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While society stigmatizes the idea of pursuing a relationship with a handicap partner, the reality is that it comes with the same challenges as any other relationship. All humans need to be loved and to love, regardless of their condition. While there are unique situations facing a relationship with a handicap partner, it is something that both people can get through. Navigating a relationship with someone with a disability is a unique situation. While every relationship has its own struggles, you will find that you learn certain things about yourself and your partner when dating someone with a disability. Curious about how to, pursue a successful relationship with someone with a disability?

You will have to take care of them physically and mentally.

In fact,the majority of people with disabilities live extraordinarily full, intrinsically satisfying lives. They have great careers, killer social circles, and supportive families. They are also very skilled at being independent. When they are unable to do something for themselves, they hire someone to do it for them, just like everyone in Manhattan.

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Friends and family can pose the biggest obstacle. Often, they, like many others, have simply not been exposed to someone with a physical disability.

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A little explanation and myth-debunking on your part is usually all that it takes. From my experience as a sexpert and public speaker, I have had the pleasure of meeting many people with disabilities from all over the world.

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I have met actors, models, politicians, mothers, fathers, doctors, athletes, world travelers, husbands and wives, all with physical disabilities, most in wheelchairs. Being their romantic partner would not only be fun, but possibly would offer some of the best experiences of your life, with continual discovery and adventure waiting for you around the corner.

With some creativity, strategy and communication, any activity is possible, and both parties can experience the world to the fullest together.

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Dating is tough for anyone. Danielle Sheypuk, Ph. Fact: This is probably the most common myth out there, and it is percent false.

Myth 2: The date will be very awkward, and I will do or say something stupid or offensive.

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Job: Freelance writer and blogger. So whenever I make plans, I have to plan it with military precision: Where are we going? Which subway station is near there?

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Is it accessible? Will I have enough battery power in my scooter to get there and back? Even the closest relationships, geographically, can feel like long-distance relationships to me because it takes so much planning and so much energy.

A Day In The Life Of A Young Woman Who Takes Care Of Her Quadriplegic Boyfriend

I have so many good memories from all of my relationships. I think my favorite memories are those memories where my disabilities and access needs were really accepted and accommodated.

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People tend to panic when I hit the floor. We are not your charity case.

Dating can be even more challenging, then, for the woman who has to spend every first date explaining how she "ended up" in a wheelchair or the man who receives pitying glances as he gives his date a rose. But many able-bodied daters may not know how to approach someone with a disability or what to avoid when asking a disabled person out. Aug 27,   5 Damaging myths about dating someone with a physical disability You will have to take care of them physically and mentally. Many people .

We are not your feel-good story. So many memes and news stories go around about non-disabled teens taking a disabled teen to prom. Kids go to prom! People date!

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I used to feel like that, too. Just be yourself, disability and all. I've been dating since I was about I've been in one serious relationship it lasted about a year since I began dating.

I am now single and got back into it after recovering from the breakup. A topic that comes up frequently is having to answer really strange questions about having a disability, like 'Can you have sex?

I dated a guy with cerebral palsy for about a year.

Mar 26,   When you're dating someone who is disabled, transportation is even trickier. If you, or your partner, have a vehicle, that issue is a bit less of a problem. Note, I said a bit less, because being a driver has its own level of frustrations. Jun 18,   Without a doubt, dating with disabilities presents demands that the majority of people don't ever have to face. But as lots of men and women like Stephen and Marietta have discovered, just because a relationship is physically challenging, it doesn't have to be your cue to run for the exits. Q&A about disability dating with Dr. Danielle Sheypuk. When it comes to dating for people with physical disabilities, Danielle Sheypuk is the expert. Dr. Sheypuk specializes in "dating, relationships and sexuality among the disabled," but some people simply refer to her as a disability "sexpert.".

For some strange reason, I shied away from dating another person with a disability, as I thought it would be the only thing we would talk about. I was very wrong and it was one of the most fun and supportive relationships I'd ever been in.

It's always something different in terms of reaction.

Dating someone physically disabled

I'm currently on Tinder. I've met some great and not so great people on there.

A giant misconception about dating someone with a disability is that there will be no intimacy in your relationship, which is completely false in most cases. Unless you are falling out of love, have no emotional or physical attraction to the person, or you are again overthinking, there is no reason why your intimate life should be non-existent. After a crippling accident, it can be very tempting for a disabled person to seek out a knight in shining armor - someone who will care for, help, and bend over backward for him or her. But these relationships seldom work out, says Carlson, who dove into a shallow pond at the age of instantly shattering her spine. Oct 13,   I can not see why they would not. If all a woman is interested in you for is what you look like, than you don't want to date her, or have a relationship with her anyway. I've had 2 marriages that were both abusive and pure hell. I did have a child.

I used to not disclose my disability on dating profiles because I wanted to see the most honest reactions to my disability. Now, I fully disclose and it's taken a lot of the awkwardness out of the experience for me.

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It's been pretty good for the most part. Be open. Ask questions. Learn their bodies. Communication starts on day one with a person with disability. It shouldn't be a job interview. Just be aware that there may be things that are done in a different way, and that's totally cool.

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Disabled people should be acknowledged as viable partners and people capable of relationships, if they want them. And take every stereotype you've ever heard about a woman with a disability and throw it away.

At the end of the day, we're all just looking for a connection in some way, and that's just human. Fixed, the movie - fixedthemovie. Wait staff asking my non-disabled date what I wanted for dinner - that killed the mood for sure.

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I also had one guy assume that my girlfriend was my daughter, I suspect in part because I was using my cane that day. That was awkward. For all of us. The most annoying part was the condescending attitudes of other people who felt it was their business to react, publicly, by saying things like, 'Isn't it great you found each other?

Excellent dating someone physically disabled phrase

Be open to learning what you don't know. Make sure the place you want to go to is accessible before asking somebody out. Relationships are complicated enough, and there is no need to make matters worse by showing up to a place with five flights of stairs or flashing lights for someone who has revealed to you that they have seizures. Don't automatically refuse to date another disabled person, just because that's what people expect you to do.

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