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Let me start off by saying that I am the lucky one in this situation. I started dating my girlfriend in January of I met her during the first semester of my freshman year and we were absolute best friends. We vented to one another, joked, went out on the weekends together, and talked about our dreams and aspirations. I never knew much about her past dating life. I knew only that she was beautiful, and from what she had told me during the first semester, many guys on our campus took to her beauty. As we became closer, I, as I typically do, became excited about the prospect of us spending plenty of time together down the line-we were only freshmen, and three more years with her was an uteknoderas.comecedented amount of time for us to grow closer and deepen the connection that we had already begun to create.

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David: One of the things I've gathered from emails I've received is that a lot of men are afraid to admit they've been abused. It seems it has a lot to do with the way they perceive themselves as men, or being afraid of how others will perceive their manhood.

Gartner: That's very common. Unfortunately, in our society, victim-hood is seen as the province of women and for men to acknowledge that they've been victimized to them is saying they aren't really "men. They feel shamed by the idea that others will think they are not male, just because they've been abused.

David: And so is there a different way that men perceive their abuse vs. Gartner: Well, often men see early, premature sexual behavior as a sexual initiation.

Nov 10,   Some sexual abuse survivors even worry that no one will ever want to be with them. As her partner, you can help her understand that nothing about her Author: Vanessa Marin.

Often they convince themselves that they initiated the sexual situation with the adult. This is one way of feeling that they were in charge in an exploitative situation.

David: Does sexual abuse affect men differently than women? Gartner: Up to a point, yes. There are many aftereffects that both men and women often show, like flashbacks, depression, or compulsive behavior of one sort or another. Men, however, have been socialized to believe that men do not have "weak" feelings so they do not let themselves be vulnerable if they can help it.

I am speaking in generalities here, of course. Often to avoid the sense of being powerless, they become what we call hyper-masculine, behaving in stereotypically masculine ways, but these hyper-masculine behaviors make it very difficult to process what was a very painful exploitation.

David: One of the things I read is that men aren't as traumatized, or don't feel as traumatized, by the sexual abuse experience. Is that true? And is that a result of the compensatory behavior - acting more like a "man"? Gartner: It depends how you measure the trauma.

Dating a sexually abused man

Men are likely to say that they were not traumatized by the abusive behavior, especially young men in their late teens to mids. However, men with histories of unwanted childhood sexual behavior with adults are much more likely to come to psychotherapy than men without those histories, but for reasons that SEEM unrelated to the abuse.

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David: How are intimate relationships affected? Gartner: Dramatically. If a child is betrayed in an important relationship, especially with a loved and trusted caretakeras is often the case, then the trauma is not just about the sexual acts but about the break in the trusting relationship.

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This makes it harder to enter trusting intimate relationships later in life. A man may have some kind of sexual dysfunction which, of course, affects his intimate relationships. He may be sexually compulsive, or feel numb during sex, especially if he feels, even for a moment, that he is not in charge of what is happening, so he may not allow himself to truly BE intimate with another person. David: Now, this may sound silly, but a lot of sexually abused men are concerned about this.

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Will male childhood sexual abuse affect your sexuality? Will it make you gay? Gartner: It does not sound silly. It is an important question; it relates to a fear that makes many boys and men not talk about their abuse.

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Conventional wisdom is that early sexual contact with a man can "turn" a boy gay, but most clinicians believe that sexual orientation is well formed by the age of 5 or 6 and for boys, the average age of their first abuse is about 9. In addition, gay men with sexual abuse histories report that they usually had a sense that they were gay BEFORE the abuse occurred. The problem is that boys growing up to be gayin almost all cases as they try to understand their sexuality, ask themselves "Why am I this way?

David: Also, many times when we think of abuse, for whatever reasons, we think of men as the perpetrators of the abuse. Is that also the case with sexually abused boys?

