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As a sports fan, you spend countless hours glued to the television screen, enduring a lifelong emotional roller coaster that is equal parts thrilling and exhausting. To the untrained eye, you're just laying around in mesh shorts eating and drinking for nine hours straight. A sports addiction can drive a wedge into any relationship if you're not careful. You may never get your partner to fully convert into a die-hard fan, but there are a handful of strategies you can do to minimize the friction between you guys during the season. Everyone enjoys free schwag and your partner is probably no different. Outfitting them in the latest official apparel helps them feel part of the team. Added bonus is they'll often be approached by other fans looking to talk about the latest game, which will make them want to follow the team so they won't come off as a poser.

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Because you were there for the food and, more importantly, to watch the half-time show. Because you got a chance to watch the drunk? You try to be nice when you guys go out to eat by letting him sit on the side of the table that faces the tv, so he can watch whatever game is on.

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So usually, you hand him a beer and then you go and have fun elsewhere. He was married to Khloe Kardashian for a while.

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You love that he can never make fun of you for how excited you get about the Golden Globes or the Oscars, because he acts the exact same way about the ESPYs. After a tough loss, sports fans need a support system.

Nov 26,   Gene Chutka / Getty Images Dating & Sex How To Date A Casual Sports Fan When You're Really, Really Into The Game A helpful guide to dating a non-sports person when you're a die-hard fanatic. Jul 29,   That was until I was forced to actually step back out in the dating world and discovered how difficult it can be for a female sports fanatic Every guy should know basic sports knowledge. I know this sounds just as sexist as if the situation was reversed but growing up in a sports dominated family has me accustomed to believing that the. The perks of dating a sports-nut or the downside of dating a sports fanatic? All you care about when you are hanging out with your guy and his friends watching a match, is food. And you ever much love it, since you get to order what you want, for they are all in a state where they ever care for anything when.

With any relationship, you have to make compromises. But making those compromises are much more of a significant commitment when it comes to tailgating traditions during football season.

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At first, I was excited and just assumed he would come to my fabulous tailgate because as any naive sports fan, the spot you tailgate at, is ALWAYS the best. For future relationships, I still wonder how much compromise goes into the tailgating tradition for other couples and what the right call is.

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With women making up more and more of each fan base, the single ladies out there want someone to share their passions. Digital media creator, strategist, and problem solver.

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Founded GuysGirl in as a side hustle while working full time as an executive assistant at a logistics company. Flipped these opportunities into serving as EIC at a Void Magazine, radio broadcaster for xl, sometimes TV cohost, and currently full-time problem solver for clients at Brumleve Brands.

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Throw this whole Jaguars team in rice. Jaguars get to record and now face off against the undefeated Chiefs.

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SinceGuysGirl has become the voice for the female fan covering national topics on major sports, entertainment, and their surrounding culture. Tip: Whatever you do, don't trivialize their tears.

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If you can cry with them-or at least commiserate the happy or sad occasion alongside them-you'll earn bonus points with this kind of man. The way to this man's heart is not through his stomachunless you're baking wings for the big game.

Nov 25,   You're dating a sports fanatic. For normal civilians, becoming romantically involved with a hardcore sports fan can mean entering a world of confusion, frustration and endless broadcasts of. Jun 29,   "Competing with professional athletes is exhausting," a year-old who's married to a sports fanatic joked to me when I asked about her husband's sports obsession. "Find a . Nov 14,   The Truth About Dating a Sports Fanatic. Confession: Mr. New York is the first sports fanatic I've dated. "I love how into sports you are, and how loyal you are to your teams," I .

You'll win this guy over with your sport-specific knowledge, willingness to don his favorite team's jerseys and ability to sit through a game or let's be honest, a dozen without a single complaint. When you're not annoyed, you'll find his passion for sports endearing.

Dating a Sports Fanatic Monday, May 11, Are you dating a sports fanatic? Most guys love sports - there's seems to be something ingrained in men that makes them addicted to watching "the game" every week and discussing the results with their buds when it's over. However, when you're dating a dude who goes over-the-top with this obsession. Read this: 19 Things That Happen When You Date A Sports Fanatic And Know Nothing About Sports Read this: What Every Morning At Your Job Looks Like: A Step By Step Guide Read this: 27 Things I Wish I Could Tell My Earlys Self Cataloged in [ ]. Sports dating nz Dating a creep. When your sports fanatic. How to tell if your boyfriend is the film. When you. Dating the real conversation between a cardinals fanatic? Fanatics. Sometimes dating a sports fanatic. Nfl dating someone sports to date for you know this area is a sideline admirer? Create a jar and fouled it up sports more than.

Because even if it's interrupting your schedule, affecting your wardrobe, or caused you to gain 10 pounds in greasy food weight, there's something really awesome about seeing someone love anything that much.

If he loves you just a quarter as much as he loves LeBron, you're a lucky woman!

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Clearly this post is a little tongue-in-cheek, but have you experienced any of these things while dating a sports fanatic?

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