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I write to inspire, show readers the possibility that abounds for them. Please if you want me to speak at any event, seminar, or be of help, please reach by sending a mail to mike. I must also confess that the disturber won. It comes inclined with the dating format for woman and also the dating format for man. After my lazy hustling one weekend, I decided to chill the weekly stress at a booming bar with friends. A very serious uproar broke out and called for the attention of the other grooving lads.

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Illegal Hustles. Table of Contents. A Sharp G-Boy.

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All the Yahoo Format Book. Share Tweet Pin 8 shares. First Name First Name. Last Name Last Name. Your email input your email. Prev Article. Next Article. Related Articles. Money for nothing right? Frank Michael.

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The dating billing format is one of the most widely know yahoo scam formats worldwide. For this to work, you have to fall in love with a stranger. It is this stranger that will give you the needed Bitcoin after series of plans together. The best platform to find clients for this format is the dating sites. The Dating billing Format takes advantage of the popular phrase "love is blind". Truly love is blind which is why people keep falling for dating scams and you are going to make use of it. A Dating Format Sample. To use this format, you will have to create a female profile and talk like a female. You will need to use an attractive female as. If you are a yahoo boy, i mean real one you supposed to know that yahoo dating is the most popular scam format between the blacks and white. As you continue reading, i am Going to show you everything about yahoo dating format to bill your client for money, you will also be able to download the Yahoo to read offline. First lets talk more about Yahoo dating.

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Yahoo Dating Format A - Z Tutorials {Read and Download}

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It works like the dating billing format, but just that it pays higher. Pack-up and Run. After you've collected the initial amount, don't sit back and hope to collect more money from the client. You are advised to pack your bags and run away. Block her on all . Once their eagerness awakens, it marks the moment that dating billing format, a yahoo dating format is half-way successful. Intriguingly, this yahoo dating format for woman and dating format for man doesn't require voodoo to work. As we have different format same way we have different billings, that is each format have its own billing method. So am going to show you All yahoo formats And how to bill your clients. Yahoo Dating Billing Format. This is between two lovers,man and woman.

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The gay billing format also works like the dating billing format, but this time, you are making it clear that you are gay and interested in men over women. There are the steps you need to do; Visit Google and search for "Gay Dating Websites" You'd see a lot of options like you've seen in .

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One of the ways being used to mar this format is the front-facing camera of your laptop. A client may decide to use it and check on you after some time with specific software.

Also, the photo choice must not be that of a celebrity or any famous person. People can be damned funny. This section contains an ated guide on the dating billing format. Do you think ththeahoo dating format is going extinct? Even if you use the dating format for man or dating format for woman, it still works fiercely.

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I have pending clients right now in many dating sites, including OkCupi Matchand others. How I go about this. My profile is one of the most beautiful things on earth. I thought of something nice to make my profile appear like it. You could also, as a smart lazy hustler, think of something that will easily attract a client to your message. Be sure to have a decent and realistic profile.

Else, the client will be suspicious. This billing method demands that you stay natural or you lose. For you, whether novice or not, you must follow me up. What this technology does is to quickly scan the uploaded photo and then reveal matches to the uploader. So you see, this makes it very difficult for you to win your victim. But there is a way to bypass the access that Google will have on the photo of your choice. Create an account on social networks like FriendsterNetlogMySpaceetc.

Billing format for dating - Is the number one destination for online dating with more relationships than any other dating or personals site. If you are a middle-aged man looking to have a good time dating man half your age, this advertisement is for you. Find single woman in the US with footing. Looking for novel in all the wrong places? Now, try the right place. The dating billing format is the best billing format for yahoo, but there are others you can use when the dating billing format isn't working. I will list out some of the billing formats for yahoo that I use to make sure that none of my clients escape from my hand. The billing formats for yahoo include; (Click to read any of them). When to use the military dating format. Depending on the client you are chatting with, you should know when to use the Military dating billing format. These are the signs to watch out for, and then you can use the military dating format. If she is an old woman or an elderly woman.

Some of these social sites may bar you from signing up as a Nigerian. Like I stated under the requirement sectionmake use of VPNs to falsify your location. Once the photo is changed, it makes it almost impossible for google to trace it to its origin. You can change photo angles too. That makes me legit to them. Also, what determines the gender of my pictures is the gender of my client.

Many g-boys believe in using the dating billing scam on women. I even prefer men, especially aged ones. This is the part that demands covering your front camera. And of course, I ensure that mine is always included. To hook up, I sign into my dating sites accounts.

Dating billing format

When I open profiles, I spend a few minutes to study them before I message. All she needed was someone to be giving her dick. Pick one for yourself and be sure to retrieve photos that resemble someone from that region. After hooking up, this is the stage that decides the outcome of your hard work. Typically, I start with short messages. The old way is the sending of long narrative stories that will bore your potential victim. Make something simple and also mind your English.

There is a grammar tool called Grammarlytry and get it if your grammaticality is poor. For this reason, I want to quit this dating site. Before now, I always used Google Hangout, but unfortunately, the platform was called off.

So I create an exclusive legit email, using VPNs and block wares to stop clients from knowing my exact location. Appear busy always. Be sure that any messaging medium you invite them over to, makes use of your dating site profile name.

Be real in your chats and be calculative before making responses. After some months, initiate distressing modes in chats. I made a client of mine fall this way when I told her that I was a seaman for a company in Bosnia. Once, I told a rich male client at his 60s that I signed up as one of the nurses sent to Pakistan to treat the wounded on contract.

I made him understand that I was tired of the job and wish to depart to anywhere in the world and settle with the money I made there.

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From this point, I had incited pity for myself already. Why I crashed on her was because she was becoming too demanding. There could seriously be no better yahoo dating format than this. Just follow up the way it is and viola, the money in the account. The mistake that Yahoo boys make is often with age. Go for a woman that is more advanced in age and not some sexy bitch.

Most of the beautiful girls profile you find on dating sites are owned by guys like you. Therefore, be smart enough to hook up with older women. Besides that, their emotions are more motherly, and every sad news you break to them will weaken their fragile heart.

When hooking a woman, let your profile read an age that is older than hers. This is because she might be forced to suspect falseness in your approach if your age is younger.

If by chance, the ask of your marital life, there are so many lies you could tell them. She might even be thinking of making babies with you already. Also, to get money from a potential victim woman is easy.

Most of them sign up for dating sites to find someone that will take their vagina top heaven. Some are widows, and some are single mothers, willing to have sex with you for free!

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This is it on the dating format for woman in the dating billing format.

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