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The Aries female loves her freedom but will settle down if her partner excites her. Find out what it is like to date an Aries woman. Ambitious, adventurous and assertive, the Aries woman is a fiery creature who likes to be in charge. Watch out for her temper, though - little things can spark her off. Family, friends and loved ones know never to hold a grudge. When the Aries female falls in love, she throws herself whole-heartedly into the relationship. She likes a partner with strong opinions who will stand up for what they believe in.

I choose the former.

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On the pro side, this means when we walk into a room, we bring a lot of energy. Mostly good energy. Some bad, depending on our mood. We are the people you want to invite to your party if you want that party to be way more fun. On the con side, we have a lightning-quick temper. The intro of this piece should've alerted you to this fact but I will restate it for your convenience: Aries women need people who both stroke our egos when we need them to which, admittedly, is a lot but also can keep us humble.

We'll try almost anything once. But if we don't like it or we aren't that good at it the first time around, we probably won't want to do it again. If you're not engaging us or keeping up with us or having great sex with us or having a conversation that we think is interesting We'll be polite about it we do have manners, mostlybut we're quick to move on if you can't hold our attention.

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Small details don't interest us. We think broadly about projects, ideas, and goals and what it will take to get the job done. Minor details are less interesting to us. We'll take care of 'em if we have to - after all, we value accountability - but we'll probably do so begrudgingly. At getting what we want, when we want, and how we want it.

Please step aside and get out of our way. We can survive without you - and might have to, because it's so hard for us to find good matches in men. At the same time, we're affectionate people that need and desire to both love and admire and be loved and admired back. I read once that Aries women are attracted to the catch. That's not necessarily true.

As we get older, we are tired of chasing men. The men we chase usually run away, which makes us ill. And the men who chase us are brute idiots, which also makes us ill. We are difficult women to please. It will not happen. If you're interested in an Aries woman over the age of 28, you're going to have to roll up your sleeves and figure her out.

Aries women - the ones I know, and I know a pretty decent amount - are good-looking people, generally.

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We are not always like Victoria Beckham an Aries woman married to a Taurus manbut we do like to feel and be attractive. We may be naturally attractive, and so not all of us wear coats of makeup or hiked up skirts.

But we do wear skirts. And we like to feel feminine and to be told we are girly. Even if we don't personally feel that way about ourselves, we certainly like to hear it from you. Because that means you are watching us, and we are happy to know you are watching us. You will probably find us in heels, and you will probably find us in jobs that are compatible with womanhood. While we might tell you we are going to serve on the front line, that will most likely never, ever happen.

We are big dreamers but we're far too feminine for that. We are satisfied in knowing that in a shooting match, we will beat you. The knowledge of that is enough for us; we don't necessarily need to prove it to you.

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What about sports? We play sports - we're sporty and enjoy competition. But don't be surprised if then we shower and throw on heels and a dress to go out. That's just how we roll. Because we're feminine, we really do not appreciate feminine men unless they are strictly platonic friendships. Men who desire too much attention, show too much emotion, or are catty or gossippy will turn us off in a heartbeat.

We are too busy to deal with your emotion, and most likely we are extremely emotional ourselves. We can't handle much more emotion than what we bring to the table.

We believe that as women, we are simply good enough. For example, some Aries women find the stay-at-home mom thing really annoying, especially if it comes from a place of tradition rather than practicality.

Of course, that depends a lot on her age, her man, and her situation. If staying home means independence from work, then, that's going to be the ideal choice! We believe that to be capable is to be appointed. In other words, we feel that if you are able to do something, you probably should at least attempt to do that.

Nothing bugs us more than women who go to college, get married, and pop out kids without even attempting to use her skills and education. We don't like taking a backseat to men unless it is earned. That's why we love intelligence. If you are smarter than us, this only attracts us more and more. But if you are macho and stupid, we will instantly dislike you. This is why it's difficult for us to tell at first glance who we will love. If you look manly, but you are a jackass, we will hate you.

