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Date four: an underrated but great date. Expectations are lower now. You might not be trying to find the meaning into each and every little thing he does on the date. You know the drill. But the fourth date is also an important one.

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Essentially all first dates include a lot of the standard get-to-know-you questions. Where you grew up, what your families are like, where you went to school, if you had pets, what you do for work, and on.

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This date has matured out of interview and into friendly, so there should be effortless, easy conversation. No searching for topics, and no prodding for additional information that should just naturally come out as he talks. There's meaning to everything you talk about.

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If you argue, of course, this is not good. The two of you should be happily chattering away without any trouble at all. Your dates should start to feel less planned and more organic now. And that should feel good.

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Big picture and small picture. Do you both like tennis, or the same TV shows, or skateboarding? Whatever these things are, you should feel in line with one another.

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Do you find the same things funny or interesting or strange? It should be as if you're with a great friend, and maybe you're sharing tips on how to score cheap tickets to a killer show, or searching for the meaning behind a bizarre movie you both saw.

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Generally, the fourth date is too soon to talk about big-ticket items like religion and politics, but pay attention to what your date is saying - these things lend themselves to a bigger picture of his world.

When we like someone, we get stars in our eyes and everything we hear is pure sugar.

What's the meaning behind his actions? If your date says he enjoys kicking puppies, maybe you need to follow up on that one instead of saying everyone has their faults.

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Keep those starry eyes dim! The etiquette here is to let the relationship find its way into sex, don't force it. A lot happens after that, and you need to make sure you guys are ready for all of the complexity.

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A date after sex means this thing might have some legs to it after all. Make sure you stay up on your toes, and keep your head clear.

Aug 23,   8 Things to Be Ready for on the Fourth Date 1. A fun date!. If you've made it to date number four, you guys should be over the initial awkwardness and having a 2. Feeling comfortable around each other. If you're still feeling awkward or nervous, or Author: Shani Jay. Fourth date - a question or two Evening dudes, or morning or afternoon depending on your location. So, I've been dating this really nice girl for a couple of weeks or . Feb 20,   In the dating world, the saying, "Three times a charm," can ring true on the third date, or the time after can be your worst f*cking nightmare. As a girl, you know this is go-time; this is the

Are you in the same place? Did one of you just get out of something serious?

Is a relationship on tap, or is this a rebound? You should be in the same mindset. The fourth date is the time to assess the situation.

Is one of you a cosmopolitan and the other aching to move to the country one day? Couples need to want their lives to look the same way.

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Active athletes who want to hike, ski, swim, and rock climb every weekend might not match well with artists who enjoy museums, music shows, and art films. So, you like your date. A lot.

It took me 3 weeks to get 4 dates. And one of those weeks was spring break so it's like 4 dates in two weeks. Before our 4th date we were texting and she said she has an amazing time with me and we always find a way to have fun. We spent a total of 26 hours together on the 4 dates combined. And the 4th date was really good also. Post 4th Date Advice? New the site, and I was hoping to get some advice. I've been on 4 dates with this girl, and it seemed like we both had high levels of interest in each other. If You Don't Know Where Things Are Going By The Fourth Date, They're Probably Going Nowhere 1. By date number four, you've invested enough. Let's do some quick calculations. If you've been on four dates with a 2. You can't start a relationship making excuses for him. You might think he's taking.

You really want to take it to the next level. The fourth date is time spent together with barriers down, true, but that doesn't mean go too hard. It's only the fourth date; remember that.

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And by magic, we mean S-E-X. Prepare for the fourth date as if it were your first date and anticipate it with the same excitement.

How to Get Him Hooked in the First Two Weeks (Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy)

Now that you know each other pretty well, you can plan your date based on what he or she likes. Knowing the other person so well can make you so comfortable that you forget your manners.

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Give each other a chance to make a few boo-boos here and there. Continue to get to know them better, listen attentively and genuinely, and show interest in the things that they like. Different people have different preferences about how they want dates and relationships to progress.

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Some can be fast and aggressive, while others prefer to take things slowly. By this time, you already have an idea about how your date prefers to take your relationship. You have to make your first kiss memorable by strategically planning your date and planting that pucker at the perfect moment. Usually, this happens by the end of the date, so be ready for that goodnight kiss.


However, manage your expectations. So remember to just have fun. Keep the mood light.

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Inject some well-meaning and witty jokes to keep the atmosphere from being too serious.

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