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The pairing had existed in fanon for nearly a decade before the two characters became a focus of the story arcs of Season 20, during which they began a romantic relationship that has since become an ongoing storyline for the series, and has met with mixed reaction among fans. They broke up in the Season 21 finale, "Splatty Tomato". The pairing's origins can be traced back to Heidi's first speaking appearance in which she was referred to as Marcy in the episode "Probably", where she refused to leave Cartman's church with her parents and Cartman insists to her parents that she must stay to be "saved". In "Marjorine", Heidi acted somewhat of a Cartman of the female population, with some qualities reminiscent of Cartman's original 'Whiny' personality, such as bullying Marjorine and exhibiting displeasure at the New Girl being invited to her party. Also, Cartman pleads with Mrs.

One year after returning to South Park and finally accomplishing his dream of becoming a neurosurgeon, Todd met a woman named Jackie Wongwho was of Han Chinese descent.

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Jackie's family immigrated from Macau when Jackie was ten. Cantonese and Portuguese were her native languages, but the school Jackie attended while in Macau also taught Mandarin. Although Jackie is of Chinese origin, she appears as a caucasian.

This is due to her maternal grandmother being white, and Jackie took from her. Despite Jackie living in the United States for over ten years, she still had a bit of a language barrier and had trouble speaking English sometimes. They initially bonded over their shared charitable nature and devotion in helping others.

Jackie revealed to Todd that she was twenty-two, making her five years younger than him. After their conversation, Jackie gave Todd her phone number and they remained friends. After about six months of their friendship, Jackie and Todd officially started dating.

Jackie than started to take English classes, and after a few months she could now fully speak English. Shortly after Jackie's twenty-seventh birthday, she informed Todd that she was pregnant.

After five years of courtship, and not wanting his future son or daughter to be a bastard child, Todd proposed to Jackie, and she said yes. Shortly after their marriage, Jackie got a new job as a fashion designer, and Todd picked up even more overtime to provide for a family. Todd and Jackie then moved in with each other.

On July 31, Jackie gave birth to fraternal twinsKevin and Esther. Esther suffers from fanatic narcissism and mild egomania. Due to their Chinese heritage from their mother, Kevin and Esther speak fluent Mandarin and Cantonese, and they also speak Portuguese due to Jackie being from Macau.

That being said they can also understand Spanish and Italianalbeit, if spoken slowly. Jackie and Todd later decided to dye their hair brown because they desired change. While in high school, Sarah met a teenager named Ryan Valmerafter being assigned as lab partners.

Ryan was two grades older than Sarah. Becoming good friends, Sarah and Ryan would often hang out together, like see movies, go to concerts together, and occasionally meet up after school for dinner or to study. Both Ryan and Sarah openly mocked and teased disabled kids, something that they regretted later in life.

After about a year of spending time together, Ryan soon developed romantic feelings for Sarah, but Sarah unfortunately was for the most part oblivious to his feelings and thereof did not reciprocate.

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Instead, she dated another teenager named Glenn Reyes, who Ryan disliked with a passion due to himself liking Sarah, and saw Glenn as his rival. Despite Ryan's desperate attempts to convince Sarah that Glenn was a self-centered, irresponsible jerk, Sarah ended up marring him shortly after graduation, much to his chagrin. After about two years of their marriage, Sarah soon grew tired of Glenn's laziness and alcoholism, and started to seriously reconsider her decision to marry him.

Now feeling guilty about not listening to Ryan's advice, she reached out to him and he was glad that she did so. Sarah and Ryan soon started a relationship behind Glenn's back, and Sarah felt much happier with Ryan than with Glenn. Sarah and Ryan dated for several months when Glenn revealed to Sarah that he was diagnosed with schizotypal personality disorder, and that he would try to quit his abuse towards her and quit drinking frequently.

However, Sarah did not take Glenn's revelation seriously and filed for divorce. Glenn, although disappointed by Sarah's decision, agreed. He did however want to have a kid with Sarah before they officially divorced, something that Sarah agreed too.

They had sex, but Ryan also wanted to have sex with Sarah around the same time period so they did. A short while after this, Sarah found out that she was conceived with a baby. She then took a ultrasound pregnancy test and found out she was pregnant with twins, one boy and one girl.