Jan 26,   Please pass the information from this page on to men you know who are interested in dating Aries women. They will need it. And most likely, they will NOT accept it in the form of astrology, because like many other cts of the Aries' personality, this is just too out there for them. So you'll just have to pretend you discovered this some other teknoderas.coms: Jul 30,   Be friendly, forthright, and light when showing your interest to an Aries female. Getting serious at the start will make you appear clingy, and there's no greater turn-off to an Aries woman than a clingy partner. Be lighthearted, make jokes, and above all, treat her platonically until she makes the first move%.

If you look like a nerd but keep us on our toes with your wit and attention, we are yours forever. We will fall in love at first sight and fall out of love at second sightand think nothing of it. That's just how we do things. Positive Disclaimer: Almost any relationship can work if two people want it badly enough.

If you are Capricornmost likely this will not work even though there is likely to be a very strong attraction. We will be interested in you because you don't appear to be interested in us and that is practically unbelievable to us. However, this is not a good match for a number of reasons. Remember, Aries women like to be chased, and Capricorn men do not chase anything.

If you are Scorpioplease realize that the likelihood of a relationship crashing and burning is a near certainty, but that doesn't mean we aren't up for the chance! Please know, though, that we will not put up with your possessiveness, insecurity, and tendency to pass mean, snide, or just catty remarks. We are fighters but don't like those who pick fights.

We also find your attraction to vengeance irritating. For this match to work, both partners would probably need to share a Moon sign the moon rules emotions. If you are Canceryou most likely won't even be reading this. But, if you are, unless your Aries woman has some cts that appeal to you, this match just won't work. Aries are loyal, but only later in life, and Aries are not typically as home-centric as Cancer. Again, anything is possible, but I wouldn't give this relationship a lot of work.

If you are a Virgowe will fail you. We are not perfect - we're probably the most likely to screw something up, actually.

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And we don't always wash our hands ten times a day, or stick to our lists, and we think it's funny to poke fun of your hair. We find your perfectionism annoying, even though oddly you think it will make us like you more. We're not impressed by your success, so much as your ability to be successful.

So stop telling us about it. The only thing that will make this relationship last is if we get so tired, we stop fighting you.

You'll only have half a woman, and that is no way to live. If you are a Taurusmany, many astrologers will insist that this relationship will not last. I say otherwise. Yes, you Taurus men are so slow and so freaking stubborn. You make us crazy; you drive us to insanity. However, we are interested in changing your mind. You are like a treadmill.

We will never be able to outrun you but we will enjoy trying.

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Plus, we enjoy the fact that you like to touch us and that you are slow and sensual and sensitive sometimes. We also love the fact that you accept us the way we are, because most other signs in the Zodiac can hardly tolerate our faults. In the Taurus man, we find stability, strength, intelligence, and a subtle sexiness that drives us wild. If you can manage to pay attention to us whenever we need it, this relationship can work. If you are Aquariuswe will probably fall head over heels in love with you, but try not to be so It's okay that you are sensitive, flirty, loving and accepting.

But you need to remember that we're only okay with you being that way with US. I suppose Aquarius may be the only other sign who can match us in terms of inward focus. We both love to gab about ourselves, which may help this relationship succeed.

If you are a Geminiwe will make a great match - definitely as friends, and we will certainly try our fate as lovers. We find you funny, great-looking, intelligent, and courageous.

We love your optimistic outlook, too. But you are duplicitous in nature, as Geminis tend to be. You are like two people in one, and most of the time we will spend trying to figure out whether or not you truly want to be with us.

In the end, it may work, especially if the Aries woman you are dating is incredibly devoted to you.

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However, be prepared for us to be heartbroken even if we don't really know if there is a reason to be. You confuse us, and we don't like feeling confused and insecure. If you are Ariesthe stars say we will match. But, that is all going to depend on how much stock each of us place in the fun stuff over the real stuff. Aries need someone to root and balance them out in life. Another Aries could possibly do that, if both recognize that fun has to be matched with responsibility.

