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As an Intuitive Feeling type, you seek deep, meaningful connection in your relationships. You want to truly understand what drives the people you care about and help them to be their best selves. You are drawn to people who seem to be sensitive, thoughtful, and idealistic, and prefer relationships that help you to grow and develop. The two of you have some very fundamental differences in how you see things, and this can make getting along a challenge for both of you. That's not to say you shouldn't be friends; in fact, you might find that spending time with this person introduces you to ways of thinking that help you learn and grow. But this relationship will not be without its frustrations. Fundamentally, you are concerned with people, relationships, and values.

ESFJ ESFJs are extremely talkative and will voice their feelings easily, including clearly telling others what they should do and also have their own strong views on issues which are important to them.

At times INFJs will withdraw into themselves, shutting out even their close friends.

Esfj dating infj

ESFJ ESFJs are driven by a sense of duty, of being at the centre of things and making sure that everything is taken care of with a clear plan of action and that people are following this, in detail.

INFJ Values are at the heart of the INFJ and they will take relationships as seriously as they do their causes and their global outlook and big picture focus may mean that it is difficult to get on their wavelength.

If you're an INFJ in a relationship with an ESFJ, discover how you'll communicate, interact, and relate to each other in daily life. How INFJ and ESFJ Get Along. INFJ s and ESFJ s have some common themes that often arise when they get to know each other. As an INFJ, you'll want to keep these issues in mind when you get to know an ESFJ. Sep 13, ESFJ Flirting & Dating: How to Attract an ESFJ When it comes to flirting and dating, ESFJs are often naturals. They enjoy being able to connect with people and get to know them. ESFJs are often naturally friendly people, but it is important to know the difference between their friendly flirting or their serious flirting. May 04, When an INFJ and ESFJ are drawn to each other, the attraction becomes obvious fairly quickly- although the ESFJ is usually the more transparent of the two and is likely to make the first overtures. INFJs are generally cautious until they're sure of a relationship. ESFJs are generous and outgoing, giving without any thought of return.

At Work. We all bring something different to the team and we all agree that difference and balance are good things. However when someone is different from us we might not understand them so well so in this section we allow you to compare the differences at work, how these might manifest themselves and how best to manage them.

Contribution to the team. Being managed. Some people seek harmony, some see conflict as simply robust discussions, some people are emotional, some more factual. So there is no right or wrong about this and what we are trying to do is help two different people each understand how the other might deal with conflict and what it will mean for how they work together.

Initial response to conflict situations.

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Issues they'll fight on. In contrast, your counterpart puts a high value on tradition and stability.

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It's not that they don't care about people or making the world a better place, but they tend to be suspicious of change in general, and they rarely see it as a solution for anything. They tend to believe that the best way to serve people is by keeping things consistent and predictable, and they may find your ideas for overhauling established systems odd, unnecessary, and disruptive.

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If you've tried to share your dreams and vision with this person, you've probably noticed their distinct lack of enthusiasm. They're not trying to be negative; your counterpart simply doesn't have your talent for visualization.

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If they haven't seen an idea work in practice, they're probably not very excited by it. This can frustrate you to no end. At your worst together, you'll tend to view this person as dull, stagnant, and unimaginative. They'll see you as flighty, unrealistic, and impractical.

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So what's the upside? The same things that irritate you about one another are also opportunities for learning. Yes, you have wonderful ideas, but you also truly can be a bit impractical.

This sectionINFJ - ESFJ relationshipis about how these two personality types come together in a relationship. Specifically, we will be looking at the joys of this relationship as well as the struggles this relationship may have. The INFJ - ESFJrelationship has 2 preference similarities and 2 preferencedifferences. Meaning is at the heart of who the INFJ is and they would not be motivated by 'doing a job' but need a cause, something which is important to them, something to believe in. Attention to detail / focus. ESFJ. The ESFJ will want a plan and closure, they do not like loose ends or . How can INFJ and ESFJ types resolve conflict? In times of stress, INFJs and ESFJs should each address how they feel while remaining calm and empathetic toward one another. INFJs and ESFJs should work to fix the situation in a timely manner; INFJs should try to express themselves without using hypotheticals or bringing in other situations, while ESFJs should avoid getting too stuck in the .

This person can help you think through the realities of your ideas so that you're better able to actually make them happen. And for your part, you have an opportunity to get them out of their rut and help them imagine possibilities for a better world.

If you play it right, they may actually become enchanted with your creativity and wide-eyed idealism. This person likely has a higher energy level than you do, and you may find their enthusiasm overwhelming at times. You may find it important to set boundaries and let them know when you need space and quiet.

INFJ-ESFJ Interaction

You tend to communicate in an abstract, theoretical way. You focus on making connections and interpreting meaning, exploring the "why" of the thing in question. Much of what you communicate is your idea, theory, or interpretation of what you see, rather than a direct observation.

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When making plans, you are inclined to spend a lot of time talking about the overall goal or theme of the plan-without having much interest in the details of exactly what will happen or how. In contrast, your counterpart tends to communicate in a straightforward, concrete way, focusing on facts, details, history, and real-life experiences.

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They focus on the "what" when discussing something, and convey information that they observed directly or can back up with real-life evidence. When making plans, they tend to focus on the specific steps that will occur.

And generally, they're interested in talking about real things, not ideas or theories.

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While it may sound like you are speaking different languages, the truth is that although you have different comfort zones when it comes to communication, you are well able to get out of those comfort zones to meet halfway-and you'll both be the better for it. And in turn, they can help you to come back down to earth and discuss the details and facts of a situation, not just the big idea.

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When talking with this person, you may fall into the role of listener by default. Because they are more extraverted than you are, they'll tend to naturally speak more quickly and have more to say.

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While ESFJs do try to be subtle at first, they have moments when their more daring side comes out. If the ESFJ is fearful of losing their chance to be with someone, they might start to express their feelings much more outwardly.

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In a relationship the ESFJ is giving and compassionate, they strive to do whatever they can to make others happy. ESFJs are very in tune with the emotions of others, and so being there for the people they love is important to them. When they are committed to someone the ESFJ takes this very seriously and believes in standing by that person with a sense of complete loyalty.

ESFJs naturally enjoy being a support system for their loved ones, and in a romantic relationship they often try to be everything they can be for their partner.

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For the ESFJ it can be overwhelming at times, since they want to be perfect for the person they are with, and obviously this creates unrealistic expectations for them. Their romantic relationships are extremely important to the ESFJ, and they often prioritize their partner above themselves and many other things in life.

ESFJs are rarely made for casual dating, and often find it a bit exhausting. ESFJs enjoy meeting new people, but they are more drawn to committed relationships with someone special.

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