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I mean what ever happened to the days when 2 people dated each other The End? No outside influences. No backup plans. No team of prospects. Did our grandparents have a boo or 2 on the side in the beginning stages of their courtship back in the day as well?

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Make sure you keep a rotation going guys. Banging 3 chicks.

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Abundance mindset. Dump her or use her for straight pussy.

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A verbal commitment or even marriage is no way to guarantee that she will not hook up with other guys or-more importantly-that she will not lose attraction for you. Aug 19,   "It's also disrespectful to be posting on Instagram with the other people you are dating, even if it is 'storying,' or commenting racy things on others' photos." Remember, online. Find a new "new girl". Two dates in with a good connection should be enough time for her to make a decision and she's choosing to try and see you _and_ at least one other guy. Since most dates.

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She's Talking to Other Guys: Is She Playing Me? (Dating Advice for Men)

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Girl dating other guys

Should I continue seeing her? Still getting to know each other, so no real strong emotional attachment for each just yet. We met online. In the last few days, she asked me if I was seeing others to which I said no. I asked her back, to which she says she is seeing 2 other guys. She also added that she sees potential in all 3 of us, but want to get to know us more. I can understand this. However, the problem is I feel slightly irked that I will gradually develop a strong connection over time and it might fall flat.

I realise I have no basis to complain about her seeing others, but I do feel like I should invest time in someone that also know what she wants.

I feel like an item on the shelf currently, and would prefer not to be caught in a web of her decision making.

Would appreciate some perspective on this issue. Guys and gals both welcome:) I [27M] have been seeing this girl [27F] for the past few weeks, 3 dates/hangouts so far and enjoyable each time. Still getting to know each other, so no real strong emotional attachment for each just yet. We met online. If the other men or women that your "boo" is dating in addition to you happens to be a relative, friend, enemy or someone who is on your "Oh HELL NO!" list then Houston we have a problem. If you find out that the guy or girl you're dating is also dating your coworker or maybe even a friend of a friend who you sometimes have brunch. Unless she's your wife or your committed gf, you have no business in knowing if she's talking to another guy. But if it still bothers you, ask her straight up. Maybe she's busy with her school/university work. Or maybe she's just not in the mood t.

What would you guys do in a similar situation? Wait it out and continue to see each other, or move on? You just discovered this, so I'd suggest giving it a little time to play out.

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Maybe she's most interested in you, maybe not. You might ask if she plans to decide soon, since you'd like to move on if she isn't coming to a conclusion about who to date exclusively.

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You can maybe go on another date or two, and then if she hasn't made any decisions after dates, you've allowed her a chance to make her decision. If you like her, keep dating until one of you comes to a conclusion.

I mean as long as you are enjoying your time, why not? But if you need someone to commit to you right now, I guess you know what to do, because she isn't doing that.

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Since you have already brought up you are not seeing anyone else and she is, I would not put all your eggs in one basket. Seek out other girls, talk to other girls, go on dates. She obviously like the attention of having multiple guys to date, so you shouldn't 'wait around for her'.

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If she really cared and wanted to be with you she wouldn't talk to anyone else. But she is undecided, which isn't fair to you to wait around.

Jul 18,   You could very well be pretty unaffected by them dating other people, but it may eat at you the more it goes on (and the more attached you get).Author: Elana Rubin.

If this is a fib that really irks you, let her know and ask her to try to make more accurate estimates in the future. Women often try to come off as low maintenance, so she may be embarrassed about how much she spends. When it comes to clothing, accessories, and beauty services, men tend to have trouble wrapping their heads around the cost. Unsure if your boo is being honest? Van Kirk says a woman that tends to avoid the topic or gives inconsistent answers to questions about her sexual past, may be lying.

But tread carefully if you choose to confront her about it.

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Unless you give your honey something she specifically said she wanted, you run the risk of her having to lie about how much she loves your gift. Think about your inner circle for a second.

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