When both signs like to chase, lots of romance ensues! Sagittarius Man, Aries Woman - Expect tons of fire with this duo. That can be good or bad. The most likely outcome is a solid friendship forged by tons of laughs.

Not necessarily in a bad way, but there are swings of independence, moodiness, and risk that typically make Libra nervous. No matter how inwardly focused we can be, Aries women love to love. We are passionate, fiercely loyal people who care deeply for our loved ones. We will defend you, encourage you, support you, and work very hard to make you understand how much we adore you.

One of the things that make us interesting is that we are well-aware that we are independent, and that we have to work harder than others at being in relationships. So if we are with you, it's because we really want to be. We would be fine on our own, but we choose to be with you. We are friendly women, too.

Aries women tend to have many friends - not many super-close friends - but many friends in general. We are liked by both men and women. It's unnecessary to be jealous for us, because we are loyal. If we flirt, the likelihood is that we are doing it on purpose. Perhaps you need to show more attention or to notice that we are flirting and ask us to cut it out.

Dating an aries girl

We get over things quickly. We have tempers. We say things we don't mean. Then we get over it. Unfortunately, we sometimes expect you to do the same, even though it's not that easy.

Forgive us for that. Realize that we forgive and truly forget even the most heinous of relationship crimes including things like cheating. We are trusting to a fault. This can absolutely work! Libra and Aries are directly opposite one another in the Zodiac, and they are likely to be fast and devoted friends.

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As Libra, be careful about being obsessed with the "right thing" and let Aries just do her thing. If you make her feel judged, she will resent you. Quality time and being personal with her is the best way.

He's got to prove that his love is only for her and is not just a side-effect of being a Pisces. My wife is an Aries and only recently I found her cheating on me. We are married for 13 years and have 2 children. I am a Taurus man. I am trying my best to tolarate her cheating and to restore our broken relationship. I don't know if we can make it. I would love to hear your suggestion on how to keep her to love me only? It's so hard to say without knowing more about your relationship, but some things even the stars can't fix.

I wouldn't want to give you specific relationship advice, but instead, just encourage you to take care of yourself and your children. Cheating shouldn't be tolerated by any sign. What does it mean when an Aries woman brings up another guy she doesn't like to a guy she likes only happened once but in the middle of an intimate moment? That all depends on what she said. It's hard to know without the details, but Aries do not play games, usually.

So, don't read into it very much and just take it at face value. Any relationship duo can work. A lot of it depends on age and maturity in the sign, and of course, the Moon sign. Cancer isn't likely to be attracted to such a flighty sign, so if you are a Cancer man and are attracted to an Aries woman, she must have some quality like loyalty that is driving you to her.

That could work. Just look for your common ground. I'm a Capricorn man and I'm dating Aries woman. Can our relationship grow to become a successful marriage? Because we love ourselves and I don't want to lose her. Of course it can!

Older Capricorn men and older Aries women will see themselves in one another - fiercely independent but largely misunderstood. There is common ground there. But as Capricorn, you must show interest.

Apr 30,   If you want to date a woman in Aries, be true with your feelings, and let her know your intentions. There is nothing she likes more. Don't exaggerate when sharing things from your life as Aries hates it when people lie. There are many things that can awaken her temper, so watch out. An annoyed Aries is not at all fun. If you want to attract an Aries woman, you need to be active. Your prospective relationship is doomed if all you want to do is to sit at home. Aries women are active, if not hyperactive, thus you need to get ready to active walking, jogging or even rock climbing. DATING AN ARIES WOMAN - WHAT YOU REALLY NEED TO KNOW! If you're dating an Aries woman, on your mettle! Welcome to the feistiest and the most independent of all the Star Signs - the woman most likely to make the first move, least likely to run scared, and probably the most red-blooded female in the entire Zodiac.

You will have to break out of your shell at least a little bit, and know that though you like to be chased and she likes to chase, she is still a woman and you are still a man. You must try to take the lead. What do you mean about Scorpios? Expound on the last statement in the paragraph regarding a Scorpio's neediness. As with all signs, there are high and low points.