The babies were early babies, and Sarah gave birth to them eight months later.

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Sarah named them Jimmy and Valeria the girl with the short black hair with wavy bangs; she also wears a yellow shirt and green trousers. Sarah then decided, although they were separated, that she had to come clean to Glenn and revealed to him that she was having an affair with someone else behind his back, she also revealed to him that she had intercourse with someone else around the same time period.

Though Glenn was angered by these events, he soon asked Sarah to bring Ryan over so they can do a paternity test to find out who's the father of each baby. The test revealed that Ryan was the father of Jimmy and Glenn was the father of Valeria, making them bi-paternal twins, which is also a rare instance of Superfecundation.

Sarah became pregnant when she slept with her soon-to-be ex-husband Glenn and new boyfriend Ryan within 48 hours. Glenn, wanting nothing to do with Sarah after she cheated on him, refused to help raise Valeria nor give her child support, and simply left. Valeria lived with Sarah for three years, until Sarah decided to let Valeria live with her sister Maggie due to fiscal reasons.

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After several years of dating, Sarah and Ryan finally got married. After the wedding, although despite Sarah being raised, baptized, and confirmed as a Roman Catholic, she converted to Protestantism at her husband's request.

However, Sarah would often feel neglected because Ryan always seemed to be busy. Noticing that Sarah was unhappy having with him having two jobs, he quit his job as a carpenter and just retained his role as a Chief Firefighter. Maggie had a illegitimate daughter named Annie with one of her ex-boyfriends, but she wanted her to adopt her ex-lover's surname. Maggie then changed her own surname to Knitts in desire to have the same last name as her daughter.

Camila fell in love with a musician named Henry Malkinson, and they had a child named Clark. But like her sister, she fell in love with another man and subsequently broke up with Henry. Stephen had one son named Butters with his wife LindaBella married a man named Matt and gave birth to a daughter named Nelly. Clark later had a son named Scott with a Welsh woman.

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At the age of eleven, Mario befriended a girl named Eabha, who was three years older than him. Two years later, much to his surprise, Eabha informed Mario that she was pregnant and he was the father. When Mario turned fourteen, their child Ethan was born.

When Mario was eighteen, Eabha gave birth to twins, Elijah and Lucas. About a year later, Eahba and Mario broke up. Mario would marry three other women. On August 8, when Mario was twenty, he married a woman named Carly and she gave birth to their daughter less than a year later, they named her Catarina. The marriage ended with divorce several years later.

Mario's third a final marriage was with a woman named Lauryn Black, who was of African-British descent. She later gave birth to their son, Steve. Mario was away on a business trip at the time of Steve's birth, so Lauryn put down Black her surnameon Steve's birth certificate. They later separated and divorced three years after Steve's birth, whereupon Lauryn was granted sole custody of their son.

Ethan married a woman considerably younger than him, and she gave birth to their son Nate. Elijah was a sperm donor and sold his sperm to an unknown woman. The woman's name is Leslie.

The In vitro fertilisation was a success, and Leslie was impregnated, she later gave birth to Porsche and Mercedes. Lucas became the father of a boy named Carter the sixth grader with the orange coatwith his wife. Alphonse converted to Buddhism and changed his surname for his stepfather, James Mephesto, when he wanted to enlist at the South Park Genetic Engineering Ranch.

He then became the father of a boy named Terranceand later adopted a boy named Kevin. Eliza, Mitchell, and Richard did not have kids.

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Eliza did marry a man named Mr. Anais married a man named Ben Garrisonand she then gave birth to their son Herbertwho later became president of the United States.

Jeff's last name is "Corrigan", which was a mistake by an attending physician. Mark became the father of a son named Bertie. Blaire gave birth to two sons, Johnny and Andre with her boyfriend. Matthew married a woman named Lana and she gave birth to two sons as well, their names are Matty and Calvin. Sandra met and dated a man named Ernest Henderson. Sandra became pregnant and they were married on the Hawaiian island of Maui on Valentine's Day, Sandra was two months pregnant during this time.

