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Guest Contributor. People often have this notion that what makes relationships thrive is always spending time together. Every day we see lovestruck duos on social media who travel, eat, and go on exotic adventures hand in hand. Millennials in particular, thrive on full schedules. They chase careers, build businesses, and move to new cities on a whim. These emotions are totally normal, particularly for individuals who crave a lot of togetherness and physical intimacy. So what do you do when your partner asks for a night with the boys?

When you have something important to say, about your job, family or friends, or about your relationship, he REALLY listens. This makes you feel HEARD and understood, something you may not have found in your previous relationships. This is the sign of a good communicator and a caring man with a high emotional IQ.

You have a few serious dreams - things that matter to you in the big picture of your life. And you are working towards making these goals come true. Thankfully, you have a man by your side who fully supports your dreams. He has suggestions, but holds back from telling you what to do.

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And each time you finish a good size chunk, he congratulates you and says how proud he is. When your man has been nose-to-the-grindstone at work or away, as soon as he is done or returns, you are one of his top priorities. One way to know he really loves you is how he reacts when you are not at your best.

Anyone can have a bad day and your guy understands that.

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He stays and works things out. He tells you everything will be OK which is so comforting. This amazing man is willing to help you whenever you need it. This is something you value about him like no other man.

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Your beau joins you at your family gatherings and you go with his family as well. When he starts introducing you to his closest friends and family, you are crossing into a new and more intimate phase of relationship. This charming Southern coastal city is the oldest in South Carolina.

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Its ornate, well-preserved architecture and pristine beaches help make it a favorite North American travel destination. Go golfing along the coast or take a tour boat to explore the location of the start of the Civil War at Fort Sumter.

Related: Learn more about visiting Charleston, South Carolina. Salisbury was established in at the head of the Wicomico River, which enabled it to become the seat of Wicomico County. Every 3rd Friday, the city hosts a block party, which celebrates local art, music and commerce. Related: stateoftheair. Lawrence University was established before the city of Appleton, in According to U. News and World Report, about a quarter of students enrolled at the liberal arts school complete degrees at its conservatory of music.

You can tour their 85 acre campus, or visit the History Museum at the Castle, which preserves the history of Fox Valley. Visitors also enjoy the Hearthstone Historic House Museum, which was the country's first hydroelectric central power station.

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Native Americans populated the area for at least 1, years before Europeans arrived. Visitors can tour the acre Falls Park to see the falls and some of the city's first industry buildings. These include the seven-story Queen Bee Mill, which closed in after only two years of being open.

Falls Overlook Cafe stands on the east bank of the river. It's a quartzite structure that used to be the Light and Power Company Building, and now serves family-friendly fare and offers a display of historical items. Situated about a two-hour drive from Washington, D.

There is no shortage of family activities in the city - museums, ballet troupes, an opera, galleries, theaters and a symphony provide a cultural boon. The city also boasts one of the largest river park systems in America. A white-water trip is an adventurous way to see Richmond while enjoying wildlife such as deer, bald eagles, ospreys and herons.

Related: Learn more about visiting Richmond, Virginia. For only five cents, you can get a Coke and an earful of Coca-Cola's bottling origins.

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You can also check out a collection of Coke artifacts, tour Beidenharn's home and the stroll about the European gardens behind the home. You can rent a canoe to paddle along the 1,acre lake, and peruse the Aquarium Room and arboretum there. Lincoln, Nebraska's capital city, is the perfect confluence of all-American southern culture and globalization.

It's been a locus for the resettlement of refugees since the 's, housing rich Iraqi, Vietnamese and Sudanese communities. The Nebraska state capital building is the second largest in the U. Visitors can tour the Sunken Gardens, which features an annually-redesigned floral display of over 30, plants. You can also swing by the University of Nebraska campus and check out the museum there or attend one of the Cornhuskers' sporting events.

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Lafayette is "the heart of Cajun Country," according to the Louisiana travel website. Check out the Acadian Village, a acre replica of an 's Cajun town that even has a bayou running through it. According to the Acadian Village website, 7 of its 11 buildings are authentic homes donated by families whose ancestors once lived in them.

