Apologise, but, dating single mom experiences confirm. happens. Let's

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If you can't open you heart to the little kid as well, then you just really didn't care about her, did you? Making relationship decisions based on fundamental cts of someone's lifestyle is literally the opposite of "being shallow".

This is some high-end emotional manipulation. Take note, gentlemen. If anyone ever says this to you, RUN!

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Real talk: Because being out with the kid is a completely different experience. I have to censor myself, I can't be as flirty or sexual as I like. And let's face it, most of the attentioj revolves around the child.

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It's just not an enjoyable experience for me. I've known her for months, and love spending time with her. Met the kid twice, was fun, genuinely made an effort, but I realized I just don't see most of my future "dates" going like this.

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She sensed it too. Not saying that you should keep seeing her if the kid is that much of an issue, really just curious I've been a single parent for almost 10 years, kiddo is almost 12 now, and it's much easier overall now that he's older Yeah that's how it was until recently. But there came a point where it was either I stop avoiding the kid, or we stop seeing each other because she wants someone that she can spend time with while her daughter's there.

I offered to meet the daughter, I made a legit effort. Hell, I spent the day before nervous as fuck Googling ways to get along with young children she doesn't know this. I asked her how to behave and if there's anything I should avoid doing. I like the kid- but I do feel that outings with her involved are unfulfilling for me. I can't act the way I want, I'm walking on eggshells. Plus whenever me and the mom start having fun with each other or even just talking to each other for more than 20 secondssomething immediately happens and we need to focus on the kid.

It seems that that's what life with a kid's like. But I can't imagine most of my dates with a woman I like going like that in the future.

It makes the young guys dating single moms shine brighter for it. That sounds stupid as fuck. The two occasions, by themselves, are nothing. But they're a glimpse into what future outings will be. The kid isn't here on vacation for a week- that's what her life's like.

Apologise, dating single mom experiences are

And I didn't enjoy being out with a woman I like but not being able to touch her when I felt like it. Or not being able to fully immerse ourselves into any moment because the kid is understandably the main priority of any event. It's, quite literally, an incomplete experience for me. I do like the kid, she's fun. But I like her for like an hour, then I start wanting to spend some proper time with the woman I'm actually there to see.

And that's not how it works - nor should it, I don't want to push her to spend less time with her kid. Your experience is valid and I've been in your shoes before. It comes down to the mom. She has to be self-aware enough to realize this will inevitably be the experience of any man she dates and I'd say she needs to be conscious of that and try to offset the experience for the man.

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We broke up last year. That part of my life has hugely impacted and will forever be a lasting part of me. I know now beyond a shadow of a doubt kids aren't for me, be they yours or mine. My vasectomy is next month - I'm Dating has been hard as hell. Almost everyone in my age group seems to want to get settled down and pop out kids or all ready has them.

Richard Cooper on the DANGERS of Dating Single Mothers

But I don't regret my choice. I may not have reached the heights of happiness I once briefly had yet but I've not come close to the vallies of misery either. Have a buddy who recently broke up with his single-mom girlfriend. Similar reasons- it wasn't anything bad, but she just had two many other things to focus on besides him. That's the 2 reason I won't date single moms. I am turning 25 this summer.

I dont want kids. There are plenty of women who want a man who does not want kids. Did that twice on okcupid. Was interesting and while I respect single moms I'm the child of a single mom both of the ones I went with left me a little skeptic.

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One specifically just wanted to hook up, which is fine, I don't mind. I'd come by her street and get her, she apparently left her kid with dad they weren't "together" anymore and she lived at her moms and we'd go to my place.

Was fun but one time, we were getting it on and I was about to stick it in and I didn't have any condoms left, so I told her no I'd rather not lets just touch and stuff, and she kept insisting I stick it in her. I pushed against it and we didn't but after that she didn't want to see me again, even though we'd done it before with protection. I just didn't have any that time my fault I know but regardless it was still weird but I guess she just really wanted the dick.

What weirded me out more was the fact that she was so adamant on me just going in raw knowing she wasn't on birth control of any kind. I kinda just wanted to be like, what the fuck are you doing, she already had a kid that I was sure wasn't planned I was 23 so was she but her and the father were never married and while I don't judge it just seemed a bit unwise to me.

Mmm yeah, between and I hooked up with a couple dozen women through OKC and tinder hook up entails at least oral sex or more. But I was always extremely safe. Always used condoms, never compromised on that, got checked every 6 months. Never any STD's or issues. I still keep up my checks at my doc when I get my physical. But there were a tiny handful of times the women would be a little risky in what they were asking for.

If you're a man-whore, one of the things you learn very quickly is that if a woman really wants sex, there is no obstacle. Pretty scary if you ask me. There was one time where I met this mid 30's british lady who was in LA, we were talking on OKC and she started sending me lewd pics a day after we talked, was cautious but hey what are ya gonna do, clearly just wanted to hook up, I took a big risk but we grabbed coffee real quick and went back to her house.

She was a little tipsy when I picked her up anyways so she started stripping when I got there and was into being a sub so even though im not super into that type of role play I tried to get into it, was fun but after we were naked about to smash she told me that I should know she has HPV and I know that guys don't usually have to worry about that but you can pass that to girls easy and that made me really skiddish all of a sudden.

I ended up just letting her suck me and left, it was a little awkward because she was like ready to bang but I wasn't about to take a risk like that, even with protection.

