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Thankfully, you have nothing to worry about as long as you see these seven signs. Most widowers seek love again more quickly than widows, usually after one year vs. On the other hand, there are a number of serious concerns. Nothing is worse than hanging in there waiting for some guy to get over his wife. What are the signs to watch for?

But they developed great communication and worked through them. Now they are happy as clams. Should you pay attention to his emotional availability, and watch for red flags? His ability to be present? His life in the here and now? Absolutely, yes! If he makes you feel good, explore it further.

Then believe him, and pay attention to his actions. It is true that some think they are ready but not just like after a breakup, right? Or you just may miss out on Mr. Some of you shared your positive experiences and thanked me. Many more of you called my ass out! This is not an attempt to defend my work.

But I would like to dig just a little deeper than I did with my initial writing. And I want to thank and honor you all for sharing so thoughtfully and honestly. In fact, just writing that makes me feel like throwing up. I dated several widowers in my single decades and had an extended relationship with one. Some have remained in great relationships with them like Karen above. Most have not, because of the very issues you have raised.

You seeif you know my work you know that its foundation is based on helping women embrace that their own happiness must be their first priority. When they are happy, their man is happy. Meaning a relationship with HER. It is to This Man - the one who knows how to love and is ready to do it again - that I advise a woman to extend kindness, patience, and empathy.

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I admit that as a coach who teaches women to date like a grownup, I assumed that it would be taken for granted that it is never okay to stick around and accept bad behavior or be treated like a doormat.

Yah, I know about the assume thing. I apparently could have supplied clearer qualifiers to better express my position. Again, I truly DO love and appreciate hearing from you. What you share here is meaningful to me and also helps inform the thousands of women who are reading these posts. So, keep bringing it on. But please, can you not write me that you disagree with my percentage allocation and stupid stuff like that?

At the time of this writing, there are over comments on this article, many of which contain even more of my detailed advice. If you would like more personalized support you can learn about my private coaching here. I met this great guy 20 years ago. We were crazy for each other. Issue: he was in a troubled marriage and had young kids. Fast forward to Jan -he reached out to me and told me that he lost his mother and wife in the previous two year span. He told me that he thought about me every day for the last 20 years and once we started talking it was the same as when we first met.

We were madly in love. Now he is suddenly feeling some guilt and things have slowed down. I just want to know what I can do to support him and help him to feel better. I am a 31 year old living in Africa and recently dating a 52 year old African living in the UK I find it quite hard to connect because he is very straightforward with his replys to my question and am very careful to talk about his dead wife or life with herj like him very much.

How do I get a reliable widower to marry? Five years running I want to remarry. So my boyfriends wife committed suicide about 20 months ago if my memory serves right. And we have been dating for about 6 months now and about to move in together. He was VERY dutiful. He finds me beautiful, smart, etc. We have mutual respect. Or will he cut her off in his new life?

There will NOT be sex. I am not going to be his launchpad, trial balloon, etc. But I have nice mountain views in TN, etc. It would be relaxing. Let him cry, sleep, be silent, whatever. Is that too much? Thank you to all who can comment. All of these questions are questions you should be talking too and asking him and sharing with him your concerns. If you want a mature relationship then you also have to do your part to make it one.

Thanks, though. He mentions her all the time. I understand that is alot of what he experienced. But that seems his focus. I am just wondering if he is ready to move forward. After 5 years he still has her very present in his house. Is this the norm or is he just not wanting to let go. Thank you so much for sharing this tip on dating a widower.

I was 25 when i met this man in january His wife died of kidney failure in We started quite well, he said he was ready to start afresh, but along the line things are becoming cold and he has 2kids they love me alot and always asking after.

Yes he grief in anniversaries and birthday and i understand. But it can be so difficult when i he calls and i say i love u and no response. Ama let it low till he comes around.

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I was in a relationship with a widower for almost 18 months. We met 8 weeks after his wife passed. He actively looked online and said he was ready.

We broke up for a day last July then a longer split come August, reuniting in October. We were very much in love and dated privately for four months before I met his daughter We got on well but when I started going to the house an atmosphere began then daughter threw tantrums whenever we went out, which she was never disciplined for.

I was extremely patient but found this all upsetting as I had no control over anything. The wedding photo remained by his bedside table though and this was hard to see! At Christmas he gave his daughter a card signed from mum and dad. I turned up on Christmas night to see photos all over the hall. He said this was because family were round the previous day.

He asked me to move in and was certain he was ready so I did so in February. His daughter started mood swings again, the day after I moved in. We went away that weekend and she was a nightmare. Everything was ok when we returned to work and school until we got into lockdown.

