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Strongly rooted in Catholic tradition, "Sex, Love and You" promotes the value of chastity and tell you how your life will be better if you refrain from sexual activity until marriage. They deliver this message to thousands of young people from junior high through college every year. Those who hear them say things like:. They made me think about things I never would have thought of like how important you should be to yourself. Because we'd heard such great things about them, we invited Jason and Crystalina to speak at our parish, St. Nearly two hundred teens and parents turned out. Jason began the presentation by saying:.

Here are a few:. We interviewed a group of college students who have made a commitment to chastity, to find out what practical advice they would give to others who want to stay chaste in a world full of sexual pressures and dangers.

Here are some of things they said:. Tim: Don't get involved with someone who is sexually experienced. That happened to me in high school. She said sex didn't have to be part of our relationship, but it created a subtle pressure.

I always felt as if I was disappointing her. Now I wouldn't involve myself with someone whose convictions about how far to go are different from mine.

Once you get involved in sexual activity at all, you'll go farther than you want to go, maybe not right away, but eventually. There's an old saying, Sin will take you farther than you want to go, and keep you longer than you wanted to stay. So don't even get started. Rachel: I believe that every person has a different point for self-control.

You have to be obedient to your own convictions, what you can handle. And you have to be really honest to keep from falling. You can't fool yourself, and you have to be willing to discuss this issue with your partner. La Chauna: If the other person is putting any pressure on you, be very explicit about your standards. Know your boundaries before you are with the person, and stick to your guns! Eun Gyeong: Get to know the other person. Find out how they feel about certain things.

Don't start dating someone until you feel you are already friends with them. If somebody pressures you to go out, definitely don't. Grace: When you do go out, don't talk too much about yourself. That can lead the other person on.

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Keep the focus on other things, things you have in common. Hugo: You might want to be alone, but don't. If your parents aren't home, for example, you'll be tempted to be alone. But don't; the temptation is too much. It's vital to have friends who share your values concerning chastity. A study by the Institute for Research and Evaluation found that teens who had friends who resolved to abstain from premarital sex were significantly more likely to remain chaste than teens who did not have supportive friends.

Sandra Hill, a mother and community health nurse, said that at her daughter's high school, small groups of girls pledged to each other not to have sex. All it takes is one supportive friend to say, 'I'm not going to do that. Just as bad company corrupts good character, good company builds it up.

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Aristotle said, The brave are found where the brave are honored. The same is true for chastity. There are two kinds of sex education. One kind says: Don't have sex, but if you can't abstain be responsible and practice safe sex use a condom. That's obviously a mixed message and also a false one, since condoms don't make sex safe. About one-third of public schools today are teaching chastity-based sex education.

Obviously, Catholic schools will also take a chastity-based approach. If you find yourself in a sex education course that does not teach chastity as the clear standard, but teaches instead that you can be responsible if you practice safe sex, be a discerning participant.

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Evaluate what you're being taught in light of what you've learned and believe about chastity. A woman came to our college campus to speak on the subject of date rape. She had dinner with a small group of women students before her talk. The really sad thing is that guys not only expect this; many of them get it. One reason is that there are many girls and guys who do not value themselves very highly. I used to think: If a guy will go out with me for six months without asking for sex, he's proved he loves me and then I can sleep with him.

But later I asked myself, Is this the price I put on my body? If he gives me a little bit of his time, I'll give him my body? Girls often ask, What if the guy really seems to care about me? Remember, if he really cares, he won't pressure you to have sex.

And if a young woman gives in to pressure for sex so as not to lose him, it shows she values the imagined relationship more than she does her own importance.

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Her sense of self-worth is not very great. If a girl loses a guy because she wouldn't give in, she is well to be rid of him. Here's the story of a year-old girl who had that happen to her:. I was very naive about sex the only information I was able to get was from booklets and listening to friends. I had the usual crushes on boys who didn't notice me.

My ninth-grade year, though, I found out what it's like to stand up for your morals. The first kiss was not all that enjoyable and the hands up the shirt shocked me.

The next time we were alone, the boy tried to go all the way. After I said no and explained my position, he took me home in complete silence. I was hurt when he no longer wanted to see me, but I was confident I had done the right thing. Some young women and men have sex because they're so worried about having and keeping a boyfriend or girlfriend or getting someone to marry them that they'll do anything to try to hold on to that partner.

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What they need is the kind of confidence expressed by a young woman who spoke at a church discussion on sex, dating, and chastity:. I used to be on the hunt, thinking I had to be where guys were and to make myself available if I was going to find a husband.

Eventually I realized I was not trusting God in this matter.

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So I began praying Lord, please find me a mate, if that is your will for me, and help me trust in your providences. I stopped chasing guys, and in less than a year I met my future husband, a wonderful man, the one I believe God had picked out for me all along. Having high standards also means being willing to go without dates or a mate until someone comes along who meets those standards.

That's not easy. A friend said to us when her oldest daughter was a senior in college: Rebecca called the other night. She's very down. Just about all the girls she knows are sleeping with their boyfriends. She's beginning to despair of ever finding a boy who shares her belief in chastity. We sympathize with young people who are in that situation. One thing we highly recommend as a way of sticking to your decision to remain chaste is to continue to read books which promote it. We have listed some recommended books in the appendix at the end of this book.

