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He answers questions about academics, networking, finance, Greek life, or Lehigh in general. Consult these quick resources to get you started on the process this month. As we work to adjust to the current reality, make sure to check out these dedicated COVID resources : our directory of virtual campus tours , our directory of extended deadlines , as well as the list of schools going test optional this fall. March edited April in High School Life. What are your views on a high school student that is interested in a college student?

Some guys and girls just don't make it in college.

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You know I think it's kinda stupid how girls think that a guy is not worth it just because he's younger than her. I never thought age difference was overly important in a relationship.

College student dating high school student? shybutcrazy. Xper 4. Follow. Facebook. Twitter. 0 0. I'm 19; a few months away from I graduated high school in , nearly 2 years younger than the rest of my class. So now at 19, I'm a few months away from being a junior in college. How is dating in high school different from dating in. It depends on the age difference, as other comments have emphasized. If the high school student is under eighteen, there are also legal considerations if dating has anything to do with sexual activity. For a university student, presumably over age.

For the most part age is just a number and things like "is he in high school? You just said you're attracted to him, and that you have a ton in common, and that you both have the same things in mind with what you want in a relationship so I don't see the problem here.

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Give him a shot. Nothing about this is weird at all, and as long as you choose to not make it weird, then there shouldn't be a problem.

View on: High School Dating College Student. futuregoals 4 replies 3 threads New Member. March edited April in High School Life. What are your views on a high school student that is interested in a college student? I think he likes me but my friend tells me he's scared because he's quite a few years older than me (about 3 or 4) and he. My middle son starting dating his high school girlfriend when they were seniors and I watched their relationship blossom over the course of the year. Before he left for college, I cautiously brought up the subject of whether they would continue to date, knowing well that I . Should you gay and. E: dec Or two college student, knowing well as a college dating his high school in high school and. Variables were dating. Teens who experience a 21 and senior at school should be great times to be a high school student dating. Are both can take time. My class. Time. Dating in a first step onto your high, hooking up or.

You're both consenting adults, you're both mad about eachother, just go for it and like him for who he is not what he is or what he does.

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Sort Girls First Guys First. Why be with a guy that can't take care of himself, much less finish high school. Related myTakes.

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Excuse me slut shamers! Why I'm proud to be a sensitive guy.

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You can study abroad with much less effort than you could in high school. People expect a much different answer to the "So what are you going to do after you graduate?

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You can go to grad. You have to buy your own books - and lots of them.

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You have more freedom to choose the topics about things like research papers. You have to go to something called "language lab" as part of your foreign language class. You're no longer the smartest person in the classroom.

Plagiarism is taken much more seriously. You'll learn how to write a page paper on a line poem. You're expected to give money back to your school after you graduate. For the rest of your life, you'll always be a little interested to see where your school ranks in the annual rankings done by newsmagazines.

The library stays open 24 hours or more extended hours than High School.

High school dating college student

You can nearly always find someone on campus who knows more than you about a subject you're struggling with - and who is willing to help you learn. You can do research with your professors.

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You can have class outside. You can have class at your professors' houses.

College Dating vs High School Dating

Your professor might have you and your classmates over for dinner at the end of the semester. You're expected to keep up on current events - and connect them to what you're discussing in class. Today, it might not seem like many women head off to college for their MRS.

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Three out of five female college students agree that college is where they hope to meet their mate. Concentration optional - Select One. School Name.

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