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Helium diffusion is one type of nuclear decay dealing with the emission of Helium nuclei known as an alpha emission. Elements like uranium and thorium produce helium in zircons as a biproduct of their radioactivity. This helium seeps out of zircons quickly over a wide range of temperatures. If the zircons really are about 1. Accelerated decay must have produced a billion years worth of helium in that short amount of time. As early as the s, Robert Gentry pointed out that rocks appeared to be retaining more Helium than they should using standard models. Russell Humphreys , Steven Austin , Andrew Snelling , and John Baumgardner , the first three professors at the Institute for Creation Research and the last, a scientist at Los Alamos National Laboratory, conceived a model using what was known regarding helium diffusion in zircons.

Uniformitarians suggest models for which helium can escape due to the solar wind.

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Browse Browse References Helium diffusion rates support accelerated nuclear decay by D. Russell HumphreysPh.

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AustinPh. BaumgardnerPh.

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SnellingPh. Ivey Ed. Creation Research Society Quarterly 41 1 : This quantifies the assumption made earlier that at high temperatures, any original helium will have escaped the crystal.

The research on Helium diffusion in zircon crystals that follows is one line of evidence to that effect. Other major assumptions of radiometric dating are that the sample has been a closed system while the decay occurred and that the initial concentrations of the radioisotopes is known. If the zircons really are about billion years old (the age which conventional dating gives assuming a constant decay rate), almost all of the helium should have dissipated from the zircons long ago. But there is a significant amount of helium still inside the zircons, showing their ages to be +/- years. The high helium retention levels suggested to us and many other creationists that the helium simply had not had enough time to diffuse out of the zircons, and that recent accelerated nuclear decay had produced over a billion years worth of helium within only the last few thousand years, during Creation and/or the Flood.

The first term of the equation will always increase with time until the steady state condition is reached. This is physically consistent with a system where the sole source of helium is alpha production from radioactive decay and where outdiffusion is negligible.

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The helium concentration will decrease in time only if equilibrium is affected in such a way that the concentration exceeds the steady state value. This can happen if the temperature increases, causing the diffusivity to rise significantly and lowering the steady state value.

Helium diffusion dating

Another mechanism for altering the steady state value would be if the generation rate P were to rapidly decrease significantly. If, for example, the alpha-emitters were quickly depleted or leached out of the system, the generation rate would drop and the helium concentration would be larger than its new steady state value and would subsequently decrease gradually.

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Though zircons may have had a history of fluctuating temperatures, geological records indicate that the recent past has been a slow cooling mode. Wolf, et.

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Their work explores the usefulness of helium thermochronology and is also applicable to zircons. Instead of the standard technique of using the helium retained by zircons, he uses a diffusion dating method based on the helium that is lost. This model fails to meet the basic criteria for a good dating technique. It is far more difficult to measure the helium that is missing than the helium that is present.

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There is no direct measurement of Q o nor is there a physical mechanism that would start the clock for a determination of time. This method also relies very sensitively on knowledge of the diffusivity and thermal history of the mineral. Any calculation from this model would not be relevant for any physical parameter.

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Undeterred, Humphreys proceeds to estimate all the unknowns. To determine Qhe sent his own samples to a reputable experimenter to measure both helium content and diffusivity. Most of his results, however, are based on samples obtained by Gentry.

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With no knowledge of the reason for the adjustment, it is impossible to comment on its validity. Those values are given in the following table by Gentry:.

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Humphreys interpolates those numbers for his own samples. No clear explanation is given for the way in which Gentry obtained these retention factors nor their meaning. This compensating factor is necessary because the larger m m zircons lost a smaller proportion of the total He generated within the crystal via near-surface a -emission than did the smaller m m zircons. The ratio of the measured to the theoretical amount of He is shown in the last column of Table 1.

For example alpha decay isotopes give older ages than beta decay isotopes.

Helium is a lightweight, fast-moving atom that does not form chemical bonds with other atoms. It can diffuse through solids relatively fast, meaning that helium atoms wiggle through the spaces between atoms in a crystal lattice and spread themselves out as far from one another as possible. May 04,   Helium Diffusion Dates. Synopsis by Greg Neyman. First Added 4 May Dr. Kevin Henke of the University of Kentucky has published a page analysis of young earth creation science attacks upon helium evidences related to the dating of the earth. This article can be found here (opens a new window, off-site). characterize helium diffusion from apatite using Durango fluorapatite as a model system. At temperatures below oC, helium diffusion from this apatite is a simple, thermally activated process that is independent of the cumulative fraction of helium released and also of the heating schedule used.

Helium Diffusion in Zircons. Creationists from the R. InLos Alamos National Laboratory commissioned drill cores to be dug at a site in the Jemez Mountains in New Mexico in an effort to look for geothermal energy sources.

The mineral biotite from these samples contains crystals known as zircons.

These crystals were radioactive. They contained products from the radioactive decay of Uranium Uranium-Lead dating results done by evolutionist scientists gave values of about 1.

This was consistent with what geologists accept for the age of that rock unit.

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For every Uranium atom that decays inside one of these zircon crystals, eight Helium atoms are produced from the alpha particles given off. Now Helium is a pretty small atom and it does not react chemically with other substances, and so it has a tendency to find its way out. But in the past few years, creationists from the R.

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In fact, apparently no one had measured it in biotite minerals. Laboratory work was done at two different times for the R.

the helium retained by zircons, he uses a diffusion dating method based on the helium that is lost. He assumes that att=0the zircon had a helium concentration of Qowhich decreases over time to its current value of Qthrough outdiffusion, and. At higher temperatures, Helium will have an easier time escaping from rock, though higher pressures found deeper within the crust will slow the Helium down. The ability of Helium to migrate through rock makes it very hard to consider it a reliable dating source. theory,the helium contents can also be used for dating the crystals, but generally are not because at elevated temperatures the helium will rapidly diffuse out. In recent years,researchers like Dr. Kenneth Farley of the California Institute of Technology and Dr. Peter.

Following is an excerpt from the Abstract of that paper:. This contradicts the uniformitarian age of 1. These data strongly support our hypothesis of episodes of highly accelerated nuclear decay occurring within thousands of years ago. These results are very significant.

Laser tool reveals helium secrets - Curtin University

But the young age view predicted diffusion rates that agreed very well with the quantities of Helium. Some scientists from the old age point of view might suggest that there was slower Helium diffusion over billions of years of Earth history until something caused a rapid diffusion several thousand years ago.

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But, this does not work because in the uniformitarian view of Earth history, the temperature of the minerals would be higher in the past, which would make diffusion even more rapid. In order to slow the diffusion down so the Helium would be retained for 1. Lead is produced by this decay and it also diffuses out of zircon crystals.

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