Pity, that dating debacles you tell you

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Sign up Log in. No Such Thing As Love. By JawBurns. Laugh with them while they regale us with their dating woes and bring on special guests like a dating coach to dissect their profiles, an ex to explain what went wrong, fellow comedians to share their stories of dating, and actual blind dates that happen in the studio. Listen on. Where to listen. Go to next audio Go to next audio.

What a year it is. Astrologer Vanessa Hardy is back to talk about the year that's been and will continue to be. Jessie and Claire find some reassurance in what this time means for them but understand the rollercoaster isn't over. Before they look to the stars, the ladies talk about new online matches and their new favorite reality show, Labor of Love.

Embracing Farts. Jessie and Claire's dating styles have reached extremes. From sexting with strangers to letting dust collect on viable matches. They also chat about relationship milestones like the first nighttime routine in front of them or the first time you shove a 12 inch sub down the hatch. Bottom line, Jessie and Claire are looking for someone who will celebrate their farts.

Dats Me! Jessie's busy swiping through the local inventory now that she's home and has found a few text buddies who are unapologetically themselves. Claire is learning to flirt with her mask on while feeling flirty and fun in the City. They also talk about getting svelte since they just applied for Love is Blind!

What happens when you want a friend to go on walks with and they turn into a sexter? You talk about it on your podcast. Tinder Therapy.

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In a time of restlessness and instability, we look for joy in low stakes affairs. Enter Tinder. What no one saw coming was an ex resurfacing.

Dating Debacles Ep 6: Smashing the Homies

Jessie and Claire breakdown the relationship that was and what could be after a stroll around the neighborhood. Virtual Speed Dating. The ladies swap stories about their dates with the same 9 guys. Dating is a rollercoaster and Jessie and Claire are here to share every high, low, and confusing twists.

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Strap in and listen as they read it aloud and respond in real time. But remember to keep your arms inside at all times. Some magical nights need an ate after the romance has settled. Since a few days had passed and sentiments had shifted, Jessie and Claire jump back on the mics to let you know the latest. Both Jessie and Claire had dates. One FaceTiming and one strolling.

Dating debacles

Did they find love? Master Dater and Wine Lover.

Aug 29,   Dilbert: Dating Debacles by The GoComics Team. August 29, Share. Share this - Copy link Share Link Dilbert tries and fails, and fails again at dating. Dilbert Classics by Scott Adams. 1. Share this - Copy link Share Link Dilbert Classics by Scott Adams. 6. 3. Dec 25,   Dating Debacles and Smitten Kittens with Leah and Stefan Jessie and Claire wish you a happy holiday by sharing their friend's, Leah & Stefan, nearly unbelievable love story. But first they share their own ates which are far more believable. Aug 29,   Dilbert: Dating Debacles by The GoComics Team August 29, Dilbert tries and fails, and fails again at dating.

Jessie has become a Master Dater with her third virtual date but this one had an added in-person element! She shares all the juicy details and the ladies talk about dating in this new world.

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The Thing about Them. This week we learn some hard and fast things about Jessie and Claire. Not a fan of change, taking it one day at a time, and loving maps are just a few. They texted for a full year before even meeting! Understanding Love at First Sight. Their classroom? They discuss some of the behaviors and communication styles they identify with and are terribly confused by.

People keeping score in fights, crying wolf with compliments, sexual immaturity, daddy daughter issues, and couple with a 17 inch height difference.

Claire is livid. Is That Optimism I Smell?

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The ladies are back! The ladies love to answer questions so send them in on Instagram or nosuchthingasloveshow gmail.

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Love in Cinematic Form. Coming to Terms with Being Gorgeous. Jessie and Claire swap quarantine stories about a FaceTime date, quickie cuffs, braless late night escapes, and weeping all the way down the zipline.

Remember Having Sex in the City? Along the way, they tell some old stories about cheating, dates with sugar daddies, and coming to terms with superficiality.

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All while looking like filth but thankfully for them this is not a visual medium. Quarantine problems! The Quarantine We. Stay safe and wash those hands!

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Demanding Certainty with Jules Mahon. Jessie and Claire are joined by one of their best gal pals, Jules Mahon, to gab all about her exciting dating life and new relationship. They talk about protecting yourself, reprogramming assumptions, delusional love, Attached, and how much her mom loved their show. Beyonce Retrograde with astrologer Vanessa Hardy. Get ready for a hot mess summer!

May 31,   Dating debacles Apart from the lucky few who fall in love at first sight, the rest of us have to walk through the minefield that is 'dating'. Now and then, we step on a landmine.

Tense or Release and Live from Carolines. Stay tuned for the blind date from their live show at Carolines to hear what all the hubbub is about. Panic Room Double Blind Date. This one is in a panic room. Can you feel if sparks were flying?

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Or is the terror of the panic room? The ladies have become avid users of Hinge so they were absolutely elated when they got a chance to sit down with the Head of Customer Experience at Hinge, Matt Cutler. The ladies start off with some recent date stories including Jessie responding to touch like an aunt.

Lip Lickers and Nice Guys.

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Would you rather go on a date with a nice guy from Jersey or a lip licker drug lord? Well Jessie and Claire went on dates with these guys and live to tell the tales. They both show growth in their dating lives as Jessie initiated touch and Claire refused to go to Brooklyn.

The ladies continue to honor their dating intentions with Claire setting up a date near her home and Jessie staying true to her authentic self.

Dating debacles valuable opinion

With finances as a close second. They also chat about freezing eggs, the Gottman Method, adjusting walls, and their love of ketchup. They also get some therapy for their own communication issues because we can all use some help. No Episode Episode. Mark your calendars! Intentions and Opinions with Keith Malley. The ladies set some new dating intentions. Keith has figured out love but has some opinions on their profiles and dating ways.

Pussy Power with Cara Kovacs. Jessie and Claire revisit their great New Years Eve and Jessie talks about a second date with an unlikely suitor. The ladies join Cara's vow to end ghosting culture and urge everyone to follow. And to turn up Lizzo. What A Year It's Been. Raise a glass and have some laughs as Jessie and Claire reminisce on the last year of bad dates and life lessons.

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They talk about being catfished, turned off by an aggressive heckler, reminded of how bad the bad guy was, and taught sex is over when he finishes.

The ladies set resolutions for themselves and each other and decide to switch up their sign off. But first they share their own ates which are far more believable. Jessie went on a date with a wet tongue and Claire hooked up with a playful ex. May their tales bring smiles to your faces and warmth to your hearts! Getting Raw with Jessie and Claire.

Tis the season to strip off the pretense and speak our truths. Then the ladies get into it when Claire triggers Jessie and we all fall into the emotional spiral together. I was sort of led around by the nose, which is sort of fun, that was easy. Change is slow, but I am very willing to look in the mirror and look at my faults and see where I need to change.

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