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These people are practical, down to earth realists, with a sharp mind. Virgos is a peaceful, polite and self-confident people. Based on the Virgo personality traits , they like to follow the rules, and they are hard and meticulous workers. Sharp minds of Virgos also have a philosophical side, which allows them to find a solution for every problem. Although they might seem at peace all the time, they have an inner anxiety and uncertainty.

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The critical gaze of a Virgo woman will leave him cold. In the rare case that a Leo man and Virgo woman do get to know each other, though, they both will find attractive qualities in the other.

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A Leo man does have truly admirable traits, such as his loyalty and courage. Likewise, despite her critical nature, there is a sweetness to a Virgo woman. She really does desire to help and to serve. There is not much sexual chemistry between a Leo man and Virgo woman.

A Virgo woman tends to be inhibited about sexuality. Her perfectionism makes it hard to relax and just enjoy herself in bed.

A Leo woman is stimulated by adventure and passion. It will be hard for him to relate to the insecurities of a Virgo woman. Likewise, a Virgo woman will have a hard time relating to the needs of a Leo man. They will need to negotiate quite a bit if they are going to be able to manage to satisfy each other. If a Leo man and Virgo woman get together and stay together long enough for them to marry, they will have already done a lot of work and negotiation.

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The love that they have for each other will also be strong enough that they will have chosen to get together in spite of their differences. For this reason, a Leo man, Virgo woman couple can actually work.

They do complement each other. A Virgo woman is willing to take care of the small details that a Leo man has no time for. Likewise, the Leo sense of humor and capacity for joy can help the Virgo woman to relax and enjoy life a little.

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On the other hand, with this pairing, in particular, there is a risk of them falling into a pattern where she starts to feel like she is a servant to the Leo man. This could cause her to feel a great deal of resentment for him.

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A Virgo woman wants to be helpful, but she does not want to be taken for granted or taken advantage of. Because a Virgo woman does not call attention to herself, and because a Leo man does not tend to notice details, he is very likely to not notice all that she does for him.

This is a tricky combination with respect to parenting.

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Both of them will have high expectations of the children for different reasons. She will be rather critical, and he will see his children as a reflection on himself.

If they are both aware of these tendencies in themselves and each other, though, they will be able to balance each other.

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Although there is not a natural rapport between a Leo man and Virgo woman, if they are able to connect, they can work well together. This combination will work better in situations where the Leo man is the boss or the superior in the working relationship. They will have far more difficulties as co-workers or if she is the boss.

It will work particularly well if he is the public face of the team, with her working behind the scenes. A Virgo woman is a natural secretary or office manager.

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She is very good at taking care of the details and making someone else look good. Hating the spotlight, she will not compete for attention or notice. This will make her extremely helpful to a Leo man, and he, in turn, is quite happy to be in the public eye and will shield her from it.

Mar 06,   Virgo and Leo are next to each other in the zodiac. Signs that are next to each other do not have anything in common, and in most cases, are not compatible by zodiac sign. There are some exceptions to this rule, but a Virgo man and Leo woman are not one of them. The differences between them are such that it is unlikely that they will get Cynthia Thinnes. Mar 01,   The excesses of Leo are pride, ego, and flamboyance. As the next sign in the zodiac, Virgo is modest, hardworking, and self-effacing. A Leo man and Virgo woman have so little in common that it is very unlikely that they will get together as a couple. If they do, however, both of them will be motivated to make the relationship Cynthia Thinnes. Leo-Virgo Cusp Sign Dates and Definition Back to all cusps Dates: August 19 - 25 IN THIS CUSP, command meets caution, passion meets perfectionism, and fire meets the earth.

Earlier in this article, we mentioned the danger of a Virgo woman feeling like she is underappreciated and taken for granted in this combination. The reason that this is likely is because of the different way that a Leo man and Virgo woman think.

There is a tricky balance in how to show appreciation for a Virgo woman which will be very hard for a Leo man to grasp. When a Leo man shows appreciation, he tends to do so in a big, flashy display of gratitude. A Virgo woman will hate this, particularly if he does so in public. For this reason, she will not respond to these displays with the warmth and joy he expected her to, and he will be greatly disappointed.

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This will discourage him from trying to show his appreciation in the future. What will be important for him to understand and for her to try to communicate is that she would prefer a much quieter expression of gratitude.

Virgo dating leo

A simple thank you will usually suffice. If he really wants to make her feel appreciated, he can give her a card or a note.

She will be particularly pleased if he notices the details of what she did and puts them in the note or card. A Leo man and Virgo woman is a rather mismatched pair. They approach the world in a completely different way, and they find it hard to understand each other.

Yet, as in any combination, love and hard work can overcome any natural incompatibility.

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If they do decide to get together and stay together, they will be able to balance each other in a way that will be beneficial to both of them. If you want to feel that incredible, wonderful connection with your Leo man, then the following information is the most important that you will read on the entire internet.

Most women make mistakes that push Leo men away. It is without doubt the most comprehensive guide ever created to attracting, dating, and having a deep, loving relationship with a Leo man.

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The secrets Anna reveals are very powerful and should be used ethically. This is not at all accurate. I have witnessed beautiful Leo man virgo woman relationships.

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No relationship is made of perfection, all have some ups and downs which make relationships stronger. Upon the sun signs and we all carry some of characteristics, we are in no doubt a product of environment and background.

I am a Virgo woman with a Leo man for over 30 years. Most of this makes perfect sense. Their will always be the exception to the rule because we are all individuals. We plan to continue to work hard and love each other forever.


Thanks SN. I, a Virgo woman, have become increasingly intrigued by a Leo man a few years younger than myself. He is 59, I am He is very protective of me, ensuring my safety.

Leo and Virgo form a constructive relationship that rarely serves their emotional natures. They both tend to be too rational and their mental strength will rarely be a good foundation for a fairytale love they secretly wish for. Both of these signs have opposing signs linked to Neptune. Leo's uninhibited love style helps Virgo relax in intimate encounters, turn off their inner critic, and lose themselves in the moment. Leo's like to feel sure of themselves, and while Virgo may not always dating over with enthusiasm, the steady, reassuring presence they offer has a value that goes way beyond Leo's need for ego can. Based on the dating a Virgo meaning, Virgos have good compatibility with other Virgos and Pisces. When two Virgos are in a relationship, there is always a good understanding what they both want and need. If in this relationship one agrees to be more obedient, they will have a long-lasting union. Aries, Leo, Gemini, Sagittarius, Libra & AquariusAuthor: Betty Crawford.

The couple will explore new forms of communication together, and before you know it, both have gained a lover and a friend. Whether two Virgos are getting serious about their relationship or just beginning to date, once they have each other's attention, they expect nothing short of emotional loyalty.

Mesa says, "Virgos express their loyalty [through] acts of service. Virgos are naturally supportive and attentive individuals. Virgos are people who will work hard and never apologize for it. Both partners give their all to everything they do. Each partner is organized, thoughtful, and sticks to the schedule.

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Mesa says that Virgos "enjoy traditional courtship, and a partner who's highly attentive to detail. As independently efficient people, neither Virgo would waste their time on a second date with someone who doesn't inspire them. Virgos are not ones to date people they may not like. And yes - Virgo is an earth sign.

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This similarity means two Virgos define their relationship early on - simply and reasonably. With this out of the way, they can concentrate on the very best part: exploring one another emotionally. Earth signs Capricorn, Virgo, and Taurus are resilient and realistic. A Virgo is a responsible planner who knows who they are right now, who has a specific set of future goals, and a general plan for how to reach them.

Virgo women tend to be very timeless and happily placed in traditional roles, especially in dating. They want a man who will ask them out, take them for a nice date, and kiss at the doorstep. Tradition and rules are what makes a Virgo happiest, so the more of a classic gentleman you are, the happier a Virgo woman will be with you. Jun 01,   Those born between August 18 and August 22 are more of a Leo, with a bit of Virgo thrown in. True Leo-Virgo Cuspers have birthdays on August 23 or However, those born between August 25 and 27, will be Virgo with Leo influence. The Element of Virgo is Earth and Leo is Fire.

This same confidence that forces Virgos to work hard also allows them to recognize when to take a step back and just relax. Analytical from birth, Virgos have mastered the art of the joke. In a Virgo-Virgo partnership, each partner will pull out the cards when they want to see their SO smile. Both share this sense of evaluative, sarcastic humor, and both are cunning and quick. Mesa says, "Virgos are incredibly observant and calculating, which means it won't take long before they know how to get a rise out of one another.

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