Scorpios, depending on other cts of their sign, can be needy, but I have found this to be true mostly with younger men in this sign than with older men. Also, while some may interpret it as neediness, others may simply interpret it as intensity! Pisces are wonderful, intense lovers, but can be flighty.

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To retain an Aries woman, a Pisces man has to show her that his lovingness isn't for all women, just for her. She might just feel very comfortable with you. Aries can be forward depending on their rising sign but if she's moving too fast, and you really like her, just slow down subtly.

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She can pick up the clues so you don't need to say it outright. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. I have a question. Do aries women have a hard time letting go of scorpio men? I'm dealing with an aries I gave flowers for her birthday,she lost her mom last year.

She is on social media talking about sex alot. She did state her love was real and the scorp cheated on her. I am giving her space but communicate from time to time.

She said she aint ready for a relationship but she constantly horny. I'm a cancer male by the way. Thank you for this. Everything about her is deeply sexy. I love every minute of it! I am a Sagittarius man and I am just absolutely head over the planet for an Aries lady born April 4th too. And I think I try to contact her too much. But recently Ive started giving her space in the hopes that it can bring us closer. But I also find myself looking at articles on the internet related to our astrological signs to keep seeing if there is anything new I can glean and learn from them.

I have to say most articles pretty much say the same thing, your article has given me so much clarity and it just makes me love and want her EVEN MORE than I did before.

My one question is should I keep looking at my insecurity around abandonment I dont ever want her to get bored and leave me or would working on myself change the way she views me in a negative way, ie would I potentially become more or less attractive in her eyes?

This is such a Thorough and positive and truthful article and I thank you so much for this. Any help or opinions would be gratefully received right now. My birthday is April 4th also and you are so correct on the Aries Gemini relationship I'm somewhat dating a Gemini man. He confuse me sometimes, and like you said "we don't like feeling confused and insecure. That was probably the most accurate an Aries woman has been described ever.

Thank you!

5 Things You NEED To Know About Dating An Aries

From one Aries to another. Also, I can confirm the Aquarius and Gemini connection to Aries. I seem to find them around by chance and gaining interest only to find they are of those two zodiac signs. And I have to agree about Sagittarius men, firstly I don't usually find one, but I feel, based on the Sagitarrius women I know that I may not be quite compatible, but who knows.

But in general, those air signs really do make an Aries fire burn brighter. Cap man just got out of a relationship with a aries woman. We were together 2 years and I gotta say she was sneaky and cold in many ways. In the beginning she was pushy and wanted all my attention. When I finally gave it to her she sabotaged the relationship and ended it. She obviously did think about what she was doing because she always did stuff on impulse most of the time.

Only to come back a few months later begging me to get back in her life and once again chasing me around. Once I showed her I was back she broke it off again. In my experience she was immature and was really dishonest herself.

Aries are terrible liars so it is easy to catch them out and they are the most impatient,pushy,entitled,jealous,and demanding women I have ever met. It is not a impossible feat to date any sign of the zodiac. I do feel this where maturity and understanding comes into play. In which she had none.

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I'm an Aries Queen in love with a Cancer. We've dated from college and it has been a helluva of rollercoaster. We have broken up, we have gotten back After he proposed marriage, I knew I did not want to continue the crazy fights so I checked his Zodiac sign.

Now I can understand why he thinks I'm the devil spawn. But he loves me and I love him back, we are taking baby steps to forever. Thanks for writing this, my Aries Queen. This was rather insightful and I agree with almost all of it except for the matches. I too, like another Aries commented attract Virgos like bees to honey. However my best relationships have been with Capricorns, they are very stable and attentive. Unfortunately, only fire signs have matched my passion. So she said lets get deeper so i knew my ass was grass and i told her the truth that my profile was fake and that i was 61 instead of 41 like it was posted in my profile so she said Sir if you can prove to me that you care for me like you tell you do then i give you a real lifes chance to be my man.