Every author comes at the subject in a little different way, and all are valuable. Every author includes his or her own sample of success and failure stories that are very motivating when your resolve to remain chaste may be at a low ebb. Reading books of this kind is a way to help counteract the continual barrage of sexually permissive messages that are all around you. We think you will be amazed at the difference this makes in your confidence and your resolve.

As you think about and look for the kind of person you'd like to marry, also keep this in mind: A successful marriage requires good character. If someone is selfish, rude, unappreciative, lazy, ill-tempered, or dishonest now, don't count on her or him to change after you're married. As you date a person one you're getting serious aboutask yourself:.

The best way to find the sort of person you'd like to marry is to become that kind of person yourself. Whatever qualities you admire in other people, strive to develop them in yourself. Develop your own character. Develop your gifts, your talents, and your interests. If you focus on improving yourself instead of trying to put yourself in situations where you might meet Mr.

Right, you'll become an attractive person more likely to attract the kind of person you'd be willing to spend your life with. Definitely stay in prayer, said Joe, one of the college students we interviewed. Ask God to help you know your limits. Added Hugo: It takes a lot of prayer. You have to pray that your relationships will not in any way violate God's laws. The important thing is knowing God's standards and trying to keep them.

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Rachel reminded us that God knows we're not perfect and that we can come to God for forgiveness when we slip: If you do fall from your convictions, don't think you're a hypocrite. Get right back up. Just say to yourself, 'I've got to keep trying to live up to godly standards!

Growing numbers of young people are also helping themselves stay chaste by making a formal promise to God. Many, for example, are taking part in a national campaign called True Love Waits.

There are different forms of the pledge; here is one called the Pure Love Promise:. From this day forward, regardless of past mistakes, I promise to respect myself and others, pursue a life of purity, and save the gift of sex until marriage.

Josh, 15, took the pledge. He says: Whenever I get in a situation where I'm tempted, I remember it. I consider it a sacred thing. It's enough to keep me from going through with something I would regret. Says Traci, a college freshman: I don't have a boyfriend yet, but I have written a sealed letter to my future husband telling him that I love him enough to wait.

I am very excited about the prospect of God having someone for me. We want to close this chapter by addressing those of you who may have lost your virginity. You may be feeling bad about that and thinking, I'm damaged goods; it's too late for me.

It's not. Don't be discouraged. God doesn't want you to dwell on past mistakes, which we all make. He can heal you and make you whole. Angela merici St. Angela of Foligno St. Anne St. Anthony of Padua St. Athanasius St.

Augustine St. Benedict of Nursia St. Bernadette St.

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Bernard of Clairvaux St. Catherine Laboure St. Catherine of Siena St. Cyril St.

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Don Bosco St. Elizabeth St. Faustina St. Francis St. Francis de Sales St. Gianna Molla St. Gregory the Great St. Ignatius St. James St. Jerome St.

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John St. John Bosco St. John Lateran St. John of the Cross St. John Paul II St.

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The Catholic Church believes that true joy comes from God. In that light, the only way a sexual relationship can bring such joy is if it is undertaken by a man and woman who have brought God into. Mar 12,   Editor's note: Emily is the author of The Catholic Girl's Survival Guide for the Single Q&A is continued from last week's discussion with Emily.) Chapter four, "Sex, Chastity & The Biological Clock," is a big one - it covers so many key issues for single women. Adrienne Thorne is a Catholic wife, mother, screenwriter, and blogger, as well as author of the Catholic YA romance novel SYDNEY AND CALVIN HAVE A BABY.  She blogs about TV and Movies from Catholic perspective at Thorne in the Flesh: A Faithful Catholic's Guide to Netflix, Hulu, and More. Leave A Comment Cancel.

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Chastity Project is a ministry of Jason and Crystalina Evert that promotes the virtue of chastity through seminars, resources, clubs, and social media. Aug 13,   The second expectation is that both persons are serious about staying close to God and having a chaste dating experience. That means both persons are interested in . Strongly rooted in Catholic tradition, "Sex, Love and You" promotes the value of chastity and tell you how your life will be better if you refrain from sexual activity until marriage.

Joseph devotion St. Juan Diego St. Jude St. Lorenzo St. Louis de Montfort St. Luke St. Maria Goretti St. Mark St. Martha St.

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Michael St. Monica St. Nicholas St. Nick's Day St. Padre Pio of Pietrelcina St. Patrick St. Patrick Breastplate prayer St.

Chaste dating - Rich man looking for older woman & younger woman. I'm laid back and get along with everyone. Looking for an old soul like myself. I'm a woman. My interests include staying up late and taking naps. If you are a middle-aged man looking to have a good time dating woman half your age, this advertisement is for you. Jul 10,   Spending the night is even more tempting now in the midst of Covid when many states have instituted stay-at-home orders. Fear of not seeing your significant other for weeks at a time might make quarantining together compelling, but it's not an option for Catholic couples. What if we just sleep. Jun 15,   The road to chastity is paved with prayer, the Eucharist, and reading of the New Testament. If you fail, have recourse to the Sacrament of Penance as soon as possible and begin again. Follow these rules and make sure your date or companion does also and the search for a spouse and courtship can be a joy.

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Amanda Zurface. Shannon Donnelly. Sarah Larue. Question Is it wrong to make out with someone? Meet the Team Click on the tabs to learn about our ministries. Sep 09 Wed. Get Involved Launch a Project.

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Guatemala Chastity Project Youth leaders in Guatemala gave away Spanish chastity books to teens. Estimated Project Cost:. Pledge a Donation. Pledge a Donation Become a Partner in Purity.

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