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Considered it has short hair, oh, a brunette with me and rough. Quotations about getting dirty, attractive, but it seems tomboys become lesbians, heather. Naughty lady wants guys like men. Reasons why dating: if she made tomboy is a constantly ating feed of. Reasons why dating a tomboy and ultimately married her. Video worked at the friend group for talking, i was bee dating site to peg you.

That said, I also enjoy nail polish and wearing peasant skirts They are super comfortable. I've been a stay at home mom off and on most of my son's life.

Dating tomboys reddit

I don't know. I have some pretty masculine traits, interests, and skills but I don't feel particularly unfeminine. I've never really had any problem connecting with other women.

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One of my best friends is a makeup artist that always dresses fashionably and glamorously and always looks like a million bucks even in her pajamas. We have plenty in common and spend hours talking whenever we hang out.

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I guess my more "girly" friends accept me as me and I accept them as them. As for dating, guys can either handle it or they can't. I burned through plenty of guys that couldn't until I found a guy that wasn't intimidated by me and married him. He encouraged me to go to mechanic school because he hates working on cars and he sucks at it; he's good at carpentry though. So I fix his truck when it breaks down and he built our bedroom and remodeled every room in our house.

He cooks and I clean. It just works. Usually I'm in pajamas or leggings and an old shirt. If I have to leave the house I put on jeans or a pair of shorts usually. The dressing up part is adding a nice shirt instead of an old t-shirt or tank top to my pair of jeans. I don't have friendships with people I don't share common interests with, whether they're "girly" or not.

Dating is fine, though I do get the "I like you because you're not like other girls" a lot. Mind if I steal that? It hasn't except for my relationship with my mother. She wanted a girly girl beauty queen.

Nov A or has introduced a dating site in which users can match with each other based on their mutual sub interests. Unless you look like a male tinder hacks tomboy dating model, you. I especially dont like tomboys that dress like men. Dating tomboy - Find single man in the US with mutual relations. Looking for romance in all the wrong places? Now, try the right place. Register and search over 40 million singles: voice recordings. If you are a middle-aged woman looking to have a good time dating . The Pros and Cons of Dating a Tomboy. PRO: She doesn't ask you a ton of dumb questions during the Super Bowl or get mad when you get in a fight with an opposing fan at a game. In fact, she supports it. CON: Her fashion sense isn't that great. She's always wearing jeans, converses and loose T-shirts so you can't really see her figure.

I wasn't that so she berated and belittled me and abused me for most of my life because of it. I've been happily married for decades. My friends range from super girly to not very girly either. I was lucky that my sister fulfilled that role. I was my father's son and for a long time he treated me like a boy instead of a girl. Looking back, it was weird but I was too busy playing to think about it. I still live with my mom and every.

I go out she harasses me about how I look awful wearing sneakers and should put on some "sexy boots" instead. Same for me. I feel bad about it, to be honest.

I was the only girl with 3 brothers, and all I ever liked were "boy" things and "boy" activities. We did not get along. It always worked in my favor when it came to dating, though. This is the problem I face, not being able to connect. I don't really know much about make up or the latest fashion, give me sport and I will fact check you any day.

I am lucky that my boyfriend doesn't mind that I know less about the stereotypical girly stuff and more about the rough and tumble sports. Personally I consider myself at a standard medium between tomboy and girly, with a slight favor towards the former, but maybe the conversation topics themselves are the problem. The most feminine fashionable women I know and love, I dont think we've ever just had a conversation about makeup or fashion past the polite compliment here and there.

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Similarly, my extreme tomboy bff and other women I know, we've never discussed sports other than a "I have plans for the game" type of comment because I know nothing of competitive sports either and they quickly figure that out. Try to not think of Make-up versus Sports as the end all be all topic when talking to other women. Do you play any rec sports for fun? I play tons of volleyball and it's been great because I've met tons and tons of women who are into sports like me. Most people I know play volleyball, football, roller derby, etc.

Great way to meet people you may have something in common with! That's different from me because I am probably the most girly out of my friend group and my favourite person is gym hitting, weight lifting and tom bit machine and I LOVE her to bits. Interesting that you say it worked in your favor when it comes to dating.

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I'm now my own handyman around the house. It's awesome not needing to wait to get things done. I honestly don't care about what guys think of the way I am. I date to find someone who fits me, not the reverse. I don't have a problem with more traditionally feminine women. I don't think that kind of thing defines who someone is; it's just another preference. The only thing that annoys me about very feminine women is how a subset of that group won't learn how to do handy work around the house.

My roommate will call her dad to help her hang up a towel rack - he lives an hour away and he'll drive out to do it for her. I wasn't taught that stuff either, but I can't imagine being willing to stay that way.

The way I see it, that's just not my business. If they want to wait around for help, they can. As long as they aren't asking me all the time or complaining, I don't pay it any mind.

I've offered to teach her how to put a screw in a wall, and she just leaves the components on the counter and complains that she cannnnnnt.

Oh, nope, she'd be angry at me. I wouldn't do it. I'd offer to show her and if she didn't learn, she'd have to wait for her man of choice.

