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I dating this guy that has no car. He's cool, nice and I have fun when I'm with him, he also pays for everything when we go out, but sometimes it kinda bothers me when I have to pick him up. He says he can't afford the maintenance on his car and he does not need a car coz he does not go out a lot. I'm not asking him to have a hot ride but sometimes it just gets to me when I have to do all the traveling. How can I get over these feelings.

Always bear in mind that you may develop a need for transport as your relationship develops. Walking is no longer fun, but it could be a potential tip to keep women interested in you.

The idea is a catch for men residing within urban setups where movie parlors, restaurants, stores, and bars are within a walking distance.

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In such a case, catching a train or a taxi may not be worthwhile, but if you still want to put a broad smile on her face do not hesitate to ring a cab at least in time. Alternatively, ask your date to meet you at a particular place for an explorative and romantic evening walk.

A pleasant walk will help you cheer up your date and thoughtfully ease pressure on not having a car.

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Owning an automobile is not a requirement for a romantic night out. Stay smart by organizing a perfect night out for two then catch a cab to your favorite destination for a meal or movie.

The idea is specifically handy when you are in the early stages of your relationship and are determined to explore one another. Be sure to make your date fun and creative by cheering her and keeping her entertained.

The fact that my girlfriend has a car and I do not can only challenge me into a plan to acquire one, but will not scare me from dating her as long as she is willing.

Lack of wheels, however inconveniencing, should never stop you from dating and meeting classy women. These seven tips are handy for successful dating without a car and not turning off women in the process.

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Remember that it is never a good idea to lie about owning a car when you do not possess one because that in itself will turn off women. Ladies, if you really like him and he makes you happy, then dating a guy who doesn't drive should not be an issue. Caiaphas Wanjala.

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Why dating a man who does not drive is a turn off you are expected to have standards and self-respect and dating a carless man doesn't reflect that at all. No car, no love! Period! If you live in a major city with a solid public transportation situation, that's one thing, but if you live in the suburbs or anywhere that having a car not only comes in handy but is kind of a necessity, dating a guy without one is a big no-no. Here's what's his carlessness . Dec 26,   A lot of people do not have a car due to the extensive public transportation system. It's teknoderas.comly most girls consider it more formal for a guy to pick her up and drop her off. But, if he.

How can we improve? I'm not asking him to have a hot ride but sometimes it just gets to me when I have to do all the traveling. How can I get over these feelings.

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Am I being too shallow? If you have a problem then suggest to him to use public transport to meet you at least half way. When you love someone these things do not matter. What is wrong with "cool, nice, and having fun"? Why does it matter whether he has a car or not?

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Do you get where you want to go? You said he pays for everything! What if the roles were reversed? If you're not materialistic, then get over the fact that he does not have a car and appreciate that you found somebody that you are compatible with.

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Many people can't even find that In the grand scheme of things, not dating a person because he does not currently have a car IS shallow. He already feels bad. What kind of GF are you, if you kick him when he's down?!

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I am assuming, at some point, that he should be able buy his own modest car in the future. YES you are being shallow. Listen of what you are saying.

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It sounds like he can't afford a car or he doesn't need one. I have a question to tell you? Do you care a "boyfriend with car" or the "person who he is"? Theres nothing wrong a boyfriend not having a car.

If you tired picking him up, I think you guys should go to a bus trip or metro?

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Why not? If not, then you are the one being selfish. No offense. I'm in the same situation. My boyfriend of 4 months doesn't have a car.

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Well, he uses his mom's car a lot It can get a little frustrating, but we only live about a mile from each other and go to the same college, which is also nearby, so he's never really "out of the way" when we go out and stuff.

Part of me has been wanting to come on here and ask a similar question for awhile but I haven't because I'm realizing that it's really not that big of a deal to me at this point.

I understand his current circumstances and he is saving for a car.

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There's only so much you can do. It's the only "bad" thing about the relationship, and I can never imagine breaking up with someone because they don't have a car. If there are other hindrances in the relationship, then it's understandable.

Dating guy with no car

It really depends. If he is living in an urban area like NYC. A lot of people do not have a car due to the extensive public transportation system. It's true.

I am a guy, but I can say that a lot of insecurity about not having a car is a bigger deal than not having one. Your location matters a lot too. However, I would recommend getting a license. Not having a . Dating Man With No Car, thl tc xdating, the golden rules of online dating, neogaf dating thread. ans. ans. Etait en ligne il y a 5 heures. 21 ans. 1m It may depend on WHY the man has no car. If he can't drive because of a physical problem eg. legal blindness, vertigo, one leg too short, no arms, then she has a problem with that. If he has no license because of legal problems, then she has a problem with that. 65 views View 1 Upvoter.

But, if he doesn't have a car. If he feels bad and he pays for everything.

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You have to make the decision yourself

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