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I felt like she had an agenda to get rid of me. Literally picked him up from the floor. Three weeks later he turned again, within the space of two hours. He told me to leave that night so I had to move back into my parents house. Good Morning! We are going to take our relationship but there is one thing that hurts me a lot is seeing his photos with his late wife.

When I go to the family home I always see these photos and it costs me a lot because he started another life and the family should understand and have good sense. What does Dr. It is not a reasonable expectation that the family eliminate pictures of their Mother. Even for him to eliminate them. I think you need to work on your sense of confidence and compassion.

I spent 4 months in my house alone after my husband of 25 years died unexpectedly. It was a choice I made to embrace the inevitable grief that I believe many try hiding from. It was weird, but I kept telling myself that there are no rules. I decided that the best route was to be as open and honest as I could be. I worry about my feelings changing, and so I tell him about it.

He says all the right things to me which I truly appreciate. As they say, there are no rules about grief. I feel alright about pursuing this relationship and have seen no reason not to. Time will tell.

Keep communicating and being open while allowing yourself to feel the grief and whatever else comes up. My ex husband of 14 years and my partner of 11 years died days apart in When it came time to think about dating, I wanted to date a widower because, right or wrong, I felt that only someone who had such loss could understand. I have been dating a widower that suddenly lost his wife of 10 years in After a couple of months I mentioned it in passing.

I did not ask him to change anything, but he did. He has a shrine of sorts in his front yard engraved with her information in his front garden. He just wrote a story about his adoration and love for his beloved. He asked me to proofread it tonight. I suppose we all express our grief differently. This last thing - reading his book- feels like it is too much. I feel bad because is is a terrific person. Reading that draft made me feel sad for him and her. It also left me feeling rather cold.

I am rather taken aback by both his request that I proofread it, but also by my own reaction. I am now considering ending it because I feel so strange about the whole thing. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Laura, my gosh that is horrible. My suggestion is to read some of the hundreds of comments here; many from men and women in your same position. There is no right answer. What I can say is be as open as possible with your man about how hard this is for you. Have a heartfelt conversation. But before you do, get clear on what you need in order to feel safe and loved in this relationship. See if he can give that to you and still feel good about the relationship you two share.

You know I wish you the very best and a life a life of new love. I love that you responded to the comments in the way that you did and you were very wise with your words! Thank YOU for letting me know how you feel, Shanda.

I appreciate hearing that my words are taken in the kind and thoughtful way they are intended. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your article. I am a widow of 9 yrs dating a widower of 5 yrs. He and I were very good friends for 4 yrs before he approached me about dating. We have had some wonderful times, but lately I have felt a sense of some distancing. It seems he is feeling some guilt at times about dating.

He had a 38 yr wonderful marriage and I understand this and I allow him the time he needs. He asked me to be patient with him.

I have loved this man for 3 yrs of our 4 yr friendship. He is a wonderful, loving, attentive and caring man. He is a keeper! Thank you very much for your comments. I hope you and you lovely man find a way to each other in a loving relationship. His first wife died 23 years ago at 29 years old. No kids. Second wife ugly divorce. He has cried over her early in our relationship and wants me to care about her too.

Now I find out that she actually was trying to get a divorce and her family did not like him and the funeral was very divided.

There is so much more. I think he feels guilt or lives in a fantasy that they were still in love.

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Thank you so much for your article and all the attached comments. They have given me great advice and reassurance since meeting my partner. We met only 3 months after his wife died.

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We are together now almost 2 years. It has been what I can only describe as a rollercoaster but worth every minute. I listened, hugged, laughed, cried, he gave love all the time, he backed off and withdrew into himself sometimes. He felt guilty, angry and heartbroken but also happy, loved and progressive. He loves life and lives life.

He never compares me to his beloved first wife. He talks about her still although not as frequently.

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I have had to find patience that I never thought I had and allow him to find his way through his grief. I stood by him all the way because even through his deepest grieving he always showed he had love for me. He just needed to allow himself the happiness again. Thank you again. Hi Pat. It sounds like the experience you are having with this man is what often happens in real life when two grownups love each other.

So many of us still look for some storybook romance with only butterflies and rainbows and happy times. But as we get older life gets freaking complicated!

And you, my friend, are all-that too. You two are lucky to have found each other and I wish you all the happiness. Thank you for sharing your story. I tried to understand and gave him some space but enough! I am 65 years old and I want to date a widower of my age more or less.

I have never been married. I live in Malaysia. I just want advise or tips.

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Hello I loved reading all your information on dating a widower. I have been dating a widower for 14 months now and love him very much. His wife died of cancer 3 yrs ago in June he adored her for 30 yrs they have 2 grown up kids. He is closer with her family than his own today. His house is a shrine to her. He has recently hit a wall of grief and feelings of guilt that he is betraying her.

