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This article contains content that was recently expanded and has not yet been reviewed by site staff. It may contain some errors and may not yet conform with the wiki's quality standards. Aline was born an only child to Patrick and Jia Penhallow. With her parents being good friends with the Lightwoods , Aline became friends with the Lightwood children Alec and Isabelle when they were young, but they stopped seeing each other when she was around nine. She lived with her parents at the Beijing Institute for a few years before they moved to Alicante. When Aline was thirteen, she and Jace -a boy taken in by the Lightwoods-explored the Brocelind Forest in Idris on horseback and got lost.

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And being the face of a Freeform show so popular that when Shadowhunters was canceled due to contract issues, fans launched a SaveShadowhunters campaign so intense, they even flew a plane over the Netflix headquarters. Now, McNamara is mentally preparing to put the fiery demon-fighter behind her.

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Her carefully wavy hair has gone from carrot to blonde, but as she sits in front of me, year-old McNamara still screams sweet Clary Fray, best friend to all and protector of Shadowhunters and Downworlders alike. So, who is Kat without Clary?

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McNamara is still trying to figure that out. Is she ready to let go though?

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Everybody involved in the show has been such a wonderful influence on me and has shaped me. Even the guys big-brother-ed me and pushed me outside my comfort zone in the best ways.

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Like we'd go to Niagra for a weekend and walk around for 17 hours and go indoor skydiving and end up at 3 a. I mean, look at all the other shows that have come back.

Shadowhunters - Season 3, Episode 6: Izzy’s Dating A Mundane - Freeform

The last episode is a big beautiful question mark. I think that people will have a lot to say.

Feb 09,   The REAL Reason Why Clary and Jace's Chemistry on "Shadowhunters" Is So Convincing Kat McNamara, aka Clary Fray, reveals all that . Mar 30,   As "The Powers That Be" demonstrated, the dating world comes with its own set of problems. Jace, Clary, Simon, and Maia are testing the waters as vampires, werewolves, and Shadowhunters define. Aug 25,   The hit Freeform's fantasy show Shadowhunters introduced to us an openly gay character Alec Lightwood who dated Magnus Bane in the series. Actor Matthew Daddario who played the role of Alec Lightwood impressed millions of her hearts with his outstanding performance. But many of his curious fans are confused about his sexual orientation and wondering if the actor is gay in real life?

Some people will love it, some people will hate it, some people will not know what to think about it. But when I saw it for the first time This is what I tell people when they ask me about long-distance relationships: Both people have to be on the same page about being okay with it.

Particularly when you have a schedule like mine, it can basically feel like long-distance even when you live in the same city because of the hours you work. It can also be difficult because of how close I am with my costars and how many hours I spend with them and the kind of things that inevitably you end up doing in scenes or on-set.

You know, if you had feelings for that person, you genuinely had some kind of love for that person at some point, why would you let that person out of your life? Clace reunited.

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Although no statements were made regarding the relationship status of both the stars, fans were eager to place the boyfriend tag on Will.

The rumors continued after Katherine went on a vacation with Will Tudor and Matt Nalton on early She even posted a snap with both of them.

Mar 07,   'Shadowhunters' star Katherine McNamara talks next week's episode, the finale, and life post-fandom. How one Shadowhunter is finding closure (and love) post-fandom. 73of African Americans said. Jul 17,   If you are watching Shadowhunters, then who do you think would be your shadow world boyfriend? We think we've got a few ideas. Take this quiz and get all matched up with your Shadowhunters dude. Latest TV & Film. See more Latest TV & Film. Unsolved Mysteries viewers are convinced Rob killed Patrice and it's horrifying. Dominic Sherwood has been in relationships with Sarah Hyland ( - ) and Niamh Adkins.

This led the Twitterati into a frenzy and fans commented their wishes to see Will and Kat dating. Lucia in January Photo: justjaredjr.

Shadowhunters dating

But Katherine and Will have remained silent about their relationship status till this date. On an Instagram post by Katherine on 11 Aprilshe addressed Will as her best friend and wished him a happy birthday.

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At present, the gorgeous actress seems to be enjoying her singlehood and is not dating anyone. So I went to the gym to work out and try not to think about it, because seeing the explosion happening on twitter always makes not getting the role worse. Little did Kat know, she was about to get a call that would change her life.

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Obviously, Kat was overjoyed over the news, but things got awkward, fast. And I had just come from the gym, so that was great," Kat shared, laughing.

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We have this level of trust so we can play with it and see where it goes and take chances and see what happens. It was a lot of fun! I learned a lot and definitely improved. But it's not like they were only around to protect Kat; they liked to prank her, too: "They discovered early on that I was very easily startled, so they tried to scare me at every turn," she dished.

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