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For all of the experts out there. What do you consider "real" Mongoose bikes? Just the late 70's through Mid 80's? I have a mid school loop tail made in Taiwan. Is it considered a good one or is it considered no better than the current Walgoose bikes.

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Thanks for visiting our site! The brian lopes signature frame was cool was like a 20 " front half with a mtn bike rear so you could run a profile 3spd bmx kit.

Aba banned multi speeds and mongoose only made like 25 of those frames i believe. The 'carbon' and 'stealth' frames were cool too. I heard mongoose is making new competitive bikes again, not department store. Any truth to that? Thanks for the info JC A few posts up there is a link to the new Mongoose bikes that are supposed to be as good as anyone else's and are not walgoose editions. I did some digging on another site and found that by Mongoose frames were being built in Taiwan. I feel that bad now with mine being made there too.

They never stopped making Good bikes, they just got smart and decided to outsell everyone in the bike industry and they did:lol:.

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I also have a 96 Expert Pro. Is yours threaded or threadless forks? I've seen both. Ride decent. The chrome and welds are nice, and it's amazingly complete, only missing the front and rear reflectors. I'm happy with mine, regardless of where it was made. Mark,I really don't know if it is threaded or not.

Jan 07,   The brian lopes signature frame was cool was like a 20 " front half with a mtn bike rear so you could run a profile 3spd bmx kit. Aba banned multi speeds and mongoose only made like 25 of those frames i believe. The 'carbon' and 'stealth' frames were cool too. I heard mongoose is making new competitive bikes again, not department store. Please note: The Mongoose serial number will give you the build date of your BMX. Frames were normally manufactured the year before being sold in bike shops. So a build date on a frame of usually means the bike was sold in stores in This is the case with the Mongoose Brawler 24 below. The most complete history of BMX Products, Inc. We have established this site because we have become aware of the many other loyal Vintage Mongoose owners and former owners throughout the world who want information about their Vintage Mongoose bikes. It is a place where you can get technical information about parts, interviews, racers, company history and even a few restoration tips.

I never looked. When it was shipped to me, the forks and stem were still on the bike and I never took them off. I like mine too, I just wonder how an old school would feel in comparison.

Mongoose bikes were made in Merida Japan in the 80's Hope this helps your question. Californians and experts. They feel different.

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Different geometry over time. It's easier to ride my 79 without hands, but, more comfy to ride the Expert Pro. But, there is something I like about the smaller This is mine. The stem on this is the stem you'd have for threadless forks. Login Name: Password: Register. Re: The Last "Real" Mongoose Bikes A friend of mine had a solution pro back in likethat bike rode awesome and my other buddy had the first run of the Tim Hall frames in like 95 I think, that was a great trail bike, that thing rode like a Cadillac.

Re: The Last "Real" Mongoose Bikes To my untrained eye, my '96 loop tail looks that same from a distance as an 80's model loop tail. Posted with Mobile. Vintage Mongoose bike. From the research I did. I believe it is a and from the Chatworth factory. The serial number on the bottom is CE9 Tioga Compact Disc sprocket included and fork. Please see pictures for condition. The exact year is unknown but I have included serial for your research. I see no structural issues with the frame or fork.

Surface rust on spokes. Chain,brake caliper parts.

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Spots of surface rust on handlebars. Most of this is fixable with simple wire brush.

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Will ship with Fedex for lowest cost. Great vintage Mongoose BMX Bike Found at an estate sale Seems to be all original Great restoration project Being sold as is so please view photos Some normal wear including some paint loss One of the spokes is broken on the back wheel as shown Tires are flat Will be taken apart some for shipping Please ask any questions.

This seat was never really used. Was replaced with another seat. It's a good quality seat, with a solid covering. No stitching to worry about. It appears to be a good quality seat. Is approximately 10 inches long 6 inches wide at the widest point. Please e-mail with any questions. AMP had state of the art designs and was considered top of the class back in the day.

And I also think the started out designing for Mongoose. The Size is Medium and measures I Also have the original wheels that I will included with this auction, sorry the V brakes are long gone. From my research the bike is Original with new tires and missing pedals, then the Wheels shown are the upgraded, front hub looks like an AMP product with the 3 bolt rotor Bike is Used, But you can tell the bike was loved and taken care of, the owner said he got it as a model purchased in and rode it up till and it has been sitting since then.

The Bike is over all pretty nice, the aluminum is faded and or aged, the bike has some scratches and wear, you probably could polish it up nice. I Took lots of pictures so soak them up. Some of the socket screws have rust, the seat has tears and grips are quite worn.

A Classic Mountain Bike and it rides good. I Traded Pretty Heavy on this bike, but I like the bike and that usually is good thing.

The price is up there, should the price be to high for you check back I will lower over time. Keep in Mind Shipping will be higher because or 2 Sets of wheels. Happy Bidding! Buy Multiple Items and Save on Shipping. Same Item: Instant Automatic Discount. Separate Items:. Minor shop wear I Vintage bicycle parts are exactly that. They are old- whether new or used.

