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A videocassette recorder VCR or video recorder is an electromechanical device that records analog audio and analog video from broadcast television or other source on a removable, magnetic tape videocassette , and can play back the recording. Use of a VCR to record a television program to play back at a more convenient time is commonly referred to as timeshifting. VCRs can also play back prerecorded tapes. In the s and s, prerecorded videotapes were widely available for purchase and rental, and blank tapes were sold to make recordings. Most domestic VCRs are equipped with a television broadcast receiver tuner for TV reception, and a programmable clock timer for unattended recording of a television channel from a start time to an end time specified by the user. These features began as simple mechanical counter-based single-event timers, but were later replaced by more flexible multiple-event digital clock timers. In later models the multiple timer events could be programmed through a menu interface displayed on the playback TV screen " on-screen display " or OSD.

Norikazu Sawazaki developed a prototype helical scan video tape recorder. Ampex introduced the quadruplex videotape professional broadcast standard format with its Ampex VRX in It became the world's first commercially successful videotape recorder using two-inch 5. InToshiba introduced a "new" method of recording known as helical scan, releasing the first commercial helical scan video tape recorder that year.

In Philips introduced their EL 1-inch helical scan recorder, aimed at the business and domestic user, and Sony marketed the 2" PV, their first reel-to-reel VTR, intended for business, medical, airline, and educational use. It was developed by Michael Turner and Norman Rutherford. However, there were several drawbacks as it was expensive, not easy to assemble, and could record only 20 minutes at a time.

It recorded in black-and-white, the only format available in the UK at the time. The EIAJ format was a standard half-inch format used by various manufacturers.

A videocassette recorder (VCR) or video recorder is an electromechanical device that records analog audio and analog video from broadcast television or other source on a removable, magnetic tape videocassette, and can play back the of a VCR to record a television program to play back at a more convenient time is commonly referred to as timeshifting. You can customize how VCR matches requests using the:match_requests_on cassette option. Specify an array of attributes to match on. Supported attributes are:method - The HTTP method (i.e. GET, POST, PUT or DELETE) of the request.:uri - The full URI of the request.:host - The host of the URI. VCR's one drawback is transparency: like all Vanguard ETFs, VCR only discloses its holdings on a monthly basis, instead of teknoderas.comn May 3 and December 3, , the fund tracked a transitional.

EIAJ-1 was an open-reel format. EIAJ-2 used a cartridge that contained a supply reel; the take-up reel was part of the recorder, and the tape had to be fully rewound before removing the cartridge, a slow procedure. The development of the videocassette followed the replacement by cassette of other open reel systems in consumer items: the Stereo-Pak four-track audio cartridge inthe compact audio cassette and Instamatic film cartridge inthe 8-track cartridge inand the Super 8 home movie cartridge in Invideocassettes of movies became available for home use.

Sony demonstrated a videocassette prototype in Octoberthen set it aside to work out an industry standard by March with seven fellow manufacturers. The result, the Sony U-matic system, introduced in Tokyo in Septemberwas the world's first commercial videocassette format.

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Sony also introduced two machines the VP videocassette player and the VO, also called the VO video-cassette recorder to use the new tapes. InPhilips developed a home video cassette format specially made for a TV station in and available on the consumer market in Philips named this format " Video Cassette Recording " although it is also referred to as "N", after the first recorder's model number.

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The format was also supported by Grundig and Loewe. It used square cassettes and half-inch 1. The first model, available in the United Kingdom inwas equipped with a simple timer that used rotary dials. This was followed by a digital timer version inthe N In a new, incompatible, long-play version "VCR-LP" or N, which could use the same blank tapes, sold quite well to schools and colleges.

Like the Philips VCR format, the square Cartrivision cassette had the two reels of half-inch tape mounted on top of each other, but it could record up to minutes, using an early form of video format that recorded every other video field and played it back three times. Cassettes of major movies such as The Bridge on the River Kwai and Guess Who's Coming to Dinner were ordered via catalog at a retailerdelivered by parcel mail, and then returned to the retailer after viewing.

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Other cassettes on sports, travel, art, and how-to topics were available for purchase. An optional monochrome camera could be bought to make home videos. The system was abandoned thirteen months later after poor sales. VCR started gaining mass market traction in The VCR started to become a mass market consumer product; by there were three competing technical standards using mutually incompatible tape cassettes. The industry boomed in the s as more and more customers bought VCRs.

Earlier machines used mechanically-operated control switches; these were replaced by microswitchessolenoids and motor-driven mechanisms.

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Betamax was first to market in Novemberand was argued by many to be technically more sophisticated in recording quality, [18] although many users did not perceive a visual difference. The first machines required an external timer, and could only record one hour, or two hours at lower quality LP.

The timer was later incorporated within the machine as a standard feature. In the majority of consumers in the U. The rental market was a contributing factor for acceptance of the VHS, for a variety of reasons.

In those pre-digital days TV broadcasters could not offer the wide choice of a rental storeand tapes could be played as often as desired.

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Material was available on tape with violent or sexual scenes not available on broadcasts. Home video cameras allowed tapes to be recorded and played back.

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Two hours and 4 hours recording times were considered enough for recording movies and sports. Although Sony later introduced L 2 hour and L 3 hour Betamax tapes in addition to the L 1 hour tape, the consumer market had swiftly moved toward the VHS system as a preferred choice. During the s dual-speed long play models of both Beta and VHS recorders were introduced, allowing much longer recording times.

A third format, Videoor V also marketed as "Video Compact Cassette" was developed and introduced by Philips insold only in Europe.

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Grundig developed and marketed their own models based on the V format. Most V models featured piezoelectric head positioning to dynamically adjust tape tracking.

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V cassettes had two sides, and like the audio cassette could be flipped over halfway through their recording time, which gave them up to twice the recording length of VHS tapes. User switchable record-protect levers were used instead of the breakable lugs on VHS and Beta cassettes. The half-inch tape used contained two parallel quarter-inch tracks, one for each side. It had a recording time of 4 hours per side, later extended to 8 hours per side on a few models.

Machines had a 'real time' tape position counter with the information retained on the tape, so when tapes were loaded the position was known; this feature was only implemented on VHS recorders much later.

V became available in earlylater than its two rivals. The V system did not sell well, and was discontinued in In the early s US film companies fought to suppress the VCR in the consumer market, citing concerns about copyright violations.

In Congressional hearings, Motion Picture Association of America head Jack Valenti decried the "savagery and the ravages of this machine" and likened its effect on the film industry and the American public to the Boston strangler :.

I say to you that the VCR is to the American film producer and the American public as the Boston strangler is to the woman home alone. In the case Sony Corp.

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Universal City Studios, Inc. Subsequently the film companies found that making and selling video recordings of their productions had become a major income source.


The video cassette recorder is sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity. If the machine or tape was moved from a cold to a hotter environment there could be condensation of moisture on the internal parts, such as the rotating video head drum. Some later models were equipped with a moisture detector which would prevent operation in this case, but it could not detect moisture on the surface of a tape.

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