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Reshuffling the papers in your hand for what seemed to be the dozenth time, you made a concentrated effort to keep your mind on the task at hand. Ignoring the heat beginning to creep up your neck, you shook your head, and narrowed your eyes. He liked to do that. And you liked to ignore him. That was the relationship you had developed since you had begun working at AOMG. He was a phantom who signed your checks and left bodiless sighs around the office. You looked up blandly to Jay before pursing your lips and glancing toward the office directly across from yours.

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Simon D is seriously the second Choiza I guess a lot of hip hop musicians are dating girl group members than I thought, kind of jealous. On top of that, it's only been a year and 5 months since her debut He's hot, and i'm agree with he comments. I just think it's gossip fodder, it couldn't be Irene they called Simon the second Choiza, Simon and Irene only have a 6 year age difference plus it's way to early in her career to start dating.

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