Unlike fine wine or cheese. They do not improve with age. Bicycle parts are not stored in climate controlled rooms or vaults. They were never works of art.

1983 mongoose Supergoose Bike Check

They were practical, usable items. They can have dust, dirt, bugs, oxidation, etc.

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If you have any questions, always ask. PayPal only auction. We ship fast via USPS within hours of payment.

Born out of a garage in SoCal back in , Mongoose is synonymous with BMX. Mongoose designs BMX Freestyle and BMX Race bikes for riders of all ages and ability levels, and our bikes are trusted by some of the world's best riders. Great vintage Mongoose BMX Bike Found at an estate sale Seems to be all original Great restoration project Being sold as is so please view photos Some normal wear including some paint loss One of the spokes is broken on the back wheel as shown Tires are flat Will be taken apart some for shipping Please ask any ViewItemDescV4. on BMX Products, Inc. Frames. Identifying the serial numbers on the early Mongoose frames is actually quite easy and intuitive. For the most part the early Mongoose frames from and into early were done with hand stamped 5 digit numbers starting from For example, a frame from will have the numbers like

Payment should be made within hours of auction end. Shipping to United States and confirmed PayPal addresses only. International shipping is available worldwide; please contact us for rates prior to bidding. Please ask us to add these options with their For international customers, if you do not pay the additional charge for tracking and insurance, we will not be responsible for loss of item. Thank you.

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Happy bidding! A fourth-generation cyclist whose grandfather founded what is today the United States Cycling Federation. Fraysse was a world-class racer with a National Championship title before moving into the coaching role.

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In he brought Polish coach Eddie"B" Borysewicz over from the Eastern Bloc, and together the two went about revolutionizing the sport of cycling in America. For his contributions to the sport, in Fraysse became one of the only Americans ever to receive the.

Has some minor wear This is a 20" frame I believe this is from This is very rare and hard to find Check out some others that i have on my auctions We offer combined shipping If for some reason we misrepresent this item by any means we will refund you the entire amount of the transaction. However,if it is just that you change your mind or didnt like the color or something doesnt fit even though the size is given you will only get back the cost of the item less the original shipping.

We will try to help you the best we can. Scooter is new old stock. Never built. Has minimal shelf wear and looks brand new as it should. This is the deluxe pro version of the mongoose miniscoot, fork has threaded peg mounts and wheels are 14" instead of the standard 12" Frame also has all of the mounts to use the stock spin tech gyro system. Even has stock brake shoes. Nothing has ever been moved or adjusted see dropouts.

Handlebars seat pictures etc. This bike is 28 years old so it has some scratches and imperfections. Mags are very clean with a few spots that are doing the typical tanning from age Everything works as it should front brake needs cable adjusted but I wanted to leave it as it was when stored Some parts will be carefully removed for shipping local pick up welcome Selling off some old bmx items to purchase a high end MTB.

For example: CH8 Again. The C stands for Chatsworth[California] where the frames were manufactured. The next letter in the sequence is the month code. One grip has a small cut in the end.

Most parts have not been fully tightened for ease of disassembly and to avoid marking; Brake cables have not been clamped for same.

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Bicycle will be partailly dissassembled. Oh boy. Complete original set first generation Supergoose or Motomag pad set. Could also go on a Team from 78 or Yellow is the rarest color as the production mainly concentrated on red and blue. These never come up as a set and are holy grail and will always go up in value.

Please be ready to pay immediately if Buy It Now is hit. They are in great shape but there is some light stains. Buttons as you can see are very nice and work very well. Don't miss out on these and Congratulations and good luck. Timing is everything. Free Shipping to U. Selling as is which means basically the tires are currently flat and may or may not need to be repaired or replaced.

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The same applies to the brakes. Seat, handle bars ect.

Jan 17,   I've got an old Mongoose I saved from the trash 14 years ago. From the the dropouts it looks like a model. There is no coaster mount but its got the brake bridge and is the no hole dropout. There serial on the bottom bracket though is a F? Im not sure on the last 3 digits but I know the F is the first part of it. Any ideas. Dating the original double gusset Mongoose works something like this Example, C49 The first 3 digits are the date code. C = Chatsworth 4 = Month, 4 would be April, the 4th month 9 = the last digit in the year manufactured, The rest is the sequential production number.

So I am selling a frame with parts along with it, all of which may work fine or some or all are defective in some way or another. So selling as is means a bike which may have broken parts and or a frame that comes with parts ect. If you know and are familiar with bike shipping costs then go ahead and bid. It would be from I have it listed for pick up only partly because I would be out of town and most likely won't be able to answer questions ect.

If you only want the frame just let me know and I can just ship that otherwise I would most likely disassemble the bike and ship it as is. Thank you and best regards. One of the original ATBs. All original parts except grips. No tread wear on tires.

Original chain with no stretch. This bike was barely ridden maybe miles tops and then stored until now. Bike will be professionally boxed. Great opportunity to add to your vintage collection.

