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You have free time in med school except maybe during your core clinical year although you still arguably have most weekends. Try the book store. Plenty of hot chicks. Or the roller rink at noon on a Monday.

Dating medical student reddit

Might find yourself a single mom at a birthday party. You CAN talk every single day though. If married people with kids can do it and do very well in medicine then you can date someone. It's not your age that's the issue.

And unless you meet the love of your life it's generally not recommended to hook up with classmates but YMMV.

Relationships \u0026 Dating in medical school - Dating a med student - Couples residency match process

There are people who do find quality relationships, but they're seemingly exceptions at most schools. Yes, it sucks. Believe me, we know. Try to pick up social hobbies to meet the opposite gender outside of school if you can. Don't ask me for recommendations as I have none. I cannot envision any circumstance in which I'll ever have the opportunity to have sex again. How's it gonna happen? I just don't see how it could occur. Edit: You'll have plenty of time to date in medical school but you might have a hard time getting one lol :.

I was mainly planning on focusing on getting friends when I get there and doing social things like going to the bars with them if we have time on a weekend or whatever. Dating isn't that hard but you will have to be prepared for the idea that most of your classmates are unavailable since a lot of them are yes, older and yes, in relationships.

Plus studying makes that even harder. Med school doesnt make a big difference to dating except that you have to be a bit more efficient with your time. Everything else is the same. PS just a heads up the dating scene has become absolutely whack in the last 10 years. If you're an average looking dude get ready to have your soul crushed a few times.

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Only issue has been finding girls who actually want to hookup or date If you're not going on dates then you are having an issue. Having an online penpal doesn't mean anything.

Jusy get some dating apps and try it out. Dont hook up with classmates unless its a serious thing you want to try, rule of thumb but ymmv.

I spent all of med school single so agesand then in my final year downloaded OkCupid out of boredom during one quiet night shift at the ER and ended up getting together with my now boyfriend within a week. I seriously hope that some of them come out of quarantine with new gfs so I can say hello in the hallway without it being interpreted as flirting. First I thought it was just one weird dude, but then I noticed a trend.

There were a few guys who were single, but by the 2nd week were officially dating other female classmates. At one point each group was sitting in a circle in different corners of the hall socializing.

She sees a girl talking to her hubby-to-be, gets so jealous that she leaves her group, and goes over to his group, sits in his lap, starts petting his hair while glaring at the girl and says I hope he gets away from her I hope none of them are batshit crazy lol. It's certainly not easy but not impossible. If you're 21 you shouldn't feel like getting left in the dust at all you have plenty of time.

Med school doesnt make a big difference to dating except that you have to be a bit more efficient with your time. Everything else is the same. PS just a heads up the dating scene has become absolutely whack in the last 10 years. If you're an average looking dude get ready to have your soul crushed a . Jan 24,   This Is What It's Like To Date A Med Student. Dating is now speed-dating or studying. by Caitlin Cowie, Brent Bennett, Ned Fulmer. View this . I am an older, non traditional medical student who is starting school this fall. My partner and I are planning to have our first baby loosely with the timing such that we would be caring for an infant during clinical year. My partner will be staying at home, but we have no friends or family in the area.

Just need to be wise about your free time. I echo what others have said about dating apps which is perfect for those with busy schedules. Sorry to hear about your recent break up but take some time to yourself and maybe towards the end of the summer download one of these apps and try it out!

I would think as a 21 year old you wouldn't run into a problem dating no matter where you were living. Classmates may be older but there will be a lot of people around who won't be your classmates. Based solely on observing my classmates, dating in med school is pretty much just dating in college. Now you'll just have to condense all that cheek clapping in between studying, OSCES, wellness lectures, etc.

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Have you found any helpful ways to find balance between the demand of work and a social life? This is a struggle. I was fortunate enough to have a relationship going in, and my partner moved with me.

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With that said, it is a constant battle. There is no time that I don't have a voice in my head telling me I really ought to be studying even right now while I'm writing this. With that said, I've tried to be very descriptive about when I can participate versus when "us" time is going to consist of you-making-dinner-for-me-on-paper-plates. I don't know how helpful it is, but sometimes I will say things like, "You are very important to me and your support keeps me strong and reminds me why I'm doing this, but this week I need to focus on my studies more than us so that I don't lose everything.

I don't have any social life at all outside of this relationship. Like, zero.

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This does cut down on networking a bit. In the end, I think it's all about communication. This week is bad.

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Next week I can spend time and catch up on House. Six weeks from now is two bad weeks. Oops I failed an exam and am going to be desperately depressed for three days, please hold me and don't expect anything because I can't.