Their son Owen the boy from "Ginger Kids" who said "It's a little Ginger girl" was born six months later. Sandra later gave birth to Sireda the girl with the lime shirt and red hair braided in pigtails. Alberto married a woman Anna and she gave birth to their daughter Grace the girl with the dark red shirt with a heart in the centre, she is the one who lifted Tammy in "Board Girls".

Anna later gave birth to Evelyn the girl with the blue shirt and brown hair in pigtails and Layla the girl with the dark green jacket and blond hair in pigtails a year later. Steve met a woman named Lindawho was of Afro-Puerto Rican descent. They later got married and had a son named Token.

Leonardo married a Guatemalan woman named Nadine, and they had a two sons named Enrique and Lorenzo and a daughter named Lori. Enrique married a Mexican woman and together they had a son named David. Lorenzo was the only child who was not born in the United States.

Jun 18,   This is just a simple, completed dating sim of South Park. Characters involved are Kyle, Stan, Kenny, Cartman, Wendy, and Bebe. I was playing this a few minutes ago, and I took the quiz in here that I made, and I failed it. Wow. xD;; Anyways, enjoy! Also, I promise there will be a revamp of this with new drawings/graphics in the future. Cartman and Stan's family consists of the family members related to Eric Cartman and Stan Marsh, who are first cousins. The family tree goes back through Cartman and Stan's great-great grandparents, Natalie Goldberg and Julio Perez. Natalie was a Ashkenazi Jew who immigrated from Poland to the United States. Julio was a Native American from the Mapuche tribe of Chile. Natalie had two younger. In s20e03 The Damned, Heidi starts her relationship with Cartman by "showing him a life outside social media". [1] Within the following two episodes, they shock their classmates by kissing each other, interrupting a planned fight between Nelly and.

He was born in Mexico. He then wanted to stay with his maternal grandparents in Guatemala. He then attended a boarding school in Mexico and fell in love with a girl named Edna, they soon started a relationship. After several years of their relationship, they illegally immigrated to the United States.

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Edna soon got pregnant and gave birth to their son, they named him Alejandro. Heidi was seen singing on two occasions. During season 4, as Marcy, she was depicted with two generic background characters as parents - when her father, Steven Turnertook issue with her role in Cartman's Church, he was killed and sent to Hellmuch to the horror of Marcy's then-mother.

Throughout her background appearances, she continued to be depicted with different parents. She is not directly related to Tommy Turner or Powder Turnerwho were portrayed as siblings in " Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics ". She isn't directly related to Billy Turner either. She also had a dog named Robby that died in " Helen Keller! The Musical " after being run over by a car. In " Marjorine ", recast as Heidi Turner, she was depicted with two new parents - a muscular blonde man and a woman with reddish hair.

This set of parents has remained consistent on the show since their debut and made a number of background appearances, such as at town and school meetings. When Heidi became the target of trolling, her mother defended her from Skankhunt Turner's mouth. Though most fans simply consider this a continuity error, some fans speculate that her mother remarried, and possibly changed her appearance.

Eric Cartman has a surprising history with Heidi Turner that goes back quite a while. When Cartman began to lead a Church in South Park at the end of the kids' third grade year, he attracted the attention of kids far and wide throughout the town including a girl named ' Marcy '. The church ended up to be a get-rich-quick scheme resulting in her father 's death. Heidi and Cartman were later partnered for the fourth grade egg project and despite a mutual dissatisfaction with the initial choices, the two took care of their egg.

When Cartman damaged the egg, he asked Mrs.

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Garrison to give Heidi a better grade in hopes of averaging it for both of them, it's still altruistic by Cartman standards. On a side note, he received four days of detention from PC Principal for referring to Heidi as "clitty litter". When the girls were harassed online by a troll named skankhunt42Heidi was the first to openly accuse Cartman of being behind it despite his denial.

The troll's continued abuse eventually drove Heidi to quit Twitter and would later form an unlikely friendship with Eric after he was cast out of social media by his friends.

Apologizing for her earlier accusations, they began comfort each other over the isolation they found themselves in. They took their relationship even further when Heidi settled Cartmans dilemma as to whether girls do have balls. The experience of seeing hers in the dark with a flashlight triggered a spiritual awakening for Cartman and they officially became a couple.