Most of my items will naturally show wear from age and use. This is an auction, and the sale of item will be considered final. I have endeavored to photograph and accurately describe every item as to its condition and authenticity to I am happy to answer any questions during the auction! Very cool black with red components vintage bmx bike. The unstamped Tuff 1s are freewheel but have a coaster brake arm attached to the frame.

Their was a red set of aluminum V handlebars next to the bike not pictured That I will put in the box when I ship it.

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No dents cracks or repair welds. This is in nice shape but not super nice. Should get much nicer once cleaned up and tightened to ride or show off.

Congrat's and good luck. This bike has been kept in storage for the last 33 years. Original Instruction Manual from original purchase years ago! Chromo Moly Motomax frame. Competition fork.

MX Saddle seat. Be sure to add me to your! Check out my! Great piece from the past.

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Far from mint condition, but a perfect piece for restoration, The frame is not bent, The bearings are good, tires are good, brakes work.

Only flaws are cosmetic so go ahead and use zoom! As always return accepted. During and after purchases will any questions or concerns. Robinson frame, forks, and bars.

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Bulletproof seat, Arai style single wall rims, Acs style neck, straight and angled seat posts, chain adjusters, and Oakley III style grips.

Have new Micro block tires, and 3pc cranks also. This frame was built in the USA. It's all in great shape, except some minor scrat ches and mars. Top tube is After back surgery. Knee surgery, hand surgery, and a broken foot, the wife says racing is out. I know I won't get what I have invested in it, but I'm asking a fair price.

Please ask questions before bidding. I will answer the best I can. Make sure they will fit or work for your application or use. I have no intention of misrepresenting any item I have for sale.

I only charge actual Please use shipping calculator as a reference only. Please make sure have intention and ability to pay before bidding. Nonpaying bidders will be dealt with legally. Please contact me directly for a shipping quote. Thank you for looking. And happy bidding! Vintage Mongoose old school bmx freeystyle miniscoot scooter 16" mags Large.

This bike has not been cleaned and is how it came from the bike shop in Nothing has been replaced. There is a little grease to clean off near cranks and that may be it.

It is not perfect but close and has not been cleaned yet. It stored indoors for its whole life and was barely ridden. Lava splash color I believe. Ask questions if need be and congrats and good luck. The pads are new repro Nickel frame. To make it a usable and modern BMX, not just an antique to be looked at.

But if you are just a collector I have not ridden it to keep the tires clean and new. It has got brand new Skyway Tuff II wheels with sealed hubs. It has got a new Mongoose chain wheel 39T in an old school design. The forks are original old school Mongoose. The pads are repro.

Dating mongoose bmx

A set of originals is just impossible to find! The grips are old school Mongoose and the decals are repros. Rear brake is MX. Please note on this bike the seat post is completely stuck.

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You may have better tools than myself to remove it but I couldn't get it to budge. It looks absolutely fine. In fact I prefer The seat post is stuck at a good height, I wouldn't need to adjust it myself to ride it. This is a great example of a classic BMX bike, built to be ridden.

I will do my best to describe but I'm a Skateboard guy so this is beyond my scope. The bike appears to be all original except for the GT prefromer peddals. There is light rust on the pegs.

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Crank, wheels and handle bars. I have oiled the moving parts and wiped the bike down. I haven't ridden it or tested it because I wouldn't know if anything was wrong but it seems ok. I will partially take the bike apart to ship. Please ask any questions before buying because this is a vintage item I will not accept returns.

I will try to answer questions with my limited bike knowledge. I will only ship within the Continental U. Original bike but has NOS comp 3 tires as shown. Only mounted for display. I do bmx shows and this bike I a hit because of its color. Has HTI pedals. Sugino crank arms, pro class V rims, dia compe brakes, brake cables dated. The chain I'm told is a pro class chain.

Fully functioning Spin tech also. Come see my other bikes on Bmxmuseum. My name is timcirello. Vintage Mongoose Pad Set Supergoose. These pads are off a Mongoose BMX bike. They are in good shape overall. There is a small tear in the frame pad. Less than a centimeter. This tear is nearly invisible to the naked eye. I almost didn't even find it myself when readying these for sale.

There is also a slight scuff on the edge of the frame pad. Do not know if either of these flaws can even be seen in the photos. The handlebar pad is in similar condition. No tears but one or two small scuffs. The stem pad has no tears but again has a few small scuffs, visible in the photos. There is a small amount of rust on the inside of the snaps. This is almost impossible to avoid with something of this age.

The foam for the handlebar pad and the top tube pad is dry rotted but that is easily replaceable. The foam in the headset pad is still in great shape.

This is a very good set of Why hunt for these pads separately when this is a very nice complete set. CT Mongoose Supergoose Vintage. Up for auction. Supergoose Mongoose. Vintage Bike, please look at pics. Does have some rust. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions. Thanks and Happy Bidding! More pictures at olderbikes. This is my original 2nd owner vintage Mongoose BMX bike that I fully restored myself using all the original parts when possible and triple chrome plating the frame and polishing all the aluminum and chromoly parts to a mirror finish.

Every piece is either original. Chrome plated, polished, or replaced new NOS.

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