Problems with dating a widower

He has sought out counselling for a 2nd time on loosing a partner and trying to move on. I am 50 years old. Mary, there is no right answer here. Hopefully, you two can have honest discussions and you have told him about your hopes and feelings. You have to trust him but mostly trust yourself to make a decision that is best for YOU.

It may be the timing for you two is off. Or that he just needs to work some things out and you can try to do that together. Take care of yourself.

How to Date a Widower - Allana Pratt, Dating and Relationship Expert

His wife passed after four years of marriage from illness and I was going through a divorce after 20 years. Since then we have gotten closer our relationship is good always but hardly talked about his late wife. We almost act like we are part time husband and wife. We do not live together but he talks about buying a new home for both of us to blend our families and get married. But when it comes to celebrate the date of her passing for the past two years he pours out his heart about her.

And I just feel confused and a little disrespected. Is that something that o will have to get used to? I understand if he wants to honor her by posting something like Today I want to honor my late wife such a beautiful spirit you are not forgotten.

Something to do with their kids. But with the texts along with pictures of them getting married and sporting events he post makes me feel like what am I doing here all this time.

And with the comments pouring in like people feeling bad for him. Am I being selfish wanting a love of my own? Of them together and her alone. I do love the guy and would like nothing more than to make it work. Thank you for your words of encouragement. My wife always said I had a face of stone but a heart of gold.

No warning, no clue. Her needs for the next three years was my only concern. I was fortunate to get almost 3. My family, including hers, and friends are the best.

Its been 4 months since her passing and I have started the slow process of going thru everything. I was asked out recently by woman and in a polite way I said maybe some other time. As empty as my life is now, the real reason I said no to this woman was a total desire not to feel that hurt again. I find your advice to women very sound and should be well heeded. In probably in a humorous way, I am a perfect example of who not to datefor now.

I am so so sorry for your loss. Yah, you are the poster child. I know that there are no rules about how this goes, but I do encourage you to be open to the help of all those loved ones. Thank you for sharing your story with us. I just watched the video re: 4 red flags, dating a widower. He has 11 photos of her or them together next to the large TV.

Thank you for the encouragement to gently state how I feel. Glad I could help! Hope you have a meaningful and positive conversation. As a widow of 46 years old, I am frustrated like another widower who wrote in and spoke up, about the misconceptions of us.

We all have our troubles If not now Most certainly later. Mine is now. In this instance as a widow, I want to share particularly about photos, clothing, mementos. It feels like you are throwing them away btw. Everything I take down in my house is a conscious decision because I have to figure out where I am going to put it. Do you throw it away? A photo? A wedding dress? But everybody else does. When you do put stuff away, how does it affect other family members?

That is always a thought in my mind especially for my children. Or for his mother. As for loving again I am full of love. I love life. I love my kids. I love my community. I love my business. I love to love. I will always love my husband and I will not apologize for that. I am not an angry, bitter woman who is jaded by men.

I was a happy wife. And I want to be again. I want to share my life with someone else and find that great love again or maybe it will be even better!

And what a wonderful blessing that would be. It seems as though I will maybe only find understanding with another widower. I love talking about my husband not all the time because he was my best friend. And if I can find someone who would be willing to embrace the love I had for someone who is dead and realize that I can love another at the same time and in the same breath just like when a mother has a second child You just make room in your heart for more. More love.

Try and give us a break. Seek to understand rather than assume. But most of us try. So what If your kid died you would remember every detail too. Grief comes and goes. I laugh and have so much fun and I have great days and then there are other days that I am struck with the loss and I deal with it. It takes my breath away at times but I pop out of it especially, when I am given permission to feel without having to hide it.

You may have a bad day at work and need to become a little recluse as you deal with whatever challenges are on your mind. In summary Let us love our dead person and in doing that you will show us that this sacred part of who we are matters to you and you will find out how much love we will have for you. I want to know why men do this ok. Family dynamics can be very complex and he obviously cares deeply for them.

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If you are miserable as you appear to be do something for yourself. I had not dated in 20 years other than my husband whom we were divorced. He was married to his high school sweetheart for 35 years. They had the white pickett fence, 2 children and wonderful careers. I had raised 2 daughters by myself working, at times, 3 jobs. My last husband was 21 years younger than me and it ended.

He said that his wife was his best friend but for the last 15 years their relationship was lacking any intimacy. We dated 3 months before we were intimate. He was like teaching him how. We started dating and he was romantic and just wonderful My heart went out to him for his loss and it still does. Then he disappeared for about 3 months until I contacted him.