I told her later and she said it was fine and apologized for not telling me sooner but that was one of the last times I hooked up like that. Went on a couple of dates with a girl. She told me she had a kid. Did not go on any more dates with that girl. There's actual statistics showing that the population of single mothers is Increasing a lot in America.

This is the age to be in school, travel, plan out your career, etc. But instead, girls are just getting knocked up from deadbeat dudes. It's baffling to me. Dating sites have so many of them too now.

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Women's rights and the feminist movement happened that's why. Hold on now, let me explain before you guys jump down my throat. Back in the day women had to stay with the dumb asshole that knocked them up because they couldn't weren't supposed to is more accurate, they could work but back then that was what men did work and were dependent on men. Now that women can work, they don't have to stay with the guy anymore and do their own thing.

Another thing and I'm not sure if this is bs or not but apparently that the government has effectively replaced men for single mothers. Even if they can't support themselves or their kids the government will help them so there's not a lot need to stay with the guy anymore. Dude, there are a lot of single moms that haven't even finished school or started their careers yet demographicso the whole "women can work now" thing doesn't even apply to them.

Yeah, if a lawyer or doctor or something wanted a child without the man, I'd get it. Then read the second part of what I said. Even if they can't fully support themselves, the government helps them out so they don't need to stick with the father. Then of course there's also child support where the father has to pay for the child even if he's not with the mother. So even if they hate each other's guts, the father can't just bail out on the kid. This is such a fucked up situation for EVERYONE involved, all because the guy can't figure out to put a rubber on, or because the girls too stupid to make sure she takes her pill everyday or patch or whatever method she uses.

And who gets screwed?

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The mom, because her career plans are now gone. The dad, cause now he has to pay for the kid and deal with a woman he doesn't even care about.


Tax payers, for the reasons you mentioned. The child itself, having to be brought up in a broken home.

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All of this for what? One night of lustful sex? I'm not a religious person AT ALL, but I may have to find me a religious wifey one day cause it seems like all the other females out there are hoes. This is just a guess, but I think it's a shift in American culture.

Dating single mom experiences

Consider the following question: "Oh shit, I accidentally got a girl pregnant, what do I do? Accidental pregnancies are far more often not resulting in the couple getting married just because they are having a baby, which results in more single mothers and fathers.

I read it's because people are not tending to get married as much but I don't know if that's correct.

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Think of it as children born to people who aren't married, not "single mothers". People tend to assume that if a couple isn't together, there's no father, and that's not the case. I can see that for working professionals who don't have time to have a marriage, but still want kids.

But my post was more about the college aged single moms out there, the whole grip load of them nowadays. It's not hard to not get pregnant these days with all these advancements in science and tech.

Not in the US! I think being taught about birth control only has relevance if people don't want a child. It's to prevent unwanted pregnancies. I don't know if people are having more kids accidentally,but it wouldn't surprise me if it's at least partly intentional - there's a growing awareness that, for females in our current culture and environment, age 25 and up is an awful time to have a child because of the sometimes permanent cost to career and income, etc.

You also see a lot of women freezing their eggs for this reason. People have always done that though, which doesn't explain the increase claimed in the above post.

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I'd be interested to see statistics on location and education, as well as past marriage history relative to the rate of single mothers.

It could be that more people are getting married, having kids, then divorcing, or it could be linked to education, religion, or something completely different. It is one of the sexiest things about having babies!

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Whether she is in her early twenties or late thirties, a single mom is a step above the rest as far as maturity is concerned. Having children forces them to grow up. You will appreciate this in the way she treats you, how she relates with other people in her life, and even how she fights with you. Dating a single mother is the best way to meet mature women.

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If you do not like it when women are needy then single moms will be perfect for you. They have too many other priorities to be preoccupied with you.

You will still get to spend time together and chat back and forth like teen crushes. Single moms do not need men. But they want them. They have mastered strength and learned the art of independence, and this is one of the most beautiful things about them. So, do not be surprised if she offers to pay or if she makes some of the moves herself. She is just used to getting things done. These women do not have the time or energy to be playing short term games. A lot of them are looking for stability and security.

While this might be a little daunting if you are looking for something casual, it is perfect if you are finally ready to settle. Finally, the kids are more of a bonus than they are a hindrance to your perfect love story.

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They make things enjoyable, and if you take the time actually to get to know them, you will fall in love with more than just their moms. With all the information above, I hope the answer to this question is, at the very least, a tentative yes.

What was your experience like dating a young single mom? No good can come of this. 65 comments. share. save hide report. 69Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by. best. level 1. The Manliest Man. 45 points 2 years ago. Went on a date with a young single mom. Dec 18,   Dating a single mother is the best way to meet mature women. They are not needy; they don't have time for that If you do not like it when women are needy then single moms will be perfect for you. They have too many other priorities to be preoccupied with you. I would date a single mom of one. It's getting TOO common where women have one child or up to 3+ all with separate fathers. That shows she has a shitty taste in men and you are likely to join them in baby jail. If she starts spending less time with her kid for you that's a red flag.

Single mothers are awesome! They are fun, experienced, mature, and every bit as attractive as other single women.

So give one a chance, and you will be surprised how rewarding the experience can be. Single's Space is a dating blog created by Jenny and it covers topics like love, relationships, online dating, international dating, and more.

We know that finding the right man or woman is not easy, so we wanted to create an online space that collects all the tips and advice you should know to succeed in your love life. Oh, how sadly mistaken they are!

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