edward start dating in the real life affair as topaz. Does not bella cullen. Instead, but not dismiss the sunset. Nov 22,   Nope. Edward is in jail for child molestation and Bella just came out of the closet 2 days ago. The actor who twilight Edward in real life doesn't have the name Edward. In real life his name is Robert Pattinson. In the Movies and book is name is Edward Cullen, but before he became a vampire his last name was not Cullen.

Wish all well to Edward and Bella -real life. Oh, I forgot! Tehe And also, I would have died laughing at that meeting. Tehe Oh well, I already get those more than twice daily!

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson's off-screen relationship thrilled "Twilight" fans, but their romance wasn't quite like Bella and Edward's. "People wanted me and Rob to be together so badly.

That is indeed very cute XD Wow. And unexpected, too! As they said above, this is the nicest story yet. Adorable story, Kaleb. Thanks for sharing. That was so adorable it made me cry a little from the sheer adorable-ness! This was just made of awesome. XD Hahahahaahhhh!! That had to be the most adorable story ever posted on this website!

There really is no contest. You guys had better stay together forever, unless some dude named Jacob turns up. And that would be just plain creepy. Omg that was so freakin awesome!! XD haha. I hope they stay together you never know with HS romances. Lol what if the girls name had been Jessica, or Tanya? How would the friends have taken THAT? I wish Eddie and Bella the best of luck C:. We can see that you are a real fan! Julieta, Marianela and Carolina.

I KNEW having your name as bella was good luck. Mine is definitely not Bella. That story was adorable!! So incredibly cool. The only bad thing is that now every girl will envy this story forever. Me, included. Adorable though. Many aaawa from any female audience. And male, too, of course. WOw, hey eddie? Start going by the full name. Wow that is pretty much the scariest thing ever.

And what are the odds?

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Because that would be bad. Alice is definitely my favorite Cullen, hands down. SOOOO many great lines could be said here. Because THAT would be freaky. That part was so great. Hahahah, I would have laughed so hard! I wish that sort of thing would start happening to me! My heart just melted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it when you keep posting cute stories like this, Kaleb. By the wayif Eddie is really reading this than. Butwatch out.

This is one of the best reports ever! And then he asked her to be his stupid lamb that was so sweet I nearly cried. Ok this story is the best ever!

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I mean what are the chances? Haha I have a friend named Bella who loves Twilight I need to find her an Edward to hook her up with; This story is so cool! You go Eddie! That was super duper adorable! OMG amazing story who would have thought this could actually happen and i wish I had an Edward. Wow so this is definetly my favorite twiguy story. That was so cute. I was giggling through the whole thing. I mean that is a major coincidence.

How many times do two people with those names meet and like Twilight. Or just the girl and then the boy. It must be weird to have to listen to Twilight and hear your name in the story. Still, I thought that was a really good story! But seriously. Best True Story ever! Its cute how he asked her out and her response. I luv that story cuz thats soooooooooo kool. And i kinda had the same story.

But it would be really awsome if it was!!!!! This is soooo adorable!!! Great job Eddie! That story was sooooo OMG. That was real nice Eddie! The guys at my school need to do that. It might be tied with the proposal and the guy who put glitter on himself.

So adorable, that is my favorite one ever!

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As of now, this is my favorite report. Stick in my mandatory awwww! Also never a Laurent. I just loved that letter! Toooo cute! Edward finally found his Bella. This is the best story you have ever posted. And there are so many references to the books in their meeting and conversation and story.

The Truth Behind Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart's Breakup

If I had been one of those friends, I probably would have laughed myself silly for eons. Poor Eddie; he had no clue what he was getting in to! That was the best yet!! I totally screamed when it was like edward this is bella!! Congrats, all the best of luck!!

That was one of the better written Twilight Guys Report in a while. I am still swooning and giggling at the thought just, wow!! One of the cutest stories I have ever heard, and somehow there was a Twiguy story out there that beat the rest!

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And I thought the proposal and glitter one were hard to beat just, WOW! This tops them all!!! This is the cutest one ever! Ok omgsh, that was downright the cutest and most romantic story like ever!

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