The back and forth has been going on for about 2 years. We got back together 2 weeks ago because I contacted him for his birthday. He said he is not ready for a relationship but when he knows it will be me. Than I discovered that he is on a dating site atleast 2 times every day. I ask him and he lies. I can tell when he is on it because I can go into it and see who is online at the moment.

When I confronted him he just got really mad. I saw him on a Tuesday after not seeing him for 3 months. It was great but everyday their was an excuse as to why he can not see me that night.

He lives 3 blocks from me. He wants to see me when he wants to see me and not until. He spends a lot of time facetiming with his 2 girls and grand kids in Pittsburg but they do not know anything about me. I met 2 of his friends last week on the beach which was a shock that he even ask me. I broke up with him because once again he made an excuse why he could not come to dinner after I already bought all the stuff to make it. Am I a fool? Iam thinking that he just likes sleeping with me and thats it.

I really love him but I am not sure I should continue. He also says he loves me but not ready. I have no answers. I cannot thank you enough for your comments. These are uncharted waters for me. She was truly the love of his life! His love for her is one of his most attractive qualities. However, things are starting to get serious between us and I am now questioning wether or not I have what it takes to be in a deep relationship with someone who still loves a ghost and if he actually has room in his life for me.

You helped me make sense of that. Thank you. You said it so well. I lost my wife of course I will always remember July 22, at am. Terrible death GBM brain cancer. After dating a bit I met what I believed was a soul partner and we fell in love. I was blown away. She wanted no pictures or any involvement by in any memorials or fundraisers. This is after dating 2 months. I will never forget the person I shared 25 years with and took care of her as she died a slow death. But like you I have much love to give and the love for my deceased wife only amplifies that.

I hope someday I find someone that can love and appreciate that. Be well. Brian I am so so sorry for your terrible loss.

Unfortunately this new women sounds like she was unable to communicate in any adult way. Otherwise she would have been able to share her REAL feelings and given you the chance to either work things out or end your relationship in a kind, respectful manner.

My take is that you should be glad to be rid of her. The kindness you showed to Jenny is lovely. You deserve no less than the same. Best to you. I have recently met a wonderful man who lost his wife in November. They were married for 30 years and she was ill for three. Everything has been going so well until I have become insecure and comparing myself to her as he mentions her sometimes when I say something about myself - he will say oh K did that too, or K thought that too etc.

He also has her picture next to his bed. He wants me to stay in their house in the same bed that they shared, the same bed that she died in and the same bed which has her photo next to it. So I have suddenly become uncomfortable in the relationship even though he tells me he loves me and wants to build a future with me.

I am very insecure generally as I am divorced twice and both husbands had affairs. I always feel second best and now I am starting to feel like the consolation prize even though he floods me with affection, kindness and commitment. Your message has helped me try to get things into perspective but if you have any other advice I would be grateful.

I am nervous that I will bolt because I cant bear the feeling of comparing myself to K and feeling that I will never be as good as she was. I was so shocked. My questions to him were. Is that why you called me?

By sharing so many similar interests, you may have to contend with regular references to how his late wife loved the same things. Consequently, says Abel, the widower will not see you for who you. Very annoying and upsetting to think that widows/widowers are going to erase their memories and feelings for a deceased spouse simply because a new dating partner doesn't get it! .

Is it not too early for you to begin thinking of remarrying? He said he would give it time. Two years down the road, I thought the man had already forgotten and moved on with his life but the man is back to me and very serious in a relationship. He tells me that there is no other person that he knows very well other than me. I have been a very good friend to his wife and even their children give me respect.

I have been with them through thin and thick. However, I came to know him through his wife because she was my best friend then she introduced me to the family. This man has never ask for love from me when the wife was still alive. I am a single mother of a daughter aged 25 years. I feel I am used to my own life and very comfortable with it but the man does not want to give me space. I also feel I will be betraying my friend though she is gone. What do I do?. I have met a widower and he and I, share that we have both gone through a devastating loss.

It is a very new relationship, and one of the things that we have in common is that we know how grief affected the person left behind. It is a relief to be able just to be yourself and to have open and honest frank conversations about the depths of grief and how we do our best to live a life as best as we can without our partner or child.

I am hopeful, its been nearly five years for the both of us and I think that we will are about to embark on something exceptional. Neither one of us will ever replace the family member we lost, but we can help each other find happiness in caring and committed way.

I never thought I would be dating a widower, and I am sure he was not planning on meeting someone who had lost a child within the same period of loss. Only time will tell if we can find a happy ever after, following such loss and tragedy in our lives. I will keep you all posted as to how we get on. One thing I will say to each individual who has experienced loss, and to those dating someone has suffered a loss.

Life is too short, and we have to try our best to find happiness and contentment in our lives. Seeking advice. He has no children as his late wife was 16 years older than him.

