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The maha-mantra is not something that originated or was "invented" at some point in history. He is the same as His name, and this maha-mantra was offered to the people in Kali-yuga as the Yuga-dharma prime recommended method of spiritual realization by Chaitanya Mahaprabhu who was Krishna Himself. The Holy Name, in the form of the maha-mantra , makes the realization of God easy in this very difficult time, a time of quarrel and hypocrisy, a time where spiritual life is not "cool" and material "advancement" is all that matters. Chanting is easy, and puts us directly in touch with the Lord It bestows all spiritual benedictions, for it is Krishna Himself, the reservoir of all pleasure. It is not a material name under any condition, and it is no less powerful than Krishna Himself.

Bhakti is a matter of the heart. Krishna wants us to love Him. He has as many fruits, flowers, and leaves as He needs; what He really needs is our devotion. Until we're connected deeply with Krishna in love, it's difficult to know what He wants or how to show our love for Him, especially before our love for Him is truly developed, so we accept the order of Guru, one who already loves Him, or at least loves someone else who loves Him. In this way we get guidance about how to serve Him before we actually understand, in our heart, what He really wants.

For example, I see a girl, or boy, that I really like. I'm very attracted, I want to do something for that person to let them know I care for them but I don't really know them at all. So I decide that I will buy them a gift and I buy MY favorite thing - for example, I really like my purple sunglasses I have so I buy her a pair as well - but unfortunately she doesn't like purple sunglasses and she thinks that I'm a bit strange to give her such a strange gift.

Now, if I ask a good friend who knows her well, what she likes, then I can get something she will really appreciate Also if her friend recommends me to her, then she will consider me more favorably because someone she already knows and likes also likes me. It's very simple really.

This is the principle of having a guru. Guru is someone who can direct you how to serve Krishna and help to recommend us to Him so we can advance more quickly on the path to true bhakti.

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Bhakti is a progressive path; we start by giving some of what we do or have to Krishna and end with giving everything to Him. Ultimately, we won't want anything except His pleasure, and when He's happy we're automatically Happy this is prema bhaktior ahaituki bhakti - "pure, unmixed devotion.

But the trick is that to have ahaituki bhakti there can be no tinge of personal desire. Even the desire to avoid sin, for fear of sinful reaction is a personal desire. It's a "good" personal desire, but it's still a personal desire.

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There is a story that Krishna said He had a headache, and the only thing that would cure it was the dust from the lotus feet of one of His devotees. He sent Narada to search for this foot dust. Narada asked everyone, explaining that, "Krishna has a headache and He needs the dust from the feet of his devotee to cure it, so please give some dust," but everyone refused; "Me?

Give my foot dust for putting on Krishna's head!! I'll go to hell! This will be very bad I can't. Now quickly go and put it on His head. We have to cure His headache-that's all that matters!

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So from this we can see the difference. Any desire for my own protection or satisfaction or pleasure is not pure bhakti, but bhakti is a sure and gradual progression; and we have to walk before we can run! Realization of "you're not this body" takes place in stages. To begin with, one at least understands on the intellectual level, that I, the soul, am different from the body.

The body dies, but the soul is eternal. We see, even as we mature, that the body goes through changes yet we, the soul, remember those different bodies, in retrospect, as "mine. Without the presence of the soul, no one - no matter how beloved in life - wants to remain in proximity to the body for any length of time. Without the consciousness, which is a symptom of the soul, the body is no longer attractive. That said, however, the body is our vehicle, with which we have to execute our activities in this life.

How we use the both our gross and subtle mind, intelligence and false ego bodies will determine our future home We can hone the body for various tasks, both higher and lower. We can train and become an athlete, study and become a scholar, or practice devotional service and become a devotee; all of these can be done to whatever degree we choose, to achieve whatever goal we set for ourselves.

But the body is our vehicle; without it we can't act properly in this world.

