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After a while, you were able to read her like a book when it came to her insecurity over you as a couple. Originally posted by youtubersandothers. Hiya may I have a male ship please? Im a Ravenclaw with a bit of Hufflepuff. Thick curly brown hair, hazel eyes and glasses.

It was about a week beforehand, that George had planned all of this out. You really thought so, but thirty minutes into tryouts, you had clumsily fallen from your broom almost five times, coating your curls and glasses, and all your clothing, in mud and grass, leaving the twins in booming laughter in the stadium, where the Gryffindors had come to watch the Ravenclaws play.

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The team went to help you after a few seconds, but it was still funny. He thought you were cute, as much as he tried to hide that fact, and as much as he tried to hide how his eyes followed you in the days after. And so, George concocted his little scheme. So that will be the end of it, right? The bright blush that spread over your face quickly shut him up, leaving him to stare in embarrassed shock, the room falling painfully silent.

At least. Originally posted by lunasloveisgood. You volunteering your bed for him to rest his injuries when Molly asks - shockingly him inviting you just as much as you initiated a passionate kiss when you were alone. Originally posted by dailywizardwheezes. Honestly, Hagrid was just the only one able to handle you.

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You were a bag full of difficulties and although you were lazy, you were also a ball of energy. Best of all, you were both dog people, though it made him constantly tease you about having a cat petronus. Originally posted by hermioneronharrys. Maybe it charms him to see someone that has something he was never really good at, or maybe he was just so bored with the same exact personality from his school.

Unintentionally, he started looking for you in every room, watching you study or talk with your friends, and finally, one day, when he saw your cheeks color, he knew you had begun to notice, making him smirk before simply plopping down in front of you.

Dating Jealous Hermione Granger would include being oblivious to it at first; Hermione was never the type to make her feelings obvious, so in the beginning, you never even realized she was jealous until you found her crying somewhere a few days later. Apr 13,   Read Dating Jealous!H.G Would Include: from the story -Harry Potter: Hermione Granger x Fem!Reader¬ by Characterxfemreader (Sam) with 8, reads. hermionegra Reviews: Dating Hermione Granger Would Include. "Request: Hermione x Fem!Reader 4 - "How can anybody say that this isn't love?" 15 - "I don't think I care anymore." " Sharing the dormitory - how you two.

You were so much more amazing than he thought, skillful in so many ways. Originally posted by nellaey. Not even Sirius. They all saw you as the quiet girl, who always has her nose behind a book or down in her sketchbook, but you knew James personally, so they were shocked to find you and him joking and laughing loudly before you introduced yourself with a kind smile.

Since the start of your first year, Remus has had his eyes on you, always thinking you were adorable and the most beautiful girl in Hogwarts, and Sirius had noticed and called him out in private, but Remus swore him to secrecy. He said he can never be with you anyway, for obvious reasons,m so there was no need to make a scene. Thank you, depressed-changeling! That means, if you guys want, you can start requesting your self ships through submissions, telling me if you want it to be anonymous.

Posts Let's talk Dating Jealous Hermione Granger would include being oblivious to it at first; Hermione was never the type to make her feelings obvious, so in the beginning, you never even realized she was jealous until you found her crying somewhere a few days later.

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Gif not mine. I ship you with Fred Weasley Originally posted by avocadosalad2 Fred and George always had a way of initiating pranks that would hit the most unsuspecting of targets; of course, there was an unvoiced agreement between students that these accidents were worth a few injuries, in order to keep letting the twins blow things up or make dreary days a bit more fun.

Okay, so why is that woman JK Rowling? Originally posted by dailywizardwheezes Requested by anon, who I will love and cherish forever and ever. Also, I am sorry it got so long.

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I finally have my interview for my Green Card in less that 24 hours. I am going gray with stress, but ugh, I am so excited! One stressed nerd. Anonymous asked: Hi!

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Marauders ship please? Straight female. Madam Hooch blew a whistle beneath you, and loudly requested the captains.

Dating hermione granger would include

As did in every game, you and James flew down, eye level with Hooch. I want a clean match, you two. You rose up from the ground to hover above your team as the game commenced.

Hooch was spouting her nonsense, as the Snitch buzzed around. Finally, she released the quaffle, and the game was off. You glanced around for the Snitch, and then at James, who was already looking at you.