I thought he had gone through the grieving process as her death was not sudden. It was a long battle with cancer. He always wanted children, but she was unable to have any and that pains him a great deal and the fact that I have three kids myself scares him because he gets attached to kids very easily and it would kill him if he met mine and we broke up.

Would it be wise to ask him to tell me about her? About them? I dated a widower for two and a half months this past summer. It was a very sudden and unexpected relationship. I knew who he was and actually taught one of his sons about 15 years ago he is 24 now.

We had a wonderful couple of months together and got to know each other very well. Our communication was excellent. It was a very passionate, healhty, and respectful relationship. He spoke often about his late wife whom I knew earlier as the teacher of her child and I was very open about my children. We both agreed that our children come first and that if any issues should arrise with our children i.

I shared with him early on my anxiety about me having young children 8 and 11 and his being older 22 and He told me not to lose sleep over it and encouraged me to relax about the issue. After letting my guard down and allowing the relationship to proceed, he ended up breaking things off because his boys started to get him thinking about the fact that I have young boys. He is a little older than me and moving into retirement mode a little sooner than I would be as well.

He said maybe he would feel differently in a month but he did not want to lead me on and hurt me. I know he is very genuine and I respect his decision. However, we really connected and cared for each other. We ended up seeing and being with each other a few times in the six weeks following the break-up and found it difficult to be apart. He kept saying he is trying to figure things out. She had a terrible battle with cancer.

I am lost. I am trying to accept this. I think maybe the whole relationship was too soon for him. Any words of wisdom would be appreciated. How do I read him? Was it too soon? There are so many things I can relate to with your experience. I love d this woman widow more than anyone I have ever been in relationship with. We lasted about a year and it was amazing, but I am not anything like her departed husband from 2 years ago if that really matters as I was not trying to be a replacement for him.

She also told me if it were just her and I things would be different. Needless to say there is much heartbreak from my side and possibly hers as well. All you can probably really do is to let him be, wish him well and know if it is not him there will be someone come into your life and you will see why things worked out the way they have.

As hard as it is though, maybe it is the best for all of you. You will find your partner on the path doing the things you love. Feel free to send me a message and we exchange pictures and maybe someday coffee.

Hello Marcus I trust you will find happiness in love again. I understand. Please respond if you wish. Single in NC. I have just been reading all of the posts and cannot find anything that quite fits my situation. I am a 59 year old widow of 7 years, I was a caregiver for my husband for 5 years and then 18 months later became the caregiver for my mother until the her death along with my stepfather a month apart early During this process my relationship with my youngest brother was severed due to family matters.

My husband and I were together for 12 years but had been friends since we were 16, coming in and out of each others lives until we married. I had a 7 year old son who grew to love and adore my husband, which helped us become a bonded family. My husband had other children but they were not a huge part of our lives but we all got along. Many complications through our relationship like many marriages but we worked through them.

I started dating a friend a year after I lost my husband. Please understand I loved my husband but I had been grieving the loss of him over the 5 years I took care of him.

I still miss him as I do my parents and occasionally I have breakdowns of tears, sadness just wish I could talk to him. This man that I have been dating for 6 years struggles with my sadness, my memories, etc about my husband so I have tried to keep my feeling about that hidden until this last month. I was dreaming about my husband, having conversations with him and just missing our closeness friendship Then I realized that I was keeping all of this to myself and I felt like I was keeping something from my boyfriend.

I do love him and I have never made a comparison of them or my love for either. It has no bearing on how I feel about him. Our relationship is on extremely rocky ground right now. I do know that after telling him, even with all of the consequences, I felt relieved.

A lot to digest here. My best to all, believe me. That morning. It is up to my God if it is to happen again someday. My Beautiful and giving wife and friend, Nancy passed away last Dec 3r right after Thanksgiving and before Christmas, as these holidays hold no bearing to me any longer, I understand that as humans, we are here for a short time and then we leave, it is the nature of things, however I believe that the end of human existence is only one part of the journey that we are all on, and that maybe physically I am unable to see her, I can still hear her calling my name, JIm-Jim-Jim LOL, I love her more then anything on this planet and beyond, more then my own existence, therefore I have made a conscious decision to stay married to My Lovely Bride, as nothing has changed, only the physicality is different, I will be with her one day, I know that!

I can hardly wait, but until then we will remain a married couple, and we will live on here and there, wherever it may be? I am dating a widow who is 16 months into the process after losing her husband. We met nine months after her losing her husband.

