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As I bounce around Philippines, Hong Kong, and China, I so constantly run into single Filipino mothers working to support their children and family. I think its the biggest problem in the Philippines, and its a deep rooted problem that I wonder if I am even qualified enough to blog aboutI will try my best to explain my perspective. During my last two weeks back, being a social guy, I strike up conversations all over the place. I am so curious how this happens, and I am getting more and more bold to ask questions of the story how it happened. I can go on and on with stories, my friend MikeMo works at Western Union and the Philippines is one of the top countries to receive money from overseas workers. This blog has helped connect many single moms in the Philippines to support network like the one below.

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I know that at least for Roman Catholics one of the major Catholic religionsit is banned by the Chruch, thus they don't use them. If they are not good looking and are single moms, then they are usually easy. Filipino culture is agriculture based, similar to Africa, in that the survival strategy is not in using their mind, but in producing many offspring to offset the high mortality rate.

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What's shared in the group should stay in the group. This post is too reavealing approval. I tried everything but all she wanted was to have her baby in her country and sponge off me. Not happening.

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To me she kidnapped my kid and for that I will be a deadbeat dad. She will suffer and she will get no support for taking my kid for no good reason.

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Filipinos are as corrupt as their country. I grew up in the Philippines but my brothers and sisters never had to do any type of chore. We just concentrated on school. I guess it all depends where you are in the sosioeconomic level. Hi Martin; Yes that has a lot to do with how the Filipino men behave. BUT when it comes to commitment and sex they are mostly the same.

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The law for libel allows charges even if the information is correct Go figure that one. I never employed males in the Philippines. Females were much more responsible and reliable: More dedicated, less corrupt and deceptive. On the side of foreigner marriages to Filipinas.

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Not factual. Filipinas seek love and comfort and give so much.

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The males take what they can because they can. The laws are ridiculous in the Philippines and give little protection or support to the women or victims. The ex president Erap had 4 wives or more and girl friends too and that was ok for all the Filipinos If that is the standard what can the girls expect?

That is to their credit but they are not the normal male. Women are the hunters and the men are the game and they accept that. The men accept advances of a female or make the advances and the female accepts the advances because of limited choices.

I was afraid at first but i chose my baby over his decision for me to get rid of it. We live in my parents house. I try making money from internet programs but my child is in kindergarten and what I make is not enough.

My only consolation is that my son is the 2nd smartest in class, and that he makes everything better, making me want to push on and dream of a better future for the both of us. My son is the best thing that ever happened to me.

OK, maxen57 but why did u have sex unless being sure that ur lover will not just misuse u and he is the one whom u would like to live with forever?

Also in the airport yesterday, I met a European woman, Esther from Samaritana that supports Mom single moms that become prostitutes filipina single for their baby and their family. I was a couple hours early for my dating, and Esther and I went through some stories. Oct 20,   If they are not good looking and are single moms, then they are usually easy. Filipino culture is agriculture based, similar to Africa, in that the survival strategy is not in using their mind, but in producing many offspring to offset the high mortality rate. This is how an agricultural society survives. If you're a single senior looking to start online dating, the process might seem a little daunting at first. It may be your first time using dating sites of any kind. One of the largest Filipina user groups of online daters happens to be seniors searching for love, companionship and friendship.

True indeed. I go to school full time, I have a full time and a part time job at night while taking care of my 3-month old daughter. It is not easy but I feel that its all worth it everytime I see my daughter. Your daughter is the same age as mine. I work as a freelancer and been able to slowly recover financially.

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Although she is unwise for posting here for this kind of help you are disgusting to make this kind of offer to her. You are all that is wrong with the world to have such an attitude.

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One day yes one day your Almighty foundation will fall down around your stupid ass, then maybe we get to see you begging on the street, and People making comments like your stupid ass dose ,will be there to give you the same type of encouragement. I felt really pity on them. Philippines government must do some thing about it otherwise it would be very serious on future.

