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One Baht is divisible into Satang. The Baht coin is a silver ring with a brass center. The 5-Baht coin is slightly smaller than the Baht coin 24mm. King Bhumibol Adulyadej, on the obverse. The original two-baht coin was minte but it is still in used.

It looks similar to one-Baht coin so many people write number two on the coin to prevent the mix up. The diameter is The one-Baht coin is silver 20mm. The back of the one-Baht coin displays the chedis of the Temple of the Emerald Buddha.

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The diameter is 18mm. Click here to learn about Thai banknotes.

I test with a magnet and i can pick up 1 and 2 bath silver color coins not bigger value coins. Different metals? I have some different 10 bath coins with images of 2 kings, monksbabyface, and some symbols and writings on backside of coin.

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Are these coins real money or collectables? I have never seen 10 baht coins with monks and baby faces. From to1 baht coins were made from Cupronickel and from to the present they are made from Nickel plate. I would guess that if you check the Mint date of he coins when you are doing your magnet experiment will be the year that separates those which are attracted to a magnet and those that are not.

I was aware there were different coins but did not know the details. I believe you can find the answers to your other questions through these websites.

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I am glad that I seen your question, it motivated me to learn something more about the country I have living in for quite some time. Thanks for taking the time to ask it. In all these coins the head of the king is opposite to the direction of the temple top.

Some more recent Thai coins include the denomination in Arabic numerals (note the "10" on the right-most coin). Thai Dates Once you can translate the Thai numbers, converting the date on Thai coins to the Common Era (e.g. ) is done by subtracting from the Thai year. (Wikipedia has more information about the Thai Solar Calendar for those that are interested.) The coin's year usually Author: Portland Coins. Coins Thailand. Thailand is located in the center of Southeast Asia, bordering Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, and Malaysia. Before the country was known as Siam. Siamese states emerged in the trading roads between Chinese, Khmer and Malay. The image on your left shows a regular-issue 5 baht coin with the location of the prefix and date. In this example, the date is Year So, all we have to do is to minus from Then, we will have the date of this Thai coin, which is

Are all THB coins minted that way? Or it is minting error? Please advise.

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Thank you for this! Gratefully, people have been kind about my mistakes.

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Hi, i have 4 pieces of 10 thai bAht coins. This is from my grandma,as i remember she have worked in thailand during her young age. I am not sure if this is ,i dont know how to read in thai words. I have bath coin value of 10 the first in the pictures yoh described what will be value for that coin let me know.

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I have a copper looking 25 baht coin and was wondering the value of it it looks the same as the last coming just a little different. Hi Mod, can please show us some pictures of the valuable baht coins and can you tell us also how much it cost. I would really appreciate it.

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Hi Mod, I have a 5- baht silver coin. Same one you showed on the second photo. The reverse features wat benjamabophit or the marbles temples. Since it is a rare coin, may i ask what is the value of this coin?

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And where can we sell it? Hi Sharon, I think the 5-Baht coin you have is not considered a rare item. I have a 5-Baht that looks exactly the same 5-Baht silver coin you show on the photo but the man i assume he is the king on the coin looks much more younger.

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Please can you tell me the year this coin was produced? Hi Ricardo, I think the coin you have must be a new coin with the photo of the new king Rama X that has just been released last month. Thank you. Thank you for your comment. I will add a picture of the coin as requested shortly. Let me find it. This is amazing! I thought those 2 Baht coins are all gone.

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We have a new coin now. I should ate the article. By the way, I am located in Bangkok. Ayutthaya-style bullet coins are produced until Rama IV, when the trade barrier between commoners and foreigners is abolished, the rapid economic growth making production of bullet money insufficient. Coinage revolution is undertaken by Rama IV who ordered minting machine from the British and built a new mint in the Grand Palace.

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The bullet coins are demonetized due to high rate of counterfeits. In Rama VI reign, all pre-decimal coins are demonetized.

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In the long reign of Rama IX, many commemorative coins are produced and circulated along with the standard coins. Baht is one of the strongest currencies in the region.

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Numista referee for coins of this issuer is Sakrifice Magic2ik. A coin doesn't exist in the catalog yet? Add it yourself! Coins from Thailand Thailand Search tips To search an expression, simply put quotation marks around it.

Aug 26, From to , 1 baht coins were made from Cupronickel and from to the present they are made from Nickel plate. I would guess that if you check the Mint date of he coins when you are doing your magnet experiment will be the year that separates those which are attracted to a magnet and those that are not. Thai coins were not dated before , and since have used three different dating systems. Step 1. Thai dates are read from left to right and use Thai numerals. Using the table below, locate a series of three to four numerals. Most B.E. coins will have the date . Dates on Thai coins are read from left to right. = Late 19thand early 20thcentury coins used two different numbering systems CS and RS. Typical CS date: = + = AD. This number system originates from the creation of Siam as a country in AD. Typical RS date: = + = AD. Dating from the start of the present ruling dynasty in AD.

Search tips Select an issuer to see the list of ruling authorities. Search tips Enter the number which identifies the coin in a reference catalog. Catalogs are shown as a code. The catalog currently selected is:.

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Search tips Enter a year eg: or a range of years eg: Search tips Enter a value eg: 9. Search tips Enter a date in the Gregorian calendar eg: or a range of dates eg: Search tips Enter a value eg: 2.

Search tips Enter a year eg: to find the coins that could be used on that year. You can also enter the word "now" to find the coins that are still in use today.

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