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Hyperhidrosis -also known as excessive sweating-can be devastating for the people who have it. Not only is it embarrassing and isolating, but it makes you rethink everything : the clothes you wear, the places you go, the career you choose. According to the American Academy of Dermatology , an estimated 3 percent of the population has it. And I'm one of them. There are two types of hyperhidrosis: primary also known as primary focal and secondary also known as secondary generalized. According to the Mayo Clinic , primary hyperhidrosis happens when the nerves that control your sweat glands become overactive.

I want you to know that your condition is NOT who you are.

Dating someone with hyperhidrosis

Your life has meaning, and you are not alone. Have you sought treatment for your HH? I would start there for next steps and treatments. Please keep your head up. There is hope if you simply look for it.

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I really like your vlog. I feel completely identified and, finally, I feel that this is not my fault and that I must love myself as who I am beside what people think.

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Hi Jessica. Make sure to follow me on social media, too. I post a lot of information and stories about hyperhidrosis there, too. My handle is mylifeasapuddle. Your email address will not be published. Sharing is caring! Share Tweet Pin Email Print. Jake Nelson on July 6, at Hey there!

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Woman Suffering from Extreme Sweating Returns Drs. Checkup!

My Life as a Puddle on June 3, at John on May 12, at Dear John, Thank you for your courage to write this comment and for being so candid with how hyperhidrosis makes you feel.

Sincerely, Maria Reply. Jessica Parra on March 29, at My Life as a Puddle on March 31, at My handle is mylifeasapuddle Reply.

Jun 08, Dating is possible with hyperhidrosis. There are people out there who won't care about your sweating, so it doesn't have to be an issue for either one of you. Or, they will care about you, and by default care about your condition enough, that they will think of ways to help you cope with it. Nov 25, And while dating is hard enough, imagine trying to do so with hyperhidrosis. Sweaty hand-holding and facial perspiration is challenging to .

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Facebook Instagram Twitter. Pingback: Exciting News! Just a Little Sweat. Reblogged this on annevuvn and commented: what ive been through. I have suffered from HH all my life and one of the biggest struggles with it is trying to hide it from those closest to me. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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Like this: Like Loading I promise if you try this deodorant brand your hyperhidrosis will disappear. Mine did. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:.

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By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy. My approach and it took me way too long to get to this point! You might come up with a wry or humorous line - I sometimes say 'yeah, my sweat glands have minds of their own' and just shrug it off.

You will likely find he doesn't think it is as big of a deal as you do. If he is worth you, then he will treat you with kindness and respect. And if he doesn't, well, life is too short to be with a jerk.

My fiancee says he loves my sweaty palms because they are part of me. Talk about Mr. Hey there, I think what you said sucks.

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I'm fifteen by the way. I thought i had it bad because i have hyperhidrosis in my arm pits. I mean, it's really difficult because I'm constantly having to wear a sweater and my face even sweats if i'm in a hot room for too long.

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All throughout the winter too! But your problem seems worse because you can't hide from it. If i were you, i wouldnt tell the guy unless you were serious. And it depends on the person because some guys could understand. Talk to your doctor for sure. And yes, surgery sounds scary but if it's the only thing left to do then i say do it.

The only way to overcome this problem is to face it head on. The only people who know about my problem are my two best friends. But no one else. But that's just me.

And you don't have to tell them, just say you dont like holding hands or something. I'm really sorry about your problem and i wish i could help,because i know how it feels.

It sucks. And it's unfortunate that it happened to us out of all the people in the world. Good Luck! And i hope your problem is treated :. Well i am 22 years old with this problem. I am considered an outgoing funny girl like u said but as well when it comes to shaking hands or a simple high five it SUCKS!

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I attend a university and at this point i should be involved in many things to help with my career but i sometimes hold myself back because of HH. I do have a boyfriend and he does know about my problem and i made sure to tell him right away.

At first i told him i didnt like to hold hands and he did ask me why, but I decided that the best thing to do was to be straight up with him. So that is the best thing to do.

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I am 15 i have had the problem in my armpits for 3 years and never told anyone until a few months ago. The doctor gave me drysol, and it doesnt work. But i think you should just tell the guy if you think he is worth it. Cause you will feel much better.

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It has stopped the sweating altogether. In the winter time it stabilizes my hands so that they dont sweat. I also have tried Sage tea which helped a little.

I also drink Avert which is like robinul during the summer time because of the high humidity. It really dries my throat but I can go weeks without taking it again. It is so hard to live with HH NYC subways are a torture chamber It was a horrible experience.

I hope the above helps! Hello all, I am 22 yrs old completing my last year of college. I have learned to cover up my struggle with HH and avoid awkward situations all together, but there are always those days when it is unavoidable.

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When I was younger especially, I had wished to stay in my own little bubble. The effects of me being introverted all those years are becoming apparent now. Every day is a struggle but I remain optimistic for the most part and try to do what I want regardless.

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Hi a. It resonated with me so much, especially the part about how you discovered that being a recluse is not really part of your personality. The worst part of HH for me is not the sweat. It is the social anxiety and living in that bubble. I'm 40 now, still working on getting out of my shell.

I'm probably 75 percent out by now.

Hyperhidrosis Dating - 10 Things People With Hyperhidrosis Wish You Knew My Experience on Dating Someone with Hyperhidrosis. Dating stories for people with hyperhidrosis? Ha yeah, unfortunately I feel like it would be the sufferers to this dating website in symptoms of viability. Nope, but maybe someone one day will create one. Mar 30, Dating advice for teens with hyperhidrosis Hey, how's everyone doing? I got a wonderful note from a 16 year old girl who has hyperhidrosis. To her credit, she doesn't let the HH hold her back from being social and outgoing. Its hard to write in class because i dont want people to see my hands, and when i write, i leave my paper wet and gross. Jan 02, My Experience on Dating Someone with Hyperhidrosis. January 2, January 2, / carynjoan. Happy New Year! My boyfriend had been talking about writing a guest blog post for Just A Little Sweat for a while, and on Christmas day, he surprised me with his beautiful and inspiring take on his experience dating someone with Hyperhidrosis. His words mean a lot to me and .

The human soul is like a turtle-easily scared and ready in an instant to retreat back in its shell. That's why turtles move slowly and steadily-it's what they can handle, it's how they succeed.

Are there any tiny little movements you can make to peek out from behind that shell? You don't need to chuck the shell.

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Just take a peek out, take a deep breath, and test the weather outside -: Love, Tiara. I too worry about situations dealing with the opposite sex. In fact im talking to someone right now who I really really like, but I am afraid that when he invites me anywhere he'll be disgusted, and not like me anymore, and that Ill be awkward and weird trying to hide this sweating problem.

WHen my hands are dry which is rare I'm in heaven, im touching everyone and everything.

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