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Think van dwelling is only for scrubbed-looking couples carrying surfboards and twisting into impossible yoga poses? No way! There are plenty of women jumping on the van life bandwagon alone. Many women are discouraged and warned time and time again that the van life is too dangerous for a solo femalke traveler. Overall, I found all their stories very inspirational. These are brave, no-nonsense, intrepid adventurers! Love it.

It always was extremely difficult to get up and get ready for work when it was that cold. I ended up renting a room from a friend for the coldest months.

No way! There are plenty of women jumping on the van life bandwagon alone. Living in a van as a solo female van dweller isn't for the faint of heart, but also comes with incredible rewards. Many women are discouraged and warned time and time again that the van life is too dangerous for a . Jan 05,   I'm hitting the road for van life and hopefully to up my climbing game. Let's say you make some new climbing buddies and they ask if you have a girlfriend or boyfriend (which they will Author: Blair Braverman. Don't lead with the fact that you want to live in a van. Pursue new hobbies and learn new things, you'll meet people and have things to share or laugh about whether in person or chatting on dating apps.

My plan going forward is to stay in more mild climates, hopefully. There are definitely some people who are not thrilled about the idea of a solo female van dweller. If someone approaches me about this, I typically tell them the ways I stay safe.

I am also not naive, I understand anything can happen to anyone no matter how prepared you think you are.

However, I do have to say that I have found most people to be incredibly supportive of my lifestyle. However, there are some things you should know.

If you have a very minimal van like mine, you must be okay with not having certain conveniences. For example, I have no water tank, I complete most basic grooming activities outside or in a public restroom.

I have to plan things like showers and laundry. If you decide not to embark on living the van life do not let the reason be that you are a female. In what other place can you see the northern lights, abundant wildlife, the largest mountain range in North America, and much more?

I am very happy I stayed in Alaska for almost a year and experienced all four seasons. The drive to Alaska is also one of the best road trips I have ever been on. I am currently working in Colorado and hoping to make some changes to the buildout of the camper van. Essentially right now it is a platform bed with storage.

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My goal is to make the van more modular. My mom bought this Jeep brand new in and it was hands down her favorite vehicle. She was the only owner and took really good care of it. She passed away suddenly late October and I asked my dad if I could take the Jeep as it was a second car for him and he said yes.

I decided to live in it on a bit of a whim. The official sign came from my landlord at the time.

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I have a corporate office job outside of Los Angeles, so during the week, I sleep in my car in the parking lot at work. So I told everyone and their mom my plans.

I set my alarm for am, I like to be up and out of the jeep when other employees start showing up.

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We share the lot and building with other businesses. On weekends and trips where I work remote my job is incredibly flexible I hotspot with my work cell phone and have internet.

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In the beginning, there was a spot along Mullholland highway overlooking a state park about 7 minutes from my work. The sunsets and sunrises were glorious. My long-term plans are a converted camper van. I have a cat, Barney. I refuse to work hard my whole life to risk dying before I can truly enjoy my life via retirement. My mom was 58 when she died. I am absolutely loving it. The first month was hard. The month leading up to it was hard.

Dating van life

I moved out of my apartment alone making 3 trips to my cheap storage unitpanic attack level anxiety brimming just below the surface ready to spill over. I am absolutely happier. The advice is I have is that this is a drastic change from what people know and go their entire lives trying to achieve.

It will be HARD, you will get scared and want to back out. The anxiety will settle, you will find a routine, and all the reasons that drew you into this lifestyle will become real.

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Save Save Save Save. Kristin Hanes is a journalist and writer who lives on a sailboat and in a Chevy Astro van in San Francisco. She worked in radio news for 15 years before a massive layoff in I am not surprised by the way women are treated when they make an alternative lifestyle choice. It is a major threat to the status quo. I have led an alternative life by design, tents, boats, vans ,trailers.

Years ago, no women. Now, gutsy, independent, bold women are demanding that taste of freedom. Thank you so much for this article! My soul has been pulling me away from what I believe to be the inherently meaningless conventions of modern society for a long time now, but the fear, anxiety and doubt has started creeping up.

The women featured in this article said a lot of things I really needed to hear.

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I am so happy this article inspired and spoke to you! I think its so cool seeing women doing adventurous stuff solo. Good luck on your journey! Hey Kristin, thanks for your interest! Thanks again for your awesome blog! Or email me kristin thewaywardhome. The more people who read about others doing this sort of thing, the more inspiring it is. Have fun! Thanks for saying a little something about the solo female traveler. Nothing is gained when you let fear dominate your existence.

Leeza D. Solo Female who converted a van to camper. I and my wife are up in age and we upgraded to a more convient unit. I placed our old VW van ot the end of our driveway with a for sale sign on it. I am amazed at how many young women are interested in it.

They all say that it is just the right size for them. Easy to drive and park, as well as easy to set up. Good to see that they are enjoying life.

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Chuck L. I read your blog fairly often. I shared your last post with my followers on Facebook.

VAN LIFE - Advice, Tips and Hacks for living the Van Life!

I am a huge fan. Keep up the good work. This is great stuff. I wonder how you always come up with such good material.

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Kepp making a difference. MH You are very talented. I wish I could write like you do. You are an inspiration to us all.

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Additionally your site quite a bit up very fast! What web host are you the usage of? Can I get your affiliate hyperlink for your host? Instead, he decided to hole up for a spell in the village where the van died. On one of these quiet Ecuadorian days, when Parker saw Jenelle post that she was heading to Cambodia for a trip, he risked a comment. That simple moment changed both of their lives.

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Jenelle responded asking for travel suggestions, and they realized they were both originally from New Jersey. Months later, they ended up back in the home state at the same time for a visit. A first date followed soon after. That tiny house stay blew our expectations out of the water. Before that, they lived for several months in a van, touring the US. They swung down south from NJall the way to the Florida Keys, before turning up and heading west.

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Still, Jenelle says she always had a sense that it would be okay. Living in a van together, both Parker and Jenelle tell me, is like a crash course in intimacy. You have to be able to communicate, work together, and make each other laugh. Where are we going and what do we want to do between now and then. The best kind of Monday morning. Where are we going? And what do we want to do between now and then?

Parker means that literally on the road, of course. What will do until we get there? How will we spend our time? For Jenelle and Parker, the choice was clear: They wanted to spend their lives creating and discovering adventure.

Looking for that bend in the road that might lead to the perfect hike, campsite, or starry sky.

Van Life Dating and Relationships Living in a Van

Parker and Jenelle shared with me their best advice for wandering with your soulmate. Jenelle: I love the freedom of van life. In our van, we had two big windows on either side of our bed so every morning we woke up to the sunrise which was incredible. You only had a bag of clothes. Parker: We both followed a routine pretty easily.

It was unspoken. Before that, you have to get water, you have to get firewood, you have to get groceries.

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Since that trip, when we do need time together, we metaphorically sit around a campfire for a couple of hours. Traveling can be very stressful and hectic to begin with. During our big trip - which ended last year - we were living day by day. Every morning we woke up trying to figure out where we were going to go and where we were gonna sleep that night. And it was just us so there was no escaping.

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It expedites every serious confrontation you could possibly have. We were driving so much.

You talk a lot about everything that usually would be under the radar for awhile. You have to work things out. Parker: For Jenelle, the world just kind of fuels her.

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