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If I didn't have this relationship, I'd probably hit up tinder between exam weeks for sexual release and go out with my class friends more for platonic socializing. Shitty deal but I can't imagine trying to set up and maintain a long-term relationship during medical school unless it's with another med student, and I feel pretty strongly about the old adage, "don't shit where you eat," because the only thing worse than being lonely in medical school is probably having drama in class.

Thank you for responding so comprehensively. I'm sorry that you have to deal with the stress of maintaining a relationship and the demands of med school, it sounds rough.

But honestly, if it's any consolation, it sounds like you're doing a really great job, given the circumstances. Seriously, good luck with everything :. Well the exotic look does work for most typical guys. However, I'm just not sure it's the most popular look for guys in med school.

The guys I've talked to really only rant and rave about the two thinnest white girls in the class and both of them are blonde and definitely size 0 or They want someone sweet and all american looking. My theory is that this works with the "perfect" life they are building for themselves. People in my med school mostly come from conservative, christian or jewish upper middle class or families full of doctors.

Having a dark girlfriend doesn't fit into this picture perfect family.

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This is what I've gathered from just listening to and observing them. I went to an elite school for my undergrad, and while it was fairly diverse, I definitely felt invisible because of exactly what you described: men came from backgrounds that socialized them to want the idealized, white "all-american" beauty.

And while this caused me a lot of pain for years, I've come to realize that I don't want to be with anyone who sees me inherently less-than because I'm a person of color and would carry me as their shame if we were to date.

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I may be deemed more appealing because I have light skin and ethnically ambiguous features, but I'm not interested in men that harbor deep seeded racial biases about people of color and view them as inferior. So again, maybe I won't or will never have wide-spread appeal in terms of appearance, but I've spent enough of my life de-programming my own internalized racist beauty standards I don't need a partner that still believes in them.

has analogues?

That said, thanks for your response, I think your analysis is correct, and maybe I'll have to look outside of med school to find a compatible partner. What he says about the importance of being thin is indeed true but it is false that one has to be only asian and white.

Many men find mixed race women if anything more attractive. Honestly there is this super attractive Chinese guy in my year. I'm not sure what the consensus is on him from other girls in the class though.

Like a really light skinned indian dude? Lol I'm not the expert but I don't think that would work against you. You'd probably be close or even on the same level as a white guy. Especially since you're essentially white. As a foreigner studying in Poland, I feel like med-students mostly date other med-students, at least us in the english program.

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It's quite common for first-year students to hook up with eachother during the first months, and then people start relationships later. As far as I know, none of us are dating any "locals". Thanks for your input! Do you think people don't often date outside of the med-student pool because of time constraints? Nah, I think it's more that we don't really sosialize outside med-school.

Feb 17,   Medical students face particular dating challenges if your significant other understand the unique demands you face. The fiance of a second-year resident shares advice on maintaining a healthy relationship.

There isn't even much sosializing between the english- and polish-speaking students. I don't think the time constraints factors that much into it. Can I ask how exactly it's like high school? I was mostly scared of boys and completely focused on academics, so high school was a bit different for me. The difference though is that there are also a decent amount of people that are very focused on just doing well and have no social life.

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No shame in that either. It's was a bit weird working for a few years in the "real world" and then going back to school to feel like social norms reverted.

Interesting, I'd really hoped cliques would be abolished after high school, but thanks for your input.

Feb 16,   A few of my male colleagues met their spouses during residency. One I know who was our perpetual bachelor dated like a dozen different female doctors from specialties we interact with until he met his wife during his chief year and now they're married with a baby. Med School is like highschool all over again, people will date each other in your class, break up, cheat on their SO before medical school with someone in the class, and some will just be sex buddies. The drama is the same as high school too. I've heard all sorts of advice about how you shouldn't date people that you work with, etc. but I've been dating another medical student for almost a year and I've honestly never been happier. We were good friends and close before we started dating for what it's worth, but it's genuinely been wonderful. I would do it again times.

I added attendings, residents, nurses, nursing assistants, professors of Gen Surg to my list. You'll be OK. Not inflammatory enough to be a troll, not zany enough to be funny I don't really get what you're doing.

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Become a or and join one of thousands of communities. Want to add to the discussion? Post a comment! Create an account. Most medical students are far too high strung. Date outside of med school. I don't understand why they don't just break it off if it comes to that. Think of all the lives you'll save if you're dead: none! I'm sorry you're having a tough time but I wish you the best :. I think? But between exams, there is time, and I make a lot of the meals. How is everything going so far?

Good, good. Let the self-hatred consume your life. You raised my confidence. I'm a girl though. Didn't know there were girls on the internet. Thanks again. We really don't have cliques in my school. And you're just jealous.

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