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Many years ago, when I was still working in the retail side of watches, I struck up a conversation with a client who said he collected Seiko watches. The last 4 years have been an education for me when it comes to Seiko and I wish I could go back in time, slap myself in the face for dismissing the brand. For this list, I went with one of more niche watches, the Whether you get the white or black dial, the looks amazing on the wrist and is bound to get compliments wherever you are in the world. Whilst I will always love mechanical movements more than anything quartz, it is hard to look down upon a quartz movement that did its job so damn well.

Dating vintage seiko watches

Skylab was a long-term research mission dedicated to researching the effects of zero gravity on the human body, as well as observing solar activity. The Speedtimer proved more than worthy of the challenge of being a space timekeeper, with Pogue choosing to bring it aboard the mission in secret alongside his NASA issued Speedmaster.

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The Ref. In my eyes, the Grand and King Seikos are the very best of what vintage Seiko can offer a modern customer.

Finding serial number and movement on a Seiko watch and how to date a Seiko watch

These exceptional calibers were made to standards exceeding the very best of COSC chronometers. Many later Grand and King Seikos ran at higher frequencies, a rarity for time-only watches, that allowed them to be amazingly accurate.

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The designs of the Grand and King Seikos are charming and elegant, especially if they have survived the last 45 years with minimal polishing. Long, crisp lines ran down the side of the case with every facet angled to best reflect light, allowing the watch to shine.

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A look at the back of model from July of An awesome fact is that these sites both designed and produced unique movements! Also, Daini watches often change date via pulling out and turning the crown whereas Suwa pieces typically allow the change to occur by repeatedly pushing the crown inwards and allowing it to spring back.

A look at the back of the Seiko Sportsmatic from March, Well, here again, Seiko makes things simple.

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A quick look at the back will yield a serial number that is normally 6 digits. The first digit tells us the year of production and the second number tells us the month.

Another very common movement is the bulletproof This one has its original bracelet. I also rarely care about whether a 3-handed Seiko is operational because they are all repairable.

Examine the date and time plate on the watch if you are looking to date one in the Seiko 5 series. Watches made prior to the s will be metal, while all watches made afterward are plastic. However, you must be careful when determining this, because metal date and time plates sometimes signify a counterfeit watch. Dating Vintage Citizen watches can prove a little more challenging but in theory at least they are also as easy to date. In the picture above we have a Vintage Seiko Bellmatic with the back-case removed, inscribed on the back-case is all the information needed, Stainless Steel is the watch case & back material, the is the Model number, Water Resistant is self-explanatory, Japan is country of .

The only exceptions to the rule are with chronographs can be fixed, but it adds a measure of difficultydivers that are missing bezels, or divers where the internal bezels no longer rotate. I also stay away from watches with missing or incorrect hands because life is too short to search and - normally - there are other watches out there to select. Speaking of size, all of these pieces are above 36mm and some command significantly more space on the wrist.

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To me, that makes them highly wearable as everyday pieces. Plus, note the rich array of colors and one can see how of these could easily find their way to your collection. The Seiko from the front.

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Just look at that dial and the attention to detail. Yes, many will come from the Far East, but the prices often make the risk worthwhile.

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Many friends of mine are die-hard Swiss watch fans and they quietly refuse to go down the Seiko path. Enjoy the heck out of your hunt! As a full-time role, he works in the Automotive Industry.

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He's lived and worked in many locations and when he's not cruising at 30, feet, he calls Germany home. Michael became Speedy Tuesday.

Watch Review. Wrist Game or Crying Shame.

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One of the most common vintage Seiko movements is showcased within this gorgeous Sport Diver, the Watch of the Week. Brand of the Month.

Note the thick hands, engraved patterns and bold design of all of these watches. These watches are typical of the "Deco" style of the teens and 20's. The Elgin and Hamilton were dated by serial number, while the Gruen was dated by an inscription on the back. The "New Haven" was dated by looking at the style of the watch. Find the manufacture date of any Seiko watch Seiko watches have a 6 or 7 character serial number on their casebacks. The second character can be a letter but the rest are all numbers. You can use the Seiko serial number in conjunction with the movement number to calculate the year of manufacture. The future of Seiko; Why Buy Seiko Watches from Vintage Watch Online. We hand select only & only the finest pre-owned and authentic Seiko watches. With over 25 years of wisdom and over 10, Seiko watches sold worldwide, you can buy the best fit timepiece for you with confidence.

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What would the Vintage Seiko Buyer's Guide be without a tip on dating your new/old watch? Well, here again, Seiko makes things simple. A quick look at the back will yield a serial number that is normally 6 digits. The first digit tells us the year of production and the second number tells us the month. Seiko Pogue. Some may consider the "Pogue" to be a bit of an eccentric selection within our top 10 Vintage Seiko watches list, but I'm ready to defend the choice. First, if the "Pogue" isn't the cheapest vintage space flown watch (it went up with Col. William Pogue in as part of Skylab), it has to be in the, the was one of the movements in the race. May 10,   Below is a massive project that has been the better part of the last year in the process. Thanks to the generosity of some of our members (especially Gary Fredericks) we have been able to scan and collect a large collection of vintage seiko catalogs ranging from the late s to H2

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