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And not salespeople. You are the salesperson. In the end a customer is not buying from your business. Business owners that succeed are at their core good salespeople. Bill Gates is a programmer at heart. But to build Microsoft he sold Windows.

And no salesperson will work for you on just commission. So you have to find others that do things that complement your craft.

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Everyone has their specialty. Maybe you refer work back and forth. Or maybe you do the work together as a team. Maybe you decide someday to actually go into business together. You pool your resources and your talent, and together you can offer more. You will need people working for you, just like I learned years ago.

This is not easy. At first you will hate this. You will think that no one can do as good a job as you. You will have a difficult time letting go. They will want you because they love you.

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Set in Alfred Mendle is held in Auschwitz prison camp. While scientists all over the world are working on different formulas and equations, there are only tw 4.

While scientists all over the world are working on different formulas and equations, there are only two men with the necessary knowledge to complete one of the most crucial steps in developing the bomb and one of them is working for the Germans and the other is Alfred Mendle.

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The story follows Nathan Bloom who is requested by the American Government to rescue Alfred from the camps. Nathan has already escaped from the Germans and Poland and left his family to the mercy of the Germans but feels this is a mission he needs to take in order to revenge the Germans.

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The One Man is predominately a thriller. I listened to this one on audible and the narrator and the pacing was excellent. This is certainly one for my recommended and favourites shelf. View all 27 comments. Book description: Poland.

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He is instantly separated from his family. He has knowledge that others will want, but they burn everything he has. Thousands of miles away Nathan Blum routinely decodes messages from occupied Poland. He already escaped the Krakow ghetto as a teenager after the Nazis executed his family. This book has compelling characters Book description: Poland. This book has compelling characters and I can't think of enough adjectives to describe it.

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Haunting, heroic, unputdownable, intense, beautiful, and heartbreaking in some areas. It's hard for me to believe that there are people that think the holocaust never happened.

I read this book at night until my eyes couldn't stay open. There is a beautiful dedication at the end by the author that tells about it being truths mixed with fiction to better tell the story.

This is not my last read by this author. Very well written and highly recommended View all 25 comments. Although this book is shelved the most as historical fiction it is quite definitely a thriller as well! I sat on the edge of my seat the whole way through and sometimes had to put the book down a while just to release some of the stress!

The book is mostly set in Auschwitz during WW2 and there is plenty of historically accurate detail about the way people lived and died in the death camps. The fictional story is set into this background and comes across as almost believable, especially as the au Although this book is shelved the most as historical fiction it is quite definitely a thriller as well!

The fictional story is set into this background and comes across as almost believable, especially as the author was quite prepared to kill off any of his characters, important ones, lesser ones, goodies, baddies, it made no difference! If you enjoy a good thriller, if you like being in constant suspense, if you want to read a very good book then try this one.

I am sure you will not be disappointed. View all 8 comments. I hardly have enough strength left to write a review, after finishing this book late last night. Not only did I give up three hours of sleep to finish it, because I could not possibly rest, without knowing how it ended, but the storyline was emotionally and physically draining. I've always been drawn to books about the Holocaust. It started while reading "The Diary of Anne Frank," as a young girl. All the ones I've read were based on individual I hardly have enough strength left to write a review, after finishing this book late last night.

All the ones I've read were based on individual stories that were similarly concentrated on the atrocities that occurred. The last thing I expected was a historical "thriller. After reading the surprising epilogue, this book gets a solid, five-star rating from me! This was my first Andrew Gross novel. It won't be my last. A special "thank you" to Lindsay for encouraging me to read this exceptional book. View all 35 comments. Jan 12, Liz rated it it was amazing Shelves: audiobestof I enjoyed this, but fair warning, this is a very depressing book.