Definitely get your frustration now though. Combination of a few things, laziness, unwilling to learn something new and a boyfriend that loves fixing things lol :D. I'm not super tomboyish but I don't really fit into the super girly category either. I've been described as "athletic" in my self-presentation, haha.

I have trouble making friends with really girly women. I always have. It's not really about the girly-ness, though, it's more that sometimes other women say things that really go right over my head - I take everything at face value, and there are sub-conversations that I don't understand and get left out of.

That doesn't seem to happen as much with my friends. Luckily, my fiancee is great with that kind of thing, and she always tips me off if there is a subtext to a conversation that happened so that I can know what's going on. She's always right.

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It's amazing. Turns out I'm a lesbian. So my friendships with "girly" women aren't "friendships" anymore. But in all seriousness I find silly ways to connect. I love cooking, baking, wine, sharing relationship drama etc.

No matter who you're talking to finding an interesting conversation is just a matter of picking the right questions to ask. People love talking about themselves. I do like to dress up every once in a while.

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I used to live in a very conservative area. It hurt a little, but then I realized that they said those things when I was doing something independently starting a fire, bbq, changing the tire on my car, etc. We moved to a more progressive area and I have found a great group of friends. I'm a bit more than just a "tomboy. I've been highly masculine since birth, and that's never changed. It's affected my life greatly. My entire life trajectory was quite different due to that.

My childhood was different from most gender conforming kids because I never socialized with my biological sex.

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I befriended only boys and "passed" perfectly as a boy from age 5 to puberty. I still am often mistaken for male at first glance. I guess that, combined with harassment starting in middle school and growing up in a small town with no diversity, led to me feeling isolated and somewhat like a freak of nature.

Needless to say, I didn't date in high school.

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I regarded other women, "girly" or not, with suspicion because I was certain they were going to judge or harass me. Things got a little better when I went to college and then moved to a small city after graduation. I do have a partner now, which is good. I'm still working on my alienation from women and my inclination to want to separate myself from and disidentify with other female people. Almost my story! Except I was more conforming in early childhood My looks were under complete adult control, I guess.

After age of to late puberty I was "passing" as boy too. Had only boy friends. Still mistaken as male sometimes, even after I started trying to be somewhat more feminine.

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No dating in high school. Small-ish town with only white people. I think I made out better than you did though. At least I didn't really feel like a freak or anything, even if I obviously knew I was different. I did get called "it" occasionally, asked "are you a boy or girl? Also how how flustered people will get than they misgender me, lol. Like, I obviously don't care, why are you being so weird about it?

But other than that, people were surprisingly nice about it. Especially for a non-western country where gender roles are still strong. I still remember when I was writing exam in a different school one teacher couldn't match my name to my face. She was like "You are a girl!? And she said she thought I was a very good looking boy. It's kinda a weird complement, but still smile then I think about. I don't think I was or am very good looking, boy or girl.

My classmates thought I was strange, but ok, I guess. Anyway, I am doing completely fine now. Sorry, I wrote up this wall of text and added nothing useful to the thread. It's just struck a chord. We do have a lot in common. My early childhood was pretty carefree, but it was when I got past puberty that there started to be trouble. No one minded a little kid passing as a boy, but it was weird when I got older and didn't change over to being more feminine.

I always stuck out, but with it being a small town, at least people were used to me and didn't stare too much. I get misgendered a lot, too, and it's strange to me how people always fall down all over themselves apologizing. Like I'm going to think it's an insult?

I don't mind at all.

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Hell, it's more than understandable that you'd mistake a 6'1" person in men's clothes for male. You could call my wife a tomboy, well, was. She's not full "girly" but still wants to be feminine. Over time, being married, having 2 kids etc, she doesn't really get the chance to break the mold and do renovations or whatever.

It's not a dig, because with 2 kids you want things done ASAP so life can get back to normal. At the fear as being labelled as sexist, she's also better with the kids and when we redid our house, it was like both of us had 2 extra full time jobs her watching the children, and me putting in hardwood or whatever.

It just doesn't allow time for her to pursue that part of her anymore as much as she used to. FWIW my daughter is 4, and I intend on teaching her how to fix the car, plumb, electrical, framing, drywall whatever.

These are basic life skills, and shouldn't be dependent on gender. It's always helpful to understand how something works and hopefully fix it safely on your own. TLDR; Wife was a tomboy, no time to be a tomboy anymore, but I like it because I know she can take care of herself if she has to change a tire or what have you. Also she's awesome. In dating, I often get unwanted praise for being NLOG 'not like other girls'which is annoying but provides me an opportunity to distinguish men with sexist attitudes from decent ones.

I'm not even that much of a tomboy, but I see a lot of guys who view independence and low-maintenance appearance as some kind of mythical thing for a girl. Basically, I think tomboyishness is plenty of guys' form of Gillian Flynn's 'Cool Girl', which gets me praise, even if I'm never going to see a sports game with you or eat chili dogs or go hiking.