And that made feel so good that she told me that i got high on that feeling like i was a teenager again. See i am English and Cherokee so i look 20 years younger then i am and live like am younger also cuz i build custom cars and sell them and i drive a taxi and make very good money doing it and i have a pension and i own my home free and clear.

And my baby Candice is a free lance model and she is drop dead gorgeous and 5'8" with blond hair cut in a inverted bob with bangs and brown eyes and 35 years younger than i am. And i have been a christian for a long time and not studied astrology.

And one of her tests daily for me was asking me if i could stay up with her in sex and i always said yes no problem cuz i am a confident idiot ok.


So i read about us being in a relationship together and it made me so sure that i could handle her with no problem at all. My most intense and deep relationships are with scorpios. I get along with sags more than leos but I attract them both a lot too. My closest friends are mostly water or fire signs lol. Thank you for posting this! So spot on! This is quite accurate for me even though I am a 21 year old Virgo girl. My moon is in Aries though.

I love this. I'm an Aries woman and it's so hard for me to find a guy that can handle being with me. My 3 serious relationships were all with virgos, i attract them like bees to honey and we always fail miserably. Any other guys I'm interested in run from me and I don't know why I'm gonna be single forever.

Well done. You nailed it. I am an Aries, march Aries woman and Aries man are a definate passionate and explosive as well. Start with a bang and end with another type of bang. The begining attraction is intense, the end is instantaneously the same. My experience is afterwards when both have had time to cool down, you can become friends, but do so with caution as the passion never goes away. No matter where you are at in other relationships, the desire never goes away and you will be drawn to each other always.

Be careful with Aries male. All hats off to you!!! I loved this post. It describes us Aries to a tee I unfortunately seem to attract Cancers, which ends up going down in flames They're drawn to me like a moth to a flame!

I'm not sure what type of Virgo you dated but the Sun and Mercury were dead center of Virgo the day I was born.

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I'm an Alpha Male and highly intelligent. I love my Aries woman more than life itself. I'm such a perfectionist that I changed my personality so it doesn't interfere with her freedom or her desire to lead in nearly all areas of life. I allow her to charge ahead and make a mess of life while I stay behind to clean up and repair the damage she does.

I learned Astrology and Numerology and read hundreds of articles on Aries women so I could figure out how to keep her happy. Now I have her heart, her mind, and her soul in the palm of my hand. She is so sexy that she fills my every desire in bed and no other zodiac sign comes close.

Don't abandon Virgo men as being compatible to Aries women, we are highly intelligent, very adaptable, and extremely competitive when we see something we want. When I saw how sexy my Aries woman could be I had to have her, best decision of my life.

I met an Aries woman almost two years ago. I've had the absolute pleasure of making her friendship over the past 6 months. I am a Capricorn. I am 38, she is I am not a flashy Capricorn, but I am very cerebral. We are both very Alpha like.

Aries Woman In Relationships The Aries female is quick witted and self-assured, so be sure to approach her confidently. She also tends to be a bit egocentric, so the way to her heart is to talk about her. Ask about her job, her interests, her passions, and she'll adore you for Donna Roberts. The Aries female loves her freedom but will settle down if her partner excites her. Find out what it is like to date an Aries woman. The Aries woman is outgoing, flirtatious and full of fun. 21 March - 19 April. Dating an Aries woman will require you to have a lot of fun! She is very adventurous. She doesn't just like having fun, she needs to have fun! She absolutely loves to travel.

Yet she is so kind and That being said, I've never met a woman like her She is a beautiful soul. A truly unique woman. A feminine, feminist. If I have a daughter, I want her to be exactly like this kind, gorgeous, thoughtful, spiritual and just all around amazing woman.

I've never met a woman so naturally feminine. Wow, what a woman. Thank you God for giving me the pleasure of even having a woman like her in my presence Darn, l seem to scare men away. And you are spot on about us Aries from my point. And l make many friends Don't get me wrong I've met some nice potential partners but they fail as they lie or not sure what they want, and l lose interest and l may really like a man, but it's either his giving me too much attention or the one's that are not.