We enjoyed our time together and during that time however during the first few months we broke things off a couple times. Was it too early? Was she just trying to fill a void? Could she actually feel this way about another person after loving someone so deeply? She struggled a great deal trying to sort through the feelings. I became very attached to her and she struggled with not only my feelings but also her own regarding me. It really was difficult for her as she thought primarily about how this would affect her kids who were adults.

The last thing she wanted to do was hurt the children as they have already gone through so much. She also had fears about putting herself out there again with the idea that she could be hurt again by someone having health concerns and dying also. We had gotten to a point where it was either we were going to acknowledge the feelings or move on without each other.

After a break for weeks she came back to me and said she wanted to work on things. The key thing though for me was that somehow blending needed to take place in an appropriate time frame. She was always feeling like she was living two separate lives. One that she was enjoying and trying to move forward in her life and a second one of a grieving wife and mother. She cared a great deal about how people felt regarding all of this.

Family, kids, and even friends. When is the timing right to start dating? Why worry about what others are saying? She was a caregiver for many years for a husband that was older than she was.

In a way grieving had started prior to his death to a degree. She had a great deal of loss in her life including a parent in the middle of all of this taking place.

So she has had mixed support regarding the idea of dating. A few comments they have been questionable from friends, and even family. So here we are just passing a major holiday with Thanksgiving and it felt like emotions were unbelievably high. Because of the challenge with blending we were not able to spend it together out of respect for one of the kids. Again these kids are all adults but one is struggling with accepting the fact that she is dating again.

So we spent it apart and got back together last night and there was an extreme amount of emotion going on. I have dated women that have gone through divorces and dealing with those types of issues however dealing with loss is completely different. It takes a very unique individual to navigate through the various challenges that can be presented.

One of them is if your partner is not great at communicating what is going on in their mind during their grieving. I tend to be the type of person that will talk through any issue which may be unusual for men. I can relate to so many of the questions you ask yourself. His wife passed one year ago today. We met online when unbenownst to me a month after her passing. His father had lived in their home and passed 5 months before his wife, and he was a caretaker to the both along with family and hospice.

When I found out how soon after it was I said we should just be friends. I dated and we did become closer.

He was the confidant and companion I needed at that time, and I was the same for him. Looking on his FB I would become insecure. What can I ask and not ask about pictures? How could he ever love me as much as he loved her.? Will every holiday be like this now?

Every birthday, anniversary, deathiversary? Her birthday is in the same month as mine. When everyone said they will be together in heaven someday, I think what will happen to me if we have a future? Today people are reaching out and sending him notes saying they are thinking of him and missing her, knew Christmas was her favorite time of yearChristmas is my favorite time of year also, as Im sure it is for many. She and I had similar music tastes as well. So I miss out with having him because of a ghost?

And then I hate myself for feeling it and thinking it. I think she even cheated. Her own family and friends have said this. Yet the pictures and his grief tell a different story. He has a tattoo on his chest of her face from when he was deployed way back in I feel selfish. He is not a man who freely discusses his feelings. So what in the heck is my problem!

Thank you. I have to say alot of your story is also mine. I date a widower who lost his wife also three years ago. We have done everything together, we live together, bought a house together and I always have embraced his wife as part of us because it is part of him.

He is recovering well and will make a full recovery. My heart broke. I have had very little insecurity, jealous or whatever that is called. I have always believed we were brought together to live our lives together and we are a great couple.

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She was the love of his life. I know that. I am reeling right now and am preparing for him to be released tomorrow from the hospital. I know I need perspective and I am trying to find it. I am dating and love dance clubs. The best thing for me was to join an active widows club, some are national, in your community also, and I had done thing with them and meet people there.

I keep up my fitness. Some people meet at widows clubs. I do light body building and have spa days often, even at the local beauty school and am dating a man 12 yrs. We have wonderful communication skillsoutdoor skills, dance events, and we love doing things in groups. We will start disaster relief teams and go around the country for service. I like all military men and have found another.

I do not know if I will marry again butto share, widows clubs, not grief medical center groups have helped be. Both are important, for me, I wanted to be active.

You can choose to be as young or old as you want to be. I started seen a widower almost 6 months ago, at the time he was widowed for 10 months. On the anniversary of her death he asked for some space which I gave him and let him contact me when he was ready. I agreed to it because honestly I was having the most fun I have had in years with him.

He spoke once in a while of his wife, there were a few pictures in their house, which does not bother me at all. He would say and do things that lead me to believe as well as some close friends who knew if the situation, that he does like me but is afraid of what others would say or that he felt guilty.

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We celebrated my birthday which was the beginning of November together it was really nice. I know Thanksgiving was their favorite holiday. Before this we would text almost everyday, now he only text me when I text him which was only 2 times.