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At times it moves slowly, but it it is always compelling. I kept trying to figure out how this would all work out. The characters are fully fleshed out. As you would expect, this book takes a while to get the reader up to speed and lay out all the groundwork. The narrator does a fabulous job, especially differentiating all the different voices. His command of the different accents is spot on. I will be seeking out other books he has narrated.

Thanks to my library, I was able to read it and get the real world background that led to this book. View all 10 comments. I recommend this book highly for all lovers of historical fiction thrillers!

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The One Man by Andrew Gross is one of my favorite books so far this year! I love stories set in the WWII era of history and then the author added twists and turns that have you constantly on the edge of your seat. I will warn you though, the last scene set in the past had me crying buckets.

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This book has many threads of plot. You are shown the race to be the first to construct an atomi I recommend this book highly for all lovers of historical fiction thrillers! You are shown the race to be the first to construct an atomic bomb, the ghettoes and transport of Jews to concentration camps, the horrors of Auschwitz and a daring mission by one man to break in to Auschwitz to rescue a scientist with the knowledge to help win the race to build the bomb for the United States.

The plot keeps you reading and completely engrossed in the story. The characters, good and bad, are all well written and believable.

This book will immerse you in the past and set you on a fast paced thrill ride.

Thank you very much to St. It was great! View all 9 comments. During World War Two, a young Polish soldier escapes the work camps and enlists as an American soldier. Knowing it is likely a suicide mission, Nathan Blum sneaks into the place he was so desperate to escape from, in search of a man he has never met in hopes of saving the world. Gross is the bestselling author of nine novels none of which I have read, to my surprise and dismay!

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Nathan is a young soldier looking to make a difference and seek revenge against the enemy that killed his parents in cold blood. The scientist, Albert, is old and infirm and believes he will die in the camps, and that his scientific formulas will die with him.

This novel has a lot of superficial characters in it various soldiers in both the German and the American camps, with a lot of unidentifiable names however if you are able to simply accept their presence and not try to commit them all to memory, they will merely play the passing role they are expected to.

Moving, powerful, addicting and thought-provoking, its story will leave a mark. I implore the author to write more novels like this, and I guarantee I will be eager to devour them when he does. View all 23 comments. I really enjoyed The One Man! What a great idea for a thriller! For me it was an exciting, unique and an interesting historical thriller.

The One Man is a tale of one man, Nathan Blum, who is sent on a heroic and courageous mission to rescue one man, electromagnetic physics professor Alfred Mendl from a concentration camp.

Blum was only given 72 hours to find and rescue Mendl.

Nov 28,   Playlist for singles who value their independence and enjoy life. Empowering songs that celebrate singlehood. Playlist for singles who value their independence and enjoy life. Menu. Even if others doubt you, no one can hold you back from achieving your goals except for you-so start believing in your single self. The One Man, by Andrew Gross, has to be one of the best WWII books I have read. It is the fictional story of Polish Jew Nathan Blum, an intelligence officer in Washington, D.C., sent by the American government to Auschwitz to break out a highly important Jewish physicist who may hold the key to speeding up the development of the atomic bomb/5(K). Oct 02,   Wanted! One good hearted woman to forgive inperfections in the man that she loves. Wanted! Just one chance to tell her how much he still loves her he can't be sorry enough.

The tension built for me as we learned about the evil and danger in the camp through the perspective of Alfred and the brilliant young man Leo who he befriended and trusted. The danger increases as the tale takes twists and turns and that had my heart pounding and I was racing to the finish to find out how it ends.

The One Man was a suspenseful, emotionally and a thrilling read for me. I highly recommend it. View all 36 comments. One word I enjoy going in 'blind' to novels, mainly, so that I don't have any preconceived notions to influence my expectations I only knew it had high stars from others.

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Boy, oh, boy, was it good. Easily in my top 5 books of the year. Fast paced with endearing characters, I highly recommend View all 11 comments. This book is part historical fiction and part thriller, and it completely blew me away. America is in a race with Germany to develop the atomic bomb.

