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Okay, so I'm the 22 year old guy and my aunt introduced me to a friend of hers daughter. She was like yeah but it's just a number yatta yatta and I was like well idk I knew her dad already a little and she asked him about it and he's apparently alright with it and he says I'm a good guy and there's nobody he'd rather see. Also don't tell me about going to jail or stuff like that cause it's not about sex with me. I'm just wondering how people feel about it. I've been thinking and I got friends my age that are dating guys older than them, one with an age gap of 8 years.

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IM DATING A 15 YEAR OLD \u0026 IM 18...

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May 13, There's 28 year olds dating 45 years olds, so what's wrong with a year-old dating a year-old? Nothing, in my opinion. I think you'll be able to tell if all he wants is sex. By the way, I wonder if it was the other way around (you were 20 and he was 16), would people say all he wanted was sex? 0 1 0. Login to reply the answers Post; MK. A guy above the age of 20 dating a 16 year old girl is incredibly weird. This works both ways and goes for women as well before anyone comes for me What could a guy above 20 POSSIBLY see in a 16 year old girl. Where I live I see this all the time (I'm from the . Apr 03, 22 year old guy dating a 16 year old girl? Okay, so I'm the 22 year old guy and my aunt introduced me to a friend of hers daughter. We were at a function where everyone there was around 35+ so I found myself talking to her and we played some card games and just talked. Then later my aunt asked me what I thought of her and I thought.

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US State Law. AZ The guy is 20 years old and the girl is Her parents approve and his do not I know they can date as in hanging out situation?

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What draws the line of the 20 yo getting in trouble? I believe anyone can report a situation if they know he is a adult and she is a minor but what do they have to see I heard any touching is against the law and just because her parents are letting her date it does not mean he can be suxual or have intercourse with her?

His parents are very upset and heart broken that these parents have made him think all is well when his parents know it is not so I am trying to help clarify the situation so they can talk some sence into him, they are very shocked he is even in this siutuation since I know they have always preached these matters to him, communication was always good until now.

16 year old dating 20 year old

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So for a year-old, the upper age limit would be 34 (17 * 2). With some quick math, the rule provides a minimum and maximum partner age based on your actual age that, if you choose to follow it. Jun 01, No. Despite there being only a 4 year age difference, the difference in maturity and mental development is more like decades. A 16 year old is not independent, they are still unsure about their identity, their place in the world, their values and. Nov 09, 17 videos Play all Dr. Phil: 18 Year Old Has A GF whose 14 Years Old Andrew Ortiz How Year-Old Man Met Year-Old Whom He Ran Away With To Mexico - Duration: Dr.

Mar said:. There should be a law for her parents who letting this continue, they do not care about the 16 year old welfare. Just Blue Senior Member.

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Google is your friend. I'll even give you a hint - "age of consent".

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However, there is a HUGE difference between just hanging out dating and having sex dating. I've told my 19yo son that he needs to be very careful what he does with any girl under However, I can't stop him from doing as he pleases just hope that he's listened to me.

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However, if you go in with your eyes open and your guard up, you can still have a good experience making friends with real people. A legit dating site like OkCupid or a respectable app like Hinge can meet your dating goals without putting your safety at risk. By chatting online, you could spark a friendship or relationship that lasts, and that could be a confidence-building exercise for young hopeless romantic.

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Just keep in mind that most mainstream dating platforms will have an age restriction that keeps anyone under 18 from creating a profile and getting into romantic relationships with an adult. Teenagers can use a dating site or app to meet people, make friends, and build relationships that could last days, weeks, months, or even years. Just remember to have fun!

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You really need to question why a 20 year old would want to be dating a 16 year old. I think it's fine! As long as you two are happy together! 16 and 20 year old dating Jul 13, - Scenario 4: A sixteen (16) year old can have sex with an eighteen (18) a sixteen (16) year old to have sex with a twenty-seven (27) year old. Stay away. Having said all of that No, it's not against the law for a 20 year old to "DATE" a 16 year old. The definition of 'date' means to go out together to a movie or to dinner or dance. It does not mean having sex regular or oral. Feb 15, ok turn it around if some 20 year old wanted date your 16 year old daughter who is still in high school would you back off? or would you want your 20 year of son to be dating a 16 year old? There should be a law for her parents who letting this continue, they do not care about the 16 year old welfare.

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