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Women can be students in their 30s or even older. When I was a young adult, I did sometimes date girls without jobs, but they were students. Yes, my girlfriend is now The average age of women I date is 23, and that hasn't changed since I was 25 myself. Epilepsy and the side effects caused by my medication. The doctors are trying to reduce the side effects. Attraction is necessary.

One thing I would add is that my girlfriend was herself very shy. That meant things evolved very slowly certainly be modern standards but my gaucheness was more acceptable. I would never do any of these things either. I do find it probably the hardest thing at the moment, its harder than getting a job. The point Ill make theres only so much you can do from your side, the rest is up to the girl to determine. If shes no interested shes not interested. In my experiences with dating, things usually are good to start with than it tethers off usually between 1 to 4 dates.

I can usually tell if somethings gone sour, you feel the slipp eg not talking to you any more, saying lifes and work ect is busy. The harsher side to this is girls that have completely cut you off with no explanation, or they block you, its bizzare but happens a lot and is very common.

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I do think it has to be a 2 way street, not all the criticism should come to me, some but not all. I do feel like its to bias out there with opinions always centred around girls being in the right and the guy that needs to change to afford her. I have instead undertaken a attitude of finding some one who understands my side aswell not just giving advice but understanding the reasons why.

Its going to have to be someone really open minded and compasionate but itll be much worth it. Itll be a lot better than just accepting constant advice that your in the wrong all the time and its you that needs to change, not some things that women do on there part, such as canceling dates on the last minute, standing you up, blocking you for no reason, leading you on then moving onto another guy.

Some things are not my making or to do with me, but its much worth it, finding someone who understands and agrees with you, rather than conform to some dating rules and playing it safe.

Any how thats what I have developed recently, I would rather go by my life experience, not advice. This is totally me. I made all those mistakes more than once. And I hav really lost confidence already and I bliv I will never get it back Anyho this was very nice. Quite a Change in the women of today compared to Most of the Good old fashioned women that were the Best at one time which made it very Easy for the men in those days since they really had No Problem at all finding Real Love the way our family members had it.

This is totaly me, i made this mistakes too often and seriusly have lost confidence over girls but since hve read this i think am gonna follow themThanks alot. I like this advice.

Wish I had it years ago. I quit trying to date 15 yrs. Dating was the most annoying and aggravating experience of my entire life.

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All I got if I got anything was losers, misfits, and freeloaders. Best dating pool isafter that it really sux fast. I started dating too late in life-age 35, and by then most good prospects were long gone. Women today are selective, demanding, and entitled-you must work hard to land a quality partner.

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Be sure you are willing to do the work or plan on being a bachelor for life. Check out Tom Leykis on YouTube for dating tips-he is great. Finally realize-none of us is owed a relationship, lover, or even a date.

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Good luck-hope your story ends better than mine. Read the books-Save the Males and Men on Strike-well done and gives you insight into our dating world.

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Basically, I'll date a grown-up who is currently between jobs for a good reason. Won't date someone who can't keep or get a basic job. OTOH, where I live low-skill jobs are not hard to come by, so there is really no . Sep 01,   The point Ill make theres only so much you can do from your side, the rest is up to the girl to determine. If shes no interested shes not interested. In my experiences with dating, things usually are good to start with than it tethers off usually between 1 to 4 dates. Jun 04,   If you are looking for a woman to marry some day and expect her to have a good job and contribute significantly to the household, the job thing could be an issue. Of course that fact that she doe not have a job now, doesn't mean she won't have a good job in the future.

So ask yourself. What have you actually done to try and meet the girl of your dreams? Have you downloaded Tinder and created a profile? Have you signed up to online dating sites like Match. Have you been going out regularly or attended social events where you meet lots of new people?

Have you joined a gym, yoga class or sports club? Have you gone to places women flock to like cafes, shopping malls, parks? And your girlfriend-less past is probably crushing your confidence around women.

I get it - but seriously man - this is NOT a big deal. There is NO reason why this should effect your confidence in anyway.

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This is the reality of the situation and the mindset you need to adopt. Source your confidence elsewhere. This will not just make you appear more confident but FEEL more confident. And this is going to sound harsh but I need to ask it: Think for a second, what is your position in the group of friends you regularly hang out with?