If the Third Reich beats them to it, the consequences could be dire. But the Allied effort is lagging behind in their so-called Manhattan Project.

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What they really need is the expertise of a Polish physicist, Alfred Mendl. He's rumored to be one of only two people alive with the necessary knowledge to help build the bomb- the other is working with This book is part historical fiction and part thriller, and it completely blew me away. He's rumored to be one of only two people alive with the necessary knowledge to help build the bomb- the other is working with the Nazis.

Just one minor snag. Mendl is Jewish. And a couple months ago he was deported to Auschwitz. US intelligence hasn't had word from him since.

The US government devices a radical and risky plan. They're going to break Alfred Mendl out of Auschwitz, by sending another man in. Nathan Blum escaped occupied Poland once before. Since coming to America, he's been working as a translator in the army, waiting his chance to do something more.

Something to help him make up for the debt he feels on his soul for surviving while his family left behind in the Krakow ghetto perished.

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But can he really agree to go back into Nazi territory, into a concentration camp no less? And to rescue a man who might not even be alive anymore?

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The setting of Auschwitz for this thriller, combined with masterful storytelling and historical realism, raises the stakes for readers in a way few other in this genre can match. There were times I put aside my Kindle just to get my heart rate down. This is the type of book that's completely engrossing, even when it's horrifying. The author does an incredible job of recreating Auschwitz, along with the terror, and hope, within the wire fence.

This is one of my favorite new books for There were parts about the ending that disappointed me and felt a bit rushed. There's also a scene involving a cat that's pretty messed up.

But I can't recommend this enough, especially for fans of historical thrillers. Thank you to both the publisher and netgalley for granting me access to this title There was no question in giving this novel 5 stars as I was totally captivated with this complex and emotional story.

This historical thriller had my heart racing through the many twists and turns of a extremely dangerous mission as well as through the horrors that occurred inside the concentration camps.

This novel is unputdownable, full of suspense and gripping action with an ending that leaves you breathless.

Bravo Mr. Thank you to St. Two prisoners escape from Auschwitz with detailed maps and evidence of mass liquidation of "immaterial, frightened Jews". Aided by the Polish resistance, they make their way to Washington, D. Professor Alfred Mendl is an expert in electromagnetic physics.

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His expertise is essential to the war effort. Attempts to smuggle him out of Nazi held territory have failed, Sent to Auschwitz, his life's work has been burned.

Nathan Blum nicknamed "the ferret" ha Poland. Nathan Blum nicknamed "the ferret" has escaped from the Krakow ghetto where his entire family is presumed dead. He suffers from survivor's guilt. Working as an intelligence officer for the Department of War in Washington, he is deemed the right man to infiltrate Auschwitz and emerge with only one man, Alfred Mendl. An intricate plan is set in motion.

Entering Auschwitz, Blum is advised to work hard, not stand out and make no eye contact with guards to avoid selection while he tries to determine whether Mendl is still among the living. Blum has three days to find Mendl and then attempt to escape with or without him. Andrew Gross presents a rescue mission full of harrowing twists and turns.

The outcome is unexpected. An excellent read. Thank you Net Galley for the digital copy of this book. View 2 comments. Take all my stars! Professor Alfred Mendl, a German scientist, posses the knowledge of making bombs which is so dangerous that it can make Atlas shrug.

Nathan Blum is the man who is asked to throw the caution to the wind and rescue the professor. The time is ticking. He has no options but to complete the task at hand. The best scares are Take all my stars! The best scares are those that play with mind. And as you know, There's no escaping your own mind.

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Narrated by a dying old man, The One Man does a harrowing job in making the blood run both hot and cold. It stands out of the lot. Exciting, chilling and terrifying. I recommend it highly and I can't wait to know when it is hitting the theaters. Now you know where you've to look when you want to stay up at night. This book was my warm scone with a teapot steaming!! Pageturning goodness that I lapped up like clotted cream.

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