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The photos authenticity has been highly disputed amongst fans and claimed to be fake. JYP Entertainment has even stepped forward to confirm the photo as real, but also that the two artists are simply friends. Fans claimed that the photo of BamBam was from this photoshoot. However, they deny that the two are dating and re-iterated that they are simply friends. The two persons are simply coworkers.

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The two persons are simply coworkers. It appears the photo of Mina and BamBam together was taken on February 10, GOT7 was wrapping up their album jacket photo shoot during the day and BamBam has an identical hairstyle and contact lenses in both photos.

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The photoshoot that BamBam participated in on February 10, the same day his photo with Mina seems to have been taken. The same nail painting and white sweater can be spotted in her photo with BamBam.

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It must be sad not having a better thing to do with life, right knetz? I was kinda really hoping for both of them to be gay tbh Well, congrats I guess. TofuDahyun Rookie.

Mar 13,   There has been an issue about GOT7's Bambam and TWICE's Mina dating. Fans collected some pictures and came up with a picture of Bambam and Mina in one frame. They were taking the picture really. On March 13, an image of TWICE's Mina laying next to GOT7's BamBam surfaced online with rumors of the two being in a relationship. The rumors began due to the intimate nature of the photo and one that isn't common for two idols to take. The photos authenticity has been highly disputed amongst fans and claimed to be fake. Jun 09,   Allison Kagan is not only Joshua Bam-Bam Brown's long-time girlfriend, but she's also a director and producer on Alaskan Bush's where the two are rumored to have met.

Why is it that male-female idol relationships always have to be romanticized? People who are close friends with the other gender exists. If they were a couple I'd support them, but JYP clearly stated that they're just good friends.

So does that mean BamLisa is a drowned ship.

They're probably dating but WHY is it such a big deal? Let them date.

Recommended Posts. Posted March 13, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. We know your intentions sis.

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Guess he knocked on her door. F U bambam i hope your next comeback flop so hard bish!!!

I want to poop in ur face. Toggle Hidden Post.

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Mar 13,   GOT7's BamBam and TWICE's Mina were recently swept up in dating rumors due to a photo of the pair circulating on various online community . Mar 13,   Source South Korean agency JYP Entertainment, which houses Got7's year old Thai member Bam Bam and Twice's 19 year-old Japanese member Mina, have confirmed that a photograph of the two is legitimate. Mar 14,   MINA AND BAMBAM OBVIOUS RELATIONSHIP t/n: Bam/Baem in Korean means snake Mina caught a snake pokemon Bambam's lyrics, he included "shy shy shy" and "Anything I wear " Couple clothes?

I hope it's a spoiler for got7 reality show or sonething

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