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You blinked, and looked away, zooming to a higher vantage point. You were set on winning this game. Seven minutes went on, you and James both trying to spot the snitch.

It seemed impossible. Suddenly, you heard a buzzing behind you, and turned to see the snitch about two feet away. Your breath caught in your throat and you whipped around towards it, zipping behind it as it plummeted.

You hear both the Slytherin and Gryffindor teams burst into cheer as you and apparently James both switched into action.

You were nearing the snitch, but could see James moving closer out of the corner of your eye. You reached your fingers out, almost grazing the wing, and James dived underneath you, behind zipping straight up and stealing the snitch from right in front of you. His eyes lit up and he began squawking immediately.

Congratulations, Gryffindor! James laughed in front of you as teammates flew closer and the crowds roared. The sound of canons and bells filled your ears as the Gryffindors rejoiced.

You scoffed and flew closer to James. The Gryffindor captain smirked, sliding a hand over your cheek.

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James leaned in and placed a short, and sweet kiss on your lips. He smiled, tasting the cherry chapstick on your mouth. Pulling away with a laugh as the other Gryffindors piled in, he pecked your lips one more time before soaring off for a victory lap. Originally posted by peterandygarfield. You stared at her for a second, before returning your attention to the almost blank piece of parchment sitting in front of you.

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The essay was to be about one major contribution they had to the wizarding world, and how it had affected you personally. She mewed, and sprawled out across your parchment, knocking over an ink well in the process. You sprung from your seat, and quickly charmed away the mess.

You scolded Delilah, looking at the couple blots on your shirt.

Dating Harry Potter Would Include d r a c o m a l f o y. It's Always Been You. Pretty Little Secret. Midnight Talks & Firewhisky. Leaving It All. h e r m i o n e g r a n g e r. Dating Hermione Granger Would Include l u n a l o v e g o o d. Dating Luna Lovegood Would Include ated Read Being a Slytherin & Dating H.G Would Include: from the story -Harry Potter: Hermione Granger x Fem!Reader¬ by Characterxfemreader (Sam) with 10, reads. Oct 28,   Dating Hermione Granger would include You two met in Charms class. She was so focused on a book, that you couldn't ignore how beautiful she was with a frown on her face. During the class, you couldn't pay attention to the professor, you only saw her.

The morning light shining through the window gave them a blueish hue. You yawned, looking out across the field behind your dorm. Seconds later, a knock on the door broke you from your fatigue induced trance. You trudged over, glancing at your appearance in the mirror while calling out to the visitor. You looked like a deprived raccoon, hair sticking in all directions with bags under your eyes in pajamas.

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Nonetheless, you opened the door, nearly slamming it shut when you saw your visitor. Remus Lupin stood outside your dorm in a sweater and glasses. He looked just as tired as you, but had a warm glow as always.

He bit down on his lip as you swung the door open, shoving his left hand into his pocket. You gave him a quizzical look. He was the popular, mysterious, prank-pulling Marauder in the year above you.

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What business did he have outside of your room at nine on a Sunday morning? With a soft jerk, he pulled something out of his pocket. He ran a hand through his hair with another hearty laugh. You smiled, balling up your underwear.

He turned away quickly, almost jogging down the hallway. You bit down on your lip, making a split second decision. He gave you an expectant look.

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You smiled, throwing your panties into the clothes bin to your right. Posts ships open : Archive. You trust her more than anyone in this world. Any era.

I'm a 5'3ft Gemini with long black hair, blue eyes and light freckles on my nose and cheeks. I'm Australian so my accent is very thick. I'm the rebel of my friend group and love to have a good laugh. I have tons of friends and I'm very popular at my high school. I'm very closed off when it comes to my emotions so I sometimes come off as bitchy.

I'm a Ravenclaw, I love alternative music I'm a singerclassic literature and sleeping.

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I hope this is okay. Thx lovely. My name is Maria. I'm 4'11 I'm short ik I have dark brown neck length hair. Brown eyes and tan skin.

Top 10 Reasons Harry Should've Ended up with Hermione

I love hp of course I am and introvert, i love plants, play ukulele, read too much, if that's even possible. I am kinda popular ig.

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I like grunge, indie, alternative things. I'm vegetarian. I'm slightly athletic. And I'm a girl, straight and a Gryffindor.

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