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Introducing guitar products that offer a guide to the history of Yamaha guitars. Rather than copying overseas models, the development team used a proprietary design based on human engineering. They featured original designs for the tremolo unit, neck joint system, and pickups, demonstrating Yamaha's penchant for individuality and innovation from our very first models. Our flagship model with a distinctive body that came on the market as electric guitars started to boom in popularity. It started out as the B and changed its name one month later to SB-2, a name shared with our first electric guitar. Two combo amp models at 25 W and 50 W.

Locate the serial number on your guitar. On acoustic guitars, the number usually is written somewhere inside the guitar's sound hole. On electric guitars, the serial number generally is located on the headstock.

Check the neck joint of the guitar if you can't find the serial number anywhere else. Look at the first letter of the serial number, which indicates which year the instrument was made.

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Yamaha's guitars serial numbers repeat every 10 years, so additional research may be needed to find the exact year your guitar was made. The letter "H" is used for years ending in one, beginning with The next nine letters of the alphabet correspond to years ending in the next nine numbers.

For example, a guitar with a serial number starting with an "M" was made in a year ending in a six.

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Look at the second letter of the serial number, which represents the month the instrument was manufactured. Read the next two numbers in the serial number, which indicate the day of the month that the guitar was created.

Yamaha's first electric guitars officially launched in April under the names S and S, which were changed one month later to SG-3 and SG They featured original designs for the tremolo unit, neck joint system, and pickups, demonstrating Yamaha's penchant for individuality and innovation from our very first models. Yamaha guitars In , Yamaha (then Nippon Gakki Co., Ltd.) began producing reed organs in Japan. The Yamaha Corporation has grown to become the world's . Jun 14,   I have two new Yamaha guitars, I think they are from or earlier, one is the C40 and the other is the C 60 the serial numbers that appear are ; respectively, I would like you to help me to know its value. The same I have a new .

Examine the last three numbers, which indicate the order of production. For example, a would be the 13th guitar made that day. The was a top-of-the-line model with advanced features including a five-piece maple and mahogany through-neck, an ebony fingerboard with binding, a state-of-the-art tremolo, plus pickups with Spinex magnets on a mm scale length guitar.

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Its modern design included a deeply scooped out cutaway body, a neck joint conducive to great playability, and a bridge featuring fine tuners. Limited to 20 pcs. Phoenix inlay work accented the beautifully grained top-quality wood and karat plated hardware for an elegant appearance. This combined with the excellent performance qualities, the hybrid pickup system switchable between passive and active, and advanced specs such as built-in LEDs for side position markers.

YMMI (Yamaha Music Manufacturing Indonesia) Made in Indonesia Serial Number: QIHI , January 15 Unit Number Day, 15 Month, January (H=l) Year (0=0, 1=2) Note: The above charts include the majority of Yamaha acoustic (and acoustic-electric) and classical guitars manufactured. However, in some cases, the serial number informa-.

The VR series took the concept of the F series and expanded it to make 2-channels standard and to offer advanced designs, including a model with stereo connectivity. These models used a solid structure with a semi-acoustic body shape popular at the time. The design was developed in England rather than in Japan, and the lineup featured three models: Custom, Deluxe, and Standard.

Shown here is the Deluxe model. The slanted front of the speaker enclosure was an expression of the distinctive design elements of these amps. With myriad sound variations thanks to a five-position lever switch and USA-made pickups, this guitar used a new style of set-in neck joint allowing smooth performance even in the upper frets.

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The model lineup included the Custom, Classic, and Special. This model was stacked with Yamaha originality in a traditional design. This hollow body guitar had an inner block under the bridge only and really sang even at high volumes.

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It suited various musical genres thanks to the Psized humbucker and Bi-Sound Switch. There was also a model equipped with the Bigsby tremolo. A six-string bass with a multi-layer neck through construction and an ebonol resin fingerboard. This top-of-the-line model, with a built-in piezo pickup in the bridge, allowed the artist to create a diverse range of sounds.

Yamaha Acoustic Guitars Overview

The TRB-6P featured a five-piece maple and mahogany neck through construction similar to the TRB Custom, plus an ebony fingerboard, while the body attached to the neck from the sides. Responding to trends in guitar equipment inYamaha launched a rack-mounted amp head. The W amp head had a relatively high output for the time. We also simultaneously launched a dedicated speaker cabinet.

A concentration of the design ethic of the APX series into a travel-size package, realizing superb portability and a comfortable, compact form.

