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Covered from head to toe in flowing, elegant garments, she had the most feminine energy packed in to one human being that I had ever been witness to. Her motions were effortless. The way she hugged me upon being introduced to me was without hesitation. She was pure, open, loving light personified. Later that day I was debriefing with my travel partner who, as it turns out, had also been floored by her overflowing feminine energy.

Femininity On Dates -- The First Date -- A Feminine Impression

These are good questions to ask yourself. Everything is energy.

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This takes awareness along with a little bit of self-discipline. The reverse is true as well - some men seem very articulate over email but turn out to be flaky when it comes to moving it into real life. The only way to find out is by giving them a chance to step up.

Jul 08,   If you want to be with an alpha or masculine energy man here is what you need to start doing: Always leaning back and allowing him to come to you Letting him ask for your number or initiate contact first on a dating site. If he's pulling away (hasn't called or checked in with you in a while). Oct 31,   Sami Wunder is a certified dating and relationship coach, a blogger and inspirational speaker. She helps women all over the world reconnect with their feminine energy and attract and keep the man of their dreams. Sami has been seen on The Daily Mail, The Elephant Journal, The Natural Health Magazine, and The Huffington Post. As the feminine-energy partner, when a man makes you an offer, you want to see how you feel about it, say "yes" if it feels good to you - and then show appreciation and acknowledgment. Feminine energy is extremely powerful - it's about being open and .

Love, Helena. I need help ,nelly thank you please reply to me. Hi Nelly.

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I think she would want you tobstep back and have him do more. You have to be his catch you have to let him chase you.

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Start thinking of yourself like Marlyn Monroe. Would she do that.

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Your showing your masculine side and that pushes men away. Hi Helena, My name is Diane.

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It was great at first! I ended and then begged for him to take me back. He did!

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It was great for a couple months. I found myself trying extremely hard to please him, driving to him, getting him stuff to sleep over n planning small road trips for us. He said he did and would try harder.

If someone tells you to be a man, tell them to fuck off because what they say is garbage. But what does it mean to have feminine energy? Men are masculine and domineering, yet, at the same time emotional and lighthearted. Do you see what I mean? Of course, some people are more feminine or masculine than others, but they still have those other qualities as well.

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See, your masculine side is the side people see when you work or are focused on accomplishing a goal. Whereas your feminine side is what people see when you enjoy life and the moments within it. Your feminine side is your playfulness.

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The side which allows you to express art and energy. So, you work on that and create a balance between both sides.

Feminine energy while dating

However, feminine energy is natural. In order to embrace your feminine side, you need to be able to differentiate between the two.

At our core, we all have a predominate energy that is either masculine or feminine. Generally, women have feminine core energy and men have masculine core energy. This energy plays a major role in our lives and our relationships. Today we are going to talk about what it means to have masculine and feminine energy and why it is important in dating. Masculine energy is all about action, giving, decision . The partners no longer have the play of masculine and feminine energies between them. Both partners are channeling the same type of energy, which causes the relationship to become stale, tense or unbalanced. Your internal energy can also be depolarized if you haven't corrected your underlying limiting beliefs. In order for the law of polarity.

Explore your feelings and desires on both sides. If you have a problem doing this on your own because it is hard, a therapist will help you to explore yourself.

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Your feminine side is what allows you to express your emotions and be artistic. The point is, create in order to release your feminine energy. Feminine energy is about movement and freedom.

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If you wear pants, you restrict yourself. Masculine energy is consumed by thought, which at times you need.

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However, feminine energy is all about losing yourself in your senses. Go to a public market and take in all the colors, go to a pastry shop and lose yourself while eating a piece of chocolate cake. The point is to remove yourself from your head and live in the moment, connecting to your body.

Have you ever just stared at someone, looking them in the eyes for 30 seconds? Yes, you heard right.

You need to connect with yourself sexually. But listen, you need to push yourself through this obstacle. Feel vulnerable and scared because feminine energy forces you to change.

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