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He is portrayed by Sean Berdy. He inherited being deaf and grew up mostly with deaf people. He spent his time with fellow "deafie" Daphne Vasquez, whom he developed a crush on at an early age. He is considered to be best friends with Daphne Vasquez. Emmett has known the Vasquez family for years. He protected Daphne from bullies when she was little.

Emmett and Bay kiss whilst they are taking pictures. Bay kisses Emmett whilst talking about how Mandy isn't a real girl and they argue about their past relationship.

Emmett tells Bay that the main problem in spite of his apologies, Bay keeps bringing up his one-night-stand with Simone. Bay then accidentally breaks Emmett's camera, frustrating him further.

Later, Bay apologizes to Emmett for pushing him and promises that she will never again bring up Simone. Emmett accepts her apology. In Have You Really the Courage?

He then helps her take pictures of it, and build her project. Emmett's online conversations with Mandy start affecting his school work and Melody confiscates his phone and motorcycle. Emmett however, manages to retrieve his motorcycle and drives to where he is supposed to meet with Mandy. But there, he discovers that "Mandy" is actually Matthew, who is getting revenge on Emmett.

Matthew then beats him up, leaving Emmett bruised and humiliated.

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At nighttime, Bay shows up and tries to comfort him. She assures him that regardless of what will happen tomorrow, everyone will still love him. Emmett then asks Bay if she does.

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She replies, "You know I love you. I never stopped. He then finds out that Matthew printed out all of the fake conversations between Emmett and "Mandy" and hung them all over school. Melody talks to him after seeing the texts around school.

She wants to turn Matthew in for what he did. However, just as Emmett is going to go talk to the principal, Matthew shows him a picture that makes him change his mind. Emmett goes home and finds out that his mom was suspended for pushing Matthew up against a locker. He later meets with Bay, who tells him that what happened the other night was amazing and right, and she will break up with Tank and be with Emmett.

In Like a Snowball Down a MountainBay and Emmett discover that Matthew is actually in love with Emmett when they go to delete a photo from his laptop.

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In Oh, FutureBay and Emmett tell everyone about their relationship. Bay convinces Emmett to go to his dad's housewarming party. There, they learn that his dad is engaged and his dad's girlfriend is pregnant. Emmett is angry, but Bay convinces him to forgive his dad. In The Image DisappearsEmmett shows up to the hospital to comfort Bay after she faints when donating blood. He later helps her find Angelo's will.

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In Yuletide Fortune Tellersthe alternate reality Emmett is very slick, and only friends with Bay, instead of being in a relationship with her. However, she asks him for a favor, and he brings the truffle oil she needs, and then she kisses him to get Toby off her back. She gets him into a movie set, but he is discriminated against because of his deafness. He accidentally ruins a scene, and they have to redo it.

Later, the girl kisses him. In Fog and Storm and Rain. In The Player's ChoiceBay is having trouble with Emmett, she keeps waiting for him to call and told her mom Kathryn, she doesn't want to be "one of those girls" waiting for the guy to call her back. She tells Daphne she hasn't spoken to Emmett since the time he walked out on her. Emmett butt dials Bay while studying or doing work and Bay excitedly picks it up, however, Emmett thinking Bay called grabbed his phone confused.

Bay tries to get Emmett to talk, but he cuts her off saying he needs to get back to work.

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She tries to tell him she's missed him, but he already had ended the call. Emmett asked Skye to interpret for his movie pitch, Skye was at first hesitant telling him that only 1 freshman has ever had his movie accepted.

His professor was unsure about first movie pitch about a silent movie breaking the sound barrier until he got another idea, he began to tell his professor about a love story of a deaf boy falling in love for the first time with a hearing girl. It was obvious that it was based off of him and Bay. When he went to check the list, his movie got in. Skye hugged him.

Switched At Birth - 4.04

Bay, fed up with Emmett's silence, decided to go to LA to see him. In Between Hope and Fear. In Borrowing Your Enemy's Arrows. In To the Victor Belong the Spoils.

In And Always Searching for Beauty.