For two food-filled itineraries, click on the related link below. Last year, La Crosse made NerdWallet's list of the top small cities to start a business. Like most of America, the article observes, La Crosse recently saw a sharp decline in manufacturing.

The city has made up for its losses, however, in "highly skilled, knowledge-intensive industries, such as health care. For those who are just visiting, be sure to stop by Grandad Bluff, a ft high bluff that overlooks the city.

Established nearly years ago, Hartford is one of the oldest cities in the U. The home is now a historic site open for tours.

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After visiting the Mark Twain home, head to Elizabeth Park to take in the carefully manicured gardens with varieties of roses. Related: Learn more about visiting Hartford, Connecticut. The Virginia Beach Boardwalk is a popular east coast destination that stretches for three miles, making it ideal for walking, biking and rollerblading 1. You can find live entertainment every night during the summer months at one of four oceanfront stages.

King Neptune, a twenty-four foot, twelve-ton bronze statue reigns over the gateway to Neptune Festival Park on 31st Street. During the winter months, visitors can hop onboard a boat to watch for humpback whales.

Portland is Maine's largest city and the namesake for Portland, Oregon. Tourists love to peruse Old Port, a pedestrian-friendly area with bustling with boutiques, restaurants and bars. According to Business Insider, the European-style district features cobblestone streets and centuries old brick buildings. Portland is a fantastic foodie destination. Visitors can also check out the Portland Public Market, a huge indoor marketplace for locally made fare.

How to date a busy guy - Things to consider

Spokane is named after the Native American people who first populated the region. Although Spokane is the second largest city in Washington, it features a host of beautiful outdoor attractions. Spokane Falls is the second largest urban waterfall in the U. Gonzaga University, a liberal arts college, is situated in Spokane, educating over 7, students every year. Although the first European settlement was established there inthe city's population experienced little growth until the discovery of gold in attracted settlers.

One of the city's most popular attractions is pretty unusual - the Museum of Clean features exhibits on all things that have to do with cleanliness: vacuums, toilets, washers, brooms and more. The museum has no guards, making it a favorite among children. According to their website, the museum's mission is to, "expand the scope of clean into areas like clean homes, clean minds, clean language, clean community, and a clean world.

You can tour the Charpentier Historic District, where the buildings' assortment of turrets, towers, gables, shingling, leaded glass and gingerbread accents reflects the diversity of the carpenter architects who built them.

Download the Lake Charles Historic Tour app for a guided experience. All kinds of gambling are legal in Louisiana, so casinos are night life hot spots. Eau Claire is home to several apple orchards, including Ferguson's Orchards, where visitors can take a wagon ride, race around in a pedal tractor, visit farm animals and ride in a giant spinning apple.

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Springfield is appropriately named - rivers and lush greenery spring forth throughout this western Massachusetts city. Situated on the Eastern bank of the Connecticut River near a confluence with the Westfield River, Chicopee River and Mill River, Springfield is awash with vital outdoor beauty and activities.

Visit Forest Park for hiking trails, water parks, tennis courts, picnic areas and ponds teeming with duck, geese and other birds. Or, head to the Pioneer Valley Riverfront Club to kick off a paddleboat or dragon boating journey along the Connecticut River. Related: Learn more about visiting Springfield, Massachusetts. But thanks to its mild, marine climate, the environment allows visitors and residents alike to enjoy the outdoors most of the year.

Related: Learn more about visiting Seattle, Washington. Saginaw partnered with its sister city, Tokushima, Japan, to enlist renowned architect Tsutomu Takenaka to construct a traditional tea house at Saginaw's Japanese Cultural Center. The tea house provides a setting for tea ceremonies Chanoyuwhich promote harmony, respect and tranquility, according to the Saginaw website.

Visitors can tour the center's 3-acre garden and admire "weeping cherry trees, authentic stone lanterns, hand-crafted bamboo gates, an Asian-inspired gazebo and an arching vermilion bridge over a winding stream," the center's website details.

The Saginaw riverfront is also a popular destination. Once a year, locals gather to participate in the "Shiver on the River" ice fishing contest. While you're in the neighborhood, stop by the Shiawassee National Wildlife Refuge, one of the largest wetland ecosystems in Michigan. Alexandria is at the almost exact geographical center of Louisiana. In the 17 and 's, the city was an agricultural hub. It's home to the Kent Plantation House, the oldest standing structure in Louisiana.