Gartner: Are you asking about female abusers? But women often abuse in ways that are not as obvious - it may happen, for example, in the guise of cleanliness - over-attention to cleaning a boy's genitals in the bath. David: I have some other questions, but let's get to a couple of audience questions first:. I have known of cases where both parents included the boy in some sexual act together.

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Is there a particular question about such a situation that you want to ask? David: I would imagine, especially after an experience like that, it would be hard to trust anyone again? Gartner: That is true - yet many men have enormous resources within and can overcome even such a total betrayal. Terry I was sexually abused by several of my mom's boyfriends when I was in grade school.

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I have a very hard time with intimacy. I can't just simply show my love. Have you known anyone to overcome this fear of giving and receiving love due to sexual abuse?

Hypersexuality as a Result of Abuse - Kati Morton

Gartner: Yes, definitely - it requires a lot of patience and often a relationship with a therapist is helpful here. Having someone to talk to about the distrust, and someone to, perhaps, learn to trust. Of course, some partners are also very patient and can be very helpful if they do not take the reluctance to show love as a personal attack.

David: Given the fact that many men don't seek therapy for anything, much less abuse, I'm wondering if these issues can be dealt with on their own - sort of through self-help?

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It helps the partner understand more about what their partner is experiencing, and how they can work together to create a sex life that feels satisfying. There are also lots of great exercises you can do together to help your girlfriend feel more comfortable and safe.

Some sexual abuse survivors even worry that no one will ever want to be with them. As her partner, you can help her understand that nothing about her is broken.

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Recovering from sexual abuse can take time. Something incredibly traumatic happened to her, and it takes the body a while to learn how to trust and feel safe again. Recovery is also not a linear process. Other times a woman can have done months or even years of therapy, only to feel herself falling back into the same old trigger patterns.

Want to learn more strategies for managing the effects of sexual abuse? By Vanessa Marin. Ask What They Need.

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Results for:. Rule Breakers. Her father has cancelled trips because all he can think about is his daughter. I often have what feels like hundreds of emotions flowing through me at a single time. I feel embarrassed-my own fraternity a place that I spent six miserable weeks pledging my allegiance to accepts rapists.

And maybe the worst emotion of all-I feel alone. And if I ever complain about how I feel, it will be trite compared to the trauma that my girlfriend feels on a daily basis.

I wasn't sexually assaulted, I don't have horrifying flashbacks of a man I despise lying on top of me, thrusting in and out of me against my will, and I don't have panic and anxiety attacks when I hear his name. However, I am affected by this man's actions on a daily basis. I started dating my girlfriend in January of Richard Gartner, Ph.D., joined us to discuss male sexual abuse and the stigma surrounding it. He talked about how men react to their abuse by displaying hyper-masculine behaviors, behaving in stereotypically masculine ways. Dr. Gartner noted that many sexually abused men, left untreated, develop depression, flashbacks, and compulsive behavior (for instance, becoming a sexually compulsive) to. When one partner's past includes sexual abuse, both partners are affected. But therapists say the relationship can be improved. You may need to take action to build emotional intimacy.

As my story can prove, rape is a crime that can ruin far more than two lives. So, whenever you hear about a rape victim, know the severe psychological pain that they face on a daily basis, and be respectful of their feelings. Find the goodness of this moment-in a book, in powerful words, in a comforting image, through the writers and artists you love and all that you hold dear.

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This will get you through. Wow, I really love this.

The Internet offers several options, including web sites for sexually abused men such as, where men can find one another and talk, anonymously if . Sep 01,   Hi Sarah, Thanks for your story. I went through some terrible bullying when I was in school, not sexual abuse, but bad enough. Men and Dating. 10 Things You Don't Know About Transgender People. Oct 17,   If you're a man whose lover was sexually victimized as a child or teen, here's how best to support her recovery. First, review your own sexual history. Our culture generally expects men to.

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Tord Sollie Let me start off by saying that I am the lucky one in this situation. And the worst part is that he will never believe it.

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