Krishna devotee dating

And just as whatever body we have now is the reaction of our past decisions, we are now creating our next situation for the future. Therefore, we must use this body wisely. The way we use this tool shows Krishna our degree of love for Him. Whatever we do - whether it is sharpening a knife for cooking food for Him, or becoming expert in our job and then offering the fruits of that labor to Him - He is interested in the intention behind what we do, the REASON that we do the things we do, using the vehicle that He has given us to work with.

In the Bhagavad Gita the 9th chapter focuses on this point - engaging whatever we do, whatever we offer or give in Krishna's service.

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That is the point of Bhakti Yoga and the culmination of our devotional endeavor. When we can focus on using the body exclusively for Him - and minimize time and energy spent on material, bodily sense enjoyment - accepting only what we need to keep body and soul together, then we've achieved the goal of spiritual life. Devotional service means activities performed for the pleasure of Lord Krishna, with devotion, and ultimately not mixed with any desire for personal pleasure. The best way to begin devotional service is to try to offer everything you do, or some portion of everything you do, to Krishna.

For example, if you cook, offer the food to Lord Krishna before eating.

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If you work, then take some of the results of your work and offer it at the temple for the seva of Lord Krishna!

If you have some skills, offer to help at a temple and use your skills for the benefit of the Deity, the temple, and the devotees.

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In the 12th chapter of Bhagavad-gitaLord Krishna gives several different alternatives as to how to begin the process of devotional service. And He also says that even offering a little water, a fruit, or a flower with love to Him constitutes devotional service.

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So does prayer; specifically, chanting:. The ultimate barometer for devotional service is the love with which the offering is made.

Lord Krishna has everything, and so many people serving Him, but anyone who renders service with love, free from envy, becomes His friend and devotee.

Janmastami celebrations have several components and, depending on where you are, what your means are and how close you are to other devotees you will have to see what you can do.

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The primary goal is to really meditate on Krishnaespecially His appearance, and try to minimize anything that will divert your attention. Generally, devotees fast until midnight, because Krishna appeared at midnight. During all the extra time saved by not eating, they chant and hear more about Krishna all day. At midnight, in all temples, there is a big aratior gathering, where the devotees worship Krishna with various items conchshell, incense, ghee lamps, flowerssing devotional songs, and dance for His pleasure.

If you're not near a temple, you can set up a picture of Krishna, offer some special food preparations or even fruit and flowers throughout the day, chant Hare Krishna or play a devotional CD, and then at midnight, honor the food you have been offering all day and then go to bed. You could watch one of the many videos available from Krishna. Sometimes, at the temple, there is an abhisheka Sanskrit for "sacred bath".

The Deity of the Lord is placed on a platform and bathed by all the devotees in milk, yogurt, fruit juice, honey, and ghee. This may not be possible to do at a private home, but perhaps you can watch one of the live webcams broadcasting from the Alachua or Los Angeles temples.

You can find out the exact time from Krishna. So, basically, hear and chant as much as you can, read about Krishna's appearance, and finally, fast until midnight, offering Him nice things all day, and then have a feast at AM.

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I've heard that Krishna fulfills all desires, even the desire to forget Him. But why does maya illusion hold me back when I'm trying to change?

I am not finding any Krishna conscious girl in my temple. Can I marry a non devotee?

I'm afraid if I break the regulative principles again, I'll be right back where I started. In regards to the desire to know Krishna or forget Krishna; yes, Krishna will assist with either forgetfulness or remembrance.

The desire for pure service to Krishna is not just a statement or a thought; it is a way of life and a way of acting in pure devotion. Krishna's illusory energy, Maya devi is a great devotee.

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She's like the security guard for the spiritual world. She won't let anyone in who doesn't have the proper credentials - a pure heart, free from material desires and only filled with the desire to service the Lord.

If there's any tinge of material desire, her job is to find it, and then not let you in. Your job is to continue to purify the heart, as Maya-devi does her job asking you for proof that you are pure by checking again and again. If you break a regulation but your desire is sincere, Krishna will see and he will help you.

