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San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo may be one of the most buzzworthy players in the NFL since he got traded from the New England Patriots in - but success had already come for the Illinois native. The quarterback has remained remarkably focused on his career, too, staying away from the vices that come with being an A-list sports star yeah, we're looking at you, Johnny Manziel. While the 49ers star is in the midst of his career prime, there's a lot more to this Chicago suburbanite than his gunslinging abilities and charming smile. He's got what looks like a fantastic future ahead of him, and we're sure " it feels great, baby. Jimmy Garoppolo has earned himself a reputation as a Casanova, with fans even giving him the nickname Jimmy "" for his handsome good looks.

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It was a healthy, competitive relationship. New England Patriots head coach and general manager, Bill Belichick, traded Jimmy Garoppolo to the San Francisco 49ers inbelieving that the opposing team would offer the young athlete "more possibilities," as revealed by Bleacher Report. Even Garoppolo himself dished to the outlet how thankful he was for his former coach's phone call alerting him of the trade.

Feb 02,   Here's Who He Has Been Linked To! Jimmy Garoppolo, who is often referred to as Jimmy because everyone thinks he looks like he belongs in magazine, is playing in the Super Bowl tonight as. The Too Hot to Handle Cast Members Offer Dating Advice for Our Socially-Distanced Times Chloe, Matthew (a.k.a. Jesus), and Bryce rang to share what they learned while filming their new, hands. Folks, if Jimmy is that far behind the eight ball, this has to be good news for the Bucs. Of course, playing against the first-team Broncos defense, Denver put pressure on Jimmy that he will unlikely see when he faces the Bucs defense Sept. 8. The Broncos have a .

With Jimmy G getting the sudden news on Halloween morning, he quickly packed up his things at the early hour of AM and rushed into a limo en route to catch a flight on the 49er's private plane. Suddenly, as Bleacher Report retold, "Another car exited the highway, skidded off the side of the ramp, turned straight toward Jimmy's door," with Garoppolo's driver landing straight into a ditch.

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Dealing with such a traumatic, almost-fatal accident would have left others in a state of shock, but not Garoppolo. According to the outlet, the athlete simply put on his headphones, "[turned] up the country music, and [studied his] new team's playbook. Jimmy Garoppolo's deal with the 49ers shocked the public when it was revealed. The biggest deal in NFL history on a average-per-year basis. It's a large sum of money, and being center stage can quickly get to a celeb's head.

As for Jimmy G?

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Not a chance. For him to genuinely care about me as a person is pretty cool. As it turns out, Garoppolo can credit his upbringing for keeping him level-headed in his career. And that's what college coaches want: A guy who shows up and knows how to get to work. Touted as a humble star with immense talent, Jimmy Garoppolo doesn't make it easy to find his flaws.

As Bleacher Report so perfectly summarized inhis "only insecurity is the temporary absence of perfection.

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Everybody just loved Jimmy. While everyone loved Jimmy G, the athlete loved his roomies, too.

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Per The Athletic"Everyone, including Garoppolo's brothers, crammed into a single hotel room. Many slept on the floor. Because only immediate family is allowed with potential draftees into the green room, Garoppolo also listed his housemates as siblings.

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He's like ablack dude Years later, Garoppolo still has tremendous respect for his roots. Even with all his millions of dollars and seemingly endless fame, the QB still carries the same Eastern Illinois book bag he had during his time at the university.


What makes Jimmy Garoppolo such a serious contender in the NFL is his disarming personality and lack of arrogance - qualities that have given him glowing reviews by way of his teammates, past and present. The quarterback is fully aware of his public persona, too, even taking to his Instagram in October ofposting a photo with the caption, "Beware the quiet man. Adam Gristick, former Eastern Illinois linebacker, offered up some more insight to The Athleticdetailing what Garoppolo was like as a freshman.

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He didn't tell anybody about that. He wrote those down freshman year and he broke every single one," adding that his "quiet confidence about him is a pretty cool dynamic to study. Breaking all the passing records at Eastern Illinois University is definitely impressive - especially considering it involves beating one held by another one of the university's famous alums - retired Dallas Cowboys QB, Tony Romo.

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You know, it's a really humbling experience. Jimmy Garoppolo made waves in the tabs for something other than his football skills in October his post-game interview with Erin Andrews. According to Daily Snarkone fan even went on Andrews' Wikipedia page and changed her spouse from pro hockey player Jarrett Stoll to Garoppolo himself.

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During a press conference a few days later, Garoppolo was quizzed about the moment, finally offering some insight.

It is what it is I'm excited to bebaby I say 'baby' like times throughout a game, just to my teammates and stuff.

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It wasn't like that. As it turns out, Garoppolo has been saying "baby" since his college days - something his former housemates vouched for to The Athletic. He knows what to say and when to say it.

Luckily, "Jimmy," as in the men's magazine, won the tournament with a sound 76 percent of the votes. There are other nicknames that haven't quite caught on, but they do exist, according to. Feb 03,   Jimmy Garoppolo has earned himself a reputation as a Casanova, with fans even giving him the nickname Jimmy "" for his handsome good looks. The quarterback has had quite the saucy dating Author: Marta Djordjevic. Mar 11,   And now he has a smokeshow model girlfriend to spend some of that dough on. Her name is Alexandra King, she's from the Boston area, and according to, she's been dating Jimmy

When Jimmy Garoppolo announced he signed a brand endorsement contract with Jordan in Augustit may have appeared like it was just another high-profile marketing sports deal. Growing up in Chicago's suburbs, Garoppolo's whole family were huge fans of Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls, with "his basement full of tributes. In an interview with ESPNJimmy G revealed how much he "sucked" at speaking to the press in the early days of his career.

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Ultimately, he ended up taking his father's advice, who told him to go watch the NBA alum's news conferences on YouTube. Try doing that,' and he would show me things like that and it was just, he was very, very smooth with everything he did.

While Jimmy Garoppolo has been getting a lot of attention for his football prowess, he's also attracted quite a bit of attention for his lookstoo.

From his teammates making clips gushing about the quarterback's "butt chin" to outlets bringing in professionals to discuss Garoppolo's zodiac sign and the type of partner he is, it's safe to say that fans are obsessed with the athlete's dazzling appearance. Use this moment to master the fine art of the naked selfie.

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Jimmy gq dating

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The internet did what the internet does after San Francisco 49ers' quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo appeared to make a pass at veteran sideline reporter Erin Andrews following Thursday night's Paulina Dedaj. James Richard Garoppolo (born November 2, ) is an American football quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers of the National Football League (NFL). A native of Illinois, he played college football at Eastern a senior in , Garoppolo broke Tony Romo's school records for career passing touchdowns, career passing yards, and passing touchdowns in a season.

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