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A group in which people look up to you not put you down in front of others. Via moviepilot.

Thanks for dating a girl with no job happiness!

Via flickr. Via alphamalelifestyle. If a man is not yet wealthy, all is not lost, but he needs to step it up in other cts of his wooing.

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He may not be able to bring you on an all expenses paid vacation to Saint Tropez, but he can treat you to a picnic at the local park or stargazing at the planetarium. Any man whom you date, rich or poor, must make the effort to take you out on planned, lovely dates. There are so many inexpensive activities that impress women more than a lavish vacation that is planned by his assistant.

Be it cooking a homemade Italian dinner on his rooftop, planning a rollerblading day along the beach or bringing her fresh flowers from the farmers market, these plans impress women. Women love a man who makes a plan and leads. Chivalry cannot be bought, and respect, manners and generosity are vital qualities your boyfriend-to-be should possess. So am I advising all of you lovely ladies to drop your studly something associate and date his boss?

How Girl With No Job Made Instagram Into a Career

But I am challenging you to take a look at the men whom you are viewing as potential contenders for your heart, and use a bit of discernment when it comes to choosing where to invest your emotions. They are your most valuable assets.

Dating a girl with no job

One at the most sought-after personal matchmakers in Beverly Hills, Alessandra Conti specializes in high-profile celebrity matches at Matching Up. As a co-founder and matchmaker at Matching Up, Conti is a part of the internationally-acclaimed matchmaking duo with her sister, Cristina Conti. Women's Dating. Discuss This! Make sure you know where he is within his career path. Does he have a plan?

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Related Topics:. I've made plenty of mistakes and don't think life is possible without them.

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But I believe that while I created one way or another the situation I am inI am also going to change it by hopefully reopening my business next year after 3 years and come out better for it. It has not made me disillusioned or bitter. In fact it has given me more empathy for people and made me wake up to some harsh realities that I might never have realised.

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Everybody has some obstacle course or another to get through and its how you get through those circimstances that youve created or have been thrown upon you that counts. After reading this and after not really chancing my arm with a girl in a long time I'm going straight out next week with as much money as I can get together and asking a girl called Audrey out How about dating someone who has a little thing called self-respect and maturity.

Now if he's a student, and he's obviously tight on money, then you should invite him to do activities that require little to know money.

Like picnics, hiking, playgrounds, watching dvd's at home.

I wouldn't date a girl with no job I don't want to have to take care of her. I work hard for my money and I feel she should do the same. The only way I would is if she earned her keep like cooking cleaning and running errands while in at work. But I'd have to trust her a lot. If she's still in school then it's fine. But if she's in her 20s and not working or in school, and she's perfectly capable of working, then she needs to get a job. If I dated her, our dates would consist of filling out job applications and working on her interview skills. level 1. Don't be superficial. Maybe he is a victim of the economy and can't get a job. No job means no money for things like a car. If you really like him, there's plenty you two can do that's free. Movies at home, eating in, walks around a park. Bike rides to cool places, etc.

The only thing you'll have to pay for is gas, and that's not so bad. I think armyguy has it right. That situation sucks, but pay more attention to his goals. If he's actually trying to get a job or save up money or something, then at least he's going in the right direction. You can know that he has higher standards for himself. On the other hand, if he's content to just sit around at home and play videogames all day or something, that's not a good sign.

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You need to make sure you wouldn't be the only one making all the effort in the relationship. Basically once you really think about it, you'll know whether it would be worth it or not. Personally, I don't worry too much about money, but if this guy is not working, not in school, and unable to take care of me, I probably would feel as if he's just trying to leech off of me.

If he's trying and you see him trying to establish himself, then I think you should just keep trying, but if he isn't trying and is just sitting around watching you work, sorry, but move on. Have you spoken to him about it?

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I mean not being funny, I've worked my butt off for 2 years for next to no pay and all I have to show for it is a car I can't afford and hardly anything to show for it. Maybe there's more than meets the eye. Of course, strangers might know the complete answer, but just a crazy thought to try speaking to him.

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