My husband had an affair with a filipino girl and got her pregnant. We had been married for 20 years and have 3 lovely children but he broke my heart and trust. I am trying to deal with the hurt and pain that he had caused. Presently he is still keeping in touch with the mother of his child.

He is constantly in contact with them and giving her money for child support. He even refers to her as his wife and she calls him her husband even though he swears to me that they were never married. I still love my husband very much and willing to forgive him for him for his transgressions.

Dating Resources For Single Moms Single moms, Filipino and all women alike, have needs to! Just because they have had a child doesn't take them out of the dating scene. It is very common to date Filipino women that have children and here are some books that may be relevant. Jul 12,   There are plenty of available filipinas who are single moms, but you won't find many at all who will settle for a fling. The culture and environment is much different for single moms in the Philippines than it is in America. A lot of single mothers live with their parents or other close family members like sisters or cousins. Filipino Moms - Single Moms Dating Browse listings of Mom users here at Single Moms Dating that are associated with Filipino. Talking to other singles who have like minded interests is an ideal way to come up with ideas to do on a first date. Register for a Free Profile to Date Tonight!

I have even met the mother and child. He brought them here since November this year and they will be going back to the Phillipines on January when their visas has expired. I have only met her twice within the presence of my husband. I guess he is afraid what might be revealed if i was alone talking with her.

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I do not hold any grudges against her but my advice to all women, please do not have sex with strangers or someone whom you have no idea of their marital status. From my experiencei t causes a lot of conflict and emotional heartbreak for me.

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I have been a good wife and mother to his children and yet i have been betrayed like this. When he had a heart to heart talk, he told me it was never my fault but his own.

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But he promised that he had changed now and i am willing to give him a second chance. But there us still that lingering doubt regarding his sincerity and honesty in this whole situation. Everyday i just that God will give me the strength to move forward in life. I think its western values interfering with a family culture- they are innudated with false western images on internet and TV.

Respect all STAFF of FILIPINA SINGLE MOM GROUP. 2 No Hate Speech or Bullying Make sure everyone feels safe. This Filipina single mom dating site features only real single women who are interested in finding other single mothers for love, flirt, romance, relationships and true love online. Single mums is for single parents who are looking for an outlet online to find lifetime love.

The pill means a man can have sex for free- no responsibilities- it all falls to the woman. I have begun asking this question as well, and have come to blame the Filipino men.

The age of consent is ridiculously young for Filipinos 12so they find the prettiest ones and bang them right away. When she winds up pregnant, they abandon responsibility and leave some foreigner to pick up where he left off.


Divorce is also illegal in the Philippines. Good topic.

Dating filipina single mom

And I can contribute tons on this subject. U can call me a specialist in this particular topic. But without going through the details, I can only tell you the root cause and society will take the own course whatever direction this country want to move - Cause 1 In Filipino society single moms are accepted normally which is not the case throughout Asia - from economically advanced countries like Japan, Korea, to the poor countries like India, Thailand - it is a shame to be a mother before marriage.

And why is that? There are some reasons behind this very critical societal problem - First - if a population is poor, uneducated especially in the sex education side this is a Catholic country, bishops, and religious leaders control heavily so that girls do not get sex education - and contraceptives are not available then societal control is required to keep the girls in check from getting pregnant.

These girls when growing up, their mothers are not teaching them, that it is shameful to be pregnant and have a baby when u r not married.

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And you know the result - single moms are the poorest of the poor - not only in the Philippines, but across the globe. Cause 2 - They have an education system of 10th grade school and then straight to College now they are changing that. Lot of the time the girls are mingling with same age boys - and according to well-established studies, a 16 Yr boy is like a kid compares to a 16 yr old girl - girls has much more maturity.

I have seen so many 16 to 20 yrs boys. U can expect that from the young boys. And the girls family has no restriction, they mingle around with these boys.

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