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I want to permanently remove my account from this site. This will permanently remove all of your details and CV from our site. If you want to apply for any jobs in the future, you can apply as a guest or you will have re-register. If you have been a pilot for any length of time or if you are considering becoming a pilot, you know there are various pilot jobs you can take. You can work for a small, regional airline or you can aim for the big time and find a job with a major airline flying large passenger jets. What you end up doing turns out to be the result of a mix of things: what airline jobs are available, how much experience you have, the schedule you want to keep and a host of other factors. In general, you have a couple of different options: short haul or long haul.

How will they cope? So, how does your captain stay responsive and alert?

And can we apply this wisdom to our daily routine, whether we are flying or not? Captain Charles Everett, 60, has been a British Airways pilot for 32 years. He currently flies the state-of-the-art A But in the period before a long-haul flight, I lie in a darkened room, with earplugs if necessary.

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I avoid all digital technology, turning off my mobile or laptop. If you always sleep in a dark room, you'll fall asleep more easily at home and away.

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The digital detox is about more than just light. Checking work emails or social media can stimulate the brain at a time you need to be winding down.

The biggest enemy to sleep, is trying too hard to sleep. If you accept that you might only be able to relax, it will still reduce your stress levels and improve your mood.

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I like to be adaptable. Listen to your body.

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On the subject of diet, healthy eating is important at any time, but especially when your body is under the stress of sleep deprivation. Regular exercise increases your natural drive to sleep, and relieves stress, while good quality sleep gives you the energy to get active. Physical activity also signals to our body clocks that it's time to stay awake. But if you have two or more drinks, the quality of your sleep will be worse, and you'll wake up more tired and groggy than if you'd stuck to mineral water.

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To illustrate: I now have two days off after a trip to Dubai. I need to write a report, and could put it off, but I want to get it done so I have a clear mind tonight.

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Pilots work in shifts of about six hours, with three hours rest, and we give each other a lot of support. A typical pattern of work might be five days on and then three or four days off. Depending on how long the flights are, short haul pilots operate between two and six flights a day.

May 31, If a pilot that is on duty needs to use the lavatory, there are procedures to bring another pilot or a flight attendant into the flight deck to guard the door while the pilot is in the lavatory. Jan 22, One in four long-haul pilots get under five hours' sleep before flying, study found Jon Hamm, 49, 'is dating former Mad Men co-star Anna Osceola, 32' five years after the series' finale. This is one of our pilots typical day at 'the office'. A long haul flight from London Heathrow to Las Vegas on a Boeing It represents a typical day for a long haul pilot. So the day before departure I check the weather just to confirm it's boiling hot and that I .

This involves lots of takeoffs and landings and a high workload for the flight crew. Smaller airlines will want to get as much productivity out of a flight crew as they can, so they will get close to the maximum number of hours allowed.

I Traveled Like a Pilot on a Long Haul Pilot Schedule

You will usually fly to a range of destinations as a short haul pilot, often to smaller airports. Long haul pilots, on the other hand, operate flights longer than six hours.

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They fly all over the world and spend a lot of time away from home. Their trips can last from a few days to more than a week, and the ever-changing time zones can be very tiring.

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They usually have more days off between flights because they spend so much time away from home - when they return, they need time to rest and reset their body clocks. Long haul pilots usually start out as short haul pilots to gain experience before making the move to long haul. They need the experience first - as a long haul pilots, they may only have to land a plan a couple of times in a month.

Because the flights are so long, several pilots usually travel together so they can rest during the flights. In general, long haul pilots are paid more than short haul pilots.

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So, which type of piloting is for you? Part of the answer for you may come to down to this simple question - which type of flying do you like better? And, depending on where you are in your life, the answer may change.

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You may even like to mix it up during the same time periods. Some pilots do short, medium and long haul passenger service, while others like to specialize in just one type.

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If you want to be home every night to see your young kids, then you will prefer shorter North American turnarounds that get you back home in the evening.

Much of the work of flying takes place in the preparation, takeoff and landing phases, so running through several of those cycles in a day can be more tiring that one long eight-hour flight, for example. Because of long flights, the Federal Aviation Administration has developed rules first put in place in the s that long haul pilots must follow regarding rest, the number of hours you can fly and the number of crew that must be on a flight.

As a long haul pilot, you will have to be familiar with and abide by these regulations. Domestic flight rules do not explicitly address how long a pilot can be on duty, but they do address flight time limitation and required rest periods. On domestic flights, pilots are limited to eight hours of flight time during a hour period.

Dating a long haul pilot

This limit can be extended if necessary if the pilot gets extra rest at the end of the flight. A pilot is not allowed to accept and an airline cannot assign a flight unless the pilot has had at least eight continuous hours of rest during the preceding hour period. Individual airline regulations may be even more strict than these regulations. For international flights operated by United States carriers, rules are more complex.

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These flights often involve more than a two-pilot flight crew because of their length. For international flights that involve more than 12 hours of flight time, airlines must establish rest periods and provide sleeping facilities outside of the cockpit so pilots can rest during the flight.

Long haul pilots usually start out as short haul pilots to gain experience before making the move to long haul. They need the experience first - as a long haul pilots, they may only have to land a plan a couple of times in a month. Because the flights are so long, several pilots usually travel together so they can rest during the flights. Nov 02, Consequently, long-haul flights require multiple pilots as well as crew. And with the rise of ultra-long-haul flights, that becomes even more essential. Advertisement: Maximum flight times for pilots depend on the scheduled time of their first flight. If a pilot's first flight is between 5 am and pm, the pilot can fly for a maximum of. Oct 30, To answer those questions, I spoke to a senior BA pilot - and, with some help from Dr Bostock, learned new ways to adapt long-haul tips to our short-haul Author: Miranda Levy.

Most well-known carriers have special bunk rooms or provide lie-flat first class seats for the pilot to sleep. Long haul pilots may not fly if the assignment will make them exceed the regulatory limits. The FAA recommends that airlines include fatigue training as part of their management training programs. The pace of long haul flying is different than shorter flights as well.

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Everything takes longer because the flight is longer and there is more of everything - loading the flight plan, listening to briefings, etc. Managing rest on the flight is crucial because busy, crowded airfields such as New York or Chicago require full concentration.

Avoiding fatigue requires planning ahead - a typical schedule will see you go to work when everyone else is going home.

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If you have a couple of days off in the city where you landed, the extra time is nice but it is tough on your body to adjust. As an example, you might have a hour flight to Japan and get to your hotel room at p.

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