And guess what So l give them a couple of chances, then say how l feel and l hate that cause it seems like you begging or reprimanding. So l start to distance myself and go into the friend zone lol my mind and body shuts down of ever getting back together. Sad but l have no time for mind games and long chases. Also, we Aries tend to have this magnetic aura that kinda draws the attention of guys and sadly, these guys are either "clearly into us but afraid to approach" or "will approach but they are the guy we hate" lol.

This article was definitely dead on. I tend to always attract signs I'm the least compatible with according to some of these articles. I'm currently in love and I mean deeply in love with a Scorpio man, he is the ultimate alpha male.

Of course he has his dark side and he's said some words that has hurt me deeply, but Aries being Aries I forgive and let go. He lights up a fire in me that I never experienced before. We both burn intensely with passion and it was as instant connection, our chemistry is out of this world, so much so, sometimes we can read each other's thoughts. I would love to spend the rest of my life with this man, but now I'm not so sure.

I unfortunately have messed it up with my Scorpio man and he decided he wanted to let it go and I have been going crazy ever since. I swore this man was my soulmate and I'm not ready to let him go. I hope I can get him back, I just don't know how or where to began. Are there any Scorpio men dating Aries women? I am a taurus i have a crush on a aries girl at work I am not married and she has a boyfrienthe attraction is intense she look me up and down all time and so jealous if I so much look at another female at work she becomes cold toward me.

Since she told me that she has a boyfriend I do not talk to her much she is not flirty but lately she flirts in front of me may be because we only say hello to each other as she has boyfriend and I am trying to respect that but she want my attention like she is addicted to it what should I do shroud I tell her how I feel I think she knows I can tell that she is very attracted to me physically could you give me some pointers I would appreciate by the way you aries woman are simply the best a man can have thank you.

Hello I'm a skinny 18 year old Scorpio who's deeply and madly in love with a 16 year old aries. She is so attractive and sexy and so perfect for me but I'm just scared that I will be a disaster for her in the future as you know how Scorpios can be.

I'm am willing to sacrifice anything for her. We don't talk everyday and we rarely meet because of our family restrictions. But we do talk every Saturday and sunday. When we do usually our conversation is always romantic and touching.

She showers me with love and care during our conversation. The problem is that I want to spend the rest of my life with her and I hope so. But thoughts are running in my mind,Will she leave mewill I hurt her so bad that she will never forgive me, or will she find someone better than me in the near future and leave me.

Oh god but after this information I think my doubts are getting so true. Is it real that Scorpios can be a disaster to aries Pls I need some advice over here I love this article It dosnt get better than that Im going to save this article an let a few people read it We really are not complicated people We tell people what It is upfront They just dont believe us!

My Aries is exactly the way you described it in your column and now that I know what I was doing wrong I believe that I can correctly give her what she needs as an Aries female the one thing that I am finding the hardest is actually convincing her to open the door once again so then that way I can prove that I am the right person for her, in other words a second chance if there's anyone out there that can give me some advice on how to do this I would appreciate it.

I just need help to get back in so I can prove it. Any advise? Out of 5 women I've been in a relationship with, 3 of them are Aries. The Aries woman is outgoing, flirtatious and full of fun - all traits that other Fire signs find hard to resist.

As a result, she will find long-lasting love with another AriesLeo and Sagittarius. The only thing that may come between these couples is competitiveness. Your wallet will be empty before you know it. You may also like How do you know if someone likes you? The material is for general information only and does not constitute investment, tax, legal, medical or other form of advice.

You should not rely on this information to make or refrain from making any decisions. Always obtain independent, professional advice for your own particular situation.

Close Search Magazine Search. Back to top. The Aries woman is outgoing, flirtatious and full of fun. How to choose the perfect first date location How NOT to date an Aries woman The Aries woman will never be content watching TV in her slippers, so keep things exciting.

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