I like him a lot even though I am not supposed to, and I keep getting theses signs that make me think if him. Should I tell him how I feel? Both his words and his actions are telling you this. Guys who are ready for you and who want you and know this will pursue you to the ends of the earth.

They are not conflicted. They are not blowing hot and cold. They are sure, and they make sure that you are sure. This guy? He may be fantastic. He may be a prince. But his timing is not on your side. She has been a widow for a very short period of time and he passed during them being seperated. I was actually seeing her during the separation and subsequent passing. I know i probably need to give her distance but when she wants to see me i get excited for a chance to see her. She really is wonderful and i feel i want to build more with her.

I am living with a widower who is 9 years my senior. His wife passed away three and a half years ago after a lengthy cancer battle. When I met him he had a wedding ring on and the house was left with all of her things neatly in place. In fact, in their vacation home all of her things that were left there as well. After we dated for a bit, maybe a month, he took off the wedding band and began to remove some of the photos.

I expressed that so many made me feel uncomfortable. I stated that one photo in the home out for everyone to see would be fine with me. However, more than that and I would be uncomfortable. He removed some, but has left some in his office and that bothers me. He has been charming, graceful and I m in love with him. When my love met his wife and when they were married, her daughter was already married.

My love did not raise this woman. I do understand that through his grief she and her children were there to help him at times. They grieved together. My issue is that they are always texting and talking daily, sometimes hourly.

Its constant. He shares funny things with her that he has shared with me. When she sees him she gets her body right next to him to hug him. In fact, I feel that she has sexually manipulated him. I have told him that I am VERY uncomfortable with their relationship and this this woman needs to back off and that he needs to respect me.

He says that he feels like she is his daughter. Still I could see that point if he raised her. He did not. He has a home in Florida that his deceased wife bought before she died and the daughter used to bring it up regularly that the house belonged to her mother and that her mother wished she and her brother get the house. I feel like she just want stuff even though they both received a pretty good chunk of money as an inheritance when their mother died.

When I cleaned out both homes in the beginning my love ad I did this together the first timeI was very respectful and handled everything with care and love. I gave all the items to the daughter. I am having a very difficult time accepting them as his grandfather and her as his daughter.

But in order to make things better I told him that I would try to be a part of this. However, things are not good. I explained to him the way to make me feel more a part of this would be to include me in conversations.

They included me in a text between the three of us but they are still talking with each other on the side and I am very uncomfortable with it. The group text is fake and full of just nothing real.

They just tolerate me. The oldest daughter of this woman is very fake with me. In front of my love she jumps all over him and kisses him times and then looks back at me to see if I am looking. I just smile. But it sickens me. Someone, anyone have any advice? I was hoping to get some advice on my current situation and would appreciate any input you can offer. We are in our 30s and met around 4 months ago.

Infinitely problems with dating a widower opinion useful

He was exceptionally keen from the beginning and said whilst he had been through some tough times, he was feeling really good and wanted to move on with his life. I was the first person he had dated since his partner passed away.

We text and spoke for several weeks, went on some amazing dates and got on so well. I really wish I had asked him sooner. After the relationship became more physical, I felt him step back a bit. He has always been a bit closed in the sense that things seem to have to get to an extreme point before he will talk about his feelings.

We continued to have a nice time etc but there were times where he went quiet for a day or so then came back with excuses about work etc though Im pretty sure he was struggling with his feelings.

In early December he said that he was struggling with the thought of the holiday period as it brought back too many memories and he was having feelings of guilt at being in a relationship. I decided to give him some space him after initially sending a few messages saying I was thinking of him and hoped he was ok. My instinct is to leave him alone and let him come back when he is ready.

I would feel horrible if this was left with no closure and consequently I feel quite a lot of resentment currently. I really wish I had asked him more about his situation early on but having never been in this situation before I wanted to let it happen when he was ready.

So similar although our ages are much further apart. I just posted on my situation. It is so hard after all of these years of not being with anyone. I hope yours comes around and gets back to you soon. Best wishes. I am 68 and was divorced 34 years ago.

I was familiar with this widower and late wife only as an observer some 14 years ago. His wife passed 2. This past September, after me being the recipient of some nice comments from him, he asked if I would like to go out to another dance on the weekend, saying he found me to be very attractive and wanted to get to know me more.

My heart was about to burst. That he is not into wanting friends with benefits and that he wants to keep things upfront and that he feels honesty is the best way. With that he also said that he does see other womenagain friends without benefits. They hold hands and cuddle watching TV and moviesand a kiss goodnight.

He is fond of her and thankful for her because of how she was there for him but not fond of her as in a romantic relationship way. She has wanted a relationship with him however. I think she is patiently waiting that things will change as so often women will do even in a so called platonic relationship without benefits.

