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We're curious, social, witty and creative, while simultaneously being emotionally unreachable and difficult to get your hands on. In other words, welcome to the world of dating, love and relationships with a walking contradiction! Here are 13 brutal truths about dating and loving a Gemini, possibly the most complicated of all zodiac signs in astrology. Want to try making love someplace new and exciting? We're game. Although truth be told, having some norms and consistency in a relationship is important to us, too.

They may also help you work out work issues or social problems.

Use their advice, and you will make their day. The Gemini man helps the people around him to be useful, yes. However, he also wants to feel appreciated for his efforts.

Yes, he wants some acknowledgment. Do not forget to thank him for the hard work. You may even give him a small gift or dinner as a small compensation.

If you forget, he may not want to help with things anymore. You should continue to make him feel appreciated as a boyfriend throughout the entire relationship. Thank him for the little things in small ways, such as an upbeat attitude and little kisses.

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When he feels appreciated in the relationship, he will be more likely to settle down. Most people have an apparent schedule.


We wake up at the same time every day and do the same work. Some people feel safe in this environment. Geminis tend to feel claustrophobic and feel a need to break free. The restraints of the clock feel more than prison shackles than, well, clockwork. Being forced to adhere to a strict work schedule can make your man miserable. If your Gemini man does have a typical job, do your best to change things up a little bit to help keep him feel alive.

If your Gemini man took another career route that suits his free spirit, be supportive. Nothing is more important in life than your happiness.

The truth of the matter is that a Gemini man may get bored with you after time. They are notorious for getting distracted by something pretty and then putting it down when they get distracted by another lovely thing. You need to continue to excite him in the relationship to prevent him from moving on to the next thing.

You can do this in a number of different ways. Go out and do fun things. Go out to a concert or to try a new type of food. You can also explore the world together and travel.


You can also keep the conversation intriguing to keep things interesting. If you are dating a Gemini man and can keep him interested, you can expect fun, little surprises throughout the relationship. Geminis like to do things for other people. They may start to give you flowers or cook dinner on occasion.

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Make sure to be receptive and grateful for the surprise. You should also do the same thing for them to keep the little surprises coming.

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Having a free spirit will take your Gemini boyfriend wherever the wind takes him. Sometimes, their journey takes them away from us. This footloose hold on life means that they may not be around to help you when you need it. It has to be according to his timeframe.

You may also see that being late or canceling plans may be an issue. If it does become an issue, you need to sit down and explain how disrespectful it is. Hopefully, they will make an effort to be better.

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Being someone who is easily bored does not necessarily mean that he will need constant physical stimulation. Mental stimulation is just as important. Take the time to talk to them and ignite some exciting conversations. Not only will you get to learn more about each other, but you will also create a bond that will connect the two of you. If you have trouble striking up a conversation, talk about everything from current events, sports, movies, politics, music, and history.

Keep asking questions until something bites.

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Gemini is a very social zodiac sign. Your Gemini man will likely see people no matter where you go. Talk and be engaged. You should learn how to talk to people yourself and meet back up in a couple of minutes. Understand that going out and spending time with friends is something that makes him happy. When it becomes a problem, talk with them to come up with a solution.

Some people play a lot of games in relationships. They play games about their feelings and where they want to take the relationship. Your Gemini boyfriend will not do the same thing. They will tell you exactly how they feel at all times.

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Their opinion might change. Despite being relatively wishy-washy, you will know how they feel at the moment. Your next date may not be the same. He may be the goofball comedian the next time around or the intellectual moody guy.

This man literally has two different faces and this could make him seem very different each time you see him.

Things you need to know about dating a gemini

He may even appear to be different each time you two are around his friends or family. Gemini men are not really good at adhering to a schedule or even to plans. Sometimes he will change plans you have with him entirely. That is, if he even shows up on time.

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That is something they cannot avoid. However when it comes to other cts of their lives, they really like to stay open to what could happen at any given moment. They like living in the here and now and let the cards fall where they may. If you have some things that need doing and need some help, your Gemini guy will typically be up for the task.

This man will go above and beyond for those he loves even if it means sacrificing his own time and energy. He figures you are worth it and will be willing to help you with just about anything that you need his assistance with.

Truly dating a Gemini can be a bit like riding a roller coaster with many ups and downs. Because of his dual nature and having different moods at any given time, this could cause you to also react to him in different ways. One day you may be totally livid with his lack of care of showing up late for dinner.

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The life with a Gemini is not one for the faint of heart and certainly not for someone who is strong on rules and regulations. The Gemini man has the ability to truly pull of some amazing surprises. You could get some beautiful flowers delivered to you at work out of nowhere for what seems to be no reason other than him showing you he loves you.

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While they may have to do their jobs, anything outside of this; they really want to have fun and enjoy themselves. Remember that they are random and one day they could take off work early to go hiking or do something else they think is fun.

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He could ask you to play hooky with him one day from work. Go for it!

Jul 26,   Sometimes, dating a Gemini can feel like you are dating two different people. This should come as no surprise; Gemini are represented by twins. One moment, a Gemini can be happy and cheerful, and the next moment, he or she can be grumpy and moody. [4]80%(5). Apr 19,   Gemini reigns the zodiac from May 21 till June We happen to have a few 'Twins' on staff here at Mamiverse and we've been studying them up close to better understand what makes these truly unique creatures tick, and to see if the following Gemini characteristics hold true. Of course, we try to not engage in relationships based entirely on astrology, but it can provide some fascinating insights . The following are some things that may help you hold it together and maintain your Gemini man's love. Dating a Gemini Man is like dating 2 men. The Gemini man is dual in nature and while he may seem like the romantic dreamy eyed guy on one date. Your next date may not be the same. He may be the goofball comedian the next time around or the intellectual moody guy. You never know what you .

This will keep your relationship healthy and alive. Perhaps you can go to a movie or an adult video store to liven things up in the bedroom. Trust me when I tell you, he will love any acts of randomness that you yourself can come up with. He typically can see both sides of the coin since he himself IS two sides of a coin.

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He can take a very objective look at the matter and give you some sound suggestions. This guy above all else should be your best friend. He is someone you can always rely on to tell you what it is you need to know about any given situation.

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