Dating yamaha acoustic guitars

This hollow body model offered the dual benefits of fat sound and acoustic resonance thanks to a preamp system that allowed free blending and equalizing, in addition to a neck humbucker and piezo-electric pickup. The deep, nuanced sound was created by original pickups with hum-canceling coils and a three-band EQ.

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Collaboration with John Patitucci led to this signature model that offered tight response thanks to a four-layer body of maple, ash, alder, and maple, plus a maple bolt-on neck construction and low noise double coil pickups. It offers pro-level specs for great performance in tough environments. These full tube amps were a collaborative project with Michael J.

They were packed with original features such as seven 12AX7A tubes in the preamp. With a smaller body reminiscent of a ukulele, yet performing almost like a six-string guitar, this new mini model offered players the enjoyable sound and performance of nylon strings.

Yamaha serial numbers are recycled every ten years, 29 formats are supported here based on research available on the yamaha website. There is some overlap between formats and in those cases multiple results will be generated. If you encounter any inaccuracies please email the web master. Sep 15,   Yamaha guitars date back to the s. These guitars originally were produced solely in Japan, but over the following 70 years, Yamaha guitars have been made in Taiwan, Korea and Indonesia. The serial number on one of these instruments is . With acoustic guitars, the serial number is usually written somewhere in the sound cavity of the guitar. If you want to know the production year of your Yamaha guitar,you can decipher it with the serial number decoder, or find it in explanation about the dating system below.

This Mike Stern model featured an ash body and one-piece maple neck plus a neck humbucker combined with Hot Rail pickups for gorgeous expressivity in a wide range of styles, from clean tones to blues, rock, and heavy distortion. A new style semi-hollow model with a compact body featuring a front humbucker inherited from the AEX combined with a bridge piezo-electric pickup.

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This flexible semi-order system allowed players to specify their exact preferences for body material, fingerboard material, frets, colors, and more. Chips replaced the unique operations of tubes to reproduce an array of sounds. Specs included digital technology such as preset configurations, user memory, and MIDI connectivity, while a motorized knob is used for the controls.

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Interest in this series remains high still today. DG Stomp was an innovative digital guitar pre-amplifier that put the power and performance of the DG Series amplifiers into a rugged stomp box design.

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They could be used as modeling preamps or multi-effects pedals. A unique model that combines vintage feel with a modern sensibility, making it a true original from the body shape to the bridge, pickups, and controls.

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An all-new series of innovative guitars retaining true, authentic acoustic guitar playability while offering ultra-quiet performance and headphone capability.

A preamp pedal for acoustic guitars. Featured mic simulation and auto feedback reduction for more natural sound from acoustic-electric guitars.

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Interest in this discontinued series remains high today. An 8-band modulation delay machine supervised by Allan Holdsworth. Its greatest feature is the eight built-in delays, with independent controls for each.

This model featured bold body contours with a fine cutaway. It won high praise for its modulation and delay effects. It offered a compact size and W output with a Class-D amp. This model achieves both significantly lighter weight and a rich body resonance from the new design, and also features LEDs to show which pickup is selected.

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The white color tone expresses the reduced weight through a unique appearance that gives the feel of an innovative, advanced guitar. An electric nylon guitar with a modern design that produces the characteristic warm sound of nylon strings.

The newest incarnation of the SG series arranged for a contemporary audience and available in three pickup configurations-humbucker, P, or active pickups-to accommodate every genre from classic rock to heavy metal. Other features include body finishes and fingerboard inlays suited to each style.

Fiction: in case, you have issues in getting a penile erection, which is firm enough for having perfect lovemaking session. Kamagra is one of the most popular and common types of radiotherapy treatment include 3-dimensional conformal radiation therapy (3D-CRT) and stereotactic radiotherapy/5. Feb 04,   Most people interested in vintage acoustic guitars will recognize the "signature" red label as the start of the historic Yamaha FG line. But the first models, FG & FG, where actually available in October , but only in Japan. This site is not affiliated with the Yamaha Corporation. I made this site to share my passion for vintage Yamaha guitars. If you're looking for information on vintage Yamaha FG Series acoustic guitars, you've come to the right place. Also see my forum for the most up to date information.

Specially designed for rock music, the BBX features a spline joint construction combining with A. An acoustic-electric series with a simple, powerful design and a smooth neck feel, as well as SRT pickups and other features to please purists who desire a real performance guitar. THR series amps have become extremely popular due to their retro look and feel, and exceptional sound quality. An active bass with a compact and lightweight body for easy handling, powerful pickups and a preamp for diverse sound shaping that make it compatible with performance styles of a wide range of musical genres.

A battery life indicator is also built in, making it easy to know when replacement is necessary.

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