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The two of them constantly held hands hang out and referred to each other by pet names like "boo" or "babe". Despite the disgust and disbelief of their classmates Heidi and Eric would defend each other and work to create positive changes in the school.

Their relationship however started to show a lack of depth on Cartmans behalf. Despite how Eric showed to be genuinely happy and protective of being with Heidi, Cartman doesn't actually respect her, he just talks about respecting her. A common phrase he had used was to constantly say how Heidi's "really smart and funny" but after a foreboding chat with Butters along with seeing Heidi cleverly solving a real problem for the first time, Cartman becomes convinced that Heidi, and all womenare not only not funny but conspiring against men.

Eventually things soon took a rocky turn as Cartman could not bother to be honest or even stand being around Heidi, convincing his friends she was mentally abusive. He would even go so far as to nearly kill her by pushing her in front of a car and by having a witch try to abduct her because of her lack of time management skills.

Heidi however remains with him in part due to his threats to kill himself if they ever break up but also as a reaction to the constant criticism she gets from her friends causing her to double down. Eventually she attempts to avoid this by adopting Cartman's views, further alienating herself from the people who care about her.

Despite trying to help Cartman for the better, Heidi ending up becoming more like her boyfriend herself, adopting his attitude and becoming fat and self loathing. She began to adopt his self-loathing and bad attitude, and at times exceeded it. By blaming everything else instead of her toxic relationship, she was left in a downwards spiral with only her boyfriend and the torment of others to sustain it.

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Only after an adventure with the boys in which she visited the places in which her romance with Cartman was born was she able to reflect on her relationship and how it transformed her for the worse, leading her to take personal responsibility by leaving Cartman and the victim-hood lifestyle behind for a more positive future. Like most of the girls, she exhibited a notable attraction to Bridon Gueermowhether he was singing or playing basketball, singing part of his debut song.

When Kyle talked Heidi into breaking up with Cartman, she started going out with him before the sudden halt after Cartman passed down his Jew hatred to her.

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As one of the popular girls in school, Heidi's rarely been shown to be specifically close to any individuals that aren't love interests. However, when Heidi quit TwitterBebe was distraught, frequently crying. It is implied that they were very close friends. Heidi has an extended group of friends that she hangs out with at school.

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She regularly catches up with them outside of school though, usually to practice cheerleading or have have sleepovers with. She's also gal pals with her neighbours, Isla and Theresa. She'll often wait at the bus stop with them and Wendy. In MarjorineMillie and Esther were invited to her slumber party, implying a significant friendship.

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Since her transformation and break-up with EricHeidi hasn't been shown with the girls as often. She's appeared in band practice with them, and even at the Bike Paradebut hasn't been seen socialising with the group since Splatty Tomato ; not even at lunch.

Due to this, her Gals, as well as her close friendship with Bebe, are considered historical. They made up later, it seems. While Butters was extremely skeptical of her at firsthe warmed up to and befriended Heidi after a talk with Bill Clinton. Heidi's been shown to have a significant friendship with Stan too.

She'd go to him when she was having problems with Ericand she'd lend him school supplies if he needed them. These characters usually interact with Heidi exclusively at school.

Nonetheless, it declined for several years when Cartman was revealed to have attractions to men. Since the twentieth season and it's Canonizationinterest in Heiman has spiked significantly, leading to a rivalry with Kyman shippers. Both people in favor of the relationship and those against it have often discussed it due its frequent usage in new episodes. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

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See also: - involving Heiman The pairing had existed in fanon for nearly a decade before the two characters became a focus of the story arcs of Season 20, during which they began a romantic relationship that has since become an ongoing storyline for the series, and has met with mixed reaction among fans.

Contents [ show ]. Heidi and Cartman being paired by Mr. Garrison in "Follow That Egg".

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Heidi and Cartman check in their healthy egg child. Heidi accuses Cartman of being Skankhunt42 in "Member Berries".

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Heidi and Cartman in a promotional image for "Weiners Out". Heidi and Cartman sing together in "Douche and a Danish". Categories :.

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