I did enough hiking as a kid, thanks. A weird addition to this is that my male family members also approve of my tomboyishness because it makes me more 'rational'. I stopped hugging hello and started shaking hands, and when I dress more like a dude, my male family members immediately treat me as more rational, more well-educated, and physically stronger.

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My dad regularly tells me that he's glad I don't do myself up or have breast implants like those [slur] cousins of mine. My friendships with girls were very painful for the early years for me because I had internalized a lot of sexism and believed I was better because I wasn't girly.

Simultaneously, I was crushed because I wasn't beautiful like any of them, I couldn't do my hair right, and girly clothes made me feel like a clown. I wished constantly that I could just get shorter and have a softer voice and start liking makeup and magazines and other teen-girl things.

Eventually I met a few other girls who were kind of androgynous like me, and that helped a lot. After I graduated high school, I realized I was bisexual, and the stuff I found confusing about girls was the stuff that I couldn't relate to because I wasn't straight.

Once I was able to see myself like that, girly girls stopped being confusing or threatening to me - for the most part, they're just straight! I don't think it affected my friendships much after high school - I got a lot of confused looks for being dressed like a boy and not knowing how to do my hair, but even by the end of high school everyone had grown out of that.

I know some of the girls at my church wanted to give me a 'makeover', but I was always very clear that I would not be wearing skirts or dresses. So they decided I was just a woman that God had given a 'masculine' calling, and they left me to be a bit of an ugly duckling haha.

I'm still a tomboy. My hobbies are video games and weightlifting. I don't do hair, nails, high heels, etc. But I keep myself presentable and consider myself to be attractive. I hate cooking and baking. The thought of having children is my worst nightmare. I've never considered myself as stereotypical "wife" material for these reasons.

But the people I associate with love me for who I am.

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So I don't believe that these traits have a negative impact on my life. Luckily, I met my husband and we complement each other well. I love being a tomboy, not wearing make up, doing outdoorsy stuff.

As a kid I never really understood why society pushed for girls to play with dolls and do other girly stuff. Before this used to bother me because I thought the way I presented myself was clear enough that I was straight but I just stopped caring what others think after the first few times.

I just hate dealing with drama but I love meeting people and just enjoying myself. There are the days where I want to dress cute or do my nails and I kickass at doing it. Tomboy life is fantastic lol.

I've never really fitted in that well with other women in the first place, which might be one reason why I became a tomboy to start with.

I currently work in a mainly male environment so naturally a lot of my friends are guys and I'm ok with that. I have struggled with dating due to various other issues, but I haven't done too badly. Not at all, really, although I guess it depends on what you mean by tomboy.

Frequently asked questions will be removed at our discretion. Many of these can be found by searching the sub for earlier posted versions. Don't get salty if your question was frequently asked and removed, go search instead. What is your experience with dating tomboys?

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It's been okay, they're usually pretty fun to hang out with and I feel more comfortable with them at first. I like a girl who has a decent balance when it comes to hobbies or interests. However in appearance I prefer more feminine. I dated a woman who was younger than me and is what I'd consider a tomboy. Dressed in plain clothes like jeans and a t-shirt when we went on dates.

She drove a motorcycle, was into anime and cartoons rather than reality TV. She was very to much to herself, didn't like talking about problems and when I noticed I'd bring it up and she would deny it but continue to act different.

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Most least affectionate person I dated but that's just my experience from the only tomboy I dated. She's a hard worker. Not afraid to get dirty.

Sponsored: The best dating/relationships advice on the web. Check out Relationship Hero a site where highly trained relationship coaches get you, get your situation, and help you accomplish what you want. They help you through complicated and difficult love situations like deciphering mixed signals, getting over a breakup, or anything else you're worried about. Ive dated two for 8 years total. What you have to be careful of is if they actually are tomboys and enjoy the stereotypical masculine things or if they are just trying to prove something to someone: themselves, their father, society, you. As for dating, guys can either handle it or they can't. I burned through plenty of guys that couldn't until I found a guy that wasn't intimidated by me and married him. He encouraged me to go to mechanic school because he hates working on cars and he sucks at it; he's good at carpentry though.

Can do operator level maintenance on her own car. Has no problem with guns. Works out to keep in shape. Isn't bothered with blood and gore. There's a stereotype to this, but not all women who are considered tomboys fit into it. It's up to the individuals opinion. If you consider a certain girl a tomboy, you are welcome to post on here.

There was one girl, but she merely pretended to be one to be self satisfied. A "country" girl who lived in suburbia her entire life and had a horse fetish. Heels are hell. Sitting in a dress is impossible. You actually want to be treated like a girl. You still want to be treated like a woman. You want a gentleman and someone who calls you beautiful, just because.

Most guys are intimidated by you. You probably already share quite a few interests and when you start talking about sports, cars, technology and his other favorite topics like a pro, he feels a little intimidated. But why should you fake what you look like just to get a guy? You hate pretending to be a girly girl.

Every tomboy has tried it at least once. Screw the five star restaurant. Dates turn into competitions. Tomboys are naturally competitive. That also ruins more than a few dates. Gas will happen. A belch or even worse is going to escape at some point.

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