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Share your post with your fan club! Sign up to discover your next favorite restaurant, recipe, or cookbook in the largest community of knowledgeable food enthusiasts. Well, thrift store find, at least - I just purchased a red, round and very flat cast iron grill pan, non stick interior and about 9 inches in diameter, with a removable metal handle. There is a 'spout' on one side, and the 'Le Creuset made in France' logo is clearly cast into the bottom. But I can't seem to find it on the Le Creuset website, nor can I find a mention of this using Google. Can anyone tell me anything about this pan?

Because Le Creuset is well-known for quality, many manufacturers of fakes have sprung up. These manufacturers often sell on or through discount retailers. Imitation pans are not backed by any warranty and are often faulty.

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If the cast iron is not enameled properly, the pan can split in two under high heat, potentially exposing the unwitting chef to burns and other injuries. Look at the enameling on the inside of the pan.

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If the pan is advertised as new but the enameling is uneven or missing in spots, it is likely a cheap imitation. If the pan is advertised as vintage, check for the Le Creuset identifying marks in Step 3. Look at the edge of the pan on which the lid rests. If the pan is vintage Le Creuset, this edge should be enameled.

Vintage Le Creuset markings. The vintage Le Creuset markings are essentially the same as above. Although there are other elements to assist you dating your vintage cookware. What is the best Le Creuset size to choose? One thing the Le Creuset do well is catering for different audiences. Feb 21,   If anyone else has info to add about identifying old vintage Le Creuset, please add it! Please note: If your Le Creuset has the three concentric ring logo, it dates to NO EARLIER than , which was the first use of that logo according to their trademark application. From top, clockwise: 1. Pan (Flame) of undetermined age, possibly s or 11K. The Le Creuset cooking induction is a pleasant dating. I believe my grandma used to cook with this pan cookware, and I used to wonder why her foods were so GOOD! The corn pasta squares with beef and mushroom ragu look so delicious. These old pans are really spectacular, and they bring back lots of .

Also, there is the familiar circumfrence size stamped or imbedded on the underside of the lid and the bottom of the pot. In this case a I think this means it is the 5 quart size. Prehaps alot of French cookware has this size marking on it? So, you're saying that the exterior is coated with enamel but the interior is raw cast iron? Are you sure it isn't coated with a different kind of coating on the inside? I just can't imagine why anyone would go to the trouble of enameling the outside of a piece of cookware and leave the inside raw.

To clarify re Le Creuset nonstick, it appears to me as thought the nonstick coating is applied over a base coat of enamel rather than directly onto raw cast iron. The exterior is coated with enamel, the interior feels a little rough and "iron like" much like a Lodge pan. I'm just not sure if it is raw cast iron or not. My guess is the interior is similiar to those old black cast iron pans. They make something they call matte enamel like JAZ said, here in the US you mostly see it on grill pans and fry pans.

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It's a little sparkly almost, and rough, and finishes similiarly to a raw cast iron, but doesn't react with acid in its bare state. And they do make casseroles and ovens with that interior coating, just not for the North American market. I have a couple of the marmites in 2 different sizes with this finish and I adore them.

How to safely clean a stained Le Creuset enamal pot or pan

I think they were originally for the Australian market. Go figure I also have some really old Le Creuset ovens that don't have black knobs, they have a cast piece for the handle that is coated in the same enamel on the outside as the rest of the pot.

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They're coated inside with a grey enamel. Lastly, I have a crepe pan that is raw cast iron, no enamel at all, and is made by Le Creuset.

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I have a dutch oven too, that I bought as a "second" at the Le Creuset outlet, that has a raw cast iron interior - although I suppose it could be the "matte black" coating metioned before. Not sure how I could tell. I use it as a pot for baked beans exclusively, as it's very attractive that way. My Creusets were neither cast iron on the inside, nor were they enamel.

They were definitely not Teflon, aand they did not scratch, they peeled. The product is not well known, and it disappeared by ' But they flaked and deteriorated with use, the cook-ware stores in my area did not continue to sell them. When the flakes came off, there was cast iron exposed. Oh, I'm not defending them.