But you can't fool Krishna with artificial sincerity. He will look to see if indeed your desire is to purify your heart, and He will help. Sometimes He will help by testing you or taking things away, whatever He feels is necessary. He will watch to see how you take shelter of Him, how you serve Him despite difficulty, associate with devotees, follow the regulations, and remain determined even in the face of falldown.

Abstaining from and controlling sex impulses is quite difficult.

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Getting rid of these impulses is not an easy thing, and depends greatly on how one lives their life. If you: avoid eating heavy food at night, or overeating at mealtime, choose good association, refrain from watching TV and mundane movies, eat sattvic foods, regulate your lifestyle so that you go to sleep and rise early, chant regularly, and study shastra scripture daily; all these things will greatly assist you in regulating your passionate and ignorant impulses.

Keeping yourself busy by doing your duty or in service to the temple and the devotees will also help to control your lower nature. Of all the items mentioned above, the most important is good association. Common sense may be more for someone who experienced the school of life!!! Depends on what you seek! City of Birth is like His or her city of birth - Spelling errors can give wrong on no results.

Please ensure your own profile is accurate too. His or Her Mother tongue If you find someone who speaks your tongue - you can probably talk more - but isn't Silence Golden? Is he or she Handicapped Yes No People who are differently abled could be quite gifted at times.

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His or her Height 4' 7" cm or below 4' 8" cm 4' 9" cm 4' 10" cm 4' 11" cm 5' 0" cm 5' 1" cm 5' 2" cm 5' 3" cm 5' 4" cm 5' 5" cm 5' 6" cm 5' 7" cm 5' 8" cm 5' 9" cm 5' 10" cm 5' 11" cm 6' 0" cm 6' 1" cm 6' 2" cm 6' 3" cm 6' 4" cm 6' 5" cm 6' 6" cm 6' 7" cm 6' 8" cm 6' 9" cm 6' 10" cm or above Are you particular of his or her exact height?

If you need a person above 6 feet but not above 6. His or her Weight Below 78 lbs If you need a person above lbs and below lbs - then you must select each weight. Avoid selecting all of it and you will get only Devotees who are the exact weight you chose!! Best to not bother about this at this time - People sometimes lose weight and sometimes gain!!! Leave out the color you dont like.

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Quite the opposite Slapstick: Ask me about my favorite episode of 'I Love Lucy' Friendly: I'll laugh at anything Choose any or all which you are comfortable with. Choose all types you are comfortable with. Does he or she Smoke No, never No, but have in past Yes, but trying to quit Yes, occasionally Yes, regularly Choose the kind of smoking habits you prefer - you can choose more than one.

Does he or she consume Alcohol Never Just socially Frequently Choose the kind of drinking habits you prefer - you can choose more than one. Put your own details in your profile carefully - avoid spelling errors.

Fun activities he or she engages in is like Any specific words in Fun Activities you desire?

Devotee for years - All the best in your search for the best Hare Krishna devotee - ISKCON - Gaudiya Vaishnava Vaishnavi It is not for dating. Obeisances to all the four Vaishnava Sampradayas - Brahma Madhva Gaudiya Sampradaya, Rudra Sampradaya, Sri Sampradaya & the Kumara Sampradaya. There are many sub branches and they are known. Krishna devotee dating More alright learned value buy by d. Looking for his life dating from. Gorti, and start meeting singles in krishna consciousness iskcon is home productions, kirtan practice and start meeting singles in dating. Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare. Hare Hare. Hope you have your Guru's blessings for success in marriage. All the best in your search for the best Hare Krishna devotee - ISKCON - Gaudiya Vaishnava Vaishnavi It is not for dating. Obeisances to all the four Vaishnava Sampradayas - Brahma Madhva Gaudiya.

Share more about yourself. Find the right kind of partner - and then you get a Soulmate. Favorites in Life is like Favorite color, food, drink etc - who knows you may share the same favourites. Books or Magazines he or she likes is like your favorite books, articles, magazines etc. This is useful for astrological compatibility checks - please give accurate data in your own profile too - ask an Astrologer or check on Google for your Astro details using your birth details.

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