Now there is also a third woman. Maybe so at this point, but she may just be secretly buying time and hoping things will change. Long story short, we went a little further. He still sees that holding hands and arms around the other as a none issue. He always wants to be my friend and wants me in his life. I told him of my feelings and crush on him of months long before. I have cried and cried. One year ago I began dating a man who had been married for 40 years his wife passed 10 years ago.

Everything was going good for about three or four months until his year-old daughter left her husbanwho was beating her and moved in with her three-year-old son. Is this worth staying in or are we both going to end up hurt? I have been dating a widower for almost 3 years. His wife passed 4 years ago.

I am not bothered when he or his grown children talk about her. He has a few pictures of her around his home but not an excessive amount. He has told me he loves me but is not in-love with me. He describes how he felt when he fell in love with herin his mid 20show he had to be where she was, had to breathe the same air. He understood that.

We also go to church together almost every Sunday. Have taken road trips together but our relationship has recently evolved into a mostly platonic one because he believes premarital sex is sinful. He also is preoccupied of our age difference. I am 10 years younger. Although he is older he physically is very fit and has no health issues.

The widower I am seeing keeps taking me to places that he took his wife of 51 years. I was married for 51 years also and understand some of his painful memories. He still sheds tears when some songs pop up in concerts we love to attend together. My question is: Is he marriage material? I conveyed my message to him that my future vision is for a long-term relationship to share the rest of my life with a man I can commit to. I miss the closeness of life with a loving man who wants what I want, not what I need.

I love this lonely man, but I do not understand his moods. Should I stay or should I go? That is my dilemma. My heart says stay, but my head says go. I feel that I am helping him in every way, but I do not know how long I can keep doing so without a verbal commitment.

I am dating a widower who lives with his 31 year old daughter and grandson who is 3. But feeling of it being to soon may appear right when a woman waves her hand in a greeting sign.

If it comes to you that your new partner might not feel right about dating you, a temporary break is a good idea. Widowers also tend to decide they are cheating on their late wives. They feel they are being disapproved for even thinking about filling the emptiness in their heart with love again.

I loved reading all your information on dating a widower. I have been dating a widower for 14 months now and love him very much. His wife died of cancer 3 yrs ago in June he adored her for 30 yrs they have 2 grown up kids. He is closer with her family than his own today. His house is a shrine to her. Many complex emotions come with dating a widower. On any given day they can be angry, sad, guilt-ridden, or have an enormous amount of relationship anxiety. Never allowing themselves to become comfortable, you typically have no idea the things that lie underneath their smile. Oct 16,   A widower might have been out of the dating game for years; you must take that into consideration. Look for warning signs: If you are dating a widower and you often find him drawing comparisons between you and his deceased spouse, that is definitely a warning sign. The guy you are dating is still stuck in grief, and it could get pathological.

Perfect timing for a relationship with a widowed man is a year or two after the death of his former spouse. In addition, it is better to share a place together in some other space or area, not where he lived with his ex.

But there is a valuable reason behind widowers dating widows. By the time you start dating a widower, he might be out of the dating scene for decades.

At the same time the world around changes, so do women and their expectations from men. What was acceptable and common before might not be the case now. Their have not been dating apps back into those days, people used to meet each other on social occasions and get close by real conversation. Especially a person who is not used to internet associations might not get it right straight away. Not expecting too much also implies to desire of long-term commitment.

Here widowed men show themselves from two drastically different sides.

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On one hand, losing a significant other influences the will of avoiding being alone for too long. At the same time, if the grief is still strong, a serious commitment might be too much. But you are not necessarily the perfect match for him, neither he may be for you.

It is definitely not the easiest part about dating a widower. You are going to be constantly compared to the late spouse, especially if they lived together for long and had a common child. It is not made out of necessity or bad will. Your task is not being equally good in every matter. Be yourself, show your best sides and qualities, it is generally enough to attract a man. Being fake and pretending you are somebody else can not last forever.

At some point you will get tired of a mask you have to wear. Same as it will not be pleasant for a man to find out you have been acting like his late spouse just for the sake of getting him. The red flag, though, is the moment you realise that a widower attempts on changing you and getting rid of parts of your identity in order to make you look and act as his wife. You should be loved the way you are as you are not the imitation of somebody else.

If a man is trying hard to change parts of you, maybe, going on is still not an option for him and a break can solve this problem. There are still options for you to look at. Also, prepare yourself to the problems with children if he has any. After losing their mother, children always suffer the most, because it is impossible to replace such an important figure in their lives. A bright image of mother remains with them forever, but they can accept another woman and feel attached to her.

Still, it takes a lot of time and work. The biggest problem awaits you if there are teenagers in the family, especially the eldest daughter.

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