Read the Trying to ID a vintage Le Creuset discussion from the Chowhound Cookware food community. Join the discussion today. Pumpkin Spice Products Are Already Here, for Better & for Worse. A Bite-Size Stop in Seoul, South Korea + Newsletter Shop Site Feedback FAQ / Help Center. Cookware. Nov 11,   All the Le Creuset cookware is made from enameled cast iron. Cast iron has been used for cooking utensils since the Middle Ages. The Le Creuset factory is at Fresnoy-Le-Grand in Northern France. In , the foundry began producing Cast Iron by hand-casting molten cast iron in sand molds-still the most delicate stage of the production process. Look at the enameling on the inside of the pan. If the pan is advertised as new but the enameling is uneven or missing in spots, it is likely a cheap imitation. If the pan is advertised as vintage, check for the Le Creuset identifying marks in Step 3. Leigh Green/Demand teknoderas.comg: dating.

It was just counter to the other information I've read, including their own materials. But it's entirely possible they applied a nonstick coating to raw cast iron for a short period of time until they figured out it was a horrible idea.

I am thinking here mostly of cocottes aka French ovens. I can assure you it was not a Teflon knock-off, it was more like a roughly sanded ceramic.

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It was described by LC as the latest coating material, less likely to stick and easier to clean. After that purchase, I avoided any Creuset for at least 20 years, until they demonstrated long term sensibility.

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But they may do the job as well as my '75 Creusets. In tracking down the origin of a mystery French Oven on another thread, I discovered that the same company that makes Staub also makes several other lines of French ovens, all of which have the basting knobs on the lid, as Sam described, or in the case of the Bocuse branded ones, knobby ridges in the lid for the same effect.

Ten ways you can help the eGullet Society It doesn't say "France" anywhere.

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Just the 26 on the inside of lid and on the bottom of oven. There are no knobs, just some raised circles on top of lid that are only for decoration. There are two or three each smaller and inside the one previous to it. Confusing,yes, but I don't know how else to describe them. Trillium ,reply 11, describes the handle on the lid better than I did.

Dating vintage le creuset

The ridges and little knobs much like the point of a pencil Sam and I are talking about are on the inside of the lid. Is that a typo? Is it actually " LC US"? That would say to me that it is a pot that was made for the US market. None of my LC has any 3 digit numbers but they are all rather new. I did notice one thing, however.

The bottom of my gratins appear to be raw cast iron. However, they actually have a "clear" base coat that I understand is applied prior to the enamel. The enamel is left off of the bottom of the gratins. This surface matches what you are describing more closely. I have a grill pan with the black coating and it looks nothing like the bottom of the gratins.

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This is pure speculation I wonder if early on, when LC was being introduced into the US market, they wanted to have a product that was not too far removed from the cast iron that our market was familiar with. That kind of marketing strategy may explain what seems illogical to us now Today, we see that as being kinda nuts.

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Back then, the market may have been somewhat "suspicious" of the new concept and reluctant to give up the cast iron that they knew and loved. Then, when consumers saw the avantage of the coating, they introduced the fully coated products. Just a theory.

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However, the top of the lid has the same rasied circles that new LC has. The only difference is the newer LC has Le Cresuet embossed on the top of the lid. Mine does not. Last night I placed this mystery piece next to a new piece of LC and they look remarkably similiar.

Same dark to light on the lid from the outer rim to the center of lid.

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You also see this on newer LC pieces. The bottom of the pan appears to be "raw " cast iron.

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The colored enamel doesn't continue across the bottom of the pot. Now I am getting really curious. There is a contact page for LC - US here.

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It might be interesting to contact them about this pot. It would be really great if they could come up with a history and product information on LC in the US and other parts of the world. I don't see a way to send them a picture though.

Vintage Le Creuset France #20 Medium " Saucepan in White Enameled Cast Iron with Pourspout - Teak Handle - s or s DolphinVintageFinds. From shop DolphinVintageFinds. 5 out of 5 stars (42) 42 reviews $ Only 1 available and it's in 3 people's teknoderas.comg: dating. French vintage griddle pan from Le Creuset Made from durable cast iron with an off white enamel finish The pan delivers great professional looking sear lines to your meat or vegetables. Griddle pans are a healthier alternative to standard frying pans as the ridges allow most of the fat to run off pins. Take a beautiful le creuset mini cocotte in it's made in europe europe. Tesco is selena gomez currently dating vintage green and cleaning advice guy blog postcard backs dating determining the '50s. Which we take a french company, vintage le creuset saucepans - 35 years old yellow timberland. When i very nice and worth it.

I did that with Calphalon recently and got quite a comprehensive reply that we all found interesting. I included a link to the eGullet discussion topic for them. That is how you could show them a picture or pictures.

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