Visitors can check out the Alexandria Zoological Park, which houses more than animals, including white tigers, black bears, African lions and giant tortoises.

Your partner's full schedule doesn't mean they don't love you. Keep the romance flowing with understanding. Here's the secret to dating a busy partner. People often have this notion that what makes relationships thrive is always spending time together. Every day we see lovestruck duos on social media who travel, eat, and go on exotic adventures hand in hand. Jun 24,   Dating Apps According to the experts, dating apps can be key to fitting dating into your busy schedule. "Make the decision to make dating a priority," Dr. Author: Ginny Hogan. Busy work and school schedules can make focusing on romance nearly impossible. Two individuals dedicated to maintaining a relationship on a tight schedule can stay committed and connected with continual effort and communication. Making time for the relationship on a regular, consistent basis is key. While planning dates several days a week may not be possible, maximize the time you do have together.

The Alexandria Holocaust Memorial, built to memorialize the six million Jews who were killed in the Holocaust, is a stunning sight as well. The obelisk that weights 15 tons and stands 18 feet high, according to the Alexandria Pineville Louisiana website, holds an "almost mystical significance," in the Jewish tradition.

Its abundant natural beauty and fresh air provide numerous opportunities for outdoor enjoyment, as do its 12, acres of parks, miles of hiking trails, 45 lane miles of bike facilities and waterways ranging from the Genessee River to the Erie Canal.

Cycling enthusiasts from around the world flock to Rochester for leisurely rides along the lakefront promenades and organized bike races. You can also enjoy the outdoors at Seabreeze Amusement Park, a family-friendly destination positioned on scenic bluffs overlooking Lake Ontario with a classic wooden carousel, roller coasters, kiddie slides and a water park. Related: Learn more about visiting Rochester, New York. It sits at the banks of the Willamette and Columbia Rivers in the foothills of the Tualatin Mountains, and offers diverse options for exploring the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, from hiking and swimming at Oneonta Falls to mountain biking in Forest Park.

Located along the Tar River, Greenville offers a host of outdoor activities, such as boating, kayaking, fishing, hiking, camping and birding. The third president of the U.

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He modeled the University's grandiose Rotunda after the Roman Pantheon. Yuma is rich with Native American cultural sites, including several areas where you can go to see petroglyphs - pictures that were scratched, carved or pecked into rocks. Antelope hill, a foot knob of sandstone, exhibits many, mostly human, figures.

It was once a mining town with over mines in the Castle Dome district. However, people began to desert when the silver prices dropped in Visitors can stop by Carmelita's Cantina, the mercantile, the machine shop, the doctor's office and the graveyard.

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Houma is at the heart of deep bayou country, according to the Louisiana Travel website. More than 65 percent of Terrebonne Parish is made up of wetlands and open water. It's an area entrenched in a unique cultural heritage. Houma Indians once inhabited the region, but their population dwindled as the land changed hands between Spanish, French and American settlers.

Dating a guy with a busy schedule

Though a small number of tribal members still live in the coastal areas, "the lack of federal recognition, hurricanes and coastal erosion continue to threaten their survival," the Houma travel website reports. Visit the site linked below to learn more about the Traiteur tradition of natural healers, the devastation at Last Island, the legend of Loup Garou and voodoo. Related: Houma Travel: History and Legends.

Deemed "The Brooklyn of the Berkshires" by the Financial Times back inPittsfield is making a comeback after seeing many years of industrial decline.

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Literary enthusiasts can enjoy a tour of Arrowhead, Herman Melville's home between fromwhere he penned Moby Dick and other works. For a quiet destination, visit the Hancock Shaker Village, which memorializes one of the nineteen Shaker communities that sprouted in America during the during the late 's.

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It was settled in and became the capital of New York in The city is one of the oldest settlements from the original 13 colonies. It was also one of the first cities in the world to install sewer lines and electricity and gas systems.

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As Albany is equidistant between New York and Montreal, several international acts grace the smaller city while on tour. Related: Learn more about visiting Albany, New York. InLivability.

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