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He is a romantic type of man, often creating big gestures to show it. Determined, but with a head in the clouds, he is creative and inventive at times. He cannot judge situations well while he is angry, and can be rash and hasty when stressed. The Switched at Birth shows the essentials of sign language. That's going to rear its head a little bit.

Sean Berdy (born June 3, ) is an American actor, producer and writer. He began his career as a child in the film sequel The Sandlot 2 and starred in Switched at Birth for five seasons. Berdy stars in Netflix's The Society, as one of the main was nominated for TV Breakout Star for the Teen Choice Awards Switched at Birth returned from its long midseason hiatus this week and jumped right into the relationship drama. Bay and Emmett hit a bit of a rough patch in the midseason premiere. Not only is.

It's going to cause some problems between them. Again, we had a lot of people in the writer's room who went through very similar things. They ended up dating their best friend's boyfriend and you see how relationships either survive or don't survive.

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People tend to date the people right around them. Sometimes you feel like, "There's a whole world out there. How could you end up with your best friend's ex-boyfriend or your brother's girlfriend, or whatever," but you date who you see. It seems to be a pretty common experience and all of the complexity and insecurity that goes with that - we had to be realistic about all the feelings that would bring out in Travis. The very end of the episode is Daphne taking a controversial photo that will spark the campus racism storyline this season.

What can you say about how it unfolds from here and how complicated it will get for Daphne? Weiss: Daphne sort of, unwittingly, obliviously, a little bit gets thrown into the center of this race controversy because she's with Mingo and Mingo is dressed as African-American rapper Lil Wayne in a way that Iris feels is disrespectful to black culture.

It's, again, something that we all remembered in college and what happens when you have these incredibly strong intimate friendships in college - they're your family, you share everything in your dorm, and then something happens where you and your best friend absolutely cannot agree. That's a really important relationship moving forward that I think is going to be hard to watch.

Who is emmett dating in switched at birth

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Bay sees this and Emmett assures her that Melody will like her, but Bay points out that it means that Melody doesn't like her now. Bay opens Emmett's gift and finds a scarf, which is nothing compared to Daphne's gift, which is a poster of Deafenstein, an ASL movie. Emmett later waits for her in her art studio and tells her that it's not a scarf, it's a blindfold.

He guides her to the billboard, where she sees that he tagged the billboard for her with her art. He apologizes for not telling Daphne about them. They decide that Bay should tell Daphne about them being together.

However, when Bay returns to the house to tell Daphne about Emmett being in a relationship with her, Daphne confesses to her that she figured out that she has feelings for Emmett.

Bay doesn't tell her about her relationship with Emmett. She confronts Emmett, reminding him that he said that he would never date a hearing girl.

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He angrily tells her that he likes Bay, causing her to leave the room. Emmett helps Bay make a decision about whether to meet with her biological father when he comes to her art show. Daphne confesses her feelings for Emmett at the Kennish Car Wash and they share a kiss, but he pulls away and tells her that he's with Bay.

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He starts to question her relationship with Bay and breaks up with her after he realizes the communication barriers they have ahead of them. Toby hears about this and confronts Emmett, telling him that Bay is sad because of him and that he shouldn't treat his sister like that.

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Later in the episode, he tells Bay that for him, she wasn't hearing or deaf, she was just Bay, and that it would be easier to find a deaf Bay, but he doesn't want that. He speaks to Bay with his voice and tells her that he just wants her. She hugs him, crying, and they get back together. She gives him a gift for her drum and they share a kiss before he gets on the road with Guitar Face, Toby's band to a festival.

Daphne later informs Bay that she isn't done trying to get Emmett. She decides to go too, but she doesn't understand why Emmett doesn't want her help defending himself and he doesn't like her using his deafness as a defense.

Jan 29,   Switched at Birth's Vanessa Marano: Bay's pent up emotions are going to erupt "For so many seasons now, it's been Emmett trying to get forgiveness . Feb 02,   The fifth and final season of Switched at Birth kicked off with an emotional start when Bay (Vanessa Marano) and Daphne (Katie Leclerc) were called back from their year away in . Apr 11,   See More 'Switched At Birth' Photos. She also convinces Emmett to go with Travis Yes, which I think is a wonderful thing because Emmett .

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