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All Rights Reserved. Framework JoomlaCode. Quick links. Joomla for Dating site? Relax and enjoy The Lounge.

Tagging a user as 'Date' means that you would lik Ek rishta By Harmis Technology.

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Dynamic filed in registration and advance search. Export and import features you can add in that.

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Live chat Included in Latest version. Very easy and simple to setup matrimonial site using that extension.

Love Factory is the only professional Dating Extension designed for Joomla. It can help you create premium Dating and Community sites with just a few clicks. If you need Love Factory for older versions of Joomla - ask us about them. Dating & Relationships Discreet Dating is a powerfull non intrusive dating component for your Joomla community (Community Builder, Jomsocial, EasySocial) It shows to allowed users (minimum age required) a list of selected users (according to their genre and location, and eventualy an optional sexual orientation field). Joomla! is the only major CMS that is built entirely by volunteers from all over the world. We have a strong community bond and all take pleasure in building something that has a large global impact. If you are interested in volunteering please head over to the volunteer portal. Get involved. + Million.

Easy to add dynamic filed from the back-end. You can easy to add that filed in advance search also. Find your partner after yo Not rated.

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This module can confirm your voting age and make sure you can vote or not. It is fully responsive Features it has : Works with any templates.

Change background Responsive option Datepicker option Cross browser support. You could probably weave some other components out there together, but you would need some serious programming knowledge and would be doing a lot of hacking.

Description Discreet Dating is a powerfull non intrusive dating component for your Joomla community (Community Builder, Jomsocial, EasySocial) It shows to allowed users (minimum age required) a list of selected users (according to their genre and location, and eventualy an optional sexual orientation field). Joomla 3 dating templates free Tagging a user as 'Date' means that you discreet lik. The dating and matching Joomla! Extension, offering users love editable member pages and custom fields which free be set by the site administrator. Feb 20,   ? Joomla! (Supporteres indtil dec. ) ? Installation, backup, opdatering og flytning - Godt igang ? Administration - Generel brug ? Komponenter, Moduler og Plugins ? Template, CSS og Design ? Nethandel, betaling m.m. ? Joomla .

You are getting many components in one here. Joomla is a content management system, and it really lacks any kind of good user management or role based access, this all had to be done to make JoomlaDate work.

Do you have a free domain name or web hosting too, you are very lucky.

Find extensions for your Joomla site in the Joomla Extensions Directory, the official directory for Joomla components, modules and plugins. Dating & Relationships 4 Personal Life 4 Unit Converter 2 Search & Indexing Site Search 35 Tags & Clouds The dating and matching Joomla! Extension, offering users fully editable member pages and custom fields which can be set by the site administrator.5/5(26). Dec 31,   Joomla Dating component development Post by regdomain Wed Sep 23, am Despite high demand for dating solutions Joomla still have no one (buggy and outdated JoomlaDate for x is not a choice). Meanwhile there is a good Community Builder and JomSocial solutions that need just enhancement of its functionality.

Beyond building the software, which takes time and money, there is the advertising and time you need to spend with customers. When you give away software, people still contact you, and expect you to just tweak and change everything for them free as well. My free time is valuable to me, and I do like to eat as well every now and then.

With any piece of software, you need to weigh the costs and benefits. Are you doing this as a business? How serious are you, can you afford all the other costs? Do you want software or do you want a relationship with the vendor for when you need things tweaked?

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I think a lot of people turn to Joomla and think they can just pop out a website with no web experience or skill. Everyone has different motives when they write software, for me I would like to eventually make some profit versus the initial development and customer support time. I am sorry if it is outside your budget.

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If you are just looking for cool things to jazz up your site then you should consider other options. If you think it will be a useful feature for your audience then you need to decide how much something is worth for them or for you in terms of profit.

As for the donation model, it really does not work. When I first released JoomlaDate in alpha, I made it free with source code and asked for feedback, after 2 weeks and downloads, I received no input back, though I did see some Hungarian website selling that version of the code last year.

I think my product does enough to justify its costs. Reading forums like this does not encourage me to release a 1.

Joomla dating component

As they always say, if you don't like what I am selling you can always go elsewhere. Maybe in the future I will make a more minimal version with less features that can be sold at a lower price, since price and not features seems to drive the market. Imagine if your customers all complained that you charge them to develop websites and expected you to do it for free. You wouldn't be in business. I don't think JomSocial or CB really ever go this done.

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A Social network is not the same as dating site, and needs to function differently, with a key emphasis on search. I actually wrote a 1. I wanted to offer a more robust underlying system that would put JomSocial and CB to shame. However, I am not sure if there will be a big push on 1. The extension would be commerical, but GPL for 1.

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The big difference would be that it would be alot more abstract, which is good for developers and creating somehting like a nanny-family matching service, but may be too complex for Joomla Users.

I recently attended a live Joomla users group meeting and found that those in the "advanced" section were clueless Therefore the Joomla market is very difficult.

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And, as we can see JomSocial has plenty of bugs and apparently has bad support from what I read and they are doing just fine as a big name commercial non-GPL application. I think overtime as the number of business users starts to overtake developers and techie people in the Joomla community, you will see less people complaining about "Everything in Joomla should be free". It's interesting how the opinion in our community is changing.

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Last edited by v2interactive on Tue Jan 12, pm, edited 1 time in total. Also known as the "idiot tax" in my book, because if you are not going to read the documentation or even a brief FAQ, you are not doing your homework and will be a support pain.

As I said above, the Joomla community has all types.

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I think anyone who has genuinely sat down and though about their website as a "business" can make an informed decision on how much they should pay. It might not make money, but it might be a good service for churches or other types of groups as a service to their members.

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Its not an outrageous price tag even for these types of organizations when you look at the complex and expensive specialized membership software they use in their backoffice. I have actually told this to many customers in the past Generally, I would say the people who actually have a business plan or some idea of how what they were actually doing usually already had a community that needed the feature.

Perhaps they are a local gay activist group, religious group, hobby group, sports fan group, whatever it may be.

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The other thing that you have to remember with the price tag on the first version I released was tight user access level controls. While I love the ease of programming and great logical organization, overriding, etc in Joomla- groups and ACLs still suck because they are still focused on Joomla as a publishing system, and not a platform for communities.

I had plans to